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Found 13 results

  1. Hello Everyone! I'm just getting started in sim racing and thought I'd share my rig and ideas with those who might find it interesting. This is the RS500 (also known as the RS1 if you use a Logitech wheel) from Ricmotech. While this is just the start, it's currently in a usable state, so I figured I'd share it as is. I'll make sure to update the lists below and add more images as I work on the build. If you can think of anything that might help improve the build or would be nice for a noob to know, I'd be happy to hear from you Main Components RS500 chassis from Ricmotech (DIY build) Thrustmaster T300 RS GT wheel Thrustmaster T3PA Pro pedals Thrustmaster TH8A shifter DIY handbrake Sony 42" TV NRG racing seat Build Videos Part 1 - RS500 Main Rig Build Near Future Plans Build the console for the shifter Button box built into the console Carpeting the platform Wrapping the rig in laminate T molding on the edges Installing amps and tactile transducers Outfitting some sort of speaker system Adding LEDs and other electronic components for fun
  2. Hey guys, I recently bought the TACTILE-FEEDBACK SEQUENTIAL SHIFT MOD PLATE from Ricmotech and I'm disappointed. PLEASE NOTE I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THE SHORT THROW SHIFTER MOD Once assembled, the shift action is INCREDIBLY tough to perform - moreso in UPSHIFTS (towards the driver). I've actually reversed the little dubrey mechanism inside the unit, which helped a small amount. But I need any advice from people with the same issue ; has anyone used GREASE on this mod to help with a slightly less physical (and noisy) action? ++ UPDATE - I bought 2 x different size springs to fit inside the inner mechanism but neither were ideal size ++ It's so strong it will literally break my rig (F1GT) or the TH8A if the loud bangs when I use it don't piss off the neighbours first.... I've reached out to Ricmotech directly for support/advice but no reply yet. Many thanks, Chris/aeioux
  3. migraine24-7


    Selling my NEW never built Ricmotech APX3000UW ultra wide chassis. Includes seat and sliders. Bought this chassis and seat but I’ve decided to go in a different direction. Here are the buying options. I assemble the entire chassis, you pick it up in southern Iowa. $1250 I leave it unassembled, you pick it up in southern Iowa. $1000 pm or text with any questions or offers. 641-895-9787 I've been a preferred seller for a long time. Buy with confidence. Thanks for looking
  4. Hey everyone, Selling my brand new never opened EARTHQUAKE shaker kit from Ricmotech. $425 OBO shipped to CONUS lowered price $375 obo shipped to conus LOWERED AGAIN $300obo SHIPPED to conus I’ve been on preferred sellers list for a long time. But with confidence. Won’t let me load pics. Text me at (641) 895-9787
  5. Please go to the last page for the latest updates! My rig as of 06/11/16: Video Tour from 9/19/2015: Original post from 1/1/2013 is as follows: Hey guys, long time reader, infrequent poster. Just took the plunge with an ikea table and a 32 inch TV with my Fanatec wheelstand, and a car seat on a homemade base to make a "dedicated" driving setup and am loving it. I have always wanted to do triples tho, and was thinking that another ikea table and 2 more 32 inches might do the trick... plus my PC instead of my PS3 of course. SO I was wondering what the pros/cons would be of instead of getting monitors I just grabbed a couple more of these TV's and used them to do triple screens? The TV's are APEX 60Hz 720p and my current video card is a GeForce 660TI, so I'm pretty sure it will do the trick, please experts, I need your knowledge! Thanks.
  6. Hi all, I’ve been reaching out in a few places to get some real world feedback on the GT Pro 3, but I’m really struggling. I’d really like get feedback anyone that owns these pedals (it doesn’t seem to be that many and/or the are not as vocal as the Heusinkveld crowd) or people that have tried these out. There isn’t an abundance of reviews or feedback on these and so far my initial contact with Ricmotech customer support had been a bit hit and miss, it’s taken 2 weeks for an email response from them, which does flag alarm bells to me when it comes to forward support especially on such an expensive product, I would like to have a much better feeling than that when purchasing such a high end product. So GT Pro 3 owners I’d love to hear from you with your opinions and experience of the pedals and customer support, this will really help me in making an informed purchasing choice. Many Thanks.
  7. $200 (firm) + negotiated shipping. Wheel and Wheelstand setup needs a good home. This would be a great way to get someone into sim racing. PC/XBoxONE compatible. US seller (55417), shipping negotiable. PICs to come, at work currently. For Sale a used Thrustmaster TMX (Gas/brake only), Wheel Stand Pro V2 and Ricmotech Hardmount adapter. The wheel was purchased November 2016 and has seen moderate use. Pedals were used moderately for a month or so. The pedal set is OK for a first set and needs some kludginess to get it to stay put on the wheel stand, but the hardware is compatible with TP3A should you upgrade. I know you know someone who needs this
  8. SOLD Hey guys, I am selling my Ricmotech Alcantara Add-On Wheel, with the wheel side Holger Q1R quick release. Its a custom wheel solution for DD wheels, using the excellent Thrustmaster Alcantara 599 XX EVO rim. I bought the wheel new in late June. It has barely been used. The rim is a little small for my taste. My dog chewed the original USB cable and so I replaced it with a brand new cable today. I tested the wheel and paddle shifters and everything works great. This set up cost me around $350 new, but I will let it go for $150 shipped to anywhere in the continental US via USPS Priority. PayPal only. Here are pictures: Thanks for your interest.
  9. super kermit

    moving from Fanatec V3s to ????

    I am so confused....... Looking at SIM Racing Garage I want to get a pedal set that I can buy once and use. I am in Australia, so will generally need to ship and have a budget of $1000 AUS or approx $750 US. Brands I am looking at are the usual suspects at this price. Cheers
  10. migraine24-7

    SOLD SOLD. thanks guys!

    Hello everyone. I did some social media marketing help for Frank Rico. I was given product for compensation. I'm selling the gear as I don't need it. So you get awesome NEW Ricmotech gear for great prices. Selling the following: REALGEAR GTPRO1 OVERHUNG MOUNT WILWOOD EDITION 3-PEDAL SET. What's special about this set is its the last set made that is console compatible! Yep you read that correctly. I'm including the adapter needed to connect to Fanatec base. Regular price is $1095.95 Selling for $750 OBO shipped to CONUS!!!!! -SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD- RENOVATIO SRD-9C SERIES 2 SLI-STYLE DATA DISPLAY. I don't have a specific mount for Thrustmaster or Fanatec with this display. But Ricmotech sells whatever you need. Regular price $159.95 Selling for $100 OBO shipped to CONUS!!! Buy with confidence as I'm on the recommended sellers list and have been for years! Text any questions to 641-895-9787 Chris
  11. Looking for a used Ricmotech load cell for a T3PA-Pro pedal set. I'm hoping to score a used one as I'm not entirely certain I'm that into this to double the price of my pedals by buying a new one. Hoping someone has a spare or are parting something out for whatever reason. I'm in the Minneapolis area for shipping purposes. Thank you!
  12. Hi there, could you do us a big favor and watch the video on YouTube instead of right here, it will really help us in growing our channel, thanks in advance. Just click on the video, and when it starts to play, click on the little YouTube logo at the bottom right of the video and the video will start running there instead of here Thanks again we really appreciate it. Our latest video is now live on YouTube, "Ricmotech Accessory Monitor Mount for APX2000 and APX3000 Simulators (Unboxing)" Today we"re going to be taking a look at the Ricmotech Accessory Monitor Mount for APX2000 and APX3000 Simulators. The monitor mount, Model# APX-4MONBRK was born of necessity and is now available for purchase. For more information about this add-on monitor mounting solution, just click on the link: ================================================================ Don't forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe for more videos, and make sure to click the little bell icon next to the Subscribe Button in order to be notified whenever we upload new videos. Thank you for watching and being a part of the channel. Your comments and questions are all welcome. Please share this video with your friends or someone who you think might be entertained or benefit from it in some way, this would be a great help to us growing the channel and sharing with others just how great sim racing / driving simulation really is, thanks for watching. Support ProSimTT by purchasing products at: Amazon - Fanatec - Ricmotech - DISCLAIMER: When you purchase with one of our links we’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like these. Thank you for your support! Check out our Website : Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Google Plus: Follow us on Instagram:
  13. Logitech G27 - $300 + shipping Located North Central Florida - Pickup Available (incl, Wheel, Shifter, Pedals + Ricmotech Brake Load Cell) A little bit about this unit, I bought it in 2011 used it for about a week, then stored it for nearly 6 years, when I busted it back out in November 2016 (installed Iracing) then I promptly installed the Ricmotech brake load cell mod. But I inevitably upgraded to a full Fanatec setup a month later. This wheel is very lightly used. and everything is in working order.