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Found 9 results

  1. 80/20 Rig with SimXperience 3DOF Motion & Traction Loss Updated my static 80/20 rig to incorporate SimXperience's universal seat kit and 150mm SCN5 actuators. The base is 2100mm x 780mm and all in 40 series profile. If you recall, this is my old rig: The final result uses numerous ideas from various other rig designs on this forum and others. I want to give credit to the following people/sites for my rig: Robert Reidel of Henning Piez/Ensonic that created this amazing rig as I blantantly copied his tilt/telescoping steering wheel mount. Tino Goergens and his rig. Faro06's rig. Anonymous rig Results: Transfer bearings: Lazy Susan Bearing: Base (2100mm x 780mm): Traction loss base: SimXperience Universal Joint: Dampening bar isolators: Dampening bar with actuators and seat base: Adjustable foot pedal mount: Seat mounted on base: Tilt and telescoping wheel mount: Wheel mount range of adjustment: Cup holder: Update with 40" 4K Vizio TVs and Energy Micro RC speakers: I still have to wire everything up and configure the software. I'll post a video of it in motion soon. Dan
  2. Selling two wheels, ferarri rim and T300rs, amd pedals. This works for PlayStation and PC. Barely used and in mint condition. Everything together will be 400. Just the ferarri rim will be $150 and the T300rs with pedals is $300. For more information please email [email protected] **DOES NOT come with gaming chair**
  3. For sale I have a complete (turn key) so to speak setup that is fully compatible with almost all PlayStation 4 and PC Racing titles. All you need is a screen a pc and a game. This is ready to race.I will break up or sell as is. Playseat Evo Silver with Black seat Fully adjustable cockpit (hurst shifter stickers on cage and simpson stickers on seat covering playseat logo) Logitech G25 pedals (all 3 springs updated with Australian spring upgrades) and Thrustmaster T300RS with TH8A (gated,sequential,e-brake) Installed on rig with custom cnc made plates Also have a g25 gated/sequential shifter and the pedal set that come with the T300RS not installed on rig Serious Only, Any questions feel free to ask I'm located in North Carolina
  4. Hello hello! New to the forums and really new to the whole sim hobby in general. I've done about two months of research hmmm'ing and haaa'ing about my purchases and I think I have come to a final decision and I would love to get your folks opinions. A little background about myself and my driving experience. As mentioned I am new to sim rigs but certainly not new to playing simulators. I have been playing a variety of racing simulators (with a game paddle like a scrub) for a long time. More importantly I have some real world track experience in my personal project car, a 1999 Honda civic making just shy of 400whp with pretty much every chassis, braking and suspension mod one could want for a civic (photos attached). I take it to your standard weekend warrior lapping days, and have my fun with it. The reason I mention this stuff is I'd love for some peoples input on wether my proposed setup will meet the demands of a semi serious, semi casual gamer/racer looking to get serious into iRacing and competitive online sim racing. The following is what I have planned: Fanatec Clubsport Wheel Base v2.5 Fanatec Clubsport Pedals V3 /w Performance Kit Fanatec Sequential v1.5 Shifter Fanatec Hydraulic Ebrake Fanatec XBOX One/PC Universal Hub /w Suede Fanatec Wheel (Already Purchased) FT Omega Ultimate Rig /w screen adapter /w keyboard adapter /w wheel desk plate Total: $3800 CDN approximately My biggest dilemma in my setup was choosing between going with an Accuforce V2 "direct drive" setup or the fanatec system. Does anyone who has extensively used both provide some insight on wether the difference is "worth" (subjectively) the $1000 CDN price difference? My other question is about another potential full setup that I can pick up used. Someone somewhat locally to me is selling a ProSimu T1000 2Motion GS-4 Seat - (Commercial version with stronger components and anodized black) Fanatec Clubsport Wheel base V2 Fanatec Clubsport Wheel Universal Hub Fanatec Clubsport Wheel Rim - GT Fanatec Clubsport Shifter SQ v1.5 Fanatec Clubsport Pedal V2 TrackIR Pro - for head tracking all for a total of $4500 CDN. My second question is would I be better off from experience going with a static rig with all brand new and current components, or take advantage of the extreme discounted price of the ProSimU and rare GS-4 seat that I would otherwise not be able to afford. If you couldn't tell my my car, I am all about buying quality parts, and tend to go "balls deep" into my hobbies skipping many of the introductory market points or entry level products but I do however like to get the absolute best bang for my buck. Too many choices, but it's all very exciting and I am looking forward to peoples input. I think I am running out of YouTube videos out there unfortunately lol. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi Everybody, I just launched a Kickstarter Campaign for the 6DOF AMC1280USB motion controller. You can see the kickstarter project here: Kickstarter campaign for AMC1280USB motion controller Thanks Thanos
  6. I have for sale a MOMO MOD27 270mm steering wheel in Suede, never used never drilled. I'm located in Southern California Zip code 92869. Local pick up or I can ship inside the US price is $200 Price is Negotiable. I have more pictures. If you're interested send me a PM and I can email them to you
  7. I have a complete set of Racing simulator the set includes■VisionRacer VR3 Rig retail value $1200 ( Modified) ■Fanatec Clubsport wheel Base V1 retail value $400 (Used for 1 year for a few hours once a month last used was Oct 2016)■Fanatec Clubsport Pedals V2 valued at $250 (Same usage as V1 Base)■Fanatec Formula wheel valued at $150 (Same usage as V1 Base)■48"SONY BRAVIA LED SMART TV Model (48KDLW600B NEW IN BOX) valued aat $500 with slim wall mount■PS4 with all accesories valued at $300This is a total value close to $3000 . You can have it all for $2600. All in excellent condition. Adult owned not abused Im in southern California zip code 92869. I prefer pick up in person
  8. COMPLETE RACING SIMULATOR FOR SALE - $6,900.00 ONE OF A KIND RACING SIMULATOR! JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS... THE PERFECT GIFT FOR THE MAN/WOMEN WHO HAS EVERYTHING AND LOVES TO RACE. OR IF YOU HAVE A CHILD THAT IS A SERIOUS GAMER AND HE/SHE IS LOOKING TO STEP IT UP TO A REAL SIMULATOR THAT LETS YOU RACE AGAINST REAL PEOPLE ALL AROUND THE WORLD VIA IRACING. THIS RETIRED CLUB RACER THINKS IT IS JUST AS GOOD, SAFER, AND WAY CHEAPER THAN REAL RACING! COMPLETE WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO START RACING TODAY. PLEASE COMPARE TO THE SYSTEMS THEY SELL AT BARRETT JACKSON FOR OVER $75,000. MY SYSTEMS ARE 95% AS GOOD FOR 10% OF THE PRICE!!! COME TAKE A TEST DRIVE, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! INCLUDES: GAMING COMPUTER: Intel Quad Core 3570k Overclocked to 4.5 ghz, Gigabyte GA-A68X-UD3H-B3 Motherboard, 16 gig of 1866 RAM, 240 gb SSD, MSI GTX 1060 with 6 gb Memory, Cooler Master 700w Silent Pro Power Supply, Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme Liquid Cooling, and 3 Speed Fan Controller in a Fractal Arc Midi R2 Case with Windowed Side Panel, DVD Burner, USB 2.0 & 3.0, Windows 10 Pro (64 bit), and Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. TV/MONITOR: New Smart 55" SAMSUNG 4K Curved Ultra HD LED -- KU6500. This model scored very well as mixed use but scored even higher on Video Gaming and HDR Gaming. Input lag is 19.8 ms at 1080p and 60Hz, 19.7 ms at 4K and 60hz and 20.1 ms at 4K and 60hz + HDR (really the best a TV can do). CHASSIS/COCKPIT: Totally Custom, Professionally Built, Powder Coated Frame with Bright Blue Aluminum Siding. The Cockpit is really a Work of Art in and of itself... very Strong and Solid but Light Weight. Both doors open wide for easy access, Procar by Scat Racing Seat, Logitech Driving Force GT Force Feedback Wheel and Pedal set, Deist Window Netting and Storage Trunk. The Cockpit is built for someone under 5' 10" and would work best for a smaller framed person. OTHER: Sennheiser PC 330 Headset so you can talk to other drivers while you are racing. Everything is basically brand new. Set up for iRacing where you race against others from around the world, even professional drivers as they use simulators for practice these days. I can deliver and setup within Arizona and surrounding states for a reasonable charge after purchase. CHECK OUT A SHORT 30 SECOND VIDEO ON YOU TUBE: - One Lap at Phoenix International Raceway in a Nascar (Chevy SS) OTHER VIDEOS OF THIS SIMULATOR ON YOU TUBE: - Sprint Car practice at Phoenix International Speedway - Nascar practice at Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Indy Car practice at Indianapolis Motor Speedway (road course) - Corvette Racing practice at Watkins Glen