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Found 8 results

  1. Sim Racing Jason

    RaceRoom Porsche 934 RSR

    I took the new RaceRoom Porsche 934 RSR turbo out for a test around Spa and loved it. Jason.
  2. The champions league will be run throughout the year in 2019 With 10,000 VRP on offer and a chance to be the 2019 AUSNZ champion / per division, Drivers will be separated into 3 div’s . An 80 percent attendance is required to be eligible. Run on a Saturday AEDT at 7pm / 9pm NewZealand over 6 weekends. Each round will comprise of 1x 60 min race. Setups will again be fixed, there will be no practice session. There will be a 20 minute qualify session. This will give a total time of 80 minutes. HOCKENHIEM FEBRUARY 2ND AMG C-Klasse 2005 DTM IMOLA APRIL 6TH FORMULA 2 ZHUHAI JUNE 1ST WTCC 17 (VOLVO) ZOLDER AUGUST 3RD PAGANI ZONDA R ZANDVOORT OCTOBER 5TH GT2 BMW M3 SILVERSTONE NOVEMBER 2ND FRX 17 FORMAT: ENDURANCE Mode: Get Real Fuel: On Tyre wear: On Cut Rules: On Mandatory Pit stop: OFF Mechanical Damage: ON Wrecker prevention: OFF Race Finish duration :180 seconds Practice: NA Qualifying: 20 mins Warm up none Race 1: 60 mins JOINING OUR DISCORD CHANNEL IS REQUIRED , as it is our main communication platform and contains all important announcements. Being in the “Race” voice channel during an event is mandatory for the driver briefing and in case of technical difficulties. Incidents;Drivers can report incidents to the steward. For a report to be investigated it needs to contain relevant information. Drivers can only report incidents that affected themselves directly. Stewards enquiries will begin the day after a race and will be open for submission for 24 hours after race day. The stewards decision cannot be appealed. Penalties;Depending on the severance of the incident, the race stewards will hand out penalty points, which will be subtracted from the drivers championship points. Stewards decisions will be announced on discord. Disclaimer;By participating in the championship you agree, that your name may be exposed on live broadcasts, videos, articles, news items and other posts on the website and social media. *Note: Rules and regulations subject to change at admin discretion.
  3. I had a great race against the AI in RaceRoom with the fun Porsche GT4 car around Zandvoort using my Oculus Rift. Jason.
  4. Hey guys, I bought this set-up a year ago and will be moving to a smaller place soon so it needs to go. It is practically brand new with less than 20 hours of use. Here's the setup: Cockpit: RaceRoom RR3033 seats - $400 Monitor Bracket VESA 100 - $60 Pedal Adaptor Plate - $24 Shifting bracket for Thrustmaster TH8 RS/ TH8a - $45 Stiffening Profiles - $60 Adjustable bracket seat rails - $45 Keyboard bracket - $70 Wheel Base: Thrustmaster Racing Wheel Servo Base for XBox One - $260 Wheel: Thrustmaster Ferrari 599XX Evo Alcantara Wheel - $175 Pedals: Thrustmaster VG T3PA-Pro 3 Pedals - $150 MSRP I paid for everything was $1,289. I am selling everything for $775 obo. Local pick up only. I am located in Philadelphia PA. Thanks for looking.
  5. I have been having some much fun taking part in the excellent RR Leagues DTM 92 championship that i have started to stream my races and here are a few of the replays. The races have always been very intense with plenty of action from start to finish and its been a blast to compete in this series i can tell you. Jason.
  6. Sim Racing Jason

    Touring car Races.

    Here are a couple of my latest videos covering some touring cars from both RaceRoom and rFactor 2. I had great fun swapping paint with the AI in both these video and thought i would share them here with you, Thanks for watching and any feed back would be great. Jason.
  7. Caramidaru Bogdan

    Mr.C setups/tips&hints for raceroom

    Mr.C avid sim-racer My Setup : PC : Processor - Intel Core I7-4790K 4.00GHz RAM - 16G DDR3 Video card - Nvidia GeForce GTX980 4G RAM 2 x SSD - 1 x steam, 1 x windows and 1 x HDD Monitor - ASUS ROG PG279Q SimGear home : Wheel - Thrustmaster T500RS Pedals - Fanatec V3 Headset - SteelSeries Siberia V2 SimGear truck : Laptop - Lenovo Pavilion DV7 (kinda old but still kicking) Wheel - Thrustmaster T500RS Pedals - Fanatec V3 [ATTACH=full]139394[/ATTACH] - I use setup engineer cause I am a noob and don't know all things do. * FIX for setup engineer opening browser at start 1) "run as administrator". 2) Delete all of the website files (4 or 5) in one of the folders, stops the internet access. RaceRoom Settings : For T500 or Thrustmaster users: I use T500 Config Manager to change the profile from sim to sim or car to car. Steering rotation and lock - GTR3, DTM13/14/15, Aquila CR1, Group5 - 540Degrees wheel + game / 16-20 lock car setup - WTCC 13/14/15, NSu, Audi TT, Silhouette, 540Degress wheel + game / 12 - 18 lock car setup OR - some "aliens" use for WTCC13/14/15, Nsu, etc. , <250Degrees wheel+game/10-16 car setup Thrustmaster T500RS wheel settings: Overall strength - 60% Constant - 100% Periodic - 70% Steering force intensity - 75% Spring - 100% Damper - 80% Auto Center - by the game 12% RaceRoom force feedback settings: General Force feedback settings : Force feedback intensity - 100% Smoothing - 15% Force feedback spring - 0% Force feedback damper - 0% Steering force settings : Force feedback Minimum force - 10% Understeer - 60% Vertical Load - 60% Lateral Force - 75% Steering Rack - 100% Force feedback effect settings : Slip effect - 45% Engine vibrations - 0% Kerb vibrations - 30% Shift effect - 0 RaceRoom Car Setups List Aquila CR1 CUP- Aquila CR1 - Raceroom Raceway Bridge - 1.14.094 - Aquila CR1 - RaceRoom Raceway Classic Sprint - 1.22.716 - Aquila CR1 - RedBull Ring Spielberg - 1.35.631 Audi TT Sport Cup - Audi TT - Monza (Junior) - 51.069 - Audi TT - Brands Hatch - 47.901 - Audi TT - Suzuka East - 51.826 P2 - P2 - Radical SR9 AER - Indianapolis GP - 1.19.817 - P2 - Mistral M531 - Laguna Seca - 1.16.406 Procar - BMW M1 ProCar - Norisring - 52.189 Touring Classics - TouringClassics - Volvo240Turbo - Norisring - 53.189 - TouringClassics - Nissan Skyline GTR R32 - Norisring - 52.386 DTM 92 - DTM92 - Audi V8 DTM - Nurburgring GrandPrix - 2.02.554 - DTM92 &nbsp;- Audi V8 DTM - Norisring - 52.946 - DTM 92 - Mercedes 190E Evo II DTM - Sonoma Sprint - 1.13.881 - DTM92 - Mercedes 190E Evo II DTM - Norisring - 53.067 DTM 13/14/15 - DTM 13 - Audi RS 5 - Moscow Raceway Full - 1.32.895 - DTM 13/14/15 - Audi RS 5 - Salzburgring - 1.14.891/1.14.970/1.13.680 - DTM15 - Audi RS 5 - Norisring - 48.402 - DTM15 - Mercedes-AMG C63 - Norisring - 48.296 WTCC 13 - WTCC13 BMW - Indianapolis Moto - 1.44.726 - WTCC13 BMW - RaceRoom National - 1.21.942 - WTCC13 Seat - RaceRoom National - 1.21.239 WTCC 14 - WTCC14 Honda Civic - Sonoma(WTCC) - 1.37.041 - WTCC14 Honda Civic - Bathurst - 2.04.510 - WTCC14 Honda Civic - Suzuka West - 1.15.297 - WTCC14 Honda Civic - Laguna Seca - 1.22.396 WTCC 15 - WTCC15 Lada - Sonoma WTCC - 1.33.389 - WTCC15 Lada - Zolder - 1.32.451 - WTCC15 Lada - Moscow Raceway FIM - 1.38.173 - WTCC15 Lada - Paul Ricard solution 3C - 1.29.518 - WTCC15 Lada - Mid-Ohio Short - 1.11.367 GTO GTO Classics- GTO Audi - Suzuka GrandPrix - 2.01.955 GTR 3 - GT3 RUF12RT - Sonoma (Sprint) - 1.10.673 - GT3 RUF12RT - Mid-Ohio Chicane - 1.26.775 - GT3 Bentley - Suzuka GrandPrix - 2.01.804 - GT3 Bentley - Indianapolis GP - 1.25.129 - GT3 Bentley - Zolder - 1.29.511 - GT3 Audi R8 - Mid Ohio Chicane - 1.26.716 - GT3 P4-5 Competizione - Mid Ohio - 1.26.878 FR2 Cup - Formula RaceRoom 2 - Mido Ohio Full 1.10.724 Tatuus F4 Cup - Tatuus F4 Cup - Laguna Seca - 1.23.497 FRJ Cup - Formula RaceRoom Junior - Paul Richard 2A Short - 1.22.230 - Formula RaceRoom Junior - Brands Hatch - 48.754 NSU TTs Cup - NSU TTs Cup - Moscow Raceway Sprint - 1.20.397 - NSU TTs Cup - Brands Hatch - 57.706 Silhouette Series - Silhouette R52 - RaceRoom Raceway bridge - 1.12.068 Tips + Tricks 1.AWESOME START EACH TIME! in any car on any track A. in this game you can't jump the start in online/multiplayer races, so this is the most important thing; B.put the car(any car) in 1st gear and depending on car half,quarter or full throttle, some examples : NSU- 100%, WTCC 13/14/15 Half to 3 quarters, DTM 92 all most full,just below red line, DTM13/14/15 half, P1 full, P2 below red line; C. REMEMBER since you can't jump start you don't need the clutch, just keep the acc. pressed at the presets above and the car will launch of the line as soon as it's green, you will not have a better reaction time than this; D. Go to SETTINGS - CONTROL SETTINGS - ADVANCED SETTINGS - CLUTCH BITTING POINT 1(it's at the bottom of the page). 2.Leaderboard lap -here we are looking for the last tenth at any expense! A. On some tracks before you go on your hot lap (Paul Ricard) you can deviate from normal entry line in the last corner and have a better run for your flying lap.It's not mandatory to follow the racing line before the last corner, just remember that you are coming with a bigger speed than normal so adjust your T1 brake point; B. Most people go full camber on LB because no tire wear, but sometimes more camber can create understeer so testing is required before we go there; C. Setup from LB will work on normal online races, but preferably the setup should be created in an extended Qualy session as that resembles the most with race session from my experience, might be wrong(developers can jump in and correct me); D. Depending on your skill, jump on LB and challenge a mid-pack time, not the fastest time.I usually make singleplayer/leaderboard challenge first alone and when I am confident in my lines and car then I look to see what others are doing; E. Do 3-4 lap stints, not just one lap; 3.Mandatory things for a fun experience in RaceRoom Club events and others - Team Speak - even if you are shy or think your English skills are not good enough you can listen. When there is an incident up front or someone give's you a little love tap or a big smack they will say sorry, or when you are about to lap/be lapped by someone, it creates an all round better experience for everyone involved- Get TS here! - Crew Chief APP - if you don't want to use Team Speak try to get Crew Chief APP it will tell you tons of details and keep you honest and safe on the track, very good spotter if you are using cockpit/nose cam.Get Crew Chief APP here!. 4. Your 30 minutes practice time Guide for club events : Most people just want to join the fun and not practice allot before and it's perfectly fine and understandable so here are a few tips/tricks to make great use of those 30 min: - most default setups are more than decent for a club event but make sure you A. have your correct steering wheel rotation and lock, B.99% of the situation you will need 100% Brake Pressure in car setup so change that first too. - your first laps must be clean ones, don't push, don't try to follow others and try to put your self in real life and drive as you see; -after first laps change gear ratio if needed(you should be close to red line in top gear on longest straight) -more clean laps, club events are about fun and door to door racing + lots of banter so race pace and being comfortable with the car/track is more important than one hot lap; - doing clean laps you will learn faster your brake points, pushing and running wide you won't, slow is sometimes better; - at the end of Official practice session calculate fuel for race, since i am stupid i do like this number of race minutes, 30 x 60(transform all the minutes in seconds, 60=60sec/1min) = 1800 devide all this by the number of seconds/lap, GTR3 Laguna Seca average of 1min.22sec = 88sec, 1800/88=20.4 so i would put fuel for 23-25Laps; - In Qualy session put fuel for maximum 3laps and hit the same brake points, your corner speed will be higher and acc/brake transition faster so you don't need to push the braking points, this way you are sure you get a lap in. - Qualy - Race - put fuel back, use starting procedure from above, be mindful in T1 and pick your fights, if someone is 4+sec faster trying to follow them will result in a crash, defend cleanly and move on, when someone of similar pace makes a pass, do like Valentino Rossi and try to fight back as soon as it's possible in a safe manner, don't let them get a rhythm; - TS - you can intimidate your opponents with smart remarks - You drive like a snail uphill, I am coming out of the pits Have Fun! GTR 1 GTR 2 GTR X German Nationals Group 5 Hillclimb Icons P1 Racing Tips by Toby Davis (2).txt
  8. Hi Guys, I've just started a 12 race season following the real world WTCC calendar as closely as possible. I spent a fair bit of time adding some TV style overlays, different replay views, PIP & some (dodgy!) commentary Have a look and see what you reckon.... Cheers!