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Found 19 results

  1. PLGuerra

    Xbox One Head Tracking!

    Hey guys, I am new to this forum but I've been following inside sim racing for a while now on YouTube. I have recently come up with an idea for head tracking on Xbox (maybe PS4). I have attached a video of a prototype. There is still a lot of work to do and this is not the final idea but this test seems promising. I plan to release an open source version using this servo method for the community to work with and also a production version using an alternative wireless method without using a servo. Would you all be interested in something like this? What do you all think of the idea? Head Tracking For Xbox one YouTube
  2. I'm looking to buy a set of Logitech G29 or thrustmaster t300. It's going to be mainly used on my PS4 since my 911 gt3 rs is not compatible. Thanks
  3. This is my first post here. I have Thrustmaster T300 that is now not identified by PS4. The wheel was working ok and suddenly there was some notchy behaviour accompanied with crispy sound after which the force feedback was completely gone. The wheel would still connect to PS4 however the force feedback was completely gone. So I could connect to a game and play (if I wanted) with the wheel feedback loose without force feedback. Later in the day when I had switched the PS4 and wheel on again it just stopped working. I still get the light but there's no sound or calibration any more. PS4 doesn't recognise the wheel anymore. I also connected wheel to PC and updated the firmware. While updating the PC runs three checks for which I get all green ticks however it doesn't calibrate although the PC seems to think it was calibrated successfully. I've attached pictures of control panel, firmware update and motor calibration tool. Previous two work ok however motor calibration tool seem to fail with error "Pre-calibration not found" as per last picture. I think I'm in over my head at this point, unless anyone has any ideas of what else it could be. Thanks Nick FIRMWARE UPDATE CONTROL PANEL MOTOR CALIBRATION TOOL
  4. camerongill15

    WTB: Fanatec wheel for PS4

    Looking to buy a fanatec wheel and pedals compatible with the PS4, I am located in Canada
  5. Hello fellow sim racers! Today I have decided to start a thread about a project I recently completed as I believe some Thrustmaster wheel owners may be interested. This is a button plate for the T500 wheel base that uses an Arduino board and sketch to emulate the original T500 GT rim. This means the button plate is recognized by the T500 base as the original rim, so console compatibility is maintained. There is also no need for an external USB as the Arduino is powered by the wheelbase. I was turned on to this project when I came across a blog/tutorial written by Taras from Taras built a similar console compatible button plate using an Arduino board for the TX wheelbase. He has now also added a blog post for the T500 rim emulation since we where able to confirm that we in fact have a working sketch. Taras should be given full credit for all of the software, sketch writing and wiring diagrams for both the TX and T500 emulations. This was my first time using Arduino so his knowledge was definitely needed for my project to be a success. In his blogs (linked below) you will find all of the necessary information to perform this project yourself, including the Arduino Sketches and wiring diagrams. I have included some pics of my button plate project as well as the YouTube video I upload showing my button plate working on both PS3 and in the control panel. Hopefully Taras will be joining isrtv and posting here about his TX project as well. The button plate I have made now is a very simple and plain design using an Arduino Uno R3, once I replace the 350mm rim with a suede 320mm rim I will make a much nicer button plate using an Arduino Nano. I hope you guys enjoy and please feel free to ask any questions or post any comments you may have, I always like to get feedback Edit: The TX emulation sketch is now confirmed to function with the T300 base. This sketch can be found and downloaded from Taras' blog part 3 in the link below. Link to Taras' Thrustmaster TX (and T300) Arduino Powered Button Plate Blog Post/Tutorial (Sketches, wiring diagrams and videos for TX within) Pt. 1: Pt. 2: Pt. 3: Link to Taras' T500 GT rim emulation wiring diagram and Arduino Sketch: My YouTube Video: Photos of my project: Thanks for looking and as always, "Keep Driving!"
  6. Looking to buy a setup for my ps4 and pc
  7. Hi guys, Just wanted to share with you my big disappointment. I received my CSL elite racing wheel for the ps4 and as soon as i bolted on my rig and tried to update the firmware. The wheel is not calibrating at all. When i press the power button it turns a bit to the right (not more than 60 degrees) then back to the left ,for even less, and stops. The 3 orange rev lights stay on and the led over the power button blinks red. Any ideas? I sent an email to technical support and now i am waiting for response.
  8. Hi All, I have been under the radar now for months busy beavering away on a Motion simulator that works with Next Gen consoles and PC. Well I am over the moon to be able to say I have done it! I am now putting myself out there for the world to see and answer as many questions as I can with a view to making these available as soon as possible. I'm not interested in being the next bill gates, rather I want to build and sell these as my day job and make it possible for everyone to enjoy one. This is my ( in progress ) website: And my all important Indygogo for funding setup: Thanks again Jason
  9. Ethan131

    G29 wheel mod

    Hello, well i was wondering if I could get an f1 rim to work on ps4 on the G29. I'm new to modifying wheels and rims but I would like to give it a go. There are a few good replicas out there which I think could be modified but Im not sure, any help would be appreciated please.
  10. JoeMayer24


    I have been looking for a CPX adapter, v1 or v2, so I can pick up a set of Fanatec clubsport v2’s to hook up to my t300 wheelbase. No way I’m patient enough to wait for the CPX v3 to debut, especially with no timeframe known for the release. If you have a CPX adapter that you’d be willing to part with, please message me. Thanks
  11. Selling two wheels, ferarri rim and T300rs, amd pedals. This works for PlayStation and PC. Barely used and in mint condition. Everything together will be 400. Just the ferarri rim will be $150 and the T300rs with pedals is $300. For more information please email [email protected] **DOES NOT come with gaming chair**
  12. I never got to use this, literally has under 10 hours of use (probably closer to 5). Two young kids squashed any chance to really use so selling to someone who hopefully can. Pic's aren't great. Also have the box for the wheel and pedals. Can send other pics if interested, let me know what you want to see. Looking for local pickup or meet somewhere for delivery. Live in Nassau County on Long Island. $550 OBO. Could also throw in project cars for ps4 if you want it.
  13. for the past 4 years i have owned a Logitech G27, it has worked perfectly, never missed a beat. i finally decided to upgrade, thinking Fanatec is a great brand, heard nothing but good things about them, what can go wrong. i saw the ISRTV review of the wheel, and i knew about the rattling but that didnt bother me too much when i watched the review (i owned a Logitech DFGT, the vibration king), and the drift mode seemed like it could fix any issues i might have with the wheel. fast forward one month later, i have owned the Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 for about a week now, and i feel nothing but disappointment towards it. i plugged it in, updated the wheel, calibrated it, opened up iRacing, tried the Skip Barber, by default everything was set to max, just in the pit lane (NOT EVEN MOVING AT THIS POINT) the wheel starts vibrating so bad i thought it was going to cause a minor earthquake. i just put this down to inexperience on my part, and turned the ffb down. that is when the proper frustration began. until today (when i discovered what linear mode on iRacing does) it has vibrated constantly when it isnt moving, the rattling noise i knew about so i cant really be angry about that (it is really bad though). but the thing that drives me mad the most is the oscillation when driving in a straight line. it is truly insane how bad it is. SO i tried the "drift mode" they recommend in the ISRTV video, it does nothing. today when i discovered linear mode is reduced it by about 30% to a just about tolerable level, but still i doubt turning 5% in real life makes the car suddenly become a rolls royce. and dont even get me started on Assetto Corsa, that has been even worse!! with no linear mode to speak of, i have just been adjusting and seeing what works with blind luck. i can now drive about 5 laps around imola but the force at which im having to grip the wheel to keep it in a straight line means that after 5 laps my hands/wrists are pretty much shot. oh and rFactor 2 is just deadly, i think they need a driver fix for that one. i wanted nothing more than to lavish praise on this wheel, after all its £500, bloody expensive for the average person (dont say its good value, the G27 had better build quality!!). the fact of the matter is it should just - work out of the box, sure maybe a couple of fine tweaks here of there to suit each person, but i have felt nothing but anger and disappointment towards this wheel. if anyone has some setting recommendations i will be happy to try them out, because i feel like i have wasted my money.
  14. puppies

    Fanatec Compatability Xbox and PS4

    I have the V2.5 base and Forza edition wheel and universal hub. The website for Fanatec shows the wheel is comparable with Xbox, PC, and PS4. The website says can not be upgraded to support PS4, however Fanatec only has one V2.5 base. Can you use the same base on both consoles if you change the wheel? I had read this works but not advertised in the US. Any opinions? thanks Found the answer by searching on here . Sorry
  15. Seems like official support isn't planned, unless Sony finally accepts to license a new Universal Hub for PS4. But what are the workarounds? Has anyone been able to make it work with some sort of adapter?
  16. ATRussell

    WTB: Fanatec setup

    I am looking to purchase a Fanatec setup for my PS4. The items I am looking for are CSL PS4 base and wheel Clubsport V3 or V3i pedals Possibly a seat or stand for the setup. PM me if you have any of this or have any leads for me please. I am located in Charleston South Carolina USA
  17. Hello SIM racers, I'de like to leave a Basic/mid-range racing rig setup under $1500. Cockpit: Playseat Revolution, Logitech G29, PS4 1TB, 42" TV 1080p, 5.1 Channel Speakers, PVC mat... yes, we can lower the price tag under the $1000 mark on refurbished/second-hand SIM racing equipment. (for those who interested in looking for). So, let me know your likes or dislikes. All the best! Greetings.
  18. FISTtheVERB


    SOLD LOCALLY Thanks for all interested
  19. the connetor on the end of the cable on my t3pa pros got chewed off and lost so now i can't play with my pedals does any one know what kind of connetor it is and where i can find one i know it's a Cat4 MMJ Connector Modular Plug; UTP Shielding; Cable Mount i just don't want to buy 100 cause where i found it is i can only buy a minimum of 100 which cost $69.00 i don't realy want to spend that amount of money on a little connetor and also does any one know if thrustmaster would send one