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Found 25 results

  1. Just picked up a Playseat F1 and am wondering if anyone has modded their V3 pedals to remove the clutch and mount the brake to the side. Playseat sells a big brake pedal to connect the clutch and brake as a single unit but it’s for Logitech pedals, and I’m not sure it would fit the V3s. I did disassemble the V3s and attempt to swap the clutch and brake but the vibration wire for the brake was too short and I didn’t want to do any cutting/soldering of the wire. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, anyone own or have experience with the playseat tv/monitor stand. There’s limited reviews online.. and only one review on Amazon that says it’s complete crap. Lol. I have an RSeat RS1, but the monitor stand That RSeat makes is really bulky. I wanted something a little more compacted. Let me know if you guys have any recommendations for a tv/monitor stand.
  3. "This is a great beginner to intermediate Racing Simulator Rig. Package includes.. Playseat* SOLD Logitech G27 with all original hardware $200 including Perfect Pedal Brake pedal load cell HP Pavillion P6310Y with 1080p Monitor (HDMI Compatible) $300 - Invidia GEFORCE GT730 128 bit 4GB Graphics Card - EVGA 500 Watt Power Supply - 16 GB's of RAM - Wireless Capable This set up runs iRacing very well. The graphics card and ram were a game changer. The Perfect Pedal load cell on the brake pedal takes some time to get used to but is much better for overall braking feel because it gives you a force feedback. The Logitech G27 is a great wheel for the money. Playseat is great and folds up to stow away in a closet.
  4. Hi, I'm looking to sell my thrustmaster setup on playseat evolution alcantara. The kit includes Thrustmaster TX leather edition base (both stock steering wheel and sparco wheel included) + t3pa pedals + t8ha shifter + DimSim Handbrake + playseat evolution Alcantara edition everything is in great working condition. I'm located in bay area (millbrae), California and sorry I'm not looking to ship. $900 obo
  5. Looking to purchase a used in good condition wheelbase, wheel, pedals and possibly a cockpit of some sort. I am familiar with the Fanatec brand and that's what I know and trust. I am looking for some sim equipment for a younger brother getting into iRacing. I would preferable want something along the lines of a Fanatec ClubSport line of wheel and pedals. V2 or V3 pedals would be best. And Looking for setup to mount everything on to such as a PlaySeat or an Obutto Cockpit. Please Private Message or email me directly at [email protected] Thank you.
  6. $250 Please Send Your Offers. I Prefer Local. Zip code 30324. Only Selling The Playseat. Not Including The Wheel, Pedal, Shifter And Shifter Mount. With Playseats Playseat racing simulation cockpit you can share in the ultimate thrill experienced by real-life racing drivers during a race. You can drive your own GT4 Formula 1, DTM or WRC in your own home, in front of your TV or computer. You can measure your own performance against the computer or your friends and, if you want to take it a stage further, you can race online against other drivers anywhere in the world. Compatible with all driving wheels including Logitech G25, Logitech MOMO, Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel, Fanatec Porsche Wheel. The Playseat is perfect support for force feedback wheels Compatible with PS3, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, PC, Wii Compatible with all racing video games and flight simulations (joysticks can be firmly held as well as driving wheels and pedals) The Ultimate Gaming Experience Playseats ignites, connects and delivers the ultimate game experience at home for thrill seeking gamers and race drive enthusiasts around the world. All race seats are patented due to their unique folding mechanism. The foldable seat is combined with a fully adjustable steel frame that can be fully adjusted in height, length and depth and is adjustable to almost every game computer and steering wheel. The seats are for ages 8 upwards. With its totally renewed design and double stitched vinyl seat, even top drivers all around the world use this race seat to improve their skills or just to have a great time.
  7. • Sold • Excellent condition apart from minor scruffs on the steering wheel. You'll get the original box for the T500RS and the Playseat comes with optional seat sliders and shifter mount ($105 combined value). This wheel is fully compatible with PC and PS3 racing games, as well as virtually every good game for the PS4 (Assetto Corsa, DiRT games, DRIVECLUB, F1 games, Gran Turismo Sport, Project CARS 1 & 2, WRC games). I live in Olympia, WA which is south of Seattle. Shipping might be an option, but I would much prefer a local sale.
  8. I just purchased the Evolution, and it's quite uncomfortable. I'm assuming it's from being in such a forward position. Any owners who have previously modded their seat to help it recline, or any ideas as to how to do so while keeping it sturdy? I was debating on putting metal plates above the playseat base where the chair bolts to, like starting with longer pieces and steadily going shorter to keep constant contact with the "base". like 8", 6", 4", 2" or whatever i decide to come up with. If anyone has any better ideas that'd be much appreciated!
  9. Hey everyone, I'm new to this sub and new to sim racing . I just got a new playseat for my T500 and I noticed a small issue that might not be a big deal for anyone. The issue is that the wheel doesn't align to the center of the seat. The problem is coming from the center piece that holds the wheel, it's slightly going to the right of the seat. It's not that noticeable but it still bugs me. So I'm just wondering if anyone of you play seat owners have the same issue and if it will affect the game play in anyway. Another small problem is the pedals holder, I was only able to fit one screw in, all the holes there did not align properly with the pedals, will this be a problem for stability or I need to drill new holes to solve this problem? Thank you!
  10. Hello SIM racers, I'de like to leave a Basic/mid-range racing rig setup under $1500. Cockpit: Playseat Revolution, Logitech G29, PS4 1TB, 42" TV 1080p, 5.1 Channel Speakers, PVC mat... yes, we can lower the price tag under the $1000 mark on refurbished/second-hand SIM racing equipment. (for those who interested in looking for). So, let me know your likes or dislikes. All the best! Greetings.
  11. Selling a racing cockpit chair set. Includes everything below. It is used but in great shape. Slight wear where the wheel platform post slides.The wheel and shifter still have the scratch protection plastic on them. -Logitech G920 Driving Force Wheel & Pedal Set -Logitech Driving Force Shifter -Playseat Evolution Alcantara -Playseat Gearshift Holder -Logitec Speakers -Logitec Wireless Keyboard & Mouse -Includes brackets that bolts to the wheel platform if you want to velcro the speakers Asking $800 / OBO + Shipping Ebay Link: If you have questions or want more photos let me know. Thanks!
  12. Hi All, Was looking some help and I hope this can be fixed. I have a Thrustmaster T150 wheel as most prob know its a clamp on. The problem is I over tighted and pulled the thread out where the clamp bolt goes in. I have tried gluing it but it pulls out again any suggestions? I have a play seat evolution was holes for hard mounted other wheels is there a diy info for me to do this? All help will be much appreciated thanks
  13. Hey guys and gals! I am just getting into sim racing and would like to have a playseat challenge for my apartment until I have some more space to build a cockpit next year. It looks like I can get a new Playseat Challenge online for $216, but I would love to take it off the hands of a fellow racer who no longer needs it. Thank you!
  14. Hi! I am using the Playseat Evolution, with the Playseat gearshift holder for my th8 shifter. I have just bought a analog handbrake, and trying to figure out how to mount it onto the seat frame. I cant seem to find anyone else who have done this, and wanted to ask if anyone have any good ideas. I guess I could get someone to weld a plate of metal to the frame or something. Any ideas or experiences?
  15. Thrustmaster items: (Used) Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia Rim (no base) – Best Offer (Used) Thrustmaster 2 Pedal Set (from TX bundle) – Best Offer Playseat Accessories: (NEW) Playseat Seat Slider - $50
  16. I'm looking for a Playseat F1 rig if anyone has one to sell. Located in Canda. Thanks, DC
  17. Playseat Revolution Black Edition *LIKE NEW* I bought this playseat brand new a couple months ago online from playseat usa. for 400 shipping (came from Netherlands). I recently just got a job promotion and have to move states. Because I am pressed for time I am looking to get rid of a lot of bigger items I have so I can move quickly and with fewer headaches. My loss your gain. *Does NOT come with wheel or pedals* Comes with original box and packaging along with free iracing trial.
  18. twhit9

    Sim Racing Setup

    I have for sale a playseat with Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base V2 Servo, ClubSport steering wheel, ClubSport Pedals V3, ClubSport Shifter SQ V 1.5, ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula Carbon, 3 27" Asus monitors, and a Cybertron PC Titanium X99 X4. Price is $3,200 obo.
  19. Playseat Revolution Black Edition *LIKE NEW* 289 + Shipping _ West Coast USA I bought this playseat brand new a couple months ago online from playseat usa. for over 400 shipped (came from Netherlands). I can prove time of purchase also. I recently just got a job promotion and have to move states. Because I am pressed for time I am looking to get rid of a lot of bigger items I have so I can move quickly and with fewer headaches. My loss your gain. *Does NOT come with wheel or pedals* Comes with orginal boxes, literature, allen key, seat, all metal components, and free iracing trial that came with the seat I haven't opened yet.
  20. Playseat Revolution Black Edition *LIKE NEW* 289 + Shipping I bought this playseat brand new a couple months ago online from playseat usa. for over 400 shipped (came from Netherlands). I can prove time of purchase also. I recently just got a job promotion and have to move states. Because I am pressed for time I am looking to get rid of a lot of bigger items I have so I can move quickly and with fewer headaches. My loss your gain. *Does NOT come with wheel or pedals* Comes with orginal boxes, literature, allen key, seat, all metal components, and free iracing trial that came with the seat I haven't opened yet.
  21. Local pickup probably best. No idea what shipping costs would be. But if you need it shipped you pay shipping. Includes gear shifter add on.
  22. Selling a Brand New (box has never been opened) Playseat Evolution Alcantara racing seat. All the details can be found on their website, Asking $375 CDN (if local pickup). Shipping is available at buyers expense. Neil
  23. Hey all, I have what I believe can be a piece of SIMRacing history up for sale. I am the current owner of 2 VRX Viper Sim Racing Chairs, and they are badge as #002 and #003. These could very well be (other than #001 which would often be the manufacturer's prototype) the 1st 2 rigs VRX put into production for sale. So I am looking to sell #002 or if the offer is right both to keep them together. Prefer someone in the state of FL/GA that could pick up or meet halfway if it makes sense. If you are looking to ship I would have to get a quote and you would pay actual shipping. I will start at offers/bids at $500.00 each, which I feel is very reasonable considering it's a solid rig, and a great talking piece and part of VRX's continued frame base for their current rigs. If anyone is familiar with VRX, please chime in as I would love to hear how these 2 badged rigs came about. Please note: Selling RIG ONLY, Sparco is not included, only in pics so you can visualize a complete rig. I will also update this post with some pics of #003 which is set up in my play room. It does have a cool blue LED light under the chair that in a dark room gives a great ambiance to the room. I also have a used but in working order Buttkicker Concert Sonic Shaker for $175.00 (see pic) These retail new for right around $250 Thanks for the time and please reach out with any questions.
  24. FRAG 133


    This is the rig I have used in the Hotel for a long time. I no longer even play it. It's hard to go from my Rig at home to this. plus I just don't have the time while working. ( shipping to lower 48 only ) I'm looking for a buyer that's looking to get started. (all items shipped to one person) $600 +Free Shipping (US lower 48 only) takes it all. (SOLD) (SOLD)- Thrustmaster T3PA (Disassembled and mounted to floor plate to spread them out-See pics) (SOLD)- Thrustmaster TH8A (SOLD)- Thrustmaster TX (SOLD)- Thrustmaster VG Ferrari 599XX EVO Wheel Alcantara Edition (SOLD)- Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel (SOLD)- Playseat® Gran Turismo Edition (SOLD)- Playseat® Gearshift Holder Pro $600 +Free Shipping (US lower 48 only) takes it all.
  25. Looking to buy a used sim cockpit. Looking at something along the lines of a playseat or openwheeler etc. Does not need to be fancy as I have a limited budget. I live in southern Wisconsin and would be willing to drive a couple hours. Would also pay for shipping if the total cost makes sense. Let me know what's available. Thanks.