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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, I just wanted to present my T300RS wheel modification I just finished, if it can help someone or just give ideas for your own project. I used a GT2i 34cm wheel: ( ), some switches ( ), made some parts with Tinkercad then "3dprinted" them (switches supports, paddles fixations, wheel adapter) and also used some threaded rod with lock nuts. None of the original parts were altered or modified excepted solders I made on the board. No keys were lost: I kept SE an ST original keys, but linked all missing ones to my new switches. Yellow: 3 and 4, Red: 5 and 6. Blue: L2 R2. Center: up down left right and the most important !!!!! the Green for the horn !!!! (PS key ). Paddles are still on 1 and 2.
  2. Backstory: I recently purchased a set of SimAbility's GT Paddles for Thrustmaster for use on my TX base. Call it bad luck, but about a week later my wheelbase kicked the bucket after a few years service. Turns out the main PCB board is what failed. I'm looking for any Thrustmaster TX base, parts or complete wheelbase, to pull the mainboard from to try to get back up and running. I don't have a need for the rim, pedals, cables, or any of that jazz. If you have a TX or similar base accumulating dust, I would be interested. Thanks!
  3. Hello All, I've recently purchased a Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia second hand, and got a fantastic deal - minus the table clamp. If anyone has a spare, you'd make me a happy guy by letting me purchase if not, does anyone have a link to purchase from Thrustmaster? I'm based in the UK but will gladly pay extra to ship from USA if that's the only option. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello again. I just thought I would post a thread to see if anyone would be interested in belts for their CSW wheel bases. So far I have been able to locate a supplier who has both belts for the CSW V1 in various rib numbers. Motor belts in 2, 3, and 4 ribs are available as well as the axle drive belt in the standard 4 ribs. I did not specifically ask about the belts in the V2 base, but as long as the belts are optibelt they should be available. I am ordering a couple motor belts and an axle drive belt to start with. The seller is not in the USA, so shipping for me cost about $20 bucks. The belts are fairly priced though, and if I order more the supplier offered to work out a discount. I don't know what the final price would be, but I would imagine getting the cost down to about $10-15 with shipping would likely be cheaper than going through Fanatec. Plus the buyer would have a choice of rib count. I know that the CSW V1 came with either a 3 or 2 rib motor belt, but I have also ordered a 4 rib to try out myself. I am running a buhler mod and need as much grip as possible. I also have stock CSW V1 and Elite bases I can use to test the different rib counts with and report back. For a stock base 2 or 3 ribs should be plenty sufficient for the motor belt. Feel free to message me or post here if anyone is in need of belts for their CSW V1/V2 base. I have no idea if there will be interest in these, or if there will be enough interest for me to buy multiple belts at once so we all save a bit of money. Worst case scenario even if there is not a large amount of interest than I can still order individual belts for people at the regular price the supplier charges ($5-10 depending on the belt plus $18-20 shipping). I can also refer anyone who is interested to the supplier since anyone can buy from them. If only one or two belts are needed it would make the most sense to just go directly through the supplier since I wont be able to get a discount unless I find a few people in need of belts. Let me know in a post if you think there would be interest in Fanatec belts. I am considering buying up a bunch of belts to have on hand if people are needing them.
  5. I am looking for parts for my TX, specifically the male 6-pin DIN connecter on the back of the steering wheel. I will buy a wheel to get the part if necessary, but if so I'd rather buy the original 458 wheel because I don't mind ripping it apart. Also I am looking for a spare USB cable for the wheel base, I am willing to buy another base to get it as long as it is not too expensive because it will be useless after I get what I need.
  6. Looking to sell my G27. Wheelbase has the upgraded brass optical encoder wheel, works fine. Shifter works fine as well. Pedals work intermittently. Wires are going either inside the pedal base or at the strain relief point/cable. I have cleaned the potentiometers and still get mixed results. I just don't have the time to try and fix them anymore and would like to upgrade my setup. Heading back to college soon and would like this gone. Asking 170+shipping/Paypal fees. Willing to part out and open to offers, just want this to move.
  7. hi, I'm Sam I will 3D print parts and ship them to you for low price PRICES:1-2 hours = $5 2-5 hours = $10 5-10 hours = $15 10-12 hours = $20 I WILL NOT PRINT ITEMS THAT ARE OVER 12 HOURS to print something please contact me email: [email protected]
  8. hi, I'm Sam I will 3D print parts and ship them to you for low price PRICES:1-2 hours = $5 2-5 hours = $10 5-10 hours = $15 10-12 hours = $20 I WILL NOT PRINT ITEMS THAT ARE OVER 12 HOURS to print something please contact me email: [email protected]