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Found 3 results

  1. This is an easy mod to do and it cuts down the clacky noise from the paddles significantly. This is literally a 5 min job, or 2 if you've opened the wheel before and know where all the right screws are.The tact switches on the board are not that loud, but because the wheel uses a spring to actuate them, the spring resonates the sound and increases the volume. I spent a couple of hours trying to find all sorts of things to replace the springs with but I couldn't find anything that would compress enough to give a decent amount of paddle travel plus retain some of the tactile feeling of the button. In the end the solution turned out to be quite simple. Get some 10mm heatshrink, cut it to just a few mm shorter than the spring height, and apply it to the outside of the spring with a heat gun/hairdryer/lighter/dragon breath. To get to the springs you just need to remove 3 of the front bolts (Top left, top right and centre bottom, like an upside down triangle. If you have 3 long bolts, you've done it right. If you have any shorts ones, you've got the wrong bolt.), the two very small bolts on the front at the bottom, and then the 4 main screws on the back, and then the back cover will come off easily. Springs just pop off of the switches, might need to work them off from side to side, it's a very tight interference fit. Also, while you're inside, do the magnet mod as well, makes the paddle action feel better. I'll link to a video of that mod at the bottom too. Pics and a video: MAGNET MOD:
  2. Hey guys, I have sorted out the basic foundations for my rig and just need some advise for the finer details. I'm getting a Sim-plicity DD Wheel and I would like some paddle shifters. I was originally leaning towards ascher racing, but they will cost 187EU for the plate and shifters plus whatever for P&P (could probably push to get it free). Wanting to save a little money somewhere, I was wondering whether the Fanatec ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles (100EU) would work with the Sim-plicity unit pretty much plug and play or if anyone has any experience with trying them with any other DD Units. I could probably get these posted free also as I'm still awaiting my V3 Inverted Pedals, so they won't add much if anything to that weight. Anyway, any help would be grateful, otherwise I will just put out with a standard H shifter for the beginning and save for the rest later on!
  3. Our Penguin r/c PS1000 shift switches and paddles are now ready to ship. Currently the Kit version of the paddles is not quite ready as the directions are not yet complete. Due to this we will send Pre-Built paddles in it's place. This will be in effect until the directions are completed. Just order the Kit version and you will get an email asking if you wish to wait for the Kit or have the Pre-Built version sent to you. Our website which includes the ability to purchase via PayPal is - The webpage isn't fully complete as we are working and updating - anything that shows a photo and a price can be ordered at this moment. If you would like further information about some of the products without prices you may be able to add them to your cart at 0$. As always if you have any questions you can post them here OR email us at [email protected] Notes On the Paddles Themselves: - Paddles offer an significant amount of adjustability to suit your desire in feel: 1 - Spring Tension Design - Multiple spring rates are available to tune the feel of your paddles from Soft to Extra Hard (Medium is included) Soft Springs are 35% softer Medium Springs (standard) Hard Springs are 75% stronger Extra Hard Springs are 185% stronger 2 - Pre-Loading Kit - Adjusts the initial release tension on the Paddle The preload kit allows you to preload the springs by about 25% giving a firmer initial release. 3 - Throw - Adjustable from 7 to 14 degrees of throw - Specifications: 1 - Made from US produced High grade structural Carbon fiber and G10 in a 3K weave Pattern (G10 is used in areas of mounting near electrical components due to non-conductivity) 2 - Weight - Switch unit weighs 30g or 1oz including 10CM wiring and mounting screws. (does not include paddle weight) 3 - Dimensions - 25mm Tall, 30mm Wide, and the lever length is 66.5mm from the rear of the switch to the front of the mounting arm. Total lever length varies depending upon which paddle style is chosen. 4 - Mounting - Triangulated 16.5 x 17.5 mm mounting for maximum security. Paddles - All standard design paddles offer 10mm of adjustment per side and are produced out of M2.25 Graphite in 3K except for the Lever Style paddle which replaces the lever in the actual switch unit to achieve an extremely compact form factor. We will be offering switch adaptor plates for mounting a pair or quad switches to your wheel as well as a set of 10mm mounting to the PS1000's triangulated mounting adaptors for converting existing wheels that have this style mounting. More information and product will be added to the site in the coming weeks. Thank you and enjoy and ask questions if needed.. Thank you