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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, my name is Kevin Shepherd I am a stand up comedian and sim racer. I am also a massive Motorsport fan and have an ambition to become a racing driver and wonder if it is possible for a 44 year old comedian to do so. Old Dog New trick is a series where I am trying to do just that, my hope is that it is something that you'll enjoy watching. You can watch the first episode here;
  2. Hello. I am going to begin to enter the world of sim racing and I want a nice setup. The PC will have a black/White consistent theme. How can I make this cheaper or better? Any feedback or suggestions? I want to use triple monitors for Forza Motorsport 7 and Horizon 3, and Oculus Rift for the other games such as Project CARS 2, Assetto Corsa, and DiRT Rally Check out the part list:
  3. wannab1

    SOLD: HTC Vive

    I just purchased a rig that came with a HTC Vive and I've ordered some monitors so I don't need it. $450 shipped to Lower 48 I'm open to all type of trades.
  4. Jimbraj

    my oculus rift Fan mod

    keep your face cool inside the mask with my cheap mod. check the video
  5. Traviswalk

    FS: Oculus Rift

    For sale is my Oculus Rift that I bought direct from Oculus in late-2016. I wanted to see if I could get on board with the VR to avoid buying a triple screen setup. I just haven't been able to get my VR legs and bought two more screens to go full triples. This is a VERY lightly used headset and components. I don't have the original box but have all of the components. Happy to answer any questions. My asking price is $400 shipped and PayPal'd from 78209. Thanks!
  6. Got the rift but i have this strange problem, when i have the PP filter on, i got an issue like seeing the same image in each eye, like i have to close my right eye and keep the left open to have the correct view. If i disable PP filters i can't see the braking lights of the other cars in the servers. anyone got the same issue? gpu is Asus 1060 6gb
  7. Started with Steve Spenceley's basic f1 cockpit plans and let it evolve naturally
  8. Hello, I`ve just bought an Oculus Cv1 yesterday. Played it for 10 mins yesterday and another 20 today. Gotten sick bothe of the times. Yesterday 10 mins of iRacing, today 10 mins Euro Truck 2 and 10 pCars. I had to stop before it wasn`t too late. I`m really thinking about returning it. It was bought from Fnac Monaco, so i don`t think they will argue at all. I must say that motion sickness isn`t the only thing that bothers me. The resolution is like i went back in time at least 10 years. I`ve read that it`s kinda bad, but i didin`t think it will be THAT bad. Yes, i ran everything to ultra (i5 4690k+980ti) and i folowed the reccomended settings for countering nausea to both iRacing and pCars. so, options: a - keep it and get a lifetime supply of motion sickness meds b - return it and wait for cv2 with great hope in mind? c - return it and upgrade my current Samsung s32D850 2560x1440 32" 60Hz monitor to the Acer Predator x34.. I also own the Samsung 65JS9500, that i`ve read it is really good for gaming thanks to its 28ms input lag, but it`s wall mounted and my prototype rig does not have any space in front of it. I really don`t know what to do. It`s not that i`m very stressed about the money, but judging by the way it started, the Oculus will be a 700 euro dust gatherer. I`m also a bit worried that i`ll buy the Predator and it won`t be SUCH an improvement over the 32" 60hz 1440p IPS I currently use, but it will cost 4x the price.
  9. I want to run an oculus cv1 and assetto corsa at a 90+ framerate on high settings (90 low dip) so I dont get sick. What cpu and gpu are needed for this? thank you guys for your help. I found a few guys running 970's with the rift on youtube just fine but watching it on youtube leaves me a wondering if its really that good or not. I wouldnt mind buying a pc/oculus bundle from a retail store but not sure on min and max specs for the cpu and gpu for assetto. Anyone have a good idea about the min and recommended needed with vr? Ive found gtx980's (not ti edition) and i5's are running at 1000$ while there is a bundle for an oculus and a pc with i5 3.2ghz and gtx970 for 1k also. But if a 1070 or 1080 is needed I can do it but Id rather not spend the extra money thank u thank u
  10. Howdy, I'm using a Rift and have spent a lot of time in Project Cars but i've finally gotten around to renewing my iracing subscription. In project cars I've loved being able to use the xbox controller to navigate menus with a button on my wheel assigned to pause/exit. I'm wondering if there is a config edit I can do to use the xbox controller in the iracing menus to achieve a simular result. My current rig isn't setup for keyboard and mouse use so it's awkward. Given pretty much everything else I use the rig for allows the use of the xbox controller in the menus I'd rather try get it working than setup a permanent keyboard/mouse combo on the rig. Any ideas?
  11. I have tried everything I know to get AC to go into the Rift. I have checked my config files(Autoselect_Rift_Audio_Device=1 Pixel_Per_Display=1.5) they are fine. I change from triple screen to Rift for display, I have my resolution set to 1920/1080, frame rate cap to 100. Downloaded the Latest Drivers from nvidia. Running a GTX1070. So when I try to go into a race and hit the Start Button the Computer will go dark and reboot. This has not happened before, AC has always worked in the Rift. Completely confused. Any Ideas that I'm not thinking of? Thanks. T1MERUNN3R
  12. Like Darin said last week - rFactor is still an interesting sim title with almost every track there is on this planet and if a limited, old title like Live For Speed can achieve, perhaps the best VR transition, why not rFactor. I know there's been some attempts using Vorpx, but from what I've heard, it's not that impressive and limited.
  13. I am selling my Oculus DK2 brand new unopened box for $330 + shipping and paypal fees.
  14. curtisaho

    Oculus DK2 for sale

    Selling my Oculus DK2 for $200 + shipping. Works perfect just don't use it anymore. As you can tell in the pictures it will be packaged up well. Comes with: -Original box and all accessories that came with the original package -Three VR covers -Headless Ghost usb -xbox wired controller