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Found 8 results

  1. Cleaning out my basement. I've got one never-used oButto seat left over after selling my oZone. Chris from oButto sent me an extra seat years ago when I originally bought the oZone because I thought there was something wrong with the original reclining mechanism (turns out it was fine and I left the original seat on the rig). It comes with sliders attached. $50 OBO, but I really don't want to ship, so pickup only. I live near Philadelphia. SOLD
  2. Hi all, We have recently acquired a few sets of the 'good old' CST pedals that Todd Cannon designed and sold for a few years, they are all original parts with currently upgraded with Leo Bodnar latest 16bit pedal interface, all new Potentiometers and a neat cable routing etc, etc. We are also using better quality rods to reduce flex while braking. Configs: We have a few GT sets and a few F1 sets. We could even do 2 or 3 pedals and we also have a few complete footrest kits for the F1 style config. We also have 4 Obutto bracket kits if you have one of this cockpits. Please get in-touch to pre-order or if you need a Custom build, we will try to accommodate as much as possible. Also if you need replacement parts we could help you after the build! We will ship all over the world!! Price: We will tell you very soon, however they will be cheaper than they use to be!!! [email protected] Will - 00447584300828 GT's F1's
  3. Obutto R3volution with all the options for sale in Northern California It has: Acrylic tables triple monitor mount (pre 2016) Asking $550. Can deliver within about 150 miles or so from Stockton, CA for a reasonable fee or you can come pick it up. No shipping
  4. I am currently in the search of a cheap (not insultingly cheap, but well less than $800 msrp) used Obutto R3volution. I am in Wisconsin (zip 54665) and I am willing to drive up to 6 hours (12 hour round trip) to meet/pick up, and would like to avoid shipping fees. I would like the triple mount, tables, and universal flight sticks mount, but I am not heartbroken if you do not have them. I am a cash buyer, but I can paypal if necessary (on pick up, no sooner) I wouldn't see why you wouldn't want cash though. Edit + I have found an Obutto Revolution to purchase, but it is missing the triple mount and tables, if you have those and are not using them I would love to buy them from you
  5. Best offer accepted. I can deliver to within 10-15 miles of Burgess Hill. Offer consists of these two items. In very good condition. Thanks!
  6. First off I apologize if this topic has already been discussed on the forum but I'm kinda in panic mode. I have a Obutto Revolution chassis and I just took delivery of a Asus ROG Swift PG348Q curved Ultra wide monitor. I was under the impression it would be a standard Vesa mount however when you remove the stand there seems to be a big issue. Removing the stand basically leaves a hole the monitor. There are 4 little finish style screws that are in a pattern that would work on a mount but their just tiny finish screws. Beside that, the screws are inside the recessed arrea where the factory stand installs. Does anybody have any idea what I can do to get this monitor mounted to my chassis? I've done some online research but came up empty handed. Am I missing something here? I could really use some help..Thanks everybody!
  7. I am looking to upgrade the Obutto seat to a braum x elite - but the braum people say the seat needs a car specific plate for the seat which is another 170$ per seat. The obutto people wont give me any answer on making other seats work. The braum people won't tell me if the adapter is really neccessary. Any answers here appreciated?