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Found 9 results

  1. Looking to save a few $ by not buying brand new if someone is selling to upgrade. Only willing to buy from within the USA. Thanks!
  2. I'm looking to buy a used Next Level V3 or Prosimum 3DOF (or a dbox if you have a great price). I'm in NJ but don't mind paying for shipping for a good deal. Thanks.
  3. Hi guys. I've skimmed youtube for Next Level GTultimate v2 cockpits and OSW wheels, and I have not found one video that can explain to me if this wheelstand can keep a DD wheel on it.. All the Inside Sim Racing videos I've seen of this rig only shows Thrustmaster wheelsets.. I'd like to know how to attach a DD wheel to the GTultimate wheelstand.. I'm mainly looking at a SimCUBE mige set.. Well...... I did find this video but it shows a hybrid solution where it rests on the desktop also.. I'm not gonna have a desktop behind my GTultimate set, so I'm wondering if there is a smart solution on how to attach a DD wheel to this wheelstand.. Any experiences, anyone?
  4. Hi guys, Im just wondering to see what it looks like to mount a fanatec shifter to the next level racing wheel stand. Ive got a thrustmaster setup right now but I'll be soon upgrading to Fanatec. Please send your pics through! BTW I only have the wheel stand no seats or anything! Thanks! Smilez
  5. Hey guys thinking of buying the next level V2 what do u guys think of that rig? Especially with Xbox 1 Thrustmaster tx 458 wheel? thanks
  6. Would anyone have some insight in to the capabilities of mounting my existing Obutto R3volution seat, on top of the NLR Motion Platform v3? It seems that as long as the seat has the standard rail mounts, it will fit. The only unknown for me, is how the motion platform would be mounted under the R3volution seat frame. Maybe I would need to get rid of the frame entirely? That is not ideal, as I'd lose the mounting holes for my keyboard tray, shifter mount, and flight stick mounts. Anyone have experience with this specific idea? Thank you!
  7. It became a duplicate when I posted the original. delete this one
  8. Hi, I have a Pagnian V2 motion platform up for sale. I purchased this platform directly from Pagnian about nine months ago. Since I acquired it, it's been used very lightly - only about an hour or two a week and sometimes not at all. It works perfectly and everything that came with it is included. Documentation, buttkicker attachment, side panels, cables, original packaging, etc. It's in near flawless condition with some very minor cosmetic wear on the very top of the platform where you bolt the seat to it. I paid $3,000 for the platform and I'm happy to consider any reasonable offers. It's a fantastic platform and I couldn't be more pleased with its performance, but I've found that with my busy life I simply don't get around to using it enough to justify keeping it around. I'm willing to offer free shipping within the lower 48 United States. I'm happy to ship anywhere in the world, however, anyone purchasing from outside the United States will have to pay the cost of shipping. However, I'm willing to work with buyers to find the best possible shipping rates. For anyone outside the U.S. interested in getting a sense on how much it may cost to ship, here's some info on the size and weight of the package: Boxed Dimensions: 49 X 48 X 21 CM Boxed Weight: 24 KG My address: Wolfeboro, NH 03894 United States One other bit of info: Some of you may be aware of this, but RSEAT sells adapters that allows this motion platform to be bolted directly into both their R1 and N1 cockpits. Also, PLAYSEAT sells an adapter that allows it to be bolted into their Evolution cockpit. Additionally, with a drill and a little creativity you should be able to mount pretty much any bottom mounted racing seat to this platform. For instance, in the video below, rather than the standard Pagnian seat, I have a Sparco R333 mounted on the platform. I managed this by purchasing an NRG universal seat slider, drilling new holes in the slider to accommodate the Sparco mounting holes, and then bolting the slider and seat to the platform. A bit of a hassle, but very doable. Here's a few photos of the platform: Here's a list of compatible titles: (They frequently add new titles.) Racing games by dedicated plug-ins (connector): American Truck Simulator Assetto Corsa Automobilista Copa Petrobras de Marcas DiRT 3 (also from Steam) DiRT Showdown (also from Steam) DiRT Rally (also from Steam) DiRT Rally VR Euro Truck Simulator 2 F1 2011 (also from Steam) F1 2012 (also from Steam) F1 2013 (also from Steam) F1 2014 (also from Steam) F1 2015 (also from Steam) F1 2016 (also from Steam) Formula Truck 2013 Game Stock Car 2012 Game Stock Car Extreme 2013 GP-Bikes (beta 6c+) GRID GRID 2 (also from Steam) GRID Autosport (also from Steam) GT Legends GTR2 iRacing Kart Racing Pro (beta 14c+) Live For Speed MX Bikes Project CARS (also from Steam) Richard Burns Rally Race 07 family (from Steam) RaceRoom Racing Experience (from Steam) rFactor 1 rFactor 2 (build 880+) The Crew World Racing Series WRC 4 (not all versions are supported, the one from Steam works) Flight Simulators by dedicated plug-ins (connector): Aerofly FS2 Condor DCS World 1.x DCS World 2.x OpenAlpha Falcon 4.0 Falcon 4.0 BMS Flight Simulator X (also Steam edition) IL2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover (from Steam) Prepar3D X-Plane 10 X-Plane 11 *Please note Next Level Racing® Platform Manager Software also includes “direct input controller” feature meaning it can read movements from your joystick or flight yoke and control the platform simultaneously giving you virtually compatibility with every title such as Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen etc. Other by dedicated plug-ins (connector): NoLimits 2 Roller Coaster Simulator WarThunder (only airplanes) By DirectInput/ Force Feedback interface: Many games that use DirectInput interface (and optionally ForceFeedback interface) to interact with joystick or steering wheel. Finally a video of the platform in action: (Pardon my poor driving, I'm using a wireless xbox controller from off screen.) Thanks for looking, and don't hesitate to let me know if you're interested - or if you have any questions. Thanks! (Please note, you may hear a bit of squeaking in the video below. That' not from the motion platform but rather from the seat mounting hardware. I could never pin down exactly where in the mounting hardware the sound was coming from, but I think there is perhaps some flex in the seat sliders that cause them to creak a bit. The platform itself is silent aside from the sound of the actuators and cooling fans.)
  9. hell_storm2004

    Next Level Racing or GT Omega Racing.

    Hello Everyone, New to the forum, I have finally decided on pulling the trigger on the racing setup. Got myself a racing wheel (arrival is pending), but i just cant make up my mind on the wheel stand! First thought about the wheel stand pro. But then decided on getting a stand without a centre post. Which comes down to i guess only two that i have found GT Omega Racing and the Next Level Racing wheel stands. The former is just $150+tax and the latter is around $330 with taxes. Just wanted to know that is it Next Level wheel really worth the double price. Both have the options of expanding to a full cockpit if i am not wrong. Any suggestions would be welcome!