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Found 7 results

  1. For Sale (USA) - brand new HPP Simulation Clutch pedal assembly (with optional spring kit). Purchased to add on to my HE-Pro pedals but, decided to go with the HE-Ultimate instead. This clutch doesn't necessarily require HPP brand pedals to mate to; it can be mounted independently and will work as long there is a controller (axis) to connect it to. If interested, make an offer or PM for more info.
  2. migraine24-7


    I’m selling out. Done with sim racing. Selling the following all NEW never used. I’ve always had back ups of each piece of gear. Opened each only to take pics. All manuals, accessories, boxes and shipping boxes included! All prices are shipped to CONUS ONLY!! I’ve been on the preferred sellers list for a VERY long time. Buy with confidence. I’m unable to post pics.(Says file too large) Text me at 641-895-9787 for pics Fanatec CSLE Racing wheel for PS4. (says EU on shipping box but I double checked to make sure and it’s US electric cords. I wasn’t able to get the one 1/2 of cord into little white box so it’s loose in box with a Velcro tie around it) SOLD-New.$375 shipped-SOLD SOLD-Fanatec CSLE pedals LC-SOLDNew. $150 shipped Fanatec CSL steering wheel P1. New. $45 shippedSOLD
  3. ITEM IS SOLD! Hi all! I have a brand new Fanatec ClubSport Handbrake V1.5 along with the Clubsport USB adapter purchased in early January and still sitting brand new in the box from Fanatec just as it was on the day it was delivered. Asking $120 and will split the cost of shipping with any US buyers. Best way to reach me is via email - [email protected] Thanks!
  4. Hello im selling my Thrustmaster T300 with the Ferrari 599xx rim, this is still literally brand new i have had it for like 2 months and maybe have 5 hours into it at the most, i got back into sim racing and went ahead and got me a Accuforce i am asking for 300, shipping in the USA only.if you are interested in also negotiating you are more than welcome and we can always work something out as well. feel free to PM me.
  5. Hello Guys, I am new to the sim world and need help. I race a Prolite in the Lucas Oil Offrooad Racing series and I was looking into sim racing to get more seat time. I would love to hear your recomendations on setups. I was looking into a fanatec clubsport wheel base v2.5. How would that do? I am willing to pay several thousand dollars to get a decent setup but do not know much about this hardware yet. Also need help picking out a computer. Anything will help. Thanks!! Christopher Polvoorde
  6. Clubsport Shifter SQ Make an offer! (Looking for high end amd graphics cards at the moment, RX480/390X specifically) Hey there everybody! I've got a Fanatec Clubsport Shifter SQ, I purchased it for 200 in October of 2015 off ebay, I received it, verified that the contents looked to be correct (brand new, unused, still in packaging), and put it away for storage while I attempted to acquire all the components for my setup. Long story short, I was only ever able to get the universal hub, which I just sold on ebay yesterday, but now I need to sell this, please feel free to make an offer. I have moved a couple times so the box is dinged up a bit, but the foam packaging was immaculate until today when I took a couple more pictures for this post (see attached). I did not remove the items from the box, only opened the box to confirm everything was still wrapped and in original packaging. Thanks in advance for your interest and have a good one! - CDSchlis
  7. Ok so i just purchased a thrustmaster tx base, one of the rims, t3pa pro pedals, and the th8a shifter. i sold my pc to buy most of this but will be getting a new one within a few months. I will be racing on Forza horizion three, Forza 6, asseto, project cars, and iracing when i get my pc back( i have a macbook pro but idk if its compatable.) I still have all 3 of my monitors as i use them to game on console and my macbook until i can get a new pc. I plan on using my 40in tv as the main screen for sim racing. im looking for a cockpit under 500(this is my max id prefer to stay lower if possible). it needs to have a seat wheel stand shifter stand and hopefully a tv mount with the option to upgrade to triple monitor mount when i get my new pc in the upcoming months. Thankyou for your support.