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Found 18 results

  1. Up for sale: My custom made rig, everything is designed and made by me and i decided to put it up for sale since i rarely use it. The actuators are made with teknic clearpath SERVO motors. Instead of stepper motor these are virtually silent much like frex Hyperaxis. The servo drives a lead ballscrew and has a CUI sensor on the axle with a 12bit resolution (4096steps) This results in +300mm/s under load. SCN5 underload is maybe 40mm/s. Each actuator should be capable of 700lbs weight this is however not tested. Max Travel distance is 175mm. Speeds are dialed down to about 25% at the moment this is way fast already. However these have a much larger travel distance and are quicker aswell. Controller is custom made with Atmel Microchip, i takes 1 usb port and will be configured as a std COM port. This works great with Simtools. Pedals are also custom made much like heusinkveld pedals. all 3 have load sensors. These connect to a also custom made Atmel Microchip board which connect with usb and will be seen as a std USB game controller interface. Small MIGE comes with sparco steering wheel and granite device controller. Sparco Seat is the medium.. forgot the model number i can look it up. Comes with custom made sequential shifter and 3d printed pedal shifter behind the sparco. These all connect to the same board as the pedals. So all just takes 1 usb port. Comes with button box aswell. Who ever is interested in this should be fairly handy and be willing to take on a project, since it is all custom made you will have no manufacturer support as you would have maybe with other products. However i will help with whatever you need. Ill provided schematics and source code for all the hardware and software. Also all FUSION360 files can be included. This motion rig can also probably made work with the AMC1280USB module. This is located in South Florida 34986. No shipping. But im willing to drive a reasonable distance for the right buyer. Actuators and Seat are sold open for reasonable offers. Summary: 80/20 Rig Sparco Seat 4xActuators 1xActuator controller usb interface + Powersupply 1xSmall Mige 1xGranite Device controller + PowerSupply 1x Throttle, Brake, Clutch Pedals + Usb interface 1x Sequatial Shifter 1x Sparco Wheel with custom made quick release 3x Quick release modules for other wheels 1x Button Box on side of rig More pictures and info available on request. Martin
  2. SOLD Brand new in the box / unused Next Level Racing v3 Motion System at a huge discount. This really needs to go quick. $1950 + shipping
  3. Forza Motorsport 7 Support is now available in Sim Commander 4! Make sure you are logged into Sim Commander and the update will begin to download. After you install, go to Control Center, then click "Auto Discover" and if Forza has been installed, it will be detected! Here's detailed instructions on how to enable it and transform your Forza Motorsport 7 experience. Commander Manual Lap Tuning.pdf Let us know what you think about it in the comments.
  4. I'm looking to buy a used Next Level V3 or Prosimum 3DOF (or a dbox if you have a great price). I'm in NJ but don't mind paying for shipping for a good deal. Thanks.
  5. I'm reserving this top part to pin my latest build which will be an 80/20 extrusion chassis running a 3DoF seat mover with rear traction loss. My detailed build will be documented and most posted on xsim which links below in my signature. Here is the prototype sketch of the rig itself. The rig will not have triples monitors as it is being built for VR. ************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************** I've finally decided to throw in the towel on the console racing era and move over to PC. This thread will describe my current and new DIY wooden racing chassis. I'll document what I can and I'm happy to field any questions and welcome any comments you may have on my progress and finished project. Thanks go out to Darin and Shaun for this community and to everyone here that inspired me in different areas of this project. I'll keep this post updated with any new additions and pictures while the posts below will detail the build. Happy racing! PC specs i5 3750k - @4.0GHz 16 GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 3TB drive 7970 Sennheiser PC 363D surround headset Benq XL2720T monitor 120Hz Oculus Rift CV1 Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H Mobo Input Devices DIY OSW built with small mige and SIMUCube, custom MOMO 290 with button box HE Ultimate pedals Fanatec SQ Shifter Tactile Components 4 TST209 Clark transducers 2 Dayton APA150 150W amplifiers 5 Buttkicker kinetic isolators Simvibe software Monitor mount arms,43597,43601,60167,59988 Update January, 2014 SQ shifter mounted Update January, 2014 Monitor hoods added Update June, 2014 Monitor hood skirts added Update October, 2014 Mugen MBX7 Eco - shock and spring upgrade Update June 2016 Took down two monitors and now run with CV1 added a fan - manual for now Update April 2017 sold my fanatec base and wheel and standing up my OSW this week build on motion platform continues Update Sept 2017 picked up HE Ultimates
  6. Eventuality

    Prosimu actuators

    Hi guys, was just wondering if anyone knows how the prosimu actuators work? are they similar to D-Box?
  7. Hello selling my SNC5 x100 mm stroke . I used it for traction loss . i upgraded to 150 mm . i ask 330 usd also selling 3 snc5x50 , purchased them for a project involving gseat . I simply changed my mind. I sell for 260 usd each with as a bonus the wiring and the hardware i purchaed . so you are almost all done they are all perfectly working with simtools or x-sim (software for motion) i am posting PICs this week end thx
  8. selling a actuator SNC5 100 mm stroke for motion . 330 usd or obo , worldwide, you pay shipping, paypal fees. I prefer paypal for payment works with simtools, xsim and other such as frex software the reason of the sale is that i upgrade to snc5 150 mm stroke , it was used for my traction loss. Frankly the difference is minimal between 100 and 150 (regarding traction loss)
  9. Hi, Any owners of the v2 motion platform know how to program the software? Thanks in advance Kev
  10. Here is a sneak peak of our YawMan project. We just had a quick conversation and while we do not have an exact date of release for YawMan, we are quite close. As such, here is the Low Down! MSRP for the "YawMan" project will be $2,500 U.S. The First Ten will leave the SimCraft factory for $1,995.00!!!!!!! Who is ready to jump in line? Oversteer/Understeer translated through SimCraft motion technology is coming your way👍 There are thousands of Racers in the Sim community looking for proper, yet cost effective motion solutions. We heard them and can not wait to get this project to market! More Specs! Our base "YawMan" system will come with a 4" stroke actuator capable of 20 degrees total yaw. This equals 10 degrees left and 10 degrees Right. We will also offer an upgraded unit with a 6" stroke actuator for those who simply can not get enough Yaw in their lives! The 6" solution will be capable of 30 degrees total yaw or 15 degrees left and 15 degrees right and will add $200.00 to the price of the system. For reference, our 4" stroke actuator was utilized in the beta YawMan we were testing in the video. Are you ready to experience oversteer/understeer from your existing cockpit? YawMan is one of three new motion peripherals due out from SimCraft this year. This product is a yaw only motion device that will accept any static rig, thereby activating any simracing setup with the most important motion of all for motorsport: yaw. This project has been in development for some time, seen here is a peak at some behind the scenes testing of the 3rd gen (MKIII) prototype.
  11. For sale is a 2DOF motion racing sim, comes with Fanatec Clubsport v2 pedals, Club Sport SQ/H-Pattern Shifter, Open Source Wheel, 2 Butt kicker gamers as well as a a controller box for wheel and controller for motion. Also included is the 3rd motor as well as power and control boards to make rig 3DOF. Custom steering wheel with carbon fiber paddle shifters and quick release, wheel buttons connect to PC via Bluetooth and have a battery built into with charging port on top of wheel Everything works flawlessly I simply just don't have time to use it anymore, paid well over $4,000 for everything asking $2,200. Any questions please ask
  12. I have the opportunity to purchase a non-functioning Frex 2DOF motion simulator. It appears the issue is the original PC has died and can't be restarted. My plan is to leverage mechanical via new intel 7/Win10/GX 1070 with Rift VR and would like advice/recommendations as it relates to the most effective way for optimized performance: 1) update/install Frex SimConMotion software? 2) install 3rd Party motion software (ie sim-X, sim commander, etc)?
  13. Great opportunity for someone looking to add motion to their rig. I used the Geko seat for about 12 months I believe, before adding D-box to my setup. I did use the Geko for a little while in combination with D-box, but the seat position wasn't ideal, it was a bit overkill, and I found a great deal on a Simx g-seat. As you can see, this is the version that is bolted to an existing rig (not the one with the "foot", although that could be added I'm sure). It was pretty easy for me to affix to my rig, as the bottom is all wood. See for more marketing info. I am willing to box and ship within the USA, which I figure will be appox. $150. Make me an offer -- I am at the point where I need to make space and I hate seeing it go to waste! Eric
  14. Hi guys. I'm looking to see if anyone has a motion platform or seat that they want to part with. Please feel free to message me with if you have something. Thanks.
  15. Hi everyone! I've started to develop universal motion simulator & gaming chair cause I couldn't find suitable solution for myself. Primarily it's because of high price or insufficient characteristics of existing devices. Project codename is 'FEEL-VR' and it is a 2 degrees of freedom seat for gamer that will change pitch and roll to use gravity force and make player feel accelerations, vibrations and angular velocities taken from virtual reality simulation games. Hope I'll be able to reproduce device to make it available for everyone else, who dreams of affordable yet professional home motion sim, like me) My main goals are: • to make it cost less 2500$ • silent operation • high performance and tilt angles • highly ergonomical and configurable for racing/flight/etc simulators • support for mainstream gaming manipulators • support for VR headsets • make it look amazing) That's how it would look: Hope you like the project so far. I'll try to post weekly updates on how the work goes on. Would be glad to see feedback and suggestions.
  16. hello, i am looking for snc5 actuators for motion 50 or 100 or 150 mm stroke for motion projects thanks
  17. Selling my GS-4 Seat as per below pics. I am the original owner. I will also include seat belts in the picture below, as well as three spare servos. Edit: Seat has been sold!