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Found 4 results

  1. Finally I have released my Bokeh Pack in Need For Speed, over 75 Custom bokehs, all with their own preview for easy selecting. Enjoy~ Clicky Me! c:
  2. Hi Guys, If I may, I would like to start right away with the video - when I start pushing the pedals, all of them have that weird sound, almost like if you are separate something sticky; - when I start releasing them, whether slowly/gradually or in some cases taking the foot off completely, when they retract, both the clutch and throttle pedals have this hollow snap sound - it sounds cheap and even it is not that discernable on the video, brake pedal is in this aspect noticeably better; - and I would really like to have a tad more resistance (a whole travel distance) for my throttle and clutch pedal - are there some a bit stiffer springs I could try? Really, just some resistance, now it feels there is nearly none. Are there some solutions to address these...annoyances? I reckon there is nothing faulty, but I would like to improve the comfort when using them.
  3. Video Link: A short video from my new sim racing YouTube channel, hope you all enjoy. I appreciate any feedback I can get!
  4. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VisionRacer VR3 : Mk 2.5 Update February 2017 The "Breeze Simulator" Update January 2017 Latest Bluetooth wheels: Update January 2017 New VR sim rig room with padded walls for injury avoidance with Touch games! Update June 2016 C7 Daytona Prototype and upgraded Accuforce wheel with bluetooth Update April 2016 Hydraulic Handbrake and SimXperience Accuforce Wheel Update October 2015 Short throw projector added with 110" screen to compliment VR. Also upgraded to a Gigabyte GeForce 980TI G1 6GB card and upgrade the T500 to an Accuforce. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VisionRacer VR3 : Mk 2 Update April 2015 Gone completely VR. PC is on an AV trolly with locking wheels, monitor can be swung closer or tilted while seated. Monitor switches off and activates Virtual Desktop automatically when the DK2 is turned on, gyroscope mouse is then used instead of the mouse and keyboard which is now only used as a backup Total of 6 Aura shakers for SimVibe chassis and extensions mode, 1 under pedals (extensions), 2 at each side of the pedals (chassis), 2 under seat (chassis), 1 on back of seat (extensions) VR3 wheel brace kit which will provide additional strength for the Accuforce Two SMSL amps, these two drive the chassis shakers, there's an additional amp along with a USB sound card for the extensions shakers under the seat Modified the pedal plate to allow for the additional shakers using perforated stainless steel It was a military operation hiding all the wires and making it all look neat and tidy. The AV trolly can be separated from the rig in one easy step by simply detaching 3 cables. The idea is that I can move the AV trolly around to play other Rift games. I also plan on having a projector added to the top of the cart for movies and possibly a super FOV setup. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VisionRacer VR3 : Mk 1 My MOMO VisionRacer VR3 rig with removed center support post, pretty pleased with the results so far all things considered, what do you think? Updates November 2014 (Click images to enlarge) Vision Racer VR3 Black Edition and with a Wheel Mount Brace Kit (previously strengthened with a removed center support post mod) Accuforce Steering (previously a T500RS) HPP Hydraulic Pedals - slanted 2 pedal version (previously T500 pedals with Bodin load cell) TH8RS with custom 4" hybrid knob from Product Innovations and custom TH8RS Shifter Extension from BasherBoards MOMO Mod 88 320mm wheel, MOMO Team 280mm wheel ASUS VE278Q 27" monitors with DIY hood made from display foam SimRacing Hardware Tachometer with working shift light indicator DSD FVSII R12 Black Edition button box, hard mounted to a ram mount RAM-B-107-1 Mount-it monitor mount x2 Computer Desk Aura Shakers x3 connected to a SMSL SA-98E Digital Amplifier, 100W/Channel (4 ohms) SimVibe in extensions mode connected to MOBO soundcard - 1 shaker under the pedals, 2 shakers under the seat wired in series Behringer UCA202 Audio Interface - USB soundcard used for delivering sound to speakers and supports optical out Sony DAV IS50 5.1 with speakers attached to rig PC Antec P280 Gaming Case Intel Core i7-3770K (OC at 4.4Ghz) 8 GB DDR3-1600 Gigabyte GeForce 980TI G1 6GB (OC 1.5GHz) - previously a XFX 7970HD - 3GB (OC 1Ghz) Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP4 TH 1000 Watt - PSU 180 GB Intel 520 SSD June 15 2013 Mount-it! MI-1401 - used as a keyboard holder, works perfectly Perixx PERIBOARD-409U, Mini Keyboard - light, small and slim with a great quality feel to the keys Cup holder!! - BoatMates Cruisin Caddy, spray painted black and added foam to the inside to prevent rattling from Simvibe GI Max Display - perfect for peripheral vision to see what gear you are in. Sony PS3 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset - great value and works perfectly on PC and PS3 July 23 2013 Custom Sam Maxwell wheel plate with sequential paddle shifters (at least 60%-70% quieter than the stock paddles) August 16 2013 John Bodin loadcell mod August 25 2013 Blue Lounge CB-01-BL CableBox x2 September 23 2013 Big Brake Pedal December 6 2013 Custom TH8RS Shifter Extension from BasherBoards FMOD Inline Crossover 200 Hz Low Pass RCA Hood extensions added underneath the side monitors Mouse platform mounted underneath button box February 18 2014 MOMO Team 280mm wheel Goal Zero Luna USB LED Stick Light illuminates the shaker amp volume controls February 24 2014 TH8RS rubber band mod making the sequential shifter nice and stiff MOMO decals Steering wheel hub adapter/spacer (this spacer allows you to add the momo horn to the DSD adapter) MOMO 40mm screw kit April 2014 350mm deep dish steering wheel Slim quick release x4 SRW S1 MOMO 3D decals, 36mm for horn cap SMSL SA-98E Digital Amplifier, 100W/Channel (4 ohms) and smallest amp I've ever seen! May 2014 MOMO replica wheel plate with JC24 controller June 2014 Sequential shifter gate 4 point harness September 2014 MOMO mod 88 carbon fiber wheel plate with SLI display and paddle shifters HPP Hydraulic Pedals - slanted 2 pedal version October 2014 Sparco cut top wheel - with stainless steel paddles and mini DSD board November 2014 DK2 AV Cart September 2015 BenQ HT1085ST 1080p 3D Short Throw Projector Projector Mount 110" Elite Projector Screen November 2015 Gigabyte GeForce 980TI G1 6GB NRG quick release December 2015 Accuforce Steering 2x DIY Quick Release 1 Mounting Bracket 250Gb Samsung SSD April 2016 Hydraulic Handbrake May 2016 Oculus Rift CV1 Archive Photos