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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I'm selling a rare zroso F1 wheel complete with a Logitech G27 (modded for the zroso-wheel). There is also a Thrustmaster T500-Adapter that you can use to mount the wheel to that base. I bought the wheel back in 2012 directly from Zeljko Roso (Simulatori Roso d. o. o. in Croatia) and am the original owner. I imported it to germany, taxes have been paid. Original bill and tax-calculation is available as PDF. It is the version with normal push buttons and alcantara. The build-quality is outstanding, unfortunately these kind of wheels are not made anymore. It's based on the SLI pro-module and features the quick-connect-interface (so no interface-cables in your way while playing). I modified the base of the Logitech G27 to host the adapter and route the USB-cable through the back of the base. If you plan to mount it to a T500, you will have to open the G27-base to disconnect adapter + cable. I also include the original G27-wheel and parts to bring it back in its original state. The G27-shifter has never been used and is new. I used the wheel for a limited time before it spent the last 5 years in the closet. The alcantara on the front got a little yellow and there is a little scratch in the carbon on top of the wheel (see pictures below for details). Apart from that it's in top mechanical condition. From an electrical point of view I can't judge right now - it worked back in the day and I did a short self test of the electronics a minute ago. However without any up-to-date sim-software I didn't do a full test - so no guarantee here. I'm adding a couple of pictures I just took of both wheel and Logitech G27. Before posting it on ebay I want to give the sim-racing-community a chance to buy it since I'd like to sell it to someone who values this item as much as I did. Back in 2012 the G27 cost 234 Euro, the wheel 680 Euro + 130 Euro tax = 1.044 Euro in total - just to give you some idea of its value. I'd like to get your idea on prices so please sent me a PN with your offers ("Best Offer"). Best regards, Mr_Invisible
  2. Pro75

    Logitech g27

    Great shape comes with shifter. Asking $ 100.00 plus half of shipping cost. I accept PayPal
  3. I have F1 wheel for sale. It is designed and approved by SIM Display company. It has SIM Race F1 display controller built inside. Quick release adapter with electrical connection is included and compatible with many wheels. - Logitech Momo - Logitech G25 - Logitech G27 - Thrustmaster T300 - Thrustmaster T500RS - Fanatec CSR - Fanatec CSR Elite - Fanatec GT2 - Fanatec GT3 Specifications: * 21x pushbuttons in total * 3x rotary encoders * 3x rotary switches (total 36 positions to use) * 2x shift paddles * 2x external leds * 2x toggle switches with led indicator (on/off) Shiftlight display: SIM Race F1 controller from SIM Display company - works with SLIMaxManager software - adjustable brightness - 2x4 digits (14 segments) - 15 rpm leds - 6 marshal leds - gear indicator (7 segments) Grips with genuine leather, hand stitched. Nice look and carbon finish. Great quality, manufactured in Europe. Ccomes with 12 months warranty. Purchase is safe and secure, can be placed on SIM Display website directly. Official website: For any questions, let me know
  4. Asking 175.00 shipped using ups ground with tracking. I use square cash app for paying and receiving.
  5. Looking for an adapter to modify your logitech sim wheels? Selling Logitech Steering wheel adapter for G25 G27 G29 and Driving Force GT. sold out the first batch. click the link below for ebay listing. Logitech G25, G27,G29, G920 and DFGT <--click here! I also custom 3d parts like this fanatic adapter below @ $30 shipped. Thanks admin!
  6. Hi. I recently bought a Logitech G27 without pedals, so I need to buy replacement pedals. It has to have the clutch, and has to be in good condition. I would like to use ebay, but I can't use paypal, I'm having trouble with my account. I'm looking for a price below $50. That's what price the refurb ones are on eBay. The reason I'm looking on here is that the only 2 sellers selling it seem sketchy. Thanks!
  7. Hey guys, Selling my G27 on ebay if anyone is interested. Thanks Here is the link
  8. I have Formula mod for G27 wheel. There will be only 10 amounts of this wheel mod, there is only 7 left for sale. Price is $150 If you are interested in buing it, please contact me: [email protected] See pictures on fcb profile "Polsimer" here: - aluminum base - high quality buttons (aluminum) - new paddles, closer to base frame (something beetween DFGT and G27) - no mechanical or electrical interference to oryginal wheel, you can alway back to your normal wheel without any problems - much better lights than standard G27, made by specialy formed transparent plastic - wheel is narrower than standard G27 which let you make quicker reactions - grips made of natural leather Here you can watch video with this wheel, sorry for the quality
  9. HesterDW

    SRH Gear Indicator

    Hey guys, Have a few things to sell if you're interested. Everything is in great condition, as I used gloves and socks whenever I raced. I accept Paypal only please Only shipping to US48 All prices include shipping! Everything ships in original packaging with all accessories Feedback: SOLD - Thrustmaster T300 Servo + Ferrari Alcantara Edition Rim - $329 SOLD - Logitech G27 + GTEYE Brake Spring + DSD Tilton Pedals - $300 Sim Racing Hardware GI MAX V2 Gear Indicator - $60 Thanks for looking!
  10. Jani

    G27 problems... Need help!

    Hi,I recently bought a logitech g27 but for some reason i cant get the clutch to work... I have been looking around the internet for hours but cant seam to find any fix for it...I have installed logitech Profiler (the latest version ofc) and when i go to properties to test everything the clutch meter only engages when i press the accelerator and not when i press the clutch... The accelerat indicator also moves whit the cloutch meterI have tried to reinstall logitech profiler several times trying it in compatible mode whit w7, i have tried to get the w7 drives and I recently installed a second os (Win7) to see if it would work but it didnt...Has anyone had similar problems?Im currently running win 10 and win7 as a second os. i might try to make a clean instal of win 7 to see if that might work.
  11. Lightly used G27 in great condition for sale $200. Hardly used only with PS3 for less than a year. I'm upgrading to Thrustmaster to work with my new PS4. Local pickup in St. Louis suburbs area or shipping in the US. $25 for FedEx Ground in lower 48 with S&H
  12. Welcome to our Logitech G29 review and comparison to the G27. For this review we tried it again on the PS4 as well as a ton of titles on the PC. First we're going to discuss general differences between the G27 and G29. All of the buttons and the directional pad are on the G29 wheel where as the G27 has the directional pad and 8 buttons on the separate shifter plus six buttons on the rim. The G29 also adds the Driving Force GT style dial as well as the plus / minus buttons. Overall the look of the wheel is a little more toy like compared to the g27 with the plastic bits, is has blue and black colored metal. We don’t think they succeeded in making it look more high end. New Brake There's now a brake modification on the G29 and we do like the brake a lot better and the progression that it has over the G27. The brake itself is harder to press at tip-in then hits the stop at halfway It's soft to start and harder at the finish. The G27 does have mods available through aftermarket channels that makes it as good or better. But stock, there's no progression Paddle Shifters The paddle shifters on the G29 have about 1/4 inch shorter throw and have a little more dampening. The G29 throw is about 1/4 inch where the G27 is about 1/2 inch. They feel better, more dampened, less clang, more click. Software / Drivers The driver profiler no longer has sliders to adjust Force Feedback, Spring, Dampening, etc. We tried to load the older G27 driver and boot it as a PS3 wheel and it didn't work. We tried to get the G27 adjustability in PS3 mode but it didn't work. The new Logitech Gaming software comes with an Assetto Corsa preset yet the drop and drag system doesn't seem to work and or apply settings. When we installed the G27 to compare, the Logitech support page says to use Logitech G software with the G27 and it's not recognized in that software. It does load a driver though as you are able to run it with iRacing. But you lose all adjust-ability, even degrees of rotation and have to use the default 200. We went back and loaded the last Logitech driver which by the way, if you need it, we have it HERE in our forums to get that functionality back. The Rims The G29 has a D Shaped rim and the G27 is round and they're both the same diameter. They both have the same leather wrap as well as the same shifter / rev lights. Compatibility The G27 has full functionality on the PS3 while the G29 operates like a DFGT while in PS3 mode. The G27 doesn't work on the PS4 and the G29 has full functionality. Both have full functionality on the PC Here are the things that are identical on G27 and G29 We were hoping the resolution on the pedals would be higher on the G29. They offer the same 256 steps or 8 bit resolution that the G27 offers. The G27 shifter worked with the G29 on both the PS4 and PC. However it did not work on the PS3. Both wheels have a gear drive (more on how it performed later) Same hard mount spots on the wheel and pedals and we mounted it to the Next Level GT Ultimate racing chassis. Now onto performance and how it compared to the G27. We used the iRacing Star Mazda at Okyama as our test bed. First we ran the G29 and set the force feedback as high as we could without it clipping too much. We tried linear and non linear and non linear seem to have a little more road feel. After doing some reading, it seems non-linear is best for a wheel of this caliber. We suggest that you try both for extended periods of time, and see which one you like best. Since in neither situation you'll get a real mapping with that wheel like you would with a direct drive wheel like the Accuforce, you have to tune it to your likeness. We then went to the G27 with default settings after loading the old G27 driver and ran with the default G27 profile settings and it felt a little rough. Too much dampening and center spring effect. We then put in community recommended settings and it felt pretty much identical to the G29. It seems like the G29 is setup with the community settings out of the box by default which is a good thing since you can't adjust it to your preference. The shift lights on the G29 don't work yet with iRacing but should in the next build coming soon. Matter of fact the shift lights only worked with Project Cars on the PC. On the PS4, all titles seems to light them up. While on the subject of the PS4, we went back to F1 2015 and Project Cars and the brake issue with it being too sensitive still hasn’t been fixed for F12 2015. Matter of fact I think it's worse now. There's a work around though and you can map the clutch as the brake for now. On Project Cars it worked fine once you dialed in all of the 50 FFB sliders. Default did feel pretty good though. Someone asked us during our live show if The Crew was compatible on the PS4 and it's not. We tried it and we couldn't even get the game to launch.. On top of iRacing on the PC we also tried it with Assetto Corsa, Dirt Rally, F1 2015, and Project Cars Assetto Corsa didn't have a default G29 profile so we used G27 for base. We were able to tune out the wheel vibration at high speed but the clanking of the gears at onset of ABS is rough. Dirt Rally we had to use "Direct Input" as there wasn't a preset G29 profile either. The clutch was not supported as an axis. We maxed out all FFB sliders and it felt pretty good. We liked the resistance at 150% settings but the wheel chatters a lot. We then turned down some of the settings and it felt even better but still very loud and not smooth, harsh bangs on the cogs of the gears. For F1 2015 it was nice having buttons to navigate this game specifically but the Dpad is sloppy. Inputing a different direction than what we were pressing some times . Default G29 setup causes brakes to lock up even though it was mapped properly. Went into "custom" mode, remapped and worked fine. We got wheel dialed in and overall wasn’t bad and had strong enough ffb. Again, rattle city, this time when going over rumble strips. Rumble good, rattle bad. It also had a wide FFB dead zone. Project Cars - Shift Lights worked.. Default felt pretty good. It felt better on the PC versus the PS4. PS4 felt like there was some input lag but that has nothing to do with the wheel. After messing with some of the many settings, we got it to feel better. Pros and Cons: Pros: Compatible with PS3, PS4 and PC New Brake Mod Shifter paddles feel better, shorter throw too Built by Logitech, should be durable More buttons and a dial on wheel nowSame hardmount points as G27 Nice clamp if you don’t use hardmounts Cons: Price for entire package with shifter $460 - $300 would have been more reasonable Small diameter wheel that’s not replaceable without modding Force Feedback deadzone that the G27 had Gear drive noise / chatter Not much of an upgrade on a G27 except for the PS4 compatibility Shifter sold separately Buttons and wheel are toy like compared to competition and even the G27 So there's our Pros and Cons, nwo on to our final thoughts John: Overall - feels like a g27. Maybe a bit smoother but may be placebo effect. Still very much feels the gears, making it archaic feeling compared to other modern wheels. Darin: The community in general seems pretty upset with the direction Logitech went with the G29. Not sure why they didn’t work with the developers to make the G27 and DFGT compatible with titles on the PS4 like Thrustmaster and Fanatec did. Sure some of the wheels don’t work in the PS4 menus and they don't have a share button, but the wheels work in game which is the most important aspect. I would recommend the G27 if you are running on the PC only and even the PS3. If you want PS4 compatibility and are partial to the Logitech style of wheel, then you should consider the G29. Another thing is that if you've modded your G27 pedals, you can use them on the G29. Same plug and the pedals work on both bases. I was hoping for more with the G29 to be honest. I imagined a big step forward in technology considering what the competition has done. Maybe they're working on a G31 and it will be some belt driven or direct drive beast.. But I doubt it.. It's definitely a good wheel and Logitech makes gear that usually lasts a long time and is durable. Currently it's going for $399 but I'm sure that will drop. The G27 was originally more money and it came down to under $300. John: I did some research and paid $230 for a G27 in Sept 2010. Highest price it's ever been on amazon is $313 in Oct 2009. Currently it goes for $260 with a suggested retail of $299 at Logitechs site. Stay tuned for our full comparison of the G29 against the T300. We hope you enjoyed this review !