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Found 10 results

  1. Building my sim rig. Looking for various devices. I am located in US, Zip 98036 DD wheel: Simucube 2 Sport or Pro, Sim racing bay OSW. Augury OSW 18/20 Rim: formula style wheel (around 290mm) with dual clutch. Preferably Ascher F64, Taichi F1, cube controls. Open to other formula style wheels. Pedals (with clutch): Preferably Heusinkveld HE sprint or ProtoSimTech PT2. Shifter: Fanatec, Frex or SHH hybrid. Let me know what you got. Help me build my DD rig. Thanks :)
  2. W4RLOCK

    My First Rig

    Hi, just wanna show the status so far on my first DIY rig. Its build in 80/20 aluminum. Got some help from Lars Buresø who made the drawings in MayCad. Some small adjustments underway. But still long way to go XD. And still learning from my mistakes! My target is an F1 Style simulator with a laydown position. Still trying to hit the rigtig position. Cant figure out how to fit the seat yet. Ideas are welcome. Setup: OSW SimuCube Fanatec F1 Carbon Steering wheel (will get a Simracingmachines USB convertion) and Q1R Quick Release Heusinkveld Ultimate Pedals (No clutch) 4 x ASUS ROG PG279Q 27" 2K IPS (Last one still not mounted. Gonna be used as info screen) PC: i7 7700K 16 GB Ram ASUS GTX 1080 STRIX
  3. 3 pedal set in great condition. Comes with all the original bits and pieces. Used for about 5 months. Baseplate not pictured but has some wear from heel which is to be expected. Ships from New England. US only. Asking $525 (PayPal), includes shipping. SOLD!
  4. Hi! English is not my native language so excuse any misspellings.. This might be a unusual idea but hear me out I'm currently using the fanatec elite pedals and was going to upgrade it by adding the load cell kit. But then I started looking into higher end pedals like the heusinkveld pro's. Since I don't have a racing rig / cockpit most people won't recomend high end pedals due to the high brake fource. I understand that I would't be able to use the full brake force, but I'm still interested in a high quality pedal set. They way I see it there are more advantages with high end pedals than just the high brake force. For instance you get a stiffer gas pedal (heusinkveld pro vs fanatec lc), nicer materials, longivity etc. So my question is, why is it so "wrong" to go for high end pedals and just use 30-40% of the max brake force?
  5. Well, I've been planning and designing a new motion rig for quite a while now and actually think I've improved my design over the time. The project just got bigger and bigger but this is definitely maybe the final version;-) Here a list of the stuff I'm gonna put on it: 3 Simx SCN5s, HE Ultimate 3 pedal set, G27 and later a direct drive wheel, ARC Carbon sequential shifter, Recaro Speed reclining seat, 3 BenQ XL2420T 24" screens, DSD FVS II button box, K-Woon VWS-100 bass shakers A plan: I'll post pics of the real thing once I get going Cheers
  6. Hi all, I am looking to invest in some very pro pedals for my rig: Heusinkveld Pro pedals or Heusinkveld Ultimate Pedals Hydraulic Pedals or Other High end Pedals with support will be considered as long as the price is fair.. I am based in the UK and would pay for shipping from any where in the world.. Thanks, A
  7. Wanted to Buy, used stand-alone clutch pedal for HPP or Heusinkveld / Ultimate. Please PM with details.
  8. super kermit

    moving from Fanatec V3s to ????

    I am so confused....... Looking at SIM Racing Garage I want to get a pedal set that I can buy once and use. I am in Australia, so will generally need to ship and have a budget of $1000 AUS or approx $750 US. Brands I am looking at are the usual suspects at this price. Cheers
  9. Hi all, Had the opportunity to upgrade to the Ultimates for a great deal so I took it. So my 6-12month old Pro Pedals (Gas, Brake, Clutch) are for sale. Excellent condition and working with extra brake pedal packer options included. No baseplate unfortunately. With US shipping from the website the total for new pedals is $785. I'll sell mine for $550 to US and Canada only, shipping included. Paypal Gift Payment.
  10. Selling my SimXperience Stage 3 Simulator as a complete "turnkey" system. Ordered October 2014, but did not arrive until 2015. It's all in great condition, and works perfectly. At this time I'd like to sell it as a complete system but will consider splitting it up eventually should it not find a home. Here is a quick rundown of all of the parts that are included: SimXperience Stage 3 motion rig with rear traction loss ($5200 new) Sparco EVO FIA cert seat and side mounts ($800 new can be used in a real car as well) SimXperience SE Edition of Mini ButtKicker LFE bass shaker ($100 new) Heusinkveld Pro Sim Pedals with baseplate: Throttle/brake/clutch with baseplate and custom Ricomotech pedal inversion frame that I adapted to allow the clutch and brake to hang from the "dash" and throttle on the floor just like in a Porsche. (Would cost $900 new for all the parts not including my time to build it) SimXperience Accuforce V1 Wheel includes original slip ring, and spare slip ring parts as well (Paid $1700 new but I realize it is worth about half this since the V2 came out) Custom PC (sorry forgot to take a picture will update this post with one): i7-3770, 8GB DDR3, MSI 970 GTX, 256GB Crucial SSD, Thermaltake Smart M 850W 80+ Bronze Semi-Modular PSU all in a NZXT Guardian 921 RB running Windows 7 TV: Seiki SE50UY04 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz LED TV with wall mount arm. Will do does 4K or true 120hz @ 1080p (Cost over $500 new) VR: Oculus Rift *Asking $5999 buyer must come pick up from my house in CT* All cables etc are included. I have all the original boxes and manuals and spare parts etc for just about everything but I am not going to even think about packing it up and shipping it. Please contact me for my email address, phone number to discuss further. Happy to answer any questions but please serious buyers only. Pictures: SOLD