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Found 9 results

  1. Hello All, I hope this post is in the correct section. I recently purchased a Thrustmaster TX Racing wheel with the T3PA Pedals and TH8A Shifter. I'm more interested in drifting with this wheel then racing in Forza Motorsport 7 or Forza Horizon 4 on Xbox One. I've searched around for a handbrake and seen both Thrustmasters and Fanatec's. Thrustmaster's Handbrake I really don't have a interest for and currently aiming towards purchasing the Fanatec ClubSport Handbrake. I searched around everywhere on whether this handbrake is compatible or not, and can't find any topic specific to the game and hardware I want to use. Will the Fanatec Handbrake work with the Thrustmaster setup I have or will I have to purchase extra Hardware? Thanks!
  2. Hey all! I signed up here in the hopes that someone here might be able to help me out (and that I’m in the right section to get it). I just bought a used wheel from a charity site, a Thrustmaster Force Feedback USB NASCAR wheel and pedal set. Unfortunately when I got the item it was missing the cable that connects the pedal portion to the steering wheel portion. I don’t know the specific name for the cable but input looks almost like a telephone or ethernet jack. I have contacted Thrustmaster and several specialty sites that sell steering wheel setups and they all told me they don’t have the cable nor did they give me the specific name for the cable so I could track one down. I was wondering if anyone here might either have one of these cables they could sell me or perhaps know where I can get one online. I don’t know if by chance these wires are used on other products and therefore manufactured for individual sale but all my attempts searching only led me to a USB adapter that is no use to me. I know that I did’nt spend alot on this thing and that its a really old model but I can’t really afford the new models and would really like to be able to use this thing instead of it becoming a paper weight. Thanks in advance for any help that’s provided and hopefully someone here can help me out (fingers crossed).
  3. Hi fellow Sim racers. Some advice required please. I will try to keep this short. I currently race F1 on an Xbox one S, Due to its limitations on racing Sims I want to go into racing on PC as well. I will either buy a gaming PC or laptop, I will put it along side my 55" HD TV in my mancave closet ......... YES, I will be using a TV, not a monitor ...... (the TV is more than good enough for the quality I want) anyway, can anyone give me a rough spec for a PC/laptop that I will need to run PC racing Sims, it will NOT be used for anything other than Sim Racing. Many thanks in advance.
  4. hi guys, I have an issue that has me stumped. I have been trying to wire up a hand brake on my Logitech G27 by following a few guides like the one i have linked below: i have soldered the board twice and backpedaled out after the software driver failed to detect the controller correctly in windows. removing the mod restored the system to a working condition. One thing that i'm not entirely sure of is how the hand brake needs to get wired up on its side and I'm not finding many resources to guide me on that subject. I'm currently trying to use the led light switch that is on the hand brake. the switch is actuated when the brake is pulled to create a circuit. I connected the wires to opposing sides. I then ran one side of the switch to each solder point on the board outlined in the video above. here is a picture of the hand brake led light switch i tried to wire up for the mod. The brake is currently in a down position, however if pulled the screw makes contact with the other side of the switch completing the circuit. FYI, the hand brake I am trying to use was pulled out of a scrap yard from a Volvo s60. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi, after 3 years away from simracing I’m coming back and need to upgrade my pc. My current setup is: Case- Nox ZenPower supply- Gettin Extreme 520 (NSX530Hard drive - Samsung Spinpoint F3 (500 GB)RAM- GSkill pc3-12800 4GB RIPJAWSX X2 (total 8 GB)graphic card- POWERCOLER ATI Radeon HD 6770 1 GB DDR3Motherboard- MSI P67A-GD65 REV. B3CPU- Intel i3 2100T 2,5 I’m a little low on cash right now so I’m expecting to do a minor upgrade based on the best bang for buck options. I will only play iRacing on a single monitor. thank you for your help!
  6. Hi Gang just wanted to give you all a shout that we here at Ricomotech are starting a monthly open house here at the shop to let existing and potential customers ( and friends ) try practically our full product line (4 full rigs) in house. We are also having a little fun with a hot lap challenge etc . for a chance to win a gift certificate to the shop. All in all it's just a chance to bring our community together and have a few laughs. It's next Wednesday October 18, 2017 night begins at 6pm - 10pm at our shop : Ricmotech 6157 NW 167th Street F22 Miami Lakes, FL 33015 305-417-9241 P.S. if you can not make it we'll be doing this monthly during during the 2nd Wednesday of every month.
  7. Hi guys. I want to share for you new version of my handbrake. – Adjustable pressing force for handle. Start position:1–2,5kg. End position: 2,5–5kg. – Handle mod on PC: Axis or Button. – PS3/PS4 controller (Brook Fight Board) – Adjustable feedback in handle (Two 1W vibromotors) – 10 Buttons for PC and PS3/PS4. If someone want this device, i can make one more.Cost with PS3/PS4 controller 300EUR; only for PC 240EUR.
  8. Jarman3163

    Usb hub

    Hi guys, What usb hub does everybody use i was using a non powered one but all pedals dont read properly on the wheel settings.
  9. Hi all, I recently started purchasing sim rig equipment (hopefully haven't made to many mistakes) but I wanted some advice before I continue my build. so far. gtx 1080 x2sli 16g ddr4 4 ram 6850k cpu sim-lab p1 chassis simlab triple vesa mount 3x benq 35" 144hz 1080p 2017 smurf blue corvette grand sport seat ( I work at Chevy great discount) hpp prx se pedals. htc vive thats it for now still need shifter ( not sure yet) wheel ( right now thinking small mige 20) wheel ( thinking Sam maxwell custom with button box momo) need all rounder not purchasing multiple wheels) Butt kickers x4? Sim vibe? Dunno did get 4 life plates with rig. i want to drive using clutch pedal some times I don't know if a sequential shifter would be a waste if I am going to have paddles on my wheel, so maybe I should grab an h pattern and if so who makes the nicest one. Basicly as of now I'm looking for advice on the things I haven't accumulated yet for people who have maybe tried out multiple periphrials any thoughts are welcome and apreciated thanks.