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Found 16 results

  1. tbazsi95

    tbazsi95's videos

    I started a new topic because the previous topic name was bad and I wanted change topic name but I couldn't :S My YouTube Channel: Sometimes I make a onboard videos, live or recorded. I love simracing! If you like my videos, subscribe to my channel Best Onboard videos: GoPro Hero3 Silver Edition - G1 Kart Center - Highlights - Helmet Cam - 2013.10.25 BMW M3 E92 - Drifting - Eurospeedway
  2. Located in Sweden. Used for about 1 month. Selling cause I wont have enough space in my new appartment. Good condition. A couple of the metal bars are scratched up because of how the GT Omega assembly/screws work. I can let it go for -35% of the original cost.
  3. Hi guys! So we have just finished building a new GT rig (not 100% complete as we are still waiting for the Tilton Hydraulic Pedals and a new steering wheel to arrive) So some details about the setup Running a 3DOF setup (seat mover and traction loss, 150mm actuators SCN5) Actuators are housed in a customer cylinder we have designed which reduces noise by up to 80% Accuforce steering system (still waiting for the new wheel to arrive from Ricmotech) 49" QLED 32:9 samsung monitor Frame is all hand built, rolled and welded. Sent to the powder coaters for that final finish PC is mounted underneath to make it a complete unit running the following specs Core i-7 8700k overclocked to 5.1GHz water cooled RTX 2080Ti watercooled overclocked 16Gb DDR4 4266Mhz 250Gb Samsung Pro M2 Vive Pro VR (it is epic!) All wiring is run through the steel tubing so hardly any wires exposed 5 point racing harness Genuine Racing Bucket Seat (it is tight!) Adjustable pedals (just waiting for the Ricmotech Tilton Hydraulic set to arrive) Heuksinveld Shifter and handbrake Let me know what you think to the design, any questions fire away! Also any improvements you guys would make?
  4. Hello guys, I wanted to share with you my race rig project. When I started designing it I wanted to make one that you can easily adjust to sit in almost any race and road car position. So I stated by gathering information about the dimensions and the angle of different positions. I took 10 cars as models for my project. (4 F1 Cars: F1 2015, F1 198o's, F1 1970's, F1 1960's; 1 WRC car; 1 La Ferrari, 1 GT2; 2 Normal road cars: BMW M4, FIAT 500; and an ALFA 155 TI V6). I think that these examples are more than enough to accommodate almost any position. The rig is designed to fit only direct drive technology, because the motor needs to sit back and transmit through a cardan shaft the rotation to the steering. The pedals are lifted to the right height by a scissor jack. Both the upper part (that holds the motor, wheel, shifter, and monitor), and the pedal jack are movable through linear bearings. The seat is composed of 4 parts that move to accommodate almost any race and road car seat. The problem with having a one or two parts seat, when tilting it to obtain the correct position is that the back of the seat needs to bend to hold your back in the correct shape. So as a consequence the 4 parts are designed to fit correctly your body. All the adjustments of the rig are made with linear bearings, clamps, and screw type jack (pedals, and seat bottom height), so it is thought out to never get out of the rig to adjust it to the new position. I want to thank the Grabcad community for some of the 3D objects I use in my model. (the steering wheels, and human model) as well as Assetto Corsa for creating such realistic and beautiful detailed car interiors. I hope you like it. PS: I only managed to render the model for 2 positions: (F1 2015, and WRC Car)
  5. Hello all, so I am on the fence between these two rigs. I am fairly new to all of this, so from what I've heard, the ART is the newer model and a little sturdier. However, the PRO seems to have more features like a separate monitor stand, speaker mounts, and a built in cup holder. I like the idea of having the speaker mounts right next to my head like on the PRO. The ART seems to have a buttkicker mount under accessories while the PRO does not. Does this mean that you can't use a buttkicker or something similar with the PRO? Suggestions are welcome! Which one would I be better off getting? Thanks!
  6. hello can any one locate for me a used OMP GT 310 steering wheel thanks
  7. For sale is a very lightly used Fanatec steering wheel. This is the suede leather version. Always used with racing gloves. It comes with the mounting hardware to mount to ClubSport Wheel base. Asking $115 shipped US.
  8. Selling a Fanatec GT steering wheel. This is just the wheel no hub. Looking to sell for $70 shipped.
  9. I was dumb to buy this for a formula rig. I barely used it, it was obvious right away I had make a mistake. Here's the auction on eBay, starting bid at $49 (retail $99): Official description (pre-order only, releases Dec 14th):
  10. SOLD! For Sale $65 shipped! I have a used Thrustmaster Ferrari GTE wheel. It functions perfectly. It has a lot of scuff marks on it. It wasn't used that much, the scuffs are from storing the wheel with other wheels and sim racing gear in a box by my rig. The pictures make it look worse than it really is. Payment will be PayPal F&F, or you pay fee, choice is yours. I will ship for free, and provide tracking. Continental U.S. buyers only please, will not ship internationally.
  11. Purchased a t300 RS GT at the start of July and have had seamless hours of entertainment with it, all of a sudden it decides not to have any force feedback while playing project cars or dirt 4 On the ps4 menu it is great, but as soon as you load a game it goes slack and the ffb disappears all together. Strange thing is it works on the PS3 and works when plugged into my laptop Any help is appreciated at this present time
  12. Wheel has been purchased
  13. I'm in the northern New Jersey area and am looking for a (preferably as close to new as possible) T300 RS GT. Thanks
  14. Is anybody interested in driving in a Formula Gran Turismo league on GT6? The league is part of the SRL Company which hosts a varianty of league races on GT6 and the Codemasters F1 Franchise (PS3 & PS4). The Formula Gran Turismo races are held on Saturday's at 17:00 German time / 4:00 PM British time. The first race of the season is held on the Red Bull Ring in Austria at the 8th of april. If you're interested in participating than reply to this topic or contact me at [email protected] Thank you for taking your time to read this post and I hope to see you on track!
  15. john murphy


    First of all i would like to introduce myself, i'm new to this forum but have been watching the show and sim racing for quite a few years now. recently i purchased a t500rs, and i absolutely love it. My friend who happens to be a graphic designer/ print technician and also has a thrustmaster tx wheel noted how nice the standard gt rim for the t500rs is. I also like the feeling of the standard gt rim but it does look a little bland. a few days later my friend came up with the idea of creating a vinyl sticker set for the wheel and personally i love the result. we are thinking of creating a couple of variations for the stock t500 rim and doing a couple of other thrustmaster wheels, like redoing the Ferrari f1 wheel. I've also just received my steel series srw-s1 wheel which i am modding to be used with the t500rs, so a sticker set for this could also be a possibility. so the purpose of this thread is to Gage interest, see if this would be a product people are willing to buy. how many of you use the stock rim? my friend actually purchased a second hand one to put on his tx. the set would include all the button stickers, two center horn stickers (one the exact size of the horn section as you see it, and one that's bigger so the Alan key bolts can be removed and the sticker wrapped round the horn press for a better finish) and the yellow tape style sticker for the center mark. Here are just 2 examples, we are planning more and different wheels. I have no idea what the price and availability would be yet, as i just want to Gage interest. here are a few pictures, sorry for the poor quality.