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Found 7 results

  1. Barely used ART cockpit has to go! Has the RS6 seat (perfect condition), HOTAS Warthog mounts, casters, and GT Omega floor mat. Have been asking $300, but I’ll take $250 to get it out this weekend! Pick up only in SoCal (Temecula). I’ve switched to F1 style and don’t drive GT. This is new condition, solid cockpit for half price with the add-ons.
  2. SkyyJuice

    FS: GT Omega PRO ..UK

    FOR SALE.... Ok, this rig has served me well. And now its time for a new home. This rig has the more compact RS6 seat,(NO tears at all) which I have fallen a kip a good few times This is a pick up only £250 It has the... Drinks Holder, Swivelling Keyboard Tray, Still got the Extension bars, Rear Speaker Mounts , and Gearshifter Mount etc, If you want it, hit me up in the PM's East of London United KingdomPUO(because of the size)
  3. So I got this free seat out of a Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V, and the GT Omega Racing Rear Seat Frame. My plan was to bolt them to plywood and then to the rear seat frame, however I ran into an issue with the sliders where the tab mounts were riveted on there and there was no way to get them off besides completely sawing them... So finally got rid of those but lost the rail, so what is the best way to attach these now? Here are some pictures I took....
  4. Hi, I'm after a racing cockpit, I don't have huge amounts to spend so something cheaper is preferable. It doesn't matter if it doesn't have an attached seat, as long as it has the base for a seat! I'm in the UK so UK based people only please! Cheers, Liam
  5. Presenting our review of the GT Omega Pro Racing Simulator Supreme model. I hope you enjoy it !
  6. Hi Guys, Was just wondering if anyone here has had any experience with mounting the Fanatec CSL Elite wheel base to the wheel deck / plate of the GT Omega Wheel Stand, and if so, what you did to address the mounting problem. The problem is exactly the same as seen in the video where John mounted said base to his Next Level Racing rig. The 3 threaded holes in the bottom of the wheel base form a triangle, and only the two bottom holes of that triangle are drilled for in the wheel deck / plate of the GT Omega wheel stand. This results in the wheel base rocking back and forth quite a bit. Has anyone successfully drilled a third hole in the wheel plate of this specific wheel stand using the drilling template Fanatec provides? On the underside of the plate there is a hollow rectangular bar that runs through the center of it, and the edge of the wheel plate that faces the driver folds in and under itself. I have tried to find some one selling the 20° mounting adapter that comes with the CSW wheel base, but with no luck. Fanatec does offer a file you can download to 3D print a 3 hole to 4 hole adaptor bracket, but I don't own or know anyone who owns a 3D printer, and last I checked people were saying to have it printed for you through 3D printing services offered online that in the end it would end up costing you an additional $80, which I do not have because I spent what I had on the wheel, pedals, and stand. I have also searched for a bracket offered by anyone else like ricmotech for example, and it appears one does not exist. Have any of you ever seen one? Anyway any information anyone can provide regarding this topic would be SO VERY MUCH appreciated, thank you for taking the time to read and have a nice day! P.S. I will add some pictures of the underside of the wheel plate as soon as I can! -Chris
  7. Perfect entry level rig for someone on a budget. It served me well over the summer. I'd like it gone FAST. So I've priced it pretty damn cheap. PICS HERE: ASKING $125 - + BUYER PAYS SHIPPING. It'll be two boxes. see pics. email [email protected] if interested. This is the last of the gear I have. I'm selling because I was laid off work a few months ago and could use the extra $ to get ahead on some family expenses. Asking shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states. no where else. all the pieces of the rig you see in the picture ARE included, except for the seat. (Bass shaker not included either) The rig seperates into two sections, but when it is attached as one, it'll roll VERY smoothly, even when someone is in it! -so just make sure you sim race on a level surface lol. I have removed the original base pucks, and replaced them with heavy rollers. The rig rolls smooth and is very easy to get across a room and even through doorways. I'll throw in any leftover base pucks in case the new buyer wants to use them. See the album for pics. Obviously the T300 you see in the pics is NOT included, but I figured it best to give buyer a better sense of what it looks like mounted. There's also a video in that album. I'm 6'1" ft tall, so this should be fine for anyone up to 6'2 or as short as 5 ft. -maybe smaller if you adjust it accordingly. I'll include all extra hardware, including the aftermarket seat brackets, and the seat mounting hardware, which should make things easier for the new owner. reminder: RED SEAT IS NOT INCLUDED. - trust me, for the amount it would cost to ship it, you can just get a good seat online.