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Found 2 results

  1. Now offering for sale my Geko Systems GS-105 g seat. My version is designed to be affixed to a rig, or used on the floor (i.e. without the rolling foot attachment). (see ) I used it happily for several months, then also picked up a used Simxperience GS-4 and can't justify having both, so this needs a home. It's been idle for too long, so with some hesitation I'm willing to sell for $800. I may also be willing to foot the entire bill for shipping, which I guess would be close to $200 due to the weight and size. It's a great deal for compact motion. It is pretty easy to add buttkickers as well. You can see mine in action below. FYI I am located in Omaha, Nebraska for anyone interested in a local pick up. Thanks for looking and let me know if there are any questions.
  2. Hi, I have a Geko gs-105 g seat, approx. 15 months since purchase. I picked up D-box for a great deal, so the g seat is a bit of overkill. Also, it sat too high on my rig, which was not adjustable. I am located in Nebraska, so maybe someone in the midwest would be interested in a road trip for the purchase? It is fairly heavy, so shipping will be pricey. It does not have the foot that makes it look like an office chair, but I'm sure one could obtain that if they desired. I am now considering that if I could pocket $1000 for the sale, I could live with that. I would suppose shipping in the US would add 200-300 for freight shipping. See website for more info: Thanks. Eric