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Found 5 results

  1. Actual value ~$140 Selling for $99 email me at [email protected]
  2. Hi guys, I am quite desperate trying to upgrade to win7 from XP. I use rFactor1, Win XP, SimCon Base and motion chair, everything is working just fine with XP PCs. On the ones I have upgraded to Win7, I lost already 2 days trying to follow Frex SW installation setup, but it just doesn't work. Chair moves when I use the SimCon Base Icon, I have the right user name setup under "game settings", but when I run rFactor chair just stays... still. Can someone please help? Regards, LC
  3. I have the opportunity to purchase a non-functioning Frex 2DOF motion simulator. It appears the issue is the original PC has died and can't be restarted. My plan is to leverage mechanical via new intel 7/Win10/GX 1070 with Rift VR and would like advice/recommendations as it relates to the most effective way for optimized performance: 1) update/install Frex SimConMotion software? 2) install 3rd Party motion software (ie sim-X, sim commander, etc)?
  4. hello, i am looking for snc5 actuators for motion 50 or 100 or 150 mm stroke for motion projects thanks
  5. ECCI 6000 steering wheel and 3 pedal set. Excellent condition (see photos). $xyz firm. Will not separate at this stage. Local pickup from San Francisco. THanks Matt