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Found 2 results

  1. SimRacerX

    Lets have a talk...

    Hello everyone, I have a few questions regarding the latest iteration of FM, as I am hesitant to buy it at this time. (Scroll down for tips for those new to FM series.) I was a huge fan of FM6...until I found Project Cars, and subsequently Assetto Corsa. Now I have cooled off on the game a bit. The reason being that it seems to lack essential features that the other games have. I still love FM6 for what it is, but a few things have totally turned me off about this series and have caused me to seek the realism elsewhere. 1. Lack of field of view adjustments - I hear that the dash cam is great and almost fixes this issue, I just adapted to driving from the hood or front bumper like I used to do with Gran Turismo 3/4. 2. Lack of race tire compounds - Again, not a huge deal, but I would like to put a set of super soft tires on for qualifying, and short sprint races, and hard compounds for longer races. Gran Turismo 3 had this feature. Enough said. 3. Lack of qualifying - Ok, this is where I get a bit disappointed. I mean this is pretty basic stuff. It should be in almost any game that is putting cars on a real world track where position at the end of a certain number of laps is important. 4. Force feedback - I found that the FFB of FM6 liked to always torque to one particular side of the car no matter what you hit. I could get the tires on curbs on either side of the car, and the wheel would always torque to the same side of the car. This was a bit disappointing for me. I don't think that this has anything to do with settings on my wheel, but I could be wrong. 5. Lack of pit stop options - Sometimes you don't need 4 tires and a full tank of fuel. I wish this was better. 6. AI adjustment and settings - I have found in FM6 that in some cars, it takes me literally 15 minutes to get through the first turn. After that, things spread out a bit and the AI is somewhat better. I wish there was a way to turn of the drivatars and adjust the difficulty/aggression like I can in other games. I have found that the check box style aggression option doesn't do very much in FM6. It makes the AI go from ridiculous to insane. Also, the AI are pathetic on ovals. Unbeatable in a 50 lap race at Indy will result in the 2nd place AI being 5 laps down by the end of the race. 7. Lack of spec/single make racing - Here it is. The thing that almost killed the game for me in one fell swoop. WHY FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING GOOD AND HOLY would they give me a BEAUTIFUL 1990 INDYCAR and then not allow me to use it in a single make/spec race? I literally feel teased to death just looking at the thing in my garage. Hot lapping is awesome in this thing, but I want to race it. Open server racing is worse than racing the drivatars (and I'm no pro mind you, I crash a lot on my own without the help). This is just as bad as Project Cars 1 giving me a 1990 Stock Car, and then NO OVAL to race it on (you mean to tell me that they could make up a fake Chevy Lumina stock car, but couldn't come up with a generic 1.5 mile variable banked oval? I digress...) 8. Loot crates/career mode/car collection - I know we had a problem with micro-transactions in FM5, but I hear that there are some cars that are pure RNG to get out of loot crates. Is this true? Also, I don't care for the locking of cars behind "collector levels" is this a big deal, or will you generally have all the purchase options unlocked after approx 5 hours of game time? 9. Car List - Does this game have any new cars that I haven't seen in FM6 already? All of that being said, how much of this stuff has been addressed? Can anyone who owns the game speak to any of these things? I don't want to get all down on one of my favorite series. I've been playing since FM3. I recommend this series to new players as well often. Its the gateway and has many wonderful things, and I love the Forza Horizon series additions, but that game isn't trying to really replicate circuit racing like motorsport. TIPS FOR THOSE NEW TO THE SERIES 1. If you buy any FM game, try to enjoy it for what it is. I have listed above what I consider to be ranging from minor oversight/forgivable omission to massive blunder/catastrophic omission. I assume that these complaints haven't changed much as they have been like this for years now with no sign of changing (which is very frustrating to me in particular). If you are on the fence about the game, try the series. FM3, FM4, and FM6 were fun, and you can get them used for cheap. There is also available DLC (remember you bought the game cheap used or on sale) that can speed your progress through the game (this is explained below). 2. Do not be afraid to use assists. They are there to help you and make the game more fun. Not everyone has to run with zero assists on the highest difficulty. If you do mostly offline racing, like I do, embrace the rewind button. There is zero shame in using it. It is your friend. The great thing about the game is that it isn't punishing to newcomers, and this is a plus for experienced players too. Sometimes I just want a good, quick race at the end of a work day to unwind. FM6 is my go to for this. I don't always want to tune for 2 hours in practice just to be competitive and run mid pack (which oddly enough is super rewarding and satisfying if you ever get to that point). 3. There is realism to be found in this game. Knowing how 1 car handles on a given track ribbon is not having mastered every combination of 700+ cars on all 30 tracks and possible ribbons. Pick your favorite car/track combo (if you can't pick then start with GT3 on Laguna Seca) Set the AI to where you finish between 3rd and 5th after a 5 lap race, then set it to 10 laps. When you win, either turn off an assist (NOT THE REWIND ASSIST!) or increase the difficulty of the AI and repeat. If you get bored of the car/track combo, then change EITHER the car, OR the track. AVOID CHANGING BOTH UNLESS YOU WANT TO START OVER AGAIN FROM NEAR SCRATCH (which can be fun). WARNING: The AI on the lower settings will brake check you out of nowhere from time to time. 4. You aren't usually obligated to do the career for very long. Once you get a few hours in (2 or 3 usually) you will have an assortment of cars for which you can create your own races and just unlock things from there. I usually go through the career. The rewards are fair for the effort in most cases with this game series. If that doesn't float your boat, then you can have the option to rent the cars you want, but you will not get XP for the races. With most games if you buy a DLC car (usually costing 3$ for a car or 8$ for a pack, you can get a fast car that you can use to rank up. How you would do this is to get a 50 lap race at an easy track (Indy or Daytona ovals for example) and use the fast car to win the race with the most difficult setting you can manage (its an oval, so you probably wont need a lot of them (KEEP THE REWIND ASSIST). 5. When all else fails, Hot Lap. It is like therapy. The beautiful car modeling, the tracks, the graphics, the sounds of some of the cars, the leader-boards, the amount of manufacturers/locations, the pretty good physics. Its almost all there...almost. (Ex. Earlier this year, I had the Daytona 500 on my big TV, and my own version going on my small TV in FM6. I did the same with the Indy 500. The in car cameras looked strikingly similar, and I had an absolute blast doing it. Next time I am going to invite friends over to do driver swaps and have a party.) If hot lapping fails, tune and paint, then hot lap. You can create in this game. It is great. 6. Don't feel obligated to use a wheel. Just trust me on this one. I use both game pad and wheel. Both are fun, and will give you a different experience. You want more realism/immersion? Wheel and 1st person view it is. You want fun and more arcade style racing that is based in reality? Game pad and 3rd person view it is. It doesn't have to be all 1 way, or the other. Just have fun. That is all I can come up with for now. Feel free to ask me questions, or chime in if you can answer mine. (Maybe John or Billy could address some of these in the final review? I am not sure if they will ever read this.) I am happy with the series overall, but I wish that it had gone that extra 5%. Maybe I am wrong and FM7 fixes these? Oh wait, you wanted a FM6 final review score from me? FM6 as a game? 8.75/10. 4*. Solid B+ grade, and if you like cars and haven't tried the FM series, worth your dime. FM6 as a sim? 6/10. 3*. C grade, skip and focus elsewhere unless you want a particular thing that this game offers that you can't find elsewhere. Cheers! PS: If you have FM6 and want to do 1990 Chevy Lola Indycar spec races, hit me up on here. Srs.
  2. KindAnemone799

    Seven Motorsport Youtube Channel

    Do you have simracing videos to share? Visit r/RacingVideos, especially created to share your simracing videos. In this thread I'll post my you-tube video's. My channel is the only Dutch Forza related one out there. I mainly upload league races, but occasionally I'll upload non league races as well. I recently started commentating my videos, so be sure to check them out. I race using a Thrustmaster TX wheel. Please don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you like my videos. Youtube: Twitter: Latest videos: