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Found 5 results

  1. Dennis Johnson

    OSW Wheel issues in PCARS 2

    Hi all, I have no FFB at all with my OSW wheel in PC2. Looking for troubleshooting ideas or suggestions. RIG: Simracingbay 20nm Simcube wheel, Windows 10, i7-6700, 16gb ram, GTX 1080, Fanatec v3 pedals, Fanatec shifter, Fanatec handbrake, Fanatec F1 rim and BMW GT rim Researching the web and forums and no help as of yet. My wheel works great in RF2, AC, Raceroom. I have tried all the flavours including custom with no luck so far. Any help would be appreciated
  2. Hello everyone reading, I have owned my thrustmaster tmx for over a month now, but i've been noticing some technical problems with the force feed back function 1. when starting up the wheel, the thing shuts on and off 3 times to the left when calibrating 2.whenever i use the game controller set up and test out the forces, after 2-4 times the force feed back stops working, if i unplug and replug it just stops working as a whole, the wheel seems to still work, but the force feed back doesnt 3. In assetto It happens whenever the ffb (which im believing by this is a problem in the gears) feels very faint, but then it turns back on SOMETIMES with sudden jagged movement 4. ive been waiting a literal 2 weeks for a response from anyone, nobody knows what to do. 5.I tried the unplug both for 30 seconds along with holding the 4 (and the 2) button method 6. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the driver, it doesn't work, so that also makes me believe its the wheel itself, I dont know what part because I don't want to disassemble just yet If anyone knows what to do/buy/fix to help get my wheel to work please that would be grateful!
  3. Hello, there! I am building my own steering wheel with force feedback. I've planned out most of the setup, but there are a few things that I don't know for sure what are better options. One of them is motor. Since I will use gear to attach wheel to the motor, I'll need the mottor to be able to turn faster by itself than it's supposed to turn wheel(the ratio will be around 2:1 - motor turns 2x faster than wheel-, but I can still adjust this). What I need to know is: what kind of motor will work. I assume that 12V motor is enaugh? But what other specifications? What speed, what torque, what else parameters? Thanks!
  4. Meister X

    Carrera wheel w/ Assetto Corsa

    Does anybody here have a good force feedback setup for the Porsche 911 Carrera wheel in Assetto Corsa? When driving down a straight there isn't much feeling except the wheel will jerk to the left or right every few yards. It feels ok in the corners but overall just not very good at all. This wheel feels great in GTR 2 and in RaceRoom. I remember having a similar problem in some game and being able to fix it but I can't remember the game or the fix. The list of supported wheels had "all Porsche wheels" but there is no default setup for the Carrera in the menu. I was able to mask the jerking, burying it by upping the ffb and filtering but it doesn't feel great like in GTR 2. Does anybody here even have a Carrera wheel?
  5. rocafella1978

    OSW/ R3E FFB settings? (small MiGE)

    hi all, does anyone have working FFB settings for R3E for small MiGE OSW? thank you