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Found 9 results

  1. V3 $16 Downtown Los Angeles V3 UPDATED JAN 25th - 16$ USD - 120 individually cut decals for buttons boxes and steering wheels. Made From vinyl in either matte or sem-gloss. Can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth/sponge. Full Description found below with links to purchase. 16 units left SEMI GLOSS option - SOLD OUT MATTE option - NathanW
  2. FOR SALE NO international shipping ALL prices include shipping **SOLD** Thrustmaster TX wheelbase and pedals great condition comes with original box and manuals shipped - $185 **SOLD** Thrustmaster sparco r383 rim excellent condition used less than a week comes in original box shipped -$160 **SOLD** 2x DSD button boxes for fanatec csw wheelbases i have a right style B and a left style A each shipped - $75 comes with mounting screws and cables **SOLD** Renovatio SRD-9C series 1 telemetry display shipped -$90 comes with mounting bracket and screws and original cable **SOLD** Z1 dashboard LCD screen without software shipped $110 2x alpinestars tech 1-kx racing gloves size M shipped $30 alpinestars tech 1-k racing gloves size S shipped $25 LINKS TO ORIGINAL PRODUCTS tx: Sparco r383: DSD: SRD-9C: Z1:
  3. These are available again if anyone is still interested. I made a batch for a bulk order and have extras for sale. These are mailing out in 1-2 business days they are already made and cut. V2.1 (with sway bar rotary encoders) 13.50 USD 89 individually cut decals for buttons boxes and steering wheels. Made From vinyl in either matte or sem-gloss. Can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth/sponge. Full Description found below with links to purchase. Quantities updated sept 21th - SOLD OUT 0/17 left SEMI GLOSS option - 0/15 left MATTE option - NathanW
  4. Derek Speare adapter to fit aftermarket real car steering wheels to your T500RS. retails for $50 selling for $39 email me at [email protected]
  5. Fits Thurstmaster T500RS Actual current value - $262 Selling for $199 email me at [email protected]
  6. Greetings, There's some interest in components of use to the DIY man. We plan to release very *soon* several components that can be easily connected to our electronics (or others). If you're wanting ready-to-connect encoders, rotary switches, "Funky Switches" and 4 way pot sticks, we will have them. Here are some photos: 12 Position Rotary Swtich Rotary Encoder with Pushbutton PB Encoder - 5 Pack (knobs are included) 4-Way Pot Stick with Pushbutton "Funky Switch" We've made these components fool proof by doing all of the designing and soldering for you. Each component is mounted to our proprietary breakout board to make connections a snap. We solder the pin headers and supply jumper wires to connect to any controller with headers like our retail electronics have. You get the knobs, too, and the 4-way pot and the Funky Switch also include our proprietary knobs designed and made specifically for these components (no other knobs exist). The lineup is specifically as follows: "Funky Switch" - 2-way encoder with pushbutton and integrated 4-way stick 4-Way Pot Stick - A miniature analogue joystick with integrated pushbutton 2-Way Encoder with Pushbutton 12-Position Rotary Swtich An Early Release seemed like the way to go since there is interest in these components. SOME WORDS OF NOTICE: READ OUR TECHNICAL MATERIAL...then read it again and read all of the information on the link here: We developed these for those who want to paint it their way but are faced with the difficulties of using these popular components in their raw, out of the bag states. All the guesswork has been removed! New orders during this early and initial release phase will be shipped within 21 days. See the DSD Site above on that link for all details and facts. Thank you! d Here are the dimensions and diagrams. Download the datasheet from the DSD Site. Datasheet - READ ME! DIY Components_Compnents-dimensionsandconnections.pdf DSD DIY Components_Compnents-dimensionsandconnections.pdf
  7. Please go to the last page for the latest updates! My rig as of 06/11/16: Video Tour from 9/19/2015: Original post from 1/1/2013 is as follows: Hey guys, long time reader, infrequent poster. Just took the plunge with an ikea table and a 32 inch TV with my Fanatec wheelstand, and a car seat on a homemade base to make a "dedicated" driving setup and am loving it. I have always wanted to do triples tho, and was thinking that another ikea table and 2 more 32 inches might do the trick... plus my PC instead of my PS3 of course. SO I was wondering what the pros/cons would be of instead of getting monitors I just grabbed a couple more of these TV's and used them to do triple screens? The TV's are APEX 60Hz 720p and my current video card is a GeForce 660TI, so I'm pretty sure it will do the trick, please experts, I need your knowledge! Thanks.
  8. For sale to US residents only. I am selling my Fanatec BMW GT2 wheel for $225, shipped to the 50 US states only, this is like brand new and only used it for probably less than 10 hours. The alcantara suede is in perfect condition and no signs of wear and tear. I am also selling a DSD Pro sequential shifter with 2 soft rubber bumper for $170, shipped to the 50 US states only. My Fanatec shifter is arriving today so I do not need this anymore. This item is in very good condition, comes with the USB cable and screws but not in the original box . Please send me a private message if you are interested. Thanks
  9. DSD track boss classic $80 + Shipping OBO DSD Race King II $110 + Shipping OBO Sim Racing Hardware Sim Screen $50 + Shipping OBO Can ship out tomorrow am