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Found 24 results

  1. Sim Racing Jason

    Dirt Rally in VR

    Watch me wince my way through a sprint Rally stage on Dirt Rally in VR Jason.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum (Literally just created my account), I'm in the market looking to get my first racing wheel for my PC setup(So far I only play with a Xbox 360 Controller), I'm pretty much decided for the Logitech G29 with the Shifter, right now they are at a good price and I cant afford a Thrustmaster T300. My favorite games are F1 2017 and Dirt Rally, I was watching the reviews and there seems to be no problem with the F1 game however in the youtube video review they mentioned that the clutch was not recognized by the Dirt Rally game in PC. I know the video review is old so my question is if that problem has been fixed after the last couple of years. I know I could use the Shifter without the clutch but I feel there's no point doing so if what I want is the most realistic experience I can get. If the problem hasn't been fixed I'd consider getting the wheel without the shifter instead. tl:dr. Has the problem with the G29 clutch on the DIRT RALLY game for PC been fixed since the game and wheel was launched in 2015 Thanks in advanced. I look forward to being part of this community.
  3. So I've made the Daily League now and setup next 7 days events, using similar to DR's official Daily Online challenge format, using single car/single stage daily events, starting at 10 am my time (British Summer Time at this moment, so GMT+1) Let's see how this goes and if any good suggestions come up after this run. 1st event, starting tomorrow morning will be using R4 Scooby (yay!) at the 1st Weekly league Germany stage No plans for podium pics/ceremonies, but we'll see down the line
  4. For a few months I've had SimVibe working great for Dirt Rally. But recently, some telemetry data is not properly mapping to outputs. Gear change effects no longer work, nor does road texture, and engine RPM effects aren't working, either. Bumps and collision vibrations are still working perfectly fine, though. On the dashboard, if I place an RPM gauge, I can see that the engine RPMs are being read by Sim Commander/SimVibe accurately, but for some reason the engine vibration effect is no longer working. Has anyone else experienced similar issues or know what might be wrong? Thanks!
  5. Hello I have played sim racing since Forza 4 on the Xbox with a controller and am currently playing Dirt Rally on the PC. I would like to move over to a wheel and have a few I have been looking at. The Thrustmaster TMX , Thrustmaster TX , or the Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel. I am currently playing alot of Dirt Rally and would really like a wheel that goes well with it I play on the PC but have a Xbox One. Thanks for your time.
  6. Since the big boys are in Sweden this weekend I thought I'd do a stage in the Fiesta RS with 2017 Ott Tanak livery.... Cheers!
  7. Hi Guys, Part 4 of my McRae series this time from 2003 WRC in Sweden driving the C4 in place of the Xsara Colin drove that year. Cheers!
  8. Hi Guys, Part 3 of 6 here driving the Ford Focus WRC Colin drove from 1999 after leaving Subaru. Driving at the Acropolis Rally in Greece.... Cheers!
  9. Hi Guys, Here is part 2 of my 6 part video series documenting Colin McRae. Part 2 is from the 1995 WRC championship driving the Impreza 555 at Monte Carlo Cheers!
  10. Hi guys, I've just started a 6 part video including a number of cars driven throughout the legend's career. Part one is here from the 1988 British Rally Championship in a Sierra Cosworth RS Hope you enjoy! Cheers!
  11. So this is weird I was getting this weird stutter like every 10 seconds and I couldn't figure it out. This PC is a couple months old I7 GTX 1070 everything on Ultra ran great up until a month ago. So I'm trying everything unplugging turning things off in the background and for the hell of it I just unplugged my Thrustmaster TH8A shifter and it stopped. I had it running in analog via USB for a hand brake but no matter how I run it it causes the game to stutter.
  12. Here is a video I did on youtube putting in thrustmaster's recommended settings for the t300rs and here's a video of me using these settings in action 3rd time doing a rally and a video of me using these settings in a rally cross i always try to find good settings for my wheels in different games and share the ones i feel are user friendly and easy to adjust for your liking on my channel for most any console racing game soon i'll be playing on pc im saving up for a custom gaming pc from digital storm and own and do wheel settings for thrustmaster t300rs,tx,logitech g29, and fanatec v2 which i just bought recently and feel free to check out my youtube channel for your steering wheel setting needs and if you tweaked the settings to be better feel free to write and share what your using in the comments help me and your fellow sim racers and gamers its always appreciated
  13. Can anyone provide there FFB settings for Fanatic Clubsport V2 for this game? Just so i can get started and understand the differences between default. Also some Dirt Rally Profiles for Sim commander 4? Or a place where i can find the profiles easily? That would bet great! Thank you.
  14. Nvidia also lists three new SLI profiles in their 368.69 driver, for Armored Warfare, Lost Ark, and iRacing: Motorsport Simulator. Plus you'll get the usual range of bug fixes, apparently without the introduction of any new known issues. As always, you can download the GeForce 368.69 driver automatically through GeForce Experience, or you can grab a manually installer from our driver download section here. For those that are interested, it may also be worth checking out Nvidia's GeForce Experience 3.0 Beta, which was released a couple of days ago complete with a range of new features and tweaks.
  15. Darin Gangi

    Dirt Rally XBox One First Look !

    Presenting our Dirt Rally XBox One first look and impressions. In this video we go over the user interface and features in Dirt Rally and compare it to what is offered on the PC. We touch on the ability to adjust your seat, turn off the in cockpit wheel and all the adjustments you can make to the force feedback. Then they take it for a spin, Darin in the 2000 Subaru Impreza at a snow rally stage in Sweden and then John does a rally cross race in the classic Mini at Hell Norway. During the drives we talk about the graphics as well as some other facets of this new rally title on the console. Is it as good as the PC version ?? Watch to see what we think of this new console version of Dirt Rally for the Xbox One to find out ! In this video we are driving with a Thrustmaster TX, 599 Evo rim, TH8A shifter and T3PA pedals with a load cell. They have it all attached to the Next Level GT Ultimate 2 chassis. We hope you enjoy it !
  16. Kelv Jr

    Manual Sequential shifting

    Hey, how's it goin? I have a quick question. Is there any way to use sequential shifting in dirt rally? I am trying to shift by bumping the shifter up and down but can't seem to get that option working. How would I assign the up and down shifts to do so? I am pretty sure I am not doing something right so any info on how to fix this issue would appreciated greatly. Thanks in advance for any help!
  17. Hi all I have a fanatec CSR elite wheel and pedals with a CSW shifter 1.5sq its a great set up that I love yo race with, I'm now getting into DIRT rally and feel the need for a handbrake whats best to get and what will work with my setup? can I plug a th8a direct into the ps4 via USB and use the sq mode as a handbrake (is it digital or analog) what other options are there? Any help or advice welcome.
  18. I've created a ISRTV Dirt Rally league for the PS4; I've searched since the game came out and have not found one created by anyone from the community. If there is already one with a few members, let me know and I'll delete it; no need to split the community with multiple leagues. As a special note, I have no idea what I'm doing with the league, the first series is randomized and as I have time I will be more deliberate with the event selection. My PSN is LIONITUSofSPARTA.
  19. Lasok Twitch

    Another WORLD RECORD!

  20. Lasok Twitch


  21. Lasok Twitch