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Found 4 results

  1. Logitech DFGT - used, great condition. comes with DFGT pedals Fanatec pedals - used, great condition. comes with USB adapter, so you don't need a fanatec wheel to use on PC
  2. Permission to post: selling 3d printed wheel adapters for 6bolt (70 and 74 pcd) to logitech steering wheel $10 + $5 shipping, if you guys are interested head over to my ebay page. sample pic below Logitech G25/27/29/920 steering wheel adapter
  3. Hey guys, i got the Driving Force Pro and have now the option to upgrade to the Driving Force GT. Since im not really satisfied with the Pro (Bought it used, maybe its just broken idk) i would like to ask you if the upgrade is worth it. Is as loud as the Dfp ? Does it have a better Force feedback? If its not worth the upgrade, which Wheel can you suggest me? (Should be cheap) Since English is not my first language, im Sorry for possible wrong grammar, spelling mistakes etc. Im really looking forward to read your replies, thanks in advance
  4. Hi Modded DFGT in progress.