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Found 6 results

  1. Logitech DFGT - used, great condition. comes with DFGT pedals Fanatec pedals - used, great condition. comes with USB adapter, so you don't need a fanatec wheel to use on PC
  2. Permission to post: selling 3d printed wheel adapters for 6bolt (70 and 74 pcd) to logitech steering wheel $10 + $5 shipping, if you guys are interested head over to my ebay page. sample pic below Logitech G25/27/29/920 steering wheel adapter
  3. Hey guys, i got the Driving Force Pro and have now the option to upgrade to the Driving Force GT. Since im not really satisfied with the Pro (Bought it used, maybe its just broken idk) i would like to ask you if the upgrade is worth it. Is as loud as the Dfp ? Does it have a better Force feedback? If its not worth the upgrade, which Wheel can you suggest me? (Should be cheap) Since English is not my first language, im Sorry for possible wrong grammar, spelling mistakes etc. Im really looking forward to read your replies, thanks in advance
  4. Hi Modded DFGT in progress.
  5. AnythingButRice

    DFGT FFB Rattle?

    Hey guys, Im new to sim racing, and recently purchased a used DFGT, and seems to have a lot of noise coming from the FFB motor. If FFB is turned off wheel functions normally, so I don't think it is the gears. When I purchased it, The guy gave me the wrong power adapter, but I found a 18v 600mA one that powered up the wheel (I know the OEM is 24v 0.75 A). Everything else works fine. Is the cause of the noise the lower voltage? It kind of has a similar noise when not running as a drill that has the trigger only slightly pressed. Or does the motor need to be replaced? Thanks
  6. Hello fellow sim racers, the last months I’ve been lurking around the forum and checked out "almost" all the rigs you guys have, all of them are amazing in their own way. That inspired me to make a “makeshift rig” myself so I started having my own Extreme Budget Sim Rig “EBSR”. (Pictures coming) My Kit: PC: Toshiba Sattelite L50-A-1CU Wheel: Logitech Driving Force GT Handbrake: Logitech Attack 3 Joystick Seat: (New) Fiat Punto Passanger seat / (Old) Ikea Poäng Now my wheel, “handbrake” and my laptop are mounted on a Bedside table that once caught fire in our flat and wasn’t used after that’s why its a bit charred, I carfully mounted some planks of wood on it, including the “inverted mount” for the DFGT pedals that I made yesterday, going to improve the top bit that was kinda makeshift just to try the inverted pedals out. They’re also going to be at a higher angle when that’s finnished. Actually its comfortable position I sit in, I’m sure a propper racing seat would be better. I took out the drawer that was in the bedside table so I have leg room, the computer is sitting on top of 6 comics and a notebook stand so I can see well. My next big upgrades are going to be a big enough monitor and a car seat. The bedside table as no wobble or movement and is comfortable enough for me at the moment. PICTURES!! NOTE: I did everything with hand saws and manual screw drivers, I shed quite some sweat to make this. First how it all started a couple months ago when I bought my first FFB Steering Wheel, The Logitech DFP. Then I also had it on my wobbly desk: How I made my "pedal inversion mod" recently: And temporarely mounted on the Rig: And The Rig itself (Gonna use my actual speakers when I have my rca to aux cable back which I left at a friends house): My Notebook Stand (will be replaced with an actual monitor: And the cable managment (basically the screws that are holding the pedal mod): Its such a funny looking rig but it actually performs better than I expected hahah. [UPDATE] New Seat is here, I got a passenger seat from a fiat punto that had to go to a wrecking yard, so the owner gave me this seat. It still has the foreward and backward moving mechanism and a little bit annoying wheel to adjust the angle of the back. But I gotta say its the most comfortable place to sit in the house at the moment. Now Im just waiting to get my Rig from above images to my new place, then I will take out one of the palettes and it will kinda be in the perfect driving position. Anyway, more updates coming soon, for now I just wanna race a bit. CHEERS!