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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, This is Taichi from Taich Sim Racing Wheels!We're selling replica and custom steering wheels for simracing. Please have a look on my website or Instagram to find more!Instagram: taichisimracing Website: Taichisteering email: [email protected] [SALE]As I'm away this September, I'm offering wheels at discounted price!! Discounted price will be applied to ALL orders from 1st - 30th September. This LMP2 style wheel made of real carbon fibre is now available at 765.00EUR + Shipping (approx 40-50 EUR). Button colour is fully customisable!! Compatible to PC (OSW, thrustmaster, Accuforce, Logitech, etc..) The first model is to be completed in late September - early October. Place your order by 9th September to receive in early October.Visit our website or email us for further info. On a budget? Or you don't need clutch or hat switch? Send me an email for any requests! Let us know your budget, we'll try our best to match your needs!
  2. Lets keep this short and sweet fellas! Sparco P310 rim! It's gota go. It feels like a new wheel. Soft suede. no grease, no stains, no crushed fiber, always driven w/ nomex gloves. Ready to ship out to ya. 185$ w/ free shipping. I will not go any lower, sorry. This should sell pretty damn quick I'd expect. I'd rather not put it on ebay. Someone will be very happy with this. If you are fairly new to aftermarket wheels for sim racing, and you need advise or help with what else to get / options, to ensure your wheel will have what you need, please don't hesitate to inquire with a PM, or public forum question. I have several sources that can build you a button plate or shifters, whether you're on a thrustmaster, Fanatec, OSW, Accuforce, or even Logitech. Cheers. Jimmy High
  3. I am selling my one of a kind custom SLI M board wheel. This is one of my custom wheels had made for myself, It has 1 momentary toggle, 8 buttons and 3 rotary encoders, custom SLI enclosure with smoke insert. It is totally enclosed with the USB B plug in the back of the wheel. The adapter for it will fit the G25 controller (W/ shifter) that I am including, and will also fit a G27. The adapter has a 70mm bolt hole pattern to attach to the top side of a quick release. The grips have been hand polished back to clear and the body is airbrushed Candy Racing Blue and clear coated. New, this wheel is valued at over $600.00. I am asking $350.00 plus shipping / OBO
  4. I have a Redbull style custom rim DIY project. This Wheel is set up for a SLI Pro board, and has positions for 16 1/4" barrel buttons or toggles, such as Knitters or NSK's. There are also 4 positions that can be used for rotary switches or encoders. This is a brand new wheel, it has never been on any system or electronics installed. New value is $300.00 It has been airbrushed black and clear coated, with the body covered front, back and sides with 3D carbon fiber vinyl. It is set up for a G25 or G27, but adapters are available to mount to any system. I am asking $175.00 plus shipping. / OBO
  5. Hello fellow sim races um about to start my first custom wheel mod. And like to know what rim size ppl enjoy most iv got a Thrustmaster t300 and thinking of a round wheel again 300 mm , 320mm . Maybe 330. Before I buy a wheel thought get ideals if I'll enjoy the size I buy. Hit me with you thoughts cheers
  6. Ηello all, just finished my Mercedes AMG GT3 style custom wheel. I use these parts : Aluminum laser cut wheel plate Suede leather grips 10 NKK high quality push buttons 2 Rotary encoders Magnet Shifter Paddles Coiled USB Cable for connection wheel can support Thrustmaster wheels and DD wheels with 70mm quick releases.
  7. Hi there! I just want to follow question to my previous post asking a similar question about Thrusmaster wheelbases, this time with another question relating to Fanatec wheelbases... Are Fanatec wheelbases like Thrustmasters? Where in I need not worry about connecting the original wheel to have it recognized when using custom wheels/rims?As I am now in the cusp of upgrading from my Logitech G920 (which I had to have the original wheel/rim PCB in order for my custom F1 rim to work with FFB), but now I'm torn between a Thrusmaster or a Fanatec wheelbase and pedal set.Thanks in advance, mates!
  8. Hi there all! First off, I want to apologize if this question has been previously asked somewhere else, but for the life of me, I can't find any related threads.I was wondering if the Thrustmaster wheelbases require the original wheel to be connected in order for the PC to recognize it. I ask this for I will soon upgrade to a Thrustmaster wheelbase (either a TS-XW, TS-PC, or T300 wheelbase) and would like to use my custom F1 and GT style wheels.I am currently using a Logitech G920, and to my dismay, I found out the original wheel's PCB needed to be connected to the wheelbase for it to be recognized by my PC, so needless to say, I hacked it up to make it work with my custom wheels.So, any of you Thrustmaser owners can confirm that I need not connect a Thrustmaster wheel to the base to be recognized by the PC and still have the FFB functions, etc.?Thanks! Hope to hear from any of you soon! And sorry again if this was previously asked and if this is in the wrong forum category!Cheers!