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Found 17 results

  1. Got a brand new Samsung Odyssey+ setup Id prefer to use for bartering. The Samsung headset is the real deal. Better implementation visually than the Vive and the Oculus Rift S. Its quick, detailed and the dreaded "screendoor" effect is all but gone. If you make a point of it and strain your eyes, you can see it but its miles better than the Oculus Rift S and truly rivals the Vive Pro. It renders graphics swiftly and beautifully and makes even the intro Microsoft "lounge" look gorgeous and oh so real. If you have the rig for it, it can run at 90fps, depending on the game and your GPU/CPU. The fairly high fps helps the immersion by providing a buttery smooth experience. Willing to work with someone to make a swap for a 2.5 possible, or maybe something else? Let me know if youre interested. Thanks
  2. Hello everyone if anyone is selling any of the listed items below & is located in Ontario Canada please pm me. Fanatec CSW V2.5 Base Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedals Fanatec Universal Wheel Hub Fanatec BMW GT2 Wheel
  3. SpaceHedgehog

    R-Pod MkII : VR Enabled

    Current state of the build: Main build log starts ... Since Assetto Corsa came out, I've got the itch to build an updated version of my existing rig and I've now assembled all the parts necessary to start. My g25 has been replaced by Fanatec ClubSport Wheel base, both rims, the CSP v2s and the CSS Seq shifter. The shifter broke on my g25 unfortunately so I considerd that an excuse to upgrade. I've acquired a new seat and a new ulrawide monitor also. My previous rig looked like this: It's had a fair few modifications since then though with a monitor positioned behind the wheel and a shfter mount attached to the seat base. New Seat: Mini LFEs for Simvibe: Buttkicker amp: The amp and Mini LFEs were actually bought for me by a colleague who recently left my team. I asked him to reconsider but he insisted on me keeping them. So, this first job for the new build was to attach the Mini LFE's to the seat. In R-Pod Mk1, I had tested them by bolting them to the inside of the MDF seat base. I was singularly unimpressed so I thought long and hard about how to approach it for the new build. The seat can be mounted from the side or underneath. This allowed me to apprach the issue more directly. I bought a plate of 4mm aluminium, drilled some holes in it, Attached the Mini LFE's and bolted it to the bottom of the seat. The resulting experience is what I was hoping for with the vibreations being channeled through the whole frame: Aluminium plate: Holes drilled: Test mounting: Plate covered with blackboard vinyl and Buttkickers attached: Side mounts and seat rails bolted on: Hope to have more updates on the build next weekend.
  4. Looking for new or used(good condition) CSW V2 or newer base as well as V3 pedals. Will provide shipping label for them so no worries of shipping cost on your end. Let me know what you got!
  5. Steve Michael

    DSD CSW Button Panel

    I have a Standard Panel, Left Style B $100 shipped Con US. Text Me Steve 763-587-8040
  6. As stated, looking to sell my twin Bühler mod setup by Eric, for the Fanatec CSW V1 Wheelbase. This mod is a great addition to the rock solid platform it's built off of. It's complete with the required adapter bracket and aluminum pulleys, and completely plug and play. All that is required is a power supply of your choice to support the upgrade. Pics to come, ships within 24hrs of payment, verified PayPal. Have over $400 invested, asking $320 shipped to anywhere in Canada/Us. Will ship globally, at buyers expense. This is a sweet mod and will provide a great service life, I was able to try one out before making the move on it and it was really impressive. I was recently given a different opportunity that I couldn't pass up, and parted with my V1 base for the time being.
  7. Fanatec dont do shipping to Singapore for reasons unknown, did use a third party for delivery of my previous wheel and it sort of cost a bomb going through that path. If you have the Fanatec F1 wheel for sale, please let me know, i am keen to purchase. Payment to be made through paypal. Thank you and have a nice week ahead.
  8. Seems like official support isn't planned, unless Sony finally accepts to license a new Universal Hub for PS4. But what are the workarounds? Has anyone been able to make it work with some sort of adapter?
  9. Hello, i have the following question: Is the Fanatec CSL Elite P1 PS4 (the one with the blue stiches) compatible with the CSW V1? Thanks
  10. Hi guys! I'm needing some help here, I saw a repaired csw v.2 base with v.2.5 board for sale, the price was fairly good and I'm thinking to get it. I live in Brazil and the Fanatec prices here are no good. Whats your opinions on this ~Frankeinstec~ v.2/2.5 base?? Should I get it?? Thanks for the help btw! EDIT: I currently have a g27 and there's a way to play with the csw base and g27 pedals and shifter? I'm thinking to unplug g27 motors and let them both connected to usb ports.
  11. Hello again. I just thought I would post a thread to see if anyone would be interested in belts for their CSW wheel bases. So far I have been able to locate a supplier who has both belts for the CSW V1 in various rib numbers. Motor belts in 2, 3, and 4 ribs are available as well as the axle drive belt in the standard 4 ribs. I did not specifically ask about the belts in the V2 base, but as long as the belts are optibelt they should be available. I am ordering a couple motor belts and an axle drive belt to start with. The seller is not in the USA, so shipping for me cost about $20 bucks. The belts are fairly priced though, and if I order more the supplier offered to work out a discount. I don't know what the final price would be, but I would imagine getting the cost down to about $10-15 with shipping would likely be cheaper than going through Fanatec. Plus the buyer would have a choice of rib count. I know that the CSW V1 came with either a 3 or 2 rib motor belt, but I have also ordered a 4 rib to try out myself. I am running a buhler mod and need as much grip as possible. I also have stock CSW V1 and Elite bases I can use to test the different rib counts with and report back. For a stock base 2 or 3 ribs should be plenty sufficient for the motor belt. Feel free to message me or post here if anyone is in need of belts for their CSW V1/V2 base. I have no idea if there will be interest in these, or if there will be enough interest for me to buy multiple belts at once so we all save a bit of money. Worst case scenario even if there is not a large amount of interest than I can still order individual belts for people at the regular price the supplier charges ($5-10 depending on the belt plus $18-20 shipping). I can also refer anyone who is interested to the supplier since anyone can buy from them. If only one or two belts are needed it would make the most sense to just go directly through the supplier since I wont be able to get a discount unless I find a few people in need of belts. Let me know in a post if you think there would be interest in Fanatec belts. I am considering buying up a bunch of belts to have on hand if people are needing them.
  12. Hey ISR, long time lurker, second time poster. I've previously sold on here before and figured I'd do it again as I can't seem to make up my mind about racing in general. All of this stuff has been well-maintained and will be re-cleaned before sending. Pictures aren't the greatest, but I can take more if interested. CSW Base has minor cosmetic damage from an issue with USPS when item was sold previously. I spoke to Fanatec and the item was shipped, fixed, and returned. I've used it sparingly since, and it's time to move on. Purchased on 9/07/15. CSW Pedals V3 are brand new. These were purchased on 12/16/2015. I doubt they have 10 total hours on them as I seem to only be able to play iRacing for an hour a day. CS Steering Wheel has minor cosmetic damage. No issues, all buttons and shifters work properly. I love this wheel, as it just seems to be a nice piece of engineering. Everything clicks and snaps into position. Makes me kind of hate my actual vehicle's steering wheel. CSL Wheel Stand was purchased the same day as the Base. I used it for a few days and then I got sick of my chair moving, so I ended up making a custom seat. Stand comes with original packaging in original box, but is quite heavy, so may not be worth to ship alone. Gear is as follows. Edit: Price updates! CSL Wheel Stand - $50 EVERYTHING ELSE SOLD. Prices are negotiable. This stuff has been incredibly well taken care of and I hate to have it sit around, but I definitely want to get a fair price. Definitely send me any reasonable offers I'm located in Syracuse, NY (13031). Please advise if you have a specific shipping company and give me an idea of shipping costs if you can. I'm going to spend a bit of extra money on even more bubble wrap this time, so it may change the shipping a bit. If interested, send me a PM with the item you're interested in, and I'll get back to you. Items were tested once again this morning to verify no issues and work perfect. Can provide video of things working if you'd like. Thanks
  13. Looking to sell my Fanatec ClubSport Wheelbase v2. In great condition, boxed, with all the bits. Great bit of kit. Selling because I'm now running a v2.5. £350 ONO + P&P. If you're not too far away (I'm in Brighton) and there's an interesting road between you and I, I might just run it over to you.
  14. Selling this as I upgraded to a V2 recently. It needs a good home. Priced to sell at $275 including shipping to the lower 48 states. Pics at links below.
  15. Selling my CSW V1.5 as I am upgrading. Barely used by me since purchase in 2014. When I purchased (used), sent in to Fanatec for refurb including motor, wiring, bump stop. (Have invoices for parts/repair). Have original outer and inner boxes, cables. Received from previous owner with dent/scratch cosmetic imperfections (pictured in closeup), not visible with wheel on. Asking $270 OBO. Would trade for Porsche 918 rim. PM me!
  16. Hey guys, I thought I would share this project here. I am not sure that I can give an exact guide as I found this on the iracing forum but I will post the link to the iracing thread and if anyone has any questions feel free to contact me and I will lead you to all of the necessary information. I take no credit for the Teensy USB conversion portion of this project as it is all another persons work. I simply came up with my own way of utilizing this adapter by mounting outside of the rim. Ok, my goal was to convert my current Fanatec rim as well as any future fanatec rim I may use to USB. The caveat was I only wanted to purchase one USB adapter and I did not want disassembly or modification of the rims to be required. I also wanted to complete this project for less than $20 (not including rim). While most of this project will be difficult for others to complete due to certain parts being difficult to obtain the actual USB conversion aspect may be interesting in itself. The adapter I used is the teensyLC ($17 on ebay) wired and loaded with firmware according to this thread at iracing: There is also a github guide here about the teensy based USB conversion: I started with my SimuCUBE direct drive system. I purchased this kit from Tomo at Sim Racing Bay therefore I am lucky enough to have the Fanatec base side QR adapter he makes. This is one of the components which is required and also difficult to obtain unless you happen to have purchased your DD setup from Sim Racing Bay. The next item I had on hand was a spare Fanatec base side wiring harness. Of course I also had the CSW rim I was converting. So, in order to use one adapter with multiple rims the adapter itself needed to be outside of the rim and be able to connect to the rim using the standard wiring harness/plug that is inside the rim from the factory. This is where the base side harness comes in. Instead of wiring my adapter to the rim PCB directly or to a JST 2.0 8 pin connector and plugging it into the rims PCB I decided to solder my adapter to the spare base side harness I had lying around. I could then fit this harness inside the Fanatec base side QR which came with my DD system. Fortunately Tomo machined these adapters to precise tolerances and there is also a lip machined inside the hub at the perfect point for the plug to rest. This allows the harness fit snugly inside the custom Fanatec QR and also allows the plug to rest against the lip at the perfect depth. When the rim is installed the plugs mate perfectly, and connection is made. This solved the problem of being able to attach various Fanatec rims quickly and easily with only one USB adapter. Next was the concern of housing the USB adapter. What I decided to do was utilize a steering wheel spacer. I was planning on moving my motor back anyways so I already had this on order. This piece is not in the photos as it has not yet arrived but I will update the project pictures once it is completed. You will be able to see in the pics how the adapter will be housed inside the spacer. Basically the spacer will mount to the custom Fanatec QR and allow enough space for the USB adapter to fit inside comfortably. The other side of the spacer will mount to the split bushing on the motor axle. Between the motor split bushing and the steering wheel spacer there will be 6 5mm bolt spacers. These will create a gap between the motor and steering wheel spacer so the USB cable can fit through. I will fasten the USB cable to the spacer in some fashion to prevent and tension on the micro USB connection during use. Of course I will be using a typical coiled USB cable. And that all there is to it, I will have a hub mounted on the axle of my motor that will allow me to mount any stock Non Modified CSW rim or hub (excluding the Xbox hub) directly to my direct drive wheel and maintain button and LED functionality. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. Here are the pics I have so far, as you can see the adapter is covered in heat shrink tubing for protection. The red heat shrink is only covering the unused wires for safety. I will add more pics once the spacer arrives and I can move further with the project. This is the spacer I will use to house the adapter.
  17. Now that we have the Fanatec CSW V2.5, time to make some room in the studio. The V2 is in great shape, just used it last week as part of our V2.5 review. A few tiny, tiny, scratches on one side of the wheel - not even sure you can see it in the pic but I tried - but other than that, perfect condition, doesn't even have that much mileage on it. $375 / Free Shipping / Continental US Only