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Found 21 results

  1. scwbrian

    FS :

  2. jmoses77

    Fanatic CSL Seat FS

    I just took delivery of a new cockpit set-up for my sim racing and no longer have a need for my Fanatec CSL seat. As I'm sure everyone knows, it has been discontinued by Fanatec. I have had the rig for about three years and it has certainly seen use but nothing crazy. It has a few scuffs here and there from being moved around but you would really have to look for them. It comes with everything needed to assemble and mount a wheel, pedals, and shifter. I have a box of extra bolts that came with it and allows for quite a bit of adjustability of seating and wheel and pedal position. For as light as the cockpit is I always found it to be incredibly sturdy. I have never owned a direct drive wheel or pedals that require an incredible amount of force. The cockpit is just not made for that. With the gear that I have had there was little to no flexing of the chassis. I have had fanatic gear, Logitec, and Thrustmaster wheels, pedals, and shifters attached to the rig and they all fit tight with factory bolt holes. I also recently drilled holes in order to attach a CSL elite wheel. I used the Fanatec mounting guide to drill the holes and it worked flawlessly. The seat is comfortable and mounted on sliders to adjust driving position. The seat is all disassembled and ready to go. I am looking to get $175 plus shipping. Ideally I would prefer local pickup due to the size. I am located on the NH seacoast. Thanks for looking.
  3. Hi guys, Just wanted to share with you my big disappointment. I received my CSL elite racing wheel for the ps4 and as soon as i bolted on my rig and tried to update the firmware. The wheel is not calibrating at all. When i press the power button it turns a bit to the right (not more than 60 degrees) then back to the left ,for even less, and stops. The 3 orange rev lights stay on and the led over the power button blinks red. Any ideas? I sent an email to technical support and now i am waiting for response.
  4. Selling my Fanatec CSL Elite Starter Pack for PC/X-Box. It also has the load cell kit added. I bought this with the intent of getting more into iRacing, but just don't have the time. This was used only a few times and is in like new condition. There are no wear marks on it. I have all original paper work and the extra components and cables that came with it. I have all the original packaging as well, but that may add to the shipping costs if you want that. I paid $600 for all, selling for $475 $425. Buyer pays shipping. Located in Illinois
  5. Excellent condition. Adult Owned. Used for approx. 3 months. (light use). Hard Mounts Screws/Washers included. Printed Quick Start Guide is included. Below is the link to the eBay listing. If you use this link, eBay waves most of the fee's they charge me, therefore, I have more room to negotiate with the buyer!!! You have to let me know in the offer that you are using the link for so I know !
  6. Hi again, I have the oportunity to buy a used G27 modded pedals with Nixim mod + hall sensors + Leo Bodnar cable for 100 and for the other hand, the CSL Elite pedals without the load cell for 70. Which is the best option?
  7. Want to buy pedals for cheaper than what the website sells them for. (CSL Elite Pedals LC are out of stock sadly) thank you. I stay in the US.
  8. rocafella1978

    in search of CSL ELITE iRacing settings PC

    hi all, i am in search/ trying to help two friends who changed to PC with Fanatec gear, settings for CSL ELITE wheel base. FANATEC driver settings and iRacing in-game settings. their problem is massive oscillation on straights driving and when standing still/ in "N" in pits. thank you all.
  9. Hello friends. Got a second hand CSL Base + P1 rim past week I'm getting this issue: Sometimes, being the temperature of the room where it is quite low (around 10 degrees), after turning on the base, and immediately after calibrating the fan keeps spinning to top speed until I start using a game, and once it starts receiving any feedback signal, it immediately self-regulates and works correct. Fanatec support says this is normal, but I can't understand how a complety cold motor need to be still cooler. Can you help or leave me your opinion? Many thanks in advice
  10. for the past 4 years i have owned a Logitech G27, it has worked perfectly, never missed a beat. i finally decided to upgrade, thinking Fanatec is a great brand, heard nothing but good things about them, what can go wrong. i saw the ISRTV review of the wheel, and i knew about the rattling but that didnt bother me too much when i watched the review (i owned a Logitech DFGT, the vibration king), and the drift mode seemed like it could fix any issues i might have with the wheel. fast forward one month later, i have owned the Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 for about a week now, and i feel nothing but disappointment towards it. i plugged it in, updated the wheel, calibrated it, opened up iRacing, tried the Skip Barber, by default everything was set to max, just in the pit lane (NOT EVEN MOVING AT THIS POINT) the wheel starts vibrating so bad i thought it was going to cause a minor earthquake. i just put this down to inexperience on my part, and turned the ffb down. that is when the proper frustration began. until today (when i discovered what linear mode on iRacing does) it has vibrated constantly when it isnt moving, the rattling noise i knew about so i cant really be angry about that (it is really bad though). but the thing that drives me mad the most is the oscillation when driving in a straight line. it is truly insane how bad it is. SO i tried the "drift mode" they recommend in the ISRTV video, it does nothing. today when i discovered linear mode is reduced it by about 30% to a just about tolerable level, but still i doubt turning 5% in real life makes the car suddenly become a rolls royce. and dont even get me started on Assetto Corsa, that has been even worse!! with no linear mode to speak of, i have just been adjusting and seeing what works with blind luck. i can now drive about 5 laps around imola but the force at which im having to grip the wheel to keep it in a straight line means that after 5 laps my hands/wrists are pretty much shot. oh and rFactor 2 is just deadly, i think they need a driver fix for that one. i wanted nothing more than to lavish praise on this wheel, after all its £500, bloody expensive for the average person (dont say its good value, the G27 had better build quality!!). the fact of the matter is it should just - work out of the box, sure maybe a couple of fine tweaks here of there to suit each person, but i have felt nothing but anger and disappointment towards this wheel. if anyone has some setting recommendations i will be happy to try them out, because i feel like i have wasted my money.
  11. For sale I have a complete Fanatec racing simulator with Obutto racing cockpit, compatible with pc, xbox one and ps4 race simulator gaming. All equipment is in "like new" condition, have been lightly used. Still have original boxes for everything except the cockpit and monitor.Obutto R3volution Gaming cockpit-Excellent condition, racing seat is mint. All bolts and accessories included. Was purchased new for $899.99 + shipping.Fanatec clubsport wheel base v2 - $499.95Fanatec CSL steering wheel p1 (for xbox one) - $89.95Fanatec clubsport steering wheel formula black - $199.95Fanatec clubsport pedals v3 - $329.95Fanatec clubsport shifter sq v1.5 - $199.95Dell U2713HMt 27" LED widescreen monitor (discontinued) - $250I want to sell the simulator and cockpit, everything together, not willing to part out. I spent over $2,500 for this set up brand new. Everything is working and in excellent condition. Obutto cockpit is currently on back order. I will let everything go for $1500 obo. This is a steal. Everything is like new.Local pick up in South Florida only. Will not ship. Cash only.Text or call 786 546 6503
  12. Unopened box ready to ship out from Atlanta GA. I also have Forza unopened box to go out as well. Asking $200 + shipping/PayPal Text me at(646) 5one 2-10five7 thanks, Emil
  13. Hey guys. Just bought a CSL Fanatec Wheel, and before I had a Logitech G29. I didn’t wanted to buy the Fanatec shifter, because of money. I would like to use my Logitech Shifter with the Fanatec. Anyone knows can I do that possible? Thanks!
  14. ATRussell

    WTB: Fanatec setup

    I am looking to purchase a Fanatec setup for my PS4. The items I am looking for are CSL PS4 base and wheel Clubsport V3 or V3i pedals Possibly a seat or stand for the setup. PM me if you have any of this or have any leads for me please. I am located in Charleston South Carolina USA
  15. For sale is my sim racing setup. I purchased the setup new in 2012 or 2013 and had a child shortly after, so its been sitting unused in a spare room for the past few years. I've come to the realization that it might be even more years before I have the time and space to use this again, so its time the setup finds a new home. Items included: Fanatec CSL Seat, CSR wheel, CSR Elite Pedals, and CSR Shifter Set. All the power cords, etc. are also included. Everything is in good working order and in great condition. I would estimate this rig only has about 30 hours total on it, never had a chance to use it much. Not looking to part out at this time. Will ship within the continental USA. I am located in Washington State. $325 shipped for everything. Thank you.
  16. This will be my first sim rig and after some research I've decided to go with either the Thrustmaster TX or the Fanatec CSL Elite (Whichever I can get a better deal on honestly). I am looking for the Thurstmaster TX with the C3PA pedals and a rim besides the plastic 458 style The Fanatec CSL Elite can have any rim and pedals but prefer the 3 pedal LC set Also if anyone has any advice for which one would be better for a newbie I'm open to suggestions. I live in Houston, Texas NO LONGER LOOKING, ALREADY BOUGHT NEW CSL BUNDLE
  17. Hi everybody. I've got a set of Elite pedals and a CSR wheel. Long story short, my CSR decided to die, and it'll probably cost too much to get it repaired. So I'm looking for a new wheel. Let me know if you've got one you're willing to part with. Thanks!
  18. Hey ISR, long time lurker, second time poster. I've previously sold on here before and figured I'd do it again as I can't seem to make up my mind about racing in general. All of this stuff has been well-maintained and will be re-cleaned before sending. Pictures aren't the greatest, but I can take more if interested. CSW Base has minor cosmetic damage from an issue with USPS when item was sold previously. I spoke to Fanatec and the item was shipped, fixed, and returned. I've used it sparingly since, and it's time to move on. Purchased on 9/07/15. CSW Pedals V3 are brand new. These were purchased on 12/16/2015. I doubt they have 10 total hours on them as I seem to only be able to play iRacing for an hour a day. CS Steering Wheel has minor cosmetic damage. No issues, all buttons and shifters work properly. I love this wheel, as it just seems to be a nice piece of engineering. Everything clicks and snaps into position. Makes me kind of hate my actual vehicle's steering wheel. CSL Wheel Stand was purchased the same day as the Base. I used it for a few days and then I got sick of my chair moving, so I ended up making a custom seat. Stand comes with original packaging in original box, but is quite heavy, so may not be worth to ship alone. Gear is as follows. Edit: Price updates! CSL Wheel Stand - $50 EVERYTHING ELSE SOLD. Prices are negotiable. This stuff has been incredibly well taken care of and I hate to have it sit around, but I definitely want to get a fair price. Definitely send me any reasonable offers I'm located in Syracuse, NY (13031). Please advise if you have a specific shipping company and give me an idea of shipping costs if you can. I'm going to spend a bit of extra money on even more bubble wrap this time, so it may change the shipping a bit. If interested, send me a PM with the item you're interested in, and I'll get back to you. Items were tested once again this morning to verify no issues and work perfect. Can provide video of things working if you'd like. Thanks
  19. Hello Everyone, I have a brand new CSL P1 Steering Wheel, still in the box. I am asking $90 for it (Which is cheaper than buying it online after taxes and shipping) My zipcode is 92629 for those willing to pick up locally in CA. I will ship to the buyer's discretion. Thanks
  20. Selling the rest of my 1440p/VR gaming rig to help fund some newer sim racing gear. What's for sale:Antec 302 caseAsus M5A99FX Pro R2.0 motherboardAMD FX8350 CPU with cooler master hyper 212 coolerG.Skill Ripjaws 8gb RAMMSI Seahawk water cooled GTX 1070 (cool and quiet beast)All that is needed for this system to be complete is a hard drive, a power supply and a monitor. I can supply a generic keyboard and mouse if neededIt's all been used for about 6 months, and I haven't really overclocked anything. It actually ran very solid before I got to OC it and after testing in games there was no apparent reason to change anything. Plus I really like my computers to be as cool (quiet) as possible. Asking $550obo for everything or trade for a wheel/pedal setup (plus cash if necessary). I used to run a g27 a while back but had to get rid of it. Now that I have the Vive and a beefy PC, I'm looking to get back into racing. Something tells me the 16 year old Logitech Formula Force GP (pretty sure its logitech's first FFB wheel) I dug out of my "way back" bin is a little out-dated. Contact me with any questions or to make an offer
  21. I have a lightly used Fanatec CSL P1 steering wheel for sale. It was used as a temp wheel to play with an xbox as we waited for our PC and oculus to arrive. This is perfect for anyone on a budget now that the CSL base and pedals are available. Wheel has been used maybe 10 hours total. New this is $140+ shipping. Sold for for $110 shipped. It's back in its original box ready to ship.