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Found 21 results

  1. FOR SALE USA ALL pictures all prices include shipping all items come with necessary cables paypal preferred i only have the original box for the 918 rim (SOLD) Fanatec csw v2 wheelbase $350 shipped great condition (SOLD) Fanatec v3 pedals with brake performance kit and damper kit $330 shipped great condition added some grippy tape on heel rest (SOLD) Fanatec 918 RSR rim with box $300 shipped amazing condition (SOLD) Fanatec Clubsport formula rim $150 shipped good condition suede has signs of wear (SOLD) Fanatec ClubSport Shifter SQ V 1.5 with 2 shift knobs $170 shipped great condition (SOLD) Fanatec handbrake $100 shipped great condition 3x ButtKicker BKA-130-C Power Amplifier $60 each $160 for 3 great condition (SOLD) Buttkicker mini lfe $45 good condition Sparco hyper grip gloves size XL $20 good condition some sticker pieces have peeled off
  2. AngryGiraffe

    Noobish Buttkicker/RSeat question

    Hey guys I got a bit of a noobish question and sorry if it has been answered before, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for when I searched. So here goes. I have an RSeat S1 and I want to get a buttkicker for my PC. My original plan was to get a buttkicker gamer 2 and the RSeat mount for it. After reading up on the install I came across a forum where a guy used 2 buttkicker gamer 2’s(one each for the L&R sides) and decided this was the rout I wanted to go. The only problem is with the RSeat S1 Mount is it looks like there is only room for 1 buttkicker also I don’t really like the idea of having 2 amps. Also don’t really like the clamp system and would rather have something hard mounted. I noticed that buttkicker makes a sim kit But the problem with this is that it can only run 1 mini concert(so stupid). The mount for the RSeat has holes to mount 2 mini concerts. So I guess what I’m asking is if I buy the RSeat mount and 2 of these mini concert lfe’s Can I use a cheap duel channel amp like this one from amazon Wireless Bluetooth Power Amplifier System - 200W Dual Channel Sound Audio Stereo Receiver w/ USB, SD, AUX, MIC IN w/ Echo, Radio, LCD - For Home$76.10Amazon.comFree shipping And get the results I’m looking for. Also I am guessing I will need to run a 3rd party software to get everything to work with F1, PCars2, and iRacing. What software/program would you guys suggest I get. Thanks again and sorry if this is a bit long winded.
  3. SpaceHedgehog

    R-Pod MkII : VR Enabled

    Current state of the build: Main build log starts ... Since Assetto Corsa came out, I've got the itch to build an updated version of my existing rig and I've now assembled all the parts necessary to start. My g25 has been replaced by Fanatec ClubSport Wheel base, both rims, the CSP v2s and the CSS Seq shifter. The shifter broke on my g25 unfortunately so I considerd that an excuse to upgrade. I've acquired a new seat and a new ulrawide monitor also. My previous rig looked like this: It's had a fair few modifications since then though with a monitor positioned behind the wheel and a shfter mount attached to the seat base. New Seat: Mini LFEs for Simvibe: Buttkicker amp: The amp and Mini LFEs were actually bought for me by a colleague who recently left my team. I asked him to reconsider but he insisted on me keeping them. So, this first job for the new build was to attach the Mini LFE's to the seat. In R-Pod Mk1, I had tested them by bolting them to the inside of the MDF seat base. I was singularly unimpressed so I thought long and hard about how to approach it for the new build. The seat can be mounted from the side or underneath. This allowed me to apprach the issue more directly. I bought a plate of 4mm aluminium, drilled some holes in it, Attached the Mini LFE's and bolted it to the bottom of the seat. The resulting experience is what I was hoping for with the vibreations being channeled through the whole frame: Aluminium plate: Holes drilled: Test mounting: Plate covered with blackboard vinyl and Buttkickers attached: Side mounts and seat rails bolted on: Hope to have more updates on the build next weekend.
  4. Hi All, Here is my DIY-ish! aluminium profile take on a SimX Stage 4 series, 3DOF (traction loss). I have built it to Porsche Martini Racing colors. I tried to upload the core plans for the rig in MS Word but couldn't upload it, if anyone wants them please let me know.
  5. Must sell this awesome SIM Racing rig for only $2000. Includes: Rseat N1 chassis with all extras: Chassis (new=$1250) Buttkicker bar (new=$99) Keyboard/Mouse arm (new=$129) Button box and tablet holder (new=$119) Shifter/handbrake platform (new=$129) TV Stand (new=$369) Surround speaker mounts (new=$119) Thrustmaster PlayStation 4/ PlayStation 3/ PC T300 Ferrari Alcantara Edition Racing Wheel (new=$500) Upgrade to Fantec clubsport V3 pedals (new=$329) Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System - THX, Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Certified (new=$369) 4 x Buttkicker Gamer shakers with seperate amps (1 for each corner - driven by accuforce SIM commander) (new= 4x $169) Avenga76's amazing Wind Simulator (new=$600) (Total cost to build is ~ $4688 USD (all costs are estimates)) I am not interested in parting this kit out and you must arrange pick-up at my location! Someone will be getting a great deal on this lightly used rig! TV, Computer, and VR Headset are not included in this sale.
  6. Selling complete cockpit setup. Everything bought new in July. I have the original boxes for all items. I'm located in Southern California if you want to save on shipping. Everything together $1500 bucks. I can post more pics if requested. All items in brand new condition. Very lightly used. Fanatec Clubsport base V 2.5 Xbox/Pc Universal Hub 1 Forza wheel Rim 1 Formula 1 Rim(not carbon) Clubsport Pedals V3 Clubsport Pedals performance kit Shifter shifter V1.5 Buttkicker gamer 2 Open Wheeler cockpit with additional bracket and mounting plates for Thrustmaster Warthog Hotas.
  7. Can anyone point me in the direction of a replacement for the BKA1000-4a. Any replacement with the same power is fine. I have 4 LFEs that I was powering. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help. I'll buy new or used. I just want to make sure that I'm looking in the correct direction.
  8. looking to sell my whole racing set up. tons of fun, just don't play it enough. unfortunately I'm lazy and don't want to go through the trouble of shipping it all so must pick up. i live in las vegas. fanatec wheel base 2.5 - $500.00 fanatec csl elite pedals lc- $200.00 fanatec clubsport formula black -$200.00 fanatec clubsport gt wheel-$400.00 but kicker bk-gr gamer-$200.00 usb sound card-$15.00 power surge protector-$20.00 turtle beach ear stealth 450-$90.00 cuk msg night blade ml3 vr ready pc-$1,500.00 bend 35” 144hz ultra wide curve-$600.00 rs1 racing rig with keyboard mouse tray kit and buttkicker upgrade kit-$1,140 rs stand s3 v2 (seat monitor stand)-$369.00 have owned for about three months now but couldn't race or use it for the first month and half. only about 30 races on it tops. everything is in great condition. looking for 4 grand. ill send pictures to anyone interested
  9. Hi. Iam a simracing guy from Norway I have bought a inuke 1000 with a buttkicker,from before I have a buttkicker gamer reciever . I havent tried this setup yet because IAM not sure how to do it. I'm racing on a PC with integrated soundcard and headphones connected to aux PC. I want to have engine vibe and bump effects. How should I setup my stuff?
  10. aeioux

    Buttkicker ALTERNATIVES

    Hi all, recently my Buttkicker Gamer 2 amp died, so I'm looking for a replacement. Here in Australia, Buttkickers are hard to find these days - but I'd be happy with an alternative system (different Amp outputting to the Buttkicker clamp unit possibly?) Any advice very much appreciated! Chris/Aeioux
  11. I'm looking into setting up Simvibe on my RS1 and can't find any threads where someone else has done it? I'm looking at 4 aura pro bass shakers with 250W amp but mounting (discreetly is a big thing for me as I'm huge on aesthetics), but have no clue how/where to mount. I'm figuring I want to setup in chassis mode so likely 2 under the seat and two under the pedals, but not sure if this is the optimum config. I'm open to buttkicker products, but general consensus is they are overpriced for what you get. If installation is discreet, hidden and professional looking then I'll pay extra. Appreciate any and all replies!
  12. EddieHollon

    Looking to start over.

    I'm looking to get back into sim racing. I still have my old computer but will need basically everything else. I'm located in the San Antonio area. Looking for a good solid rig. Preferably Obutto, or RSeat Wheel and pedal & shifter set, Thrustmaster or Fanatec Extras I'd like to get as well, Buttkicker Gamer, and a good button box. Thanks.
  13. Purchased a rig that came with a Dayton APA 150 amp and er mini LFE in mint like new condition. Looking to see if there is any interest on them. $250 takes it.
  14. Hi guys i have 4 buttkicker gamer 2s on my rig but two of the amps have blown what amps do you recommend for gamer 2s as I don't won't any amps from buttkicker again as their reliability is laughable i don't mind buying two new ones or one big amp to run all four ive seen there's a few options available but the gamer 2s connections are fixed in place (the the plugs distance apart at the end of the cable) so im worried I'll buy a new amp and the connectors won't line up with the inputs on the back of the amp ive been thinking of getting the smsl-as-98e tda7498e but would the power be right? and will the BK connectors line up with the amp inputs? any help would be appreciated
  15. Eating

    Upgrading from Fanatec CSR

    Hello! I am rather new to these forums, but I need your guys' opinion on something. So, to start off with. I bought a Fanatec CSR quite a few years ago, paired with the shifter set that was available at the time, and the CSR Elite Pedals. Now, back then I didn't know much, and just chose a wheel that looked fancy. Now, the wheel has served me very well, but recently it just hasn't felt quite right. It has started making tremendous amounts of noise, the centering isn't perfect, and the list goes on. Anyway, to my point. I am in a financial position in which I can dish out a hefty amount of cash on a racing sim base / wheel. So... I need your help. So I've been primarily looking at the Fanatec wheels. Specifically the Clubsport V2.5 Base with the 918 Steering Wheel, paired up with the Clubsport Inverted Pedals, with the Clubsport shifter. Along with this I would also get the Fanatec Handbrake, and maybe some mounting options. All coming in at a total of roughly $1850. Now, given that I live in Canada, and Fanatec charges an arm and a leg for shipping to Canada, add roughly $400 to that. Now that's a lot of money. $2250 and that's in USD. With the terrible exchange rate right now, I'm looking at basically $3000! Now, that is without the buttkicker in which I plan to obtain eventually...which is another added $200. Anyway, with all of that said, is it worth dishing out that kind of money? How close is it to realism? And are there any better alternatives for similar pricing? Any thoughts on the buttkicker gamer 2? Oh yeah, and is there any sort of WheelStand for the Fanatec Clubsport Wheel / Pedals / Shifter? I really like the idea of being able to tuck it away, as I do not have the most space. In other words, don't suggest me a full cockpit / playseat table mounting wouldn't be ideal, but it's possible. Thanks so much!
  16. Looking for a butt kicker gamer 2 with amp to finish my last corner for chassis mode thanks
  17. I have sim racing gear for sale, either complete rig or separates. Email me at [email protected] or text me 513-910-1499. I'm in the Cincinnati, OH area. Here is what I have and it's all in great condition, not used much: CSW V2 Wheel base Clubsport V3 Pedals with damper for brake and brake performance kit (never installed) XBox Hub with GT Wheel Porsche RSR Wheel Formula Wheel Shifter SQ 1.5 DSD button boxes for CSW base - left and right rSeat RS1 (black with red seat) Buttkicker Gamer2. Everything has original packaging, accessories and documentation. Most items would be sold at 40% off "new" price and no shipping charge. Thanks.
  18. Hi Guys, I have 2 buttkickers Gamers2 coming with their amplifier, remote control. I am selling both because of my neighbours as I am now in appartment. Both are working very well.I'm asking CAD $200 for the whole kit of 2 + shipping depending your region. Can ship UPS for Canada and States. Available for pickup if you are in Montreal Region.
  19. parth335

    Buttkicker with PS4

    Hi Guys, Anyone have their Buttkicker gamer hooked up to ps4? It was working fine for me with project cars however after switching to assetto corsa the feedback doesn't seem strong. I am not feeling the buttkicker during upshift/downshift in dual clutch cars. Also little feedback when going over bumps and such. Any help would be appreciated
  20. hi guys & gals it is with great sadness that i have to put my simrig/wheel/etc up for sale! this post is to give everyone an idea of whats up for grabs, i will do the full post tomorrow with pics,prices etc......... g27 pedals with nixim springs in the gas and clutch,and a TSS V1 hydraulic brake frex handbrake+ diy button box,built around a DSD 32bit board custom dash box with simscreen,rev burner,spi-d,52mm tacho,leds, 5-6 transducers (2 BK gamer,2 rockhorn 100w ,and some others) buttkicker amp with remote 6 x 100 watt amplifier board 24v power supply (for the amp board) g27 whhel with a SRH wheel plate with SLI-M and LOTS more stuff! like i say will do a full price list,pics,etc tomorrow UK time,and sorry to say UK only, it would cost a fortune to ship to USA,maybe ship to EUROPE? you can see pics of most of it,through posts ive made just do a search i will NOT be charging the earth for any of it! (but it wont be FREE lol) thanks jon
  21. Recently began my research into tactile/simvibe for my new build which you can see here: This is where I am on tactile.. but such a world of unknowns! Objective: clean/simple design that performs well without lots of engineering (willing to reduce performance to avoid engineering/platforms/etc). Current noise isolation: ceiling and walls below are floating, 2xdrywall separated by green glue, mass loaded vinyl under the hardwood, quiet boxes for the recessed cans below. Rig also sitting on heavy duty gym flooring (dense rubber). Mode: extensions. I do not want the complexity of CM and my guess is that our eyes probably trick us into knowing where the tactile is coming from (and ears for those with corner speakers). I also think the seat frame and pedal base (in my build) would merge the left/right to a degree. Future noise isolation: 1) rubber seat/pedal mounts to keep vibration away from the rig/base, 2) replace rig feet with vibration absorbing mounts, 3) have the 4 rig feet/mounts sitting on multi-compound rubber-cork 6x6" squares. Component thoughts - Shakers: Very tricky. Am thinking 1 x Buttkicker Advance for the seat and 1 x Buttkicker Mini for the pedals. Major question is whether these can be "turned down" if the vibration isolation is an issue?? Not sure whether a piston style shaker can be turned down and function properly vs perhaps going with multiple ADX style shakers which I am sure can simply be turned down if need be. Amp: iNuke 3000DSP. Should be ample power to allow. Any thoughts or comments are welcome. Matty