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Found 13 results

  1. very good condition, original packaging. light scratch on the plexiglass. possible shipping. $400. located in Burbank, CA.
  2. Excellent condition. Adult Owned. Used for approx. 3 months. (light use). Hard Mounts Screws/Washers included. Printed Quick Start Guide is included. Below is the link to the eBay listing. If you use this link, eBay waves most of the fee's they charge me, therefore, I have more room to negotiate with the buyer!!! You have to let me know in the offer that you are using the link for so I know !
  3. CSL Elite Racing Wheel Formula for PC SOLD Purchased new in 2017, Still have all original packaging. Upgraded my loss is your gain
  4. FISTtheVERB


    SOLD LOCALLY Thanks for all interested
  5. Looking to get a new wheel. Just want to hear what people have especially looking for a fanatec formula rim and csl base. Just want to hear what people have got.
  6. Hey ISR, long time lurker, second time poster. I've previously sold on here before and figured I'd do it again as I can't seem to make up my mind about racing in general. All of this stuff has been well-maintained and will be re-cleaned before sending. Pictures aren't the greatest, but I can take more if interested. CSW Base has minor cosmetic damage from an issue with USPS when item was sold previously. I spoke to Fanatec and the item was shipped, fixed, and returned. I've used it sparingly since, and it's time to move on. Purchased on 9/07/15. CSW Pedals V3 are brand new. These were purchased on 12/16/2015. I doubt they have 10 total hours on them as I seem to only be able to play iRacing for an hour a day. CS Steering Wheel has minor cosmetic damage. No issues, all buttons and shifters work properly. I love this wheel, as it just seems to be a nice piece of engineering. Everything clicks and snaps into position. Makes me kind of hate my actual vehicle's steering wheel. CSL Wheel Stand was purchased the same day as the Base. I used it for a few days and then I got sick of my chair moving, so I ended up making a custom seat. Stand comes with original packaging in original box, but is quite heavy, so may not be worth to ship alone. Gear is as follows. Edit: Price updates! CSL Wheel Stand - $50 EVERYTHING ELSE SOLD. Prices are negotiable. This stuff has been incredibly well taken care of and I hate to have it sit around, but I definitely want to get a fair price. Definitely send me any reasonable offers I'm located in Syracuse, NY (13031). Please advise if you have a specific shipping company and give me an idea of shipping costs if you can. I'm going to spend a bit of extra money on even more bubble wrap this time, so it may change the shipping a bit. If interested, send me a PM with the item you're interested in, and I'll get back to you. Items were tested once again this morning to verify no issues and work perfect. Can provide video of things working if you'd like. Thanks
  7. FLORIDA Looking to buy this setup for my new rig, would prefer to buy all at once from one person. I'm adult and looking for adult owned equipment in like new condition, I take very good care of my things. ClubSport Shifter SQ V 1.5 ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 ClubSport Pedals V3 Pm Me! Thanks!
  8. looking to get a friend into simracing and in search of used but good condition Fanatec setup, best in bundle with 1x rim. if you have any of the items for sale, do let me know please.
  9. I bought a whole simulator and everything was fine until the wheel base shut off in the middle of a race and it didn't have enough power to calibrate itself. But when it would calibrate it would be very slow and sluggish and I would have to help center it because it would act like it was not strong enough to center itself. When it would work it did not have any FFB and when I turned it all the way one way it would make a loud click noise and shut off. Today I noticed it feels like it is resisting to turn and it is making a quite clicking noise and it won't turn on. Thanks IMG_1728.MOV
  10. Hi everyone, Got an OSW parting with my fanatec wheel base and GT2 rim. Im in Toronto area, north of city. Babied my toys and hardly used this past year. Always wore gloves I have all accessories and original packaging. GT2 rim - $300 canadian wheelbase - $430 canadian BOTH $670
  11. I'm looking to buy a Fanatec wheel base in mint condition at a decent price. Either a ClubSport Wheel Base V1 or ClubSport Wheel Base V2
  12. I have just bought the Clubsport V2 base, V3 pedals, V1.5 shifter, and handbrake this week. I have had quite a bit of problems. First, my things came missing some mounting hardware but that is not my main problem right now. My wheel is acting weird and when I am trying to configure it it doesn't work. When I turn the wheel a little the bar will speedily go to either 100% or 50% depending on which way I turn it. Say I turn it left and it goes to 50% very fast. After I get to 50% it jumps back to 100% then continues traveling back to 50% until it repeats. Even when trying to configure the wheel, the wheel feel like it is trying to stay centered. I recorded it happening here and I will send it in a chosen file. When I tried to launch Asseto Corsa, the wheel image thing was doing the same thing as when I was trying to configure it and jumping around. My pedals do not seem to have any input at all. When I plug the wheel in to Forza Horizon 2 on the Xbox one, I can move the wheel, use the buttons, and change gears with my shifter, but the pedals do nothing. My Fanatec properties do not work properly either. When I was on Windows 8, the wheel was recognized but I could not select it and hit OK. When I did the window just dissapeared and did nothing. I tried upgrading to Windows 10, and now the wheel isn't recognized at all in the menu. I feel like something I pay this much for something like this it will work out of the box. I have sent in a support message around 15 hours ago but haven't gotten a response. I tried calling their cellphone number but every time I try the prerec. verizon message says the number is not real. ACpro.mp4
  13. I'd like to buy or preferably trade for a Thrustmaster TX wheel or T300 wheel. Just the servo base without included rim or pedals will suffice. Can Trade a Logitech Driving Force GT Wheel (PS3, PC) with pedals. I realize that the starting price for the Thrustmaster items in new condition is higher than the value of the Logitech wheel, so I am willing to include cash with any trade. The amount of money included will depend on the the difference in values of the items being traded. I value my own Logitech DFGT at $120. I am not the original owner; I purchased the item on eBay in February. It is still in "good" condition. It works as it should on PC and looks well also (will post pictures soon). I have not had the chance to try it on the PlayStation 3. I'm looking to get a new wheel because I've begun to buy other items in the Thrustmaster ecosystem, such as pedals and a shifter. To complete my ideal sim racing setup, I'd like to get a Thrustmaster wheel, and will then have no use for the Logitech. If you have no interest in trading, but would like to sell the one of the items that I'm looking for, please let me know how much you would like for it. And if you have any questions about anything mentioned above, please ask. Thanks