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Found 54 results

  1. arunaska

    ArunaskaPlays' Videos

    Hey everyone, wanted to share my videos with you in my youtube channel. I love sim-racing and I play mostly Assetto Corsa. I shoot with helmet cam and put it on top the actual racing footage. I would be glad, if you share your comments, opinions and criticisms. If you like the videos please subscribe! Enjoy! My Channel: ArunaskaPlays
  2. In The Apex

    Pagani Huayra BC Track day AC

    Have not posted in a while, thought this was some fun gameplay to showcase though, enjoy! Video Link:
  3. tbazsi95

    tbazsi95's videos

    I started a new topic because the previous topic name was bad and I wanted change topic name but I couldn't :S My YouTube Channel: Sometimes I make a onboard videos, live or recorded. I love simracing! If you like my videos, subscribe to my channel Best Onboard videos: GoPro Hero3 Silver Edition - G1 Kart Center - Highlights - Helmet Cam - 2013.10.25 BMW M3 E92 - Drifting - Eurospeedway
  4. IVRC presents: the 2019 IVRC Porsche Supercup! After a while we are back with another project on Assetto Corsa, the IVRC Porsche Supercup! Just like it's real life counterpart, the IVRC Supercup will visit all of the best and most legendary F1 tracks out there. With a season spanning across 10 races, this spec series using the impressive Porsche 991.2 GT3 Cup cars and their fixed setups will provide great action and a thrilling experience for everyone who takes part in the challenging races. As the IVRC Porsche Supercup will use Kunos' stock content and planned live streams we are sure that we can provide the quality everyone looks out for. Of course this championship aims for all levels of drivers and with the several years of experience under their belt, the admins will make sure that the competition stays fair and balanced on track. IVRC looks forward to deliver the action on each Sunday evening of a race day in the IVRC Porsche Supercup - get your spot now at! Interested? Sign up to the competition at Or check out our social media at: Trailer:
  5. Link to Video: A video on the car I feel to be one of the best sounding Lemans cars ever created, Enjoy!
  6. New Video! Click the link to watch the video: ✅The Simpit "Pick Your Poison" GT3 SRS Series at Road America (Week 2-Race 2) - Assetto Corsa Here we go, this time around we have something pretty special, welcome to The Simpit "Pick Your Poison" GT3 SRS Series. This time around we'll have the choice of seven GT3 cars, never have we done this before on the channel or any Simpit series. Tonight we will be running the McLaren 650S GT3 in race number two at Road America. ( Join our community on Discord - ) Support Pro Sim Racing by purchasing products at: Amazon - Fanatec - Ricmotech - Vegas Pro Software - HostGator Website Hosting - Become a channel Sponsor - Donate via PayPal to: [email protected] DISCLAIMER: When you purchase with one of our links we’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Your purchase won't cost any more than it normally does but it will help support the channel which allows us to continue to make even better videos and help grow our Sim Racing community. Thank you for your support! We "Professional Simulation" are now officially part of Amazon's Influencer Program, go check out our store and let us know what else you would like to see in our storefront. Support us with a tip: LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE Thank you all for watching and being such great subscribers! All of your questions, comments, and feedback are welcome, it will help us to make even better content for you all to enjoy. Don't forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe for more videos, and make sure to click the little bell icon next to the Subscribe Button in order to be notified whenever we upload new videos. Feel free to come out and join us on the track, just go and register with and get ready to have lots of sim racing fun amongst a great group of people. If you need more detailed information on how to join us, take a look at this video from The Simpit: Assetto Corsa - Sim Racing System Tutorial - Video Recorded & Edited by Sean Seebran.
  7. Video Link: A short video from my new sim racing YouTube channel, hope you all enjoy. I appreciate any feedback I can get!
  8. I recently obtained a club sport shifter for my CSL Elite set up along with the load cell kit. Everything works as it should in most of my games. I've updated to the most recent firmware and calibrated everything. The shifter works flawlessly in both sequential and H pattern mode on every game that I play,GT sport, Forza, and Project Cars. When I play Assetto Corsa, however, only the sequential shifter works. No matter what my settings or what car I am driving the H pattern shifter doesn't work. My question is, is this normal? Do I need to plug the shifter directly into the ps4 via USB or am immersing something in the game settings? For in game settings I have the H pattern enabled, auto clutch off, and auto shift off. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers
  9. These are available again if anyone is still interested. I made a batch for a bulk order and have extras for sale. These are mailing out in 1-2 business days they are already made and cut. V2.1 (with sway bar rotary encoders) 13.50 USD 89 individually cut decals for buttons boxes and steering wheels. Made From vinyl in either matte or sem-gloss. Can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth/sponge. Full Description found below with links to purchase. Quantities updated sept 21th - SOLD OUT 0/17 left SEMI GLOSS option - 0/15 left MATTE option - NathanW
  10. Moving to Japan later this year. Plan is to either put the rig in long term storage or sell it. Designed and built this system in August, 2016. Over $10,000 invested (receipts to prove it) in this RS 1 based racing rig primarily designed to run Assetto Corsa. Assetto Corsa easily runs at max graphics performance in 4K with no lag and at over 120fps across 3 Sony 43” 4K Displays. $4500 or best offer Motivated to sell, and willing to entertain offers, but please don't lowball, I'm not desperate to dump this system. MUST PICK UP IN PERSON (Los Angeles, 91344) Custom Made Windows 10 PC - Spared no expense with this hardcore machine Intel i7 3.5GHZ 6-Core CPU MSI LGA X99A Godlike Gaming Carbon High Performance Motherboard and Chipset 64GB RAM 500GB SSD Storage Corsair Case, Water Cooling and 850W Power Unit Dual GeForce GTX 1080 FTW Video Cards LG High Speed BlueRay Player and Burner LED Lighting Racing Rig RSEAT RS1 Special Edition Assetto Corsa Branded Racing Seat and Heavy Duty Tube Steel Frame Triple Monitor Stand Heavy Duty Tube Steel Frame 3x 43” Sony 4K TVs (Model Number 43X830C) Thurstmaster T500RS Force Feedback Steering Wheel and Pedal Set Thrustmaster TH8A Stick Shifter Spare Ferrari F1 Steering Wheel G.Skill Ripjaws KM780 Gaming Keyboard Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse Butt Kicker Force Feedback Under Seat 7.1 Surround Sound System (Polk, Boston Acoustic, Logitech Speakers, Sony Sub)
  11. Available from my website Designed for sim rigs in mind using very high power case fans "213CFM" instead of the inline blower type simulators. Ideal for VR sim racing can be used as a simulator in open wheel racing as the wind speed adjust automatically to the speed of the car, or as air con to keep you cool. This wind simulator is for mounting on your sim rig, you will be able to run 2 x 100mm ducting pipes up to you wheel. Each fan produces 213CFm and has a "duct attachment" on the front, and grills on the back. This kit has 2 x 50mm Air straighteners to attach to your 100mm ducts. The wind simulator comes with a pre programed Arduino Uno built in to eliminate wiring and is plug and play with iRacing and Assetto Corsa It has reinforced corner brackets to help with mounting just bolt it to your rig and run your ducting. Included in this Twin Duct Wind Simulator 1x Fan Hub with 2x 213 CFM Fans. 1x Integrated Arduino Controller. Blue led on/off switch and a micro reset button. 2x 50mm Air Straighteners. 2x rear grills. 1x 2m Micro usb cable. 1x 12v5A Power Supply "100-240v" Pre-Programmed for iRacing or Assetto Corsa
  12. Hi all. I wanted to make a desktop wind simulator and keep it as simple as possible. So I designed some 3d printed parts and here is what i ended up with. Also this works with Assetto Corssa and iRacing all on the same pin on the Arduino. Started by printing a box for the Arduino uno R3, added some air vents a hole for the on/off switch and a GoPro type adapter on the bottom. Parts list. further instructions can be found HERE. 12v DC "120x120x38mm PWM" 4 pin Fan. "213CFM" Arduino UNO R3 or clone. 3D printed parts. An air straightener (highly recommended) A 12v on/off switch (optional but useful). A micro switch for reset (optional but useful). Wire 18awg silicone wire. Soldering iron & and solder. Dc 12v adapter. Amp output to be higher than the fans Amp rating Hope you like this and if you need parts 3d printed pop over to my site or send me a message 3d printed box to fit the Arduino unoR3 controller board GoPro type standard adapter on the bottom. Wanted it to be a compact wind simulator so made every thing as small as I could. This will be the top of the box and also screw into the 120x120x38mm case fan. Started the wiring I bypassed the 12v positive so the Arduino only has 5v from the USB. Then just passed the Arduino and all the wires through the top plate. I added an on/off switch and wired a reset button with a micro switch, and put the pwm fan wire to pin3 on the Arduino. So I can use it with both iRacing and Assetto Corsa without opening it up to change pins. I have the sketch that lets iRacingFanBoi work on pin 3 if anyone needs it . Screwed down the lid and ziptied the wires inside the box to stop them moving. Fitted the fan to the spacers on the lid section, and added one of my tie fighter design air straighteners and screwed together Almost done screwed on the rear grill and added a sturdy desktop tripod. I don't have a rig and can only race on my desktop so this is perfect , takes seconds to put up and remove, I also made a dual fan setup and that works great also, In VR i think it really adds to the immersion and on top of that it keeps me cool, Although i made this for desktop dont see why it could,nt be mounted to a rig also.
  13. Hey guys, I was wondering if any of yall have installed rumble motors onto your peddles? And if so do yall know if I could get this to work on an xbox one? Been wanting to do this for quite some time but. Not sure if I can get it to work on xbox. If any of yall have done this, could you give me some info on how to go about this. Thanks in advance guys.
  14. I am having problems with simvibe. If you look at my setup, you will notice I have a LOT of devices hooked up. I don't know where to start in trouble shooting this issue. Software running at same time when racing; Simucube, Fanaleds, JoyToKey, EVGA OCX and Flow Control, plus various racing sim software. Occasionally I also have crewchief running but not since having this problem. Hardware: Gigabyte Z170 Gaming 7 mobo, i7-6700K oc to 4.2ghz, 16gb ram, 2 mvme ssd, 3 HDD, Asus Sonar video card, Evga 1080 ti hybrid, Evga 280CLC cpu cooler, SIM Rig: OSW DD wheel, Fanatec V3 pedals, Fanatec shifter, Fanatec handbrake, 2 - DSD button boxes, SimRacing Machine USB adapter for fanatec wheels, Fanatec BMW rim, Oculus Rift, Touch , 2 sensors, Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse Issue: In both AC and PCARS2, after about 5 minutes of racing. I lose my steering and pedals and then the game hangs up. If I close simvibe, then restart the games, they work fine. In one instance during a session of PC2, I had turned all modes off in simvibe. The game ran fine. I then turned on chassis mode and my throttle, in game, suddenly went to maximum. I had to close simvibe and PC2 to get fix it. Is anyone else having this type of problems getting all your hardware and software to behave with each other? It seems that Simvibe is the common denominator when problems arise.
  15. Hello all. Just thought I’d upload some VR hotlaps from a channel I started. In this video, I’m in the Dallara F312 from RSR. No assists of course and default setup. Downloaded the car a couple of days ago. It really is a blast to drive. More videos to come.
  16. 80/20 Rig with SimXperience 3DOF Motion & Traction Loss Updated my static 80/20 rig to incorporate SimXperience's universal seat kit and 150mm SCN5 actuators. The base is 2100mm x 780mm and all in 40 series profile. If you recall, this is my old rig: The final result uses numerous ideas from various other rig designs on this forum and others. I want to give credit to the following people/sites for my rig: Robert Reidel of Henning Piez/Ensonic that created this amazing rig as I blantantly copied his tilt/telescoping steering wheel mount. Tino Goergens and his rig. Faro06's rig. Anonymous rig Results: Transfer bearings: Lazy Susan Bearing: Base (2100mm x 780mm): Traction loss base: SimXperience Universal Joint: Dampening bar isolators: Dampening bar with actuators and seat base: Adjustable foot pedal mount: Seat mounted on base: Tilt and telescoping wheel mount: Wheel mount range of adjustment: Cup holder: Update with 40" 4K Vizio TVs and Energy Micro RC speakers: I still have to wire everything up and configure the software. I'll post a video of it in motion soon. Dan
  17. Blackcatdrift

    Dift Event for Assetto Corsa

    Hi there! I'm new here and I'm searching for drift events in Assetto Corsa for PC, if anybody know anything, please send me a message or if u wan't someone who can drift with, contact me!
  18. Blackcatdrift

    Dift Event for Assetto Corsa

    Hi there! I'm new here and I'm searching for drift events in Assetto Corsa for PC, if anybody know anything, please send me a message or if u wan't someone who can drift with, contact me!
  19. I was lucky enough to get to test a pre release version of Shaun Clarkes latest mod for Assetto Corsa and so put my thoughts about it on video while racing it around the Nurburgring Sprint track. I cant wait for the mod to go live and for others to have as much fun with it as i did in this video. Jason.
  20. RStylesGeleen Racing

    PS4 SimRacing pitstops comparison

    Ever asked yourself how the pitstops look and work on console? I made an comparison video with Assetto Corsa, Gran Turismo Sport, Project Cars 2 and F1 2017. Check it out! Thanks!
  21. This video is part of an entire season, There is a playlist with all of the races on my YouTube channel, feel free to check it out. Welcome to Professional Simulation's fourth online race for the year 2018. Today we're running the McLaren F1 GTR @ Imola in The Simpit's McLaren F1 GTR Series. They run two races per week, one on Thursdays and the other on Fridays. There is also a Practice session that is held on Wednesdays where you can get help with setups etc. This was the second race of two for the week. The McLaren F1 GTR is a very tough, tricky, demanding car to drive so it should make for some very interesting racing. If you've been watching my coverage of The Simpit's McLaren F1 GTR Series, you will notice that I've been making a few changes to the format of my videos in the hopes of making better and more enjoyable content for you. I want to start talking to you directly so you'll have a better idea of my frame of mind before and after the race. Feel free to leave me a comment letting me know what you think about these changes, I hope that you enjoy the video.
  22. Welcome to Professional Simulation's very first series for the year 2018. We are taking part in the McLaren F1 GTR Series which is hosted by The Simpit. They run two races per week, one on Thursdays and the other on Fridays. There is also a Practice session that is held on Wednesdays where you can get help with setups etc. This time around, the platform of choice is Assetto Corsa, via Sim Racing System (SRS). The McLaren F1 GTR is a very tough, tricky, demanding car to drive so it should make for some very interesting racing. I hope that you enjoy the videos, feel free to subscribe for more videos just like these, also don't forget to click the little "bell" icon to make sure that you don't miss anything. This is a Playlist, so feel free to check back often for new videos which will be added to this list weekly. We "Professional Simulation" are now officially part of Amazon's Influencer Program, go check out our store and give us some feedback as to what else you'd like to see offered. Support us with a tip: LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE