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Found 33 results

  1. Selling my Fanatec 3D printed phone mount, now that I've gotten a new DDU. This bracket is 3D printed, fits all phones and is super sturdy - my phone didn't budge once, even with huge ButtKicker Advances shaking the rig. Phone mount variant, Fanatec labeling. Fits All Fanatec CSW, CSL & DD Wheel Bases. Comes with the bolts for mounting - mounts right to the bored holes on the Fanatec unit. The bracket was ~$26 at the link, with tax and shipping. I'm asking 17 PayPal F&F, with free shipping, to the lower 48 states. Willing to do slightly higher, so about $18.40, for use of PP Goods + Services, if that makes things more secure. Post below if interested. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, I'm selling a mint condition OEM Paddle Shifter module for the Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2 wheel. Nearly immediately removed from my wheel for a custom shifter upgrade. In fantastic physical condition, as the pictures show. All of the parts required for reassembly are included in the purchase, including the pin, magnets and various plastic fasteners. Asking 30 PayPal, shipped. That's an all inclusive price, so shipping and fees on me. Let me know. Thanks. EDIT: Sold. Thanks for the interest.
  3. Mounted on the rig, but barely used. Finally went with 2 pedals set, so it does not make sense to keep it any longer. Free Fanatec USB adapter. Shipping only within CON-US.
  4. Hi all, I have an OpenWheeler GEN3 cockpit that I'm putting up for sale. Selling because I've upgraded to a SIMLAB P1X. This is the latest model of OpenWheeler, with all the latest bells and whistles, in excellent condition. The seat comes with the extra risers for comfort, and all equipment is GEN3 spec. Everything is clean and in like-new shape, adult owned and well maintained. The pedal base is significantly sturdier than previous generations, as is the wheel stand. For what it's worth, I actually used this stand with my Podium DD1 for a few months, and while I wouldn't recommend it as a long-term direct drive solution, it did an admirable job. Recommended wholeheartedly for Logitech, Thrustmaster or Fanatec (belt-driven) wheels. List price for everything on Amazon (risers included, which are sold separately) is about $450 after taxes. I'm asking 220 cash, local pickup in the DC area (Northern Virginia). I think that's a fair price. See pictures for more detail and information. Price firm for now. Don't hesitate to send me any questions you may have. EDIT: SOLD via reddit. Thanks.
  5. Hey Everyone, so I'm selling a fully assemble rig, it was custom built mid-2020, and due to unfortunate financial burdens I have to cut losses with Sim Racing for now, hopefully one of you would be able to get more use out of it than me, I've used it for honestly no more than 2 weeks, a lot happened in the last year and the this has come down to my last resort. So for specs: Custom 4Play Black/Powdered Coated Aluminum (includes a keyboard mount and mouse pad) Full Fanatec Setup→ Forza Motorsport Bundle including Clubsport Pedals V3, Shifter SQ V1.5, GT Wheel Rim, Universal Wheel Hub, Wheel Base V2.5 as well as upgraded Podium Advanced Paddle Module, as well as the 2020 F1 Clubsport Wheel (sold out, limited time availability) Legion Y44w-10 43.4 Inch WLED Curved Monitor Sparco R100 Seat If interested in the makeshift way I have the bose speakers attached I'd be interested in including it as well **Please note in the picture the PC/keyboard are not included** Unfortunately due to the value and sheer weight of the rig I would be unable to ship it, I'm located in the Midwest more accurate information could be provided for anyone seriously interested. I have a price target in mind, but I'm looking for Best Offers. Hopefully, I can work something out with a fellow racer, I hope I can get back into this one day! Feel free to ask any questions, or if more pictures would need to be provided.
  6. I'm reserving this top part to pin my latest build which will be an 80/20 extrusion chassis running a 3DoF seat mover with rear traction loss. My detailed build will be documented and most posted on xsim which links below in my signature. Here is the prototype sketch of the rig itself. The rig will not have triples monitors as it is being built for VR. ************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************** I've finally decided to throw in the towel on the console racing era and move over to PC. This thread will describe my current and new DIY wooden racing chassis. I'll document what I can and I'm happy to field any questions and welcome any comments you may have on my progress and finished project. Thanks go out to Darin and Shaun for this community and to everyone here that inspired me in different areas of this project. I'll keep this post updated with any new additions and pictures while the posts below will detail the build. Happy racing! PC specs i5 3750k - @4.0GHz 16 GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 3TB drive 7970 Sennheiser PC 363D surround headset Benq XL2720T monitor 120Hz Oculus Rift CV1 Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H Mobo Input Devices DIY OSW built with small mige and SIMUCube, custom MOMO 290 with button box HE Ultimate pedals Fanatec SQ Shifter Tactile Components 4 TST209 Clark transducers 2 Dayton APA150 150W amplifiers 5 Buttkicker kinetic isolators Simvibe software Monitor mount arms,43597,43601,60167,59988 Update January, 2014 SQ shifter mounted Update January, 2014 Monitor hoods added Update June, 2014 Monitor hood skirts added Update October, 2014 Mugen MBX7 Eco - shock and spring upgrade Update June 2016 Took down two monitors and now run with CV1 added a fan - manual for now Update April 2017 sold my fanatec base and wheel and standing up my OSW this week build on motion platform continues Update Sept 2017 picked up HE Ultimates
  7. Looking to buy some Heusinkveld Ultimate pedals. I'm located in Los Angeles, CA but can pay for shipping if needed. Someone was selling some Ultimate's for $1,000 a few weeks ago on here and now I'm kicking myself for not buying them! I'll also be selling my Fanatec v3 inverted pedals as soon as I buy the HE's if anyone is interested. I'm waiting to see what I pay for the HE ultimates before pricing these. Hoping I can hook someone up with a good deal but time will tell. Feel free to PM me any time with an offer! Thanks, Chris
  8. Hello everyone, I am selling my brand new Formula V2 Steering Wheel Clubsport Rim. It is Playstation, Xbox, and PC compatible. It is in good condition only slight wear of alcantara on grips. Let me know if interested my price is $280 not including shipping. I am in Hawaii so if you are in US shipping won't be too bad but UK or EUROPE shipping will be more. CHEERS PICTURES BELOW
  9. Hello, I'm selling a FANATEC Clubsport wheel F1 esports in perfect condition (2 months old) with box and invoice. I'll consider trade with Mclaren GT3 wheel and Handbrake V1.5. I can ship Internationally 400 CA$ 450 CA$ + shipping Prefered Paypal payment
  10. Hello, I'm looking for a FANATEC Mclaren GT3 Wheel in good condition Thank you
  11. Hello, I'm looking for a FANATEC Handbrake V1.5 in good condition. Thank you
  12. For sale is a Fanatec Clubsport Wheel Base 2.5. Purchased last month September 17th Used less than 5 hours total time due to no real proper space/rig. Comes with everything original. Asking $485 plus shipping
  13. Hello. I'm selling a used Fanatec clubsport shifter table clamp. The clamp is in very good condition with minimal cosmetic wear. Original packaging and mounting screws are included. I'm asking $20 plus shipping. Thanks for looking, and please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.
  14. thedirtyferret

    WTS: fanatec Sim Rig

    hello, I'm looking to sell my racing rig set up. I have had it for about 2 years and I have only used it a handful of times. everything is in great condition with the gt track cockpit only having a minor flaw on the right side of it as I had to replace the set because it broke on the 3 time I used it. (see pictures) im located in zip code 95136. Might be possible for me to crate and ship. you would have to pay for the shipping plus $200 packing fee. please let me know if you have any other questions. only want to sell the rig as on unit, not in pieces prices are if you bought everything new from fanatec fanatec podium wheel base dd2 $1500 fanatec sequence shifter $260 fanatec clubsport drift xbox $400 fanatec handbrake $130 fanatec clubsport v3 pedal set with dampeners $450 GT track cockpit $900 tv could be part of the sale
  15. I have upgraded to a SimuCUBE 2 Pro and am therefore no longer needing my AUGURY H Kit (OSW) 20Nm FFB Direct Drive Game Controller. It has been delivering exceptional playability in my custom F1 SimRig for nearly 2 years and has operated flawlessly during this time. Item is sold used in excellent working condition. I am looking for Offers over USD890.00 I also have a USB converted FANATEC CubSport Formula V1 Wheel with custom Quick Release for sale with this kit as an Optional Extra (Add USD150) I can accept payment via PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer. Shipping will be at your expense and I will arrange a quote for this once you have agreed to purchase the item. A shipping tracking number will be issues once the item has been SOLD and funds have been confirmed.
  16. Fanatec V3 Inverted Pedals (like new, original box and instructions) $1100CAD / $825USD First owner, no pets, no smoking household. Local pick up possible, location Calgary, AB, CANADA. See this video I made to verify functionality and condition: What’s included (everything) Original Box Original Instructions ClubSport Pedals V3 inverted ClubSport Pedals V3i Damper Kit (assembled on brake) Alternate pedal set Assemble screws Support plates Alternate throttle spring Connection cables (2)
  17. I am looking for a wheel and base for $325. If so please help dont know were to start this is my first sim rig and i think i have pedals that i am getting.
  18. I am wanting to get a used Fanatec setup. I tried to buy one on Facebook but the seller turned out to be a scammer, stole my money, deleted the listing, and deleted his profile. If anyone is wanting to sell their setup, I have about $6-800 for a budget now. Or if you know of any good deals that would be appreciated. Thanks!
  19. Hello all, I am looking to buy a decent Fanatec setup, doesn’t have to be in perfect condition, just has to work on the PS4. Would prefer a rally style wheel, but I’m not picky. Looking to spend around $600, more or less, plus shipping. My budget got cut in half because of a scammer, so any help would be appreciated. Advice for a beginner would be helpful as well. Thanks in advance.
  20. spiderspinx


    For Sale: A Fanatec CSW v2.5 Wheelbase Have had no issues with it, and have since upgraded to a DD wheelbase. Will come with original accessories and the box also. Asking 480 and shipping is available if fees are covered by the buyer. Also will be able to do local if a buyer is near or can drive to Riverside, CA. Videos and proof of functionality can be sent on request or if local, the buyer can test it out. Thank you for looking!
  21. V.SOUMI 77

    Delete sold sold

    Sold Complete set locally.
  22. This is an awesome opportunity to get the high-quality Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel Base + Fanatec Clubsport F1 eSports Wheel Rim + CSL Elite Racing Pedals all in one bundle that is only 10 days old and barely used. Playstation and PC compatible.I received these items directly from Fanatec on May 21st and other than testing in my sim racing rig, they have not been used (less than 5 hours run time). I thought the kids might be excited to get into the hobby, but they were not sadly. Bundle includes all original packaging, accessories, stickers, getting started guides, button caps, cables, etc. These items are in perfect condition, work perfectly as they did out of the box, and are ready to use either attached to a computer desk or a sim racing rig. I can also show proof of purchase and date of receipt from Fanatec from my original order form. These will fit to any simulation racing rig or computer desk using standard screws for a rig and the included clamp for a desk. I am asking $600 to ship within the US or $575 for local pickup (Alpharetta, GA). Again, these were received on May 21st 2020 directly from Fanatec. Please let me know if you have any questions.I look forward to passing these awesome sim racing components onto a fellow racer.
  23. Unfortunately over purchased last summer and did not get more than 100 use out of it. Open to offers, would prefer to sell all together and not part out. To save you a boat load of money let me know if you are from NY. I will be back and forth between virginia and NYC the rest of this may due to the move. Will post pics in next 24 to 48 hours. Thank you.
  24. Stimulator


    Spring Cleaning Sale - Like new condition from the multi-million dollar Stimulator[tm] build. Each sold individually, but makes a great set for less than the price of the latest version wheel base alone! (1) Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base v1 $449.99 (2) Fanatec ClubSport Steering Wheels - BMW M3 GT2 $289.99 These are packaged and available to ship immediately. Please check out full details on eBay: Thank you! "The Stimulator [tm]"
  25. Got a brand new Samsung Odyssey+ setup Id prefer to use for bartering. The Samsung headset is the real deal. Better implementation visually than the Vive and the Oculus Rift S. Its quick, detailed and the dreaded "screendoor" effect is all but gone. If you make a point of it and strain your eyes, you can see it but its miles better than the Oculus Rift S and truly rivals the Vive Pro. It renders graphics swiftly and beautifully and makes even the intro Microsoft "lounge" look gorgeous and oh so real. If you have the rig for it, it can run at 90fps, depending on the game and your GPU/CPU. The fairly high fps helps the immersion by providing a buttery smooth experience. Willing to work with someone to make a swap for a 2.5 possible, or maybe something else? Let me know if youre interested. Thanks