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Found 7 results

  1. Moving in 2 months, so selling all of my Sim Racing gear. All gear was photographed and packaged up last October 2019, so no need to worry about Covid. That being said Some equipment does not have pictures. Also prices are shipped CONUS and cannot combine shipping since they are in separate boxes. PayPal or local pickup. My New Mexico is under quarantine, so prefer in state resident if locally picked up..... I do not want to quarantine for 14 days. I purchased this sim rig off a fellow sim racer on this forum. Link: He bought it off a fellow sim racer on this forum. Link to original set up pictures: I bought 8030 pieces and a few bits off of Sim Labs. Had Fanatec V3 inverted pedals, Fanatec V2.5 wheelbase and a single 26" monitor. This current setup is very sturdy. Comes with all the 80/20 for the original set up which had fake carbon wrapped plywood to make monitor bracket, pedal bracket, shifter bracket and seat bracket. Also comes with 4 8030 pieces that are 36" long that make up the base, L-brackets, straight brackets, hardware, and Sim Labs wheel bracket ( Seat is in good shape without rips or stains. I have it in storage and it is a little dusty. I usually ship quickly, but since all the aluminum and seat is heavy I will have to reinforce the boxes before I ship the complete rig. Email me with any question. I am located in Albuquerque, NM. This weighs about 150#.
  2. Wanted to share my chassis design. This will be a rig dedicated for a VR display. The mannequin is set to 6'1". I encourage comments and critiques as this will be my first 80/20 build. Update plans: Finish the mounting plate for overhung pedals Add a racing seat Add pivot connectors Add more connector plates Modify the pedal mount to have angular and height adjustments. Flesh out adjustable dead pedal
  3. Hi there! I am Robert from the Netherlands, 36 years of age and a complete newbie at the sim-racing scene, but always had the urge of building a sim-rig one day. It's a bucket list thingy I spend a long time searching for possible ways to build a decent and cool looking sim-rig until i stumbled upon OpenSimrig Supersport designs which blew me away! I just had to build a rig like that! I haven't got a clue where to start with measurements and/or sizes of rigs so because extrusion material is very expensive i decided to contact Steve from OSR and bought his plans for calculation of materials needed and basic instructions.Steve helped me out great so i could get started right away. As for the build, it's a 40 series based on the SuperSport evolution, extra wide version and with full bracing. i am trying to make it a one-off with some custom touches. well see how things go along the way. Just started the build so it's not finished yet but here is the progress so far, hope you like it. extrusion alu arrived and cut to specific
  4. 80/20 Rig with SimXperience 3DOF Motion & Traction Loss Updated my static 80/20 rig to incorporate SimXperience's universal seat kit and 150mm SCN5 actuators. The base is 2100mm x 780mm and all in 40 series profile. If you recall, this is my old rig: The final result uses numerous ideas from various other rig designs on this forum and others. I want to give credit to the following people/sites for my rig: Robert Reidel of Henning Piez/Ensonic that created this amazing rig as I blantantly copied his tilt/telescoping steering wheel mount. Tino Goergens and his rig. Faro06's rig. Anonymous rig Results: Transfer bearings: Lazy Susan Bearing: Base (2100mm x 780mm): Traction loss base: SimXperience Universal Joint: Dampening bar isolators: Dampening bar with actuators and seat base: Adjustable foot pedal mount: Seat mounted on base: Tilt and telescoping wheel mount: Wheel mount range of adjustment: Cup holder: Update with 40" 4K Vizio TVs and Energy Micro RC speakers: I still have to wire everything up and configure the software. I'll post a video of it in motion soon. Dan
  5. BryanPendleton

    BPi GT Sim Rig

    I have been working on a 8020 GT Sim Rig for a few weeks now. My design will start simple and grow to encompass more hardware and immersion over time. I am designing it in a few phases so as to spreads the cost out over time. Design criteria include but are not limited to being a completely mobile sim rig on wheels. The plan is for the entire rig to roll around on wheels and simply plug in power and network. The design will accommodate triple monitors, fixed back race seat, transducers at the 4 corners, 5.1 surround sound, and the essential pedals, wheel and shifter. I am trying to also make efficient use of the 8020 material, yet still create a rig that is extremely robust. I believe I am nearly complete with phase 1 of my 8020 GT sim rig design and I have actually submitted the drawings to a local distributor to get a cost estimate. I am targeting $500 give or take for the 8020 hardware on this phase. Remaining components will utilize MDF to build the pedal platform, wheel platform and seat platform. Current gear includes Logitech G27 kit, a new PC I am building, C5 Corvette OE seat and triple 27" Asus VN279Q monitors. Please take a look at my design. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, as I get closer to pulling the trigger. Subsequent phases of the design will include cantilevered shelves to support PC (horizontal case), home theater receiver and amps for transducers, support structure for surround speakers and sub-woofer, as well as replacing out some of the MDF for 8020 hardware. Gear upgrades will include HT receiver, Buttkickers, Fanatec shifter and pedals, Corbeau seat, and if I can pull some strings the Simxperience AF Wheel. PDF: BPI SPEED SEAT V2.PDF
  6. Hey, I enjoy reading other peoples logs and now that I finally got started on mine I thought I'd try to make a build log as well. I’ve had my CSW V2 for quite a while but haven’t really used it as much as I’d want to mostly because I can’t get a good seating position with the wheel clamped to my desk... But now I finally pulled the triggered and ordered some aluminium extrusion so I can get started on my rig. I don’t really have a set plan for the build but I do have a pretty good idea of what I’m trying to make. I have 2 x 1,5m of 80x40 and 120x40 on the way so we’ll see how that works out as a frame when they get here. The plan is to have the 80x40 as the base and the 120x40 for the steering wheel and monitor. The monitor I’ll use is my old Crossover 27q that got replaced by a PG278Q, I’d really prefer to have a 30-something inch tv/screen as a monitor but the 27 will have to do for now. VR is a possibility sometime later as well… I already have a Dashboard bracket from for the CSW V2 and it looks really good with the wheel mounted to it, the only problem is the wheel is a little too close to the bracket for my liking… We’ll see I might try to make some sort of extension piece for it This is what I have: My inspiration for the build:
  7. is now open! Calvin (another ISRTV forum member) and I have been working on a new web site for the last couple of weeks. Many of our designs have been requested by ISRTV members and it is time to open a proper store to distribute plans and parts for other sim racers to enjoy. Utilizing our combined design skills we have come up with a variety of sim rigs to fit multiple budgets, and design tastes for any level of sim racer. Please come check out our store and any feedback would be appreciated! The site is fully functional but please expect 5-10 business days before shipments. Our parts quantities are very small at the moment so it’s nice to get a bundle before going to our suppliers. Thank you for your patience. This website has been designed to be open to the community, so we are always recruiting new designers and open to new ideas. If you have a product you have designed for yourself and would like to sell it to a wider audience then please contact us. Our goal is to design hard to find parts, so Sim Racers can easily build custom projects that are unique but affordable. We currently supply parts, plans, build kits, 8020 cutting and parts lists. At the moment we do not distribute full sim rigs, we focus on supplying unique components. IF there is demand for full build kits we can research distribution of complete sim rigs. If you have ideas, what a dream sim rig should be, please feel free to make suggestions to inspire & challenge us... My Super Sport Series of DIY plans have been driven by ISRTV members making requests and suggestions. A special thank you goes to Dave Chalk for giving me the challenge of designing a 8020 sim rig with style! Send us an email at [email protected] if you have any questions! ISRTV has been good to us! Thank you, so much for your support. A very special thank you to Darin & John for hosting a community were Sim Racers can share ideas, thoughts & opinions. We have enjoyed being part of this Sim Racing Community. Steve & Calvin