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Found 13 results

  1. Hi Everyone! I just ordered the Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedals, I'm still on the lookout for my first racing wheel. Is the Fanatec Clubsport 2.5 a good option for my budget?
  2. Very light use and has all original packaging. Works as new. Upgraded to an AccuForce and don't use this rim now. $265 Shipped to lower 48 states Payment via PayPal. Buyer pays fees or does "friend" payment to avoid fees. If you have any questions, please ask -Andrew
  3. Pad-printing tech.

    custom 3d printed paddle shifters

    hello everyone; we are a small company that offer 3d printing services. we are intrigued by the notion of sim racing; we believe it should have a good custom touch; we started prototyping paddle shifters for sim racing and are excited to extend them to your purchase. we follow your vision; make it real with cad engineering and 3d printing in all plastics. durable parts that have aesthetic contribution by you. email- [email protected]\ phone- (941)739-8667
  4. I have for sale this eBay Nardi style wheel 350mm. Bought it new for my Thrustmaster TX but ended up scooping a Suede NRG so I have this leftover. Have it for sale at 60$ plus shipping It does have some scuffs around the bolt holes due to slightly large hardware but that is about it. Has about 5 hours use on it. Comes with original box and the Nardi horn button. Pics below
  5. hello can any one locate for me a used OMP GT 310 steering wheel thanks
  6. Hello, there! I am building my own steering wheel with force feedback. I've planned out most of the setup, but there are a few things that I don't know for sure what are better options. One of them is motor. Since I will use gear to attach wheel to the motor, I'll need the mottor to be able to turn faster by itself than it's supposed to turn wheel(the ratio will be around 2:1 - motor turns 2x faster than wheel-, but I can still adjust this). What I need to know is: what kind of motor will work. I assume that 12V motor is enaugh? But what other specifications? What speed, what torque, what else parameters? Thanks!
  7. Hello Everyone, I have a brand new CSL P1 Steering Wheel, still in the box. I am asking $90 for it (Which is cheaper than buying it online after taxes and shipping) My zipcode is 92629 for those willing to pick up locally in CA. I will ship to the buyer's discretion. Thanks
  8. Brand new thrustmaster Ferrari f1 wheel add on. Will work with pc / PS3/PS4/Xbox purchased it to use on my t500rs. And then ended up with an osw. $120shipped Obo
  9. Brand new thrustmaster Ferrari f1 wheel add on. Will work with pc / PS3/PS4/Xbox purchased it to use on my t500rs. And then ended up with an osw. $120shipped Obo
  10. I am selling a TX thrustmaster with Thrustmaster TM Leather 28 GT Wheel $250. Optional Pedals, THRUSTMASTER T3PA-PRO with Ricmotech LC500 load cell kit already installed. $200
  11. squish72

    T500rs $180 shipped

    Looking to sell my wheel. In good condition $180
  12. Momo Mod 27c 270mm rim for sale. Like new, used very little. Drilled for a standard 70mm pattern by Sam Maxwell. SOLD!! Thanks! Keith
  13. Some of you may have seen my various posts about converting the Fanatec CSW F1 wheel for the AccuForce. This was a great project and I'm really happy with the wheel, but have decided to have a go at building something more adventurous and maybe something that I can repeat and maybe offer a limited number for sale. Anyway, it's early days, but I thought it would be good to share details of what I'm doing and how I'm getting on :thumbup: You will see that i'm building the wheel using an AccuForce hub, but there is no reason why it could not be made for any quick release and therefore used on any wheel. Firstly, here is a link to my CSW F1 conversion thread. New project... Lets start with some photos of my first prototype, which I cut from MDF (wood) today. Here is the faceplate design. This prototype is cut from 6mm thick MDF, the final version will be cut from 5mm multilayer real carbon fibre with a 3k weave. The new design compared to the standard Fanatec CSW. You can see that the new wheel is wider... the CSW is 260mm diameter, this new wheel will be 290mm diameter. I have also tried to lower the top so that I can see my dashboard more easily. I have also designed a back plate. The back plate holds the QR and will cover all the internal wires. It will be made from 2 or 3mm carbon fibre, this prototype is cut from 3mm MDF. So here is the prototype sort of put together. I am going to use a Leo Bodnar SLI-F1 board This board has a display, rev and warning LED's and can control all the buttons, shifters and switches I want. I still have to design the rear slot so that the display sits closer to the front and I plan on adding a frosted cover for the LED's and a red tinted cover for the displays. Specification... So far I know that the wheel will be made of real carbon fibre. Both the front and back will be robust sheets and I will use a thin flexible sheet to cover the top, hopefully bending to the shape. I'm using Martin Ascher's snap action shifters and plan on adding a set of his clutch paddles as well. The SLI-Pro can control an analogue input. The switches I'm using are all NKK from Leo Bodnar. I can't decide if I should use a thumb switch as per the Fanatec CSW wheel, at the moment I've used 2 ordinary switches and fear I might regret not adding a thumb switch. The grips are Fanatec CSW F1 I plan on having 3 12 position rotary switches on the front. I'm trying to decide if I can add a couple of rotary encoders near the top. That's all for now... Please ask any questions and I would welcome feedback and comments along the way. I want to make this a really good wheel and ensure that I can reproduce everything easily. I have a budget CNC milling machine so hopefully I can get the wheel down to 4 or 5 cut parts. Thanks for looking. I will keep adding as I progress Simon