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Found 37 results

  1. I am selling my wheel base and pedals the wheel base is the Thrusmaster T300wheel base with the original box. The pedals are Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals. You will be very happy with what you get, everything is in excellent condition. I am selling them for $325 Shipped. F1 Wheel SOLD. U.S. 48 states only.
  2. For sale is my T300 Alcantara Edition with T3PA Pedals. Price is 270+ shipping to the united states. I can offer pickup in Miami, FL if you live anywhere nearby. Attached are the pictures of my setup. The pedals were only used once (as I got the Clubsport V3s). The wheel shows very little sign of usage and the alcantara is in perfect condition. Wheel is still under warranty for 6-7 more months.
  3. Hi Sim Racers, so I've been thinking up this Sim Racing Rig / Desk PC. It's in initial stages of design, and don't mind the Posters on the wall, just a little fun. I would like to know your input on this design. The main Idea is to have one computer that deals with everything, so I don't have the need of getting a second one and having everything a bit sleeker, and I wanted a fully car looking and feeling simulator, but with a wooden dashboard, more details below. Updates: 3D Video Tour of the Rig Concept: Changed the setup to 1 ,about 40", monitor for the workstation (showing off the Dynamic lighting behind it that I want to incorporate). Added a proper cooling solution (I would like to know if it is good to just have 1 big, slow rotating and silent fan as intake or better several smaller ones, having the side effect of having a louder cooling) also adding dust filters in the final rig. Added buttonboxes, gauges, SIM RACING RIG The Sim Rig section will run from the Desk PC section, more of that below, it's probably going to have a T500RS base, reverse mounted Clubsport V3 pedals, TH8RS shifter, DIY hydraulic handbrake, DIY button box, also planing on putting a BMW gauge cluster in the dashboard section of the Rig, probably going to use a real car seat, and at last I'm going to use some transducers to shake everything up a little and probably rear traction loss motion since I love Drifting. DESK PC The Desk PC section is going to be a water cooled computer inside the desk with hidden RGB LED's around the brim of the glass table top, maybe a Corsair K85 for added LED's, not sure what hardware it's gonna have as I'm still going to take a while till I have enough money to make this happen. My idea is not to actually have 6 monitors connected, that would be overkill, In this design though I was thinking of getting a triple monitor mount that is going to be mounted with an arm to the wall and I could move the monitors from the PC section to the Sim Racing section, this idea is too crazy though, not sure if it is profitable because the setup time of moving the monitors from PC section to Sim Racing section, would be too high and probably quite annoying. So I though to just connect a 4th and bigger monitor for the PC section, but since I'm really used to having a multi-monitor setup maybe it's going to be an ultra-wide monitor. Also I am going to use a VR headset when I can get the opportunity to buy them. CABLE MANAGMENT The actual cables from the computer hardware is going to be channeled under the piece of wood where the motherboard is mounted to, so the motherboard, harddrives, fans, etc are going to have a hole underneath them where the cables go in directly and emerge under the motherboard, the table is basically going to have 2 compartments over each other, that's why its also so thick. cables for monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers are going going in directly through the back of the desk into the hidden compartment and then up to the motherboard/amps/circuitboards through a small hole under the underneath. All the Sim Rig cables are also going to be inside of the Rig as much as I can and they will also go into the hidden compartment of the table through the right side of the table. EXTRAS another little thing I would like to put on the Monitor of the PC section is this Ambilight/Lightpack/Ambitape thing that comes in many names by many different companies and looks like this: Also the whole cable management is going to be under the wood where the motherboard is mounted and behind wood, the only things with cables are going to be Keyboard, Mouse and monitors, I hope. Also since I'm an audiophile I will also want wall mounted mids and tweeters and a sub somewhere. So what do you guys think? QUESTIONS TO THE COMUNITY You guys think the Cooling solution is good like that? What material do you guys think is the best to build this rig out of?
  4. TrainTruong

    Simulation Modules?

    Hello, I am building a rig with my father and he is over the moon about it. He keeps asking me about a module, and since this is my first time building one as well i'm confused. So basically he wants to build a box that adjusts to the car's movements, similar to how the D-BOX motion sim actuators work. However we're not so sure where to get a module or a control box that makes each actuator work and react to how the car in the simulator is acting. He bought four motors that would do the job to move the box around but now all we need is the control module box thingy to make them actually run If some more experienced rig makers could .help us out it would be . greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Ive included some of my build pics, it did not occur to me i would be posting my build until it was done w\and came out so nice costs $70 in pine and 2x4s, nails 2in and 4in $60 seat, got it out of a u pull it yard out of an 90's acura integra $40 in stain and lacqur $10 leds with MANY colors w/ remote build took me about 2 days to complete. all tho it will never be complete seeing how there is always something i could add. i chose to reverse mount the peddles because the oem mount style never felt real to me plus not they so not move around. my pc is a custom build i did end of last yr gtx 1060 overclocked 6gb video card, i7 7600k 4.0 possessor, 16gb of ram. i have only been sim racing for a few months not but im already addicted. i currently racing on a g29 with H shiftier, and also own a g27 full set. on the rig i am using the g29 wheel paired with the g27 shiftier and peddles with no issues. P.S. the only real reason i am posting my rig is to thank everyone on this site for there great ideas and help with my build. thank you all and i hope you enjoy the build.
  6. Hey there everyone! I have been searching for a long time, and I am looking to pickup a CSR wheel and pedals or G27 shifter, wheel and pedals, please PM or drop a comment! Looking for people willing to ship to Canada if I pay the expenses! Thank you!
  7. Hi everyone! I've started to develop universal motion simulator & gaming chair cause I couldn't find suitable solution for myself. Primarily it's because of high price or insufficient characteristics of existing devices. Project codename is 'FEEL-VR' and it is a 2 degrees of freedom seat for gamer that will change pitch and roll to use gravity force and make player feel accelerations, vibrations and angular velocities taken from virtual reality simulation games. Hope I'll be able to reproduce device to make it available for everyone else, who dreams of affordable yet professional home motion sim, like me) My main goals are: • to make it cost less 2500$ • silent operation • high performance and tilt angles • highly ergonomical and configurable for racing/flight/etc simulators • support for mainstream gaming manipulators • support for VR headsets • make it look amazing) That's how it would look: Hope you like the project so far. I'll try to post weekly updates on how the work goes on. Would be glad to see feedback and suggestions.
  8. Welcome to the 2016 BOSRA MSA GT3 Championship! BOSRA are currently looking for new members to join us, if you like what you see then head on over to to sign up for free. We have prizes on offer and have partners including Seagate and Synology. Dont forget to Like our videos and give them a thumbs up, subscribe and if there is anything you dont like then please leave a comment and we will try to rectify any issues!
  9. LikeThat240

    Make Xbox One Compatible Button Box

    I want to take a Xbox One wired controller apart and solder it into a custom button box, that I can put a hand brake on. I heard of someone doing this for PS3 but not Xbox One. Any advice would be great. I plan on using it with a Thrustmaster TX setup. I don't want extra buttons, I just want to be able to use the existing xbox buttons on a button box.
  10. PRICE DROP: $1745 Total (Free Shipping to Continental US) Convert your stationary PlaySeat to a Motion-Capable Chassis with this upgrade. Chassis: PlaySeat Evolution Adapter (Chassis NOT included, only the adapter to mate with the Pagnian Motion Next Level V2 Platform) Motion Platform: Pagnian Motion Next Level V2 (With PlaySeat Evolution Adapter), Vybe Haptic Video Game Chair Pad Gaming Interface: Logitech G920 (Wheel, Brakes, & Shifter), Fanatec ClubSport Handbrake (with adapter) Games: Project CARS, GTR2, Richard Burns Rally, DIRT 3 (All PC) (GTR2 and Richard Burns Rally) have built-in driving schools With the exception of the pedals, Vybe Haptic Pad, and games, all items listed here are new/unused/factory condition. (Games & Vybe Pad are used, pedals have the aftermarket GTX Spring Package, so they are new, but not in factory condition.) Not all items are in their original packaging; all components will be shipped as shown below. Price: $1,745 Or Best Offer Shipping: Free to Continental US If you're wondering if it's too good to be true, prices are low due to this being a liquidation sale; items MUST sell. PM me if you're interested or would like to buy items separately Old Posting: All of this is coming at a hefty discount (50%<); everything listed is worth more than $4.5k If there's anything you have that's included in this listing, you could potential return it for a full refund and get it at more than 1/2 off here. Everything's in good working condition; most items are brand new.
  11. R1ckmister

    Newbie (kinda)

    Hi guys! So I've been following ISR for some time with myself now finally taking the plunge into what I feel is more professional kit, over the past month I finally got into PC gaming & with that also picked up a serious interest in sim racing after just returning from the Hungaroring F1 GP. I've dived in head first with a T300RS & F1 wheel add-on in anticipation of F1 2016, anyhow, I'm not entirely new to wheel racing as I have been for the past few years ran on a DGFT from Logitech stood on a wheel stand pro. (Which is what my T300RS will be on when the kit comes tomorrow, hopefully it will accommodate it :D) Now tomorrow I aim to be up and running at first with project cars on the pc, I played around a little bit with my DFGT but I had no idea on what half the settings did or do! I used to run all my racing on my ps3! Does anyone have any recommendations on how to set up this wheel & what configuration options to use moving forward? Any general advice on the wheel I have bought would also be welcomed! Thanks & hope to see some of you guys on the track!