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Found 117 results

  1. Thrustmaster T500 pedals with conical brake mod $120 shipped Thanks!
  2. I have just bought the Clubsport V2 base, V3 pedals, V1.5 shifter, and handbrake this week. I have had quite a bit of problems. First, my things came missing some mounting hardware but that is not my main problem right now. My wheel is acting weird and when I am trying to configure it it doesn't work. When I turn the wheel a little the bar will speedily go to either 100% or 50% depending on which way I turn it. Say I turn it left and it goes to 50% very fast. After I get to 50% it jumps back to 100% then continues traveling back to 50% until it repeats. Even when trying to configure the wheel, the wheel feel like it is trying to stay centered. I recorded it happening here and I will send it in a chosen file. When I tried to launch Asseto Corsa, the wheel image thing was doing the same thing as when I was trying to configure it and jumping around. My pedals do not seem to have any input at all. When I plug the wheel in to Forza Horizon 2 on the Xbox one, I can move the wheel, use the buttons, and change gears with my shifter, but the pedals do nothing. My Fanatec properties do not work properly either. When I was on Windows 8, the wheel was recognized but I could not select it and hit OK. When I did the window just dissapeared and did nothing. I tried upgrading to Windows 10, and now the wheel isn't recognized at all in the menu. I feel like something I pay this much for something like this it will work out of the box. I have sent in a support message around 15 hours ago but haven't gotten a response. I tried calling their cellphone number but every time I try the prerec. verizon message says the number is not real. ACpro.mp4
  3. johnsturgill62


    Looking for fanatec or better V2 or V3 or better pedals
  4. johnsturgill62


    Looking for fantech or better V2 or V3 or better pedals
  5. johnsturgill62


    Looking for fantech or better V2 or V3 or better pedals
  6. Hello I am considering buying a HE ULTIMATE pedals. let me know if there is one for sale. ideally at lower price than a new one . also I have a heavily modded CST-GT with stands with hydraulic brake with measpec pressure sensor, high quality dampers for the clutch and throttle, vishay automotive grade hall effect sensor for the clutch and throttle. soon, will be posted with pics , details and pricing..... thx
  7. abss

    wtb HE pedals

    Hello I am considering buying a HE pedals. let me know if there is one for sale. ideally at lower price than a new one . also I have a heavly modded CST-GT with stands with hydraulic brake with measpec pressure sensor, high quality dampers for the clutch and throttle, vishay automotive grade hall efect sensor for the clutch and throtle. soon, will be posted with pics , detail and pricing..... thx
  8. I am looking a stiffer replacement spring for the throttle pedal of the CSR Elite pedals, has anybody done this? Is there any online shop i could order one and what size and specs should i look for?
  9. Quimzinho18

    WTB T300rs Pedals only

    Hi... Anyone has some T300rs Pedals (only) that would like to sell? Mine are broke (brake pedal) so I want to replace them but not looking to upgrade at the moment. I'm in St. Louis, Missouri. Please contact me at [email protected] Thanks, Eduardo
  10. I have a set of CST pedals for sale that have been lightly used. They are great pedals but as the family has expanded I have spent less and less time sim racing and havent used them once over the past year so it is time to let them go. I would like to get $650 obo for the pedals. The pedals also have the upgraded firmer brake and include the clutch pedal, which were options when I bought them.
  11. If anyone has a used set of ARC Carbon Pedals in great working condition that you want to sell please send me an email at [email protected] with your price. I am a serious buyer and I need another set. Thanks Shane
  12. For sale Clubsport V3 pedals with damper kits for brake and gas. Everything that came from Fanatec included. Look new and function flawlessly. Paid $430 plus shipping (CSP v3 $299.95 plus 2 x $69.95 for damper kits) Asking $350 shipped to lower states. Please use PM for all the questions. Thanks for looking
  13. Hey guys, looking to sell my G29 pedals. Nothing wrong with them, I just bought a set of T3PA Pro's and don't need these anymore. I have no idea what they're worth as a stand alone, make me an offer. I'm selling these to get an H pattern shifter, so if you have one you'd like to trade for these that would be cool too. Just let me know! Will update post later today with pics. Thanks Trey
  14. Tyler Butler


  15. So I picked up a really nice custom built rig for $100.00 on CL and it came with a Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S Wheel, V.1 Club Sport Pedals and a Buttkicker Gamer2. I sold off the Wheel since It's pretty much out of date and I already have 2 Thrustmasters a T300 & a TX. I ordered a CPX from Basheboards so I could try out the CSP V.1 pedals with my TX. I hooked it up yesterday and compared to my T3PA Pro and my T3PA pedals the difference is like night and day. I don't know if it's the load cell or just the pedals themselves but the braking is amazing. No more locking up and sliding off the road in Forza 6. I don't think I can ever go back to a Thrustmaster pedal again.There is not a single piece of plastic on these pedals they are amazing. I will eventually look in to getting some V3's
  16. Hey I purchased the T300 Ferrari Integral Racing Wheel Alcantara Edition and decided to upgrade the T3PA pedals to the T3PA-Pro so I have the T3PA pedals up for sale. Shoot me an offer Thanks edit: these were only used for maybe 20 laps on dirt rally. They are in perfect working condition and include the brake mod. I jus want the pros to flip them to gt.