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Found 45 results

  1. So I picked up an open box G920 but it doesn't come with the little clamp extenders to grip a thinner desk (I guess that is the purpose) I currently have my MOMO mounted to my Ikea pull out keyboard tray (It's a thin piece of metal) and I'm using those included extenders. There are some G27 extenders on eBay for $5 shipped so I was wondering if those are compatible with the G920. Maybe someone who owns each or a couple people (one with a G27 and another with a G920) could post the measurements of the parts that connect. I wouldn't think Logitech would change the clamp itself and they are probably the same as the MOMO I have now but I would hate to order the G27 extenders on eBay and them not fit the G920 clamps. I'll attach the part I'm talking about as a picture. Inner diameter of the extender or the outer diameter of the actual clamp to know the thickness is what is needed.
  2. found a g920 with shifter
  3. Hey guys, Just trying to see if there is anyone in the Jacksonville, FL area who would be interested in my sim rig. I currently have an Obutto Ozone with triple monitor stand, acrylic tabletop, shifter mount. Have CST GT pedals. Logitech G27. 3 ViewSonic 24 inch 60 hz monitors. Just putting feelers out there to see if I can sell it. Just looking locally, as I think it would be way too much of a hassle to ship.
  4. I have a set of G27 pedals with bonder stand alone cable and nixim mod along with a G27 shifter with the stand alone usb adapter for sale. I have recently purchased new fanatec gear so I no longer need these. They work great I was just looking to upgrade. Items: G27 Pedals w/ nixim brake, clutch, and gas springs Bodnar Cable for G27 Pedals G27 Shifter Bodnar G27 USB Adapter *Buyer pays shipping
  5. Logitech G27 - $300 + shipping Located North Central Florida - Pickup Available (incl, Wheel, Shifter, Pedals + Ricmotech Brake Load Cell) A little bit about this unit, I bought it in 2011 used it for about a week, then stored it for nearly 6 years, when I busted it back out in November 2016 (installed Iracing) then I promptly installed the Ricmotech brake load cell mod. But I inevitably upgraded to a full Fanatec setup a month later. This wheel is very lightly used. and everything is in working order.
  6. Hey Guys, I am using custom wheel with my G27 and because of a few games I felt I have to use them buttons, so I thought they will stick to the very outer side od the main arms of the wheel (on the reach of thumbs), but unfortunately I had to keep them at this distance So I thought and therefore ordered some cable extender I thought will fit (just visually) and I bought these - unfortunately this has ended up as a fail, they do not fit - ones I bought are bigger Does anyone have any information, what connector is the one from the button platform on the G27 and if (and where) I can buy some extender ? Thank you, all. Cheers.
  7. I am selling Logitech G27. Upgrading to something else. It's excellent condition and all works fine. Include wheel, shifter, pedal and power supply. And the buyer will get redeem code for Forza horizon 3 standard edition. Never redeemed. You can get Forza horizon 3 Deluxe edition additional $10, and $20 additional for Ultimate edition. (If you want other xBox game, let's talk about it) Does NOT include the seat in the picture. Price is $245. Without Forza, it's $210. Buyer will pay PayPal fee and I will pay shipping. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks!
  8. Hey I've been wanting to get into sim racing want to start with a logitech g25/g27 because it comes with shifter and i've heard decent pedals. If anybody is selling one for a good price reply or pm me.
  9. Santiago Galán Barlo

    G27 Problem

    This morning i was in a race of iracing, in a turn i loose the car and the g27 reach 900º so strong that pass the 900º limit, after a awful sound the g27 stay like in the video. What could be happened? Thanks.
  10. JaiiDutch

    my second rig build

    you may remeber my first build > Ive included some of my build pics, it did not occur to me i would be posting my build until it was done w\and came out so nice costs$70 in pine and 2x4s, nails 2in and 4in$60 seat, got it out of a u pull it yard out of an 90's acura integra$40 in stain and lacqur $10 leds with MANY colors w/ remotebuild took me about 2 days to complete. all tho it will never be complete seeing how there is always something i could add.i chose to reverse mount the peddles because the oem mount style never felt real to me plus not they so not move around. my pc is a custom build i did end of last yr gtx 1060 overclocked 6gb video card, i7 7600k 4.0 possessor, 16gb of ram. i have only been sim racing for a few months not but im already addicted. i currently racing on a g29 with H shiftier, and also own a g27 full set.on the rig i am using the g29 wheel paired with the g27 shiftier and peddles with no issues.P.S. the only real reason i am posting my rig is to thank everyone on this site for there great ideas and help with my build. thank you all and i hope you enjoy the build. >well ive gone and added a second rig to my room! here is some pics! lmao ive come a long way from my folding table rig
  11. Tyler Butler


    I am selling a gently used Logitech G27 wheel, pedal, and shifter setup. Everything is in great shape with plenty of life left. In fact, the shifter still has the protective plastic on the button plate area. Brake has an upgraded spring assembly that gives the pedal a progressive feel under braking. SOLD
  12. The wheel has been rarely use so all the components are in a good condition. 2 motors - ( sold ) Optical encoder PCB - ( sold ) Mainboard PCB - ( sold ) AC power adapter - ( sold ) I'm from Europe and i can send everywhere in the world, just need country location to give you the shipping cost. Paypal accepted.
  13. Hello all, I haven't seen many of these for sale, but thought I'd try anyway. Does anyone have an extra G27 shifter (or two) they would be willing to sell? I am in California, PM me if interested. Thanks, G219
  14. Good morning, I new to the site and would love to get some advice or feedback. At this point I have been sim racing ( or playing racing games) for about a year and I really enjoy it. I am looking for more immersion. I have a homemade Franken-Rig set up. Wheel: G27 with shifter and inverted pedals PC: i5 6500, 6GB 1060, 8GB RAM, SSHD, ASUS Z170 MB Monitor: 32" TV Games: Project Cars, Grid, Dirt Rally, Race Room Experience, also looking to buy Assetto Corsa, and maybe setting up an iRacing account I have around $800 dollars for upgrades and would like to know where I should spend the money. Should I spend the money on a better wheel combo like a CSW and Fanatec shifter or just stay with the G27 and spend the money on better optics like the Oculus rift or a used set of triples? Jake
  15. *****SOLD THANK YOU***** Like New condition G27, I'd say less than 10 hours of use. Great wheel but had to upgrade for PS4. PS2/PS3/PC $150 OBO+shipping, or pickup if local to Indianapolis
  16. Hi Iam looking for paddle shifters that will work with my 320mm deep dish wheel on the g27 . somthing like in the picture with a bend to it and long wrc type .
  17. Hey guys, This is my first topic here. I'm probably asking something that's been asked a million times before. You don't have to give me in depth help either, but if you know of a good guide you approve of I'd appreciate getting pointed in the right direction. I'm looking for: Recommended G27 software Software Configuration In-game wheel settings for Project Cars, Grid and F1 2016 NB: No deadzones anywhere, ever... it doesn't belong in racing. Please don't suggest that. I've raced both Go-carts, formula cars in real life for many years, GT too for about a year and so far I've been very disappointed with how gaming wheels handle, going so far as to perform better with a keyboard in simulator games. Any help would really be greatly appreciated. Getting some use out of my G27 would be a joy. I can't get to the track very often these days.
  18. Selling my heavily modded G27 base and H shifter. No pedals though as I'm using them on my T500rs.Upgraded 30 volt power supply, will include original power supply as well.Will include spare brass encoder ring.Separate switchable 12v power for 120mm cooling fan.Replaced front shaft bearing to reduce play.Removed casing to reduce footprint, but will need to hard mount the base and shifter as I've removed the screw clamps.Added power switch to base and moved pedal and shifter connections to rear of base.Aluminium shift knob fitted and increased detent spring pressure and centralizing spring force.Everything works, and FFB is noticeably stronger and quicker than the stock G27, but will probably suit someone who already has a set of Logitech pedals or who would like some spares.Asking $150 AUD posted Australia only. Link to photos
  19. Hi, my wheel stoped working properly, I believe that the problem is in the motherboard, so I want to buy another one. Does anyone sell a motherboard, or know where I can find one? Thanks!