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Found 187 results

  1. I bought these off of ebay not that long ago as I dove into sim racing for the first time. Well, I didn't get into it as much as I thought I would so now it's time to move these items. Comes with all cables, standard H shifter with aftermarket knob (shown in pictures) and seperate sequential shifter (not shown in pictures). *SOLD*
  2. ***SOLD*** This is a sale for my Fanatec Clubsport Pedals CSPv1 in silver anodised aluminium.I serviced these yesterday which included a lithium grease relube and replacement of the brake load cell elastomer with a brand new one. The current load cell works fine but I'll also include a spare new one. You'll notice that there's a small box fitted to the underside of the brake pedal. This is purely to keep the wires from the load cell neat and tidy, as (like a lot of people) I used the sensible trick of splicing a new load cell to the plug connectors of the old one. This saves spending £30 + shipping from Fanatac for a new load cell. If you have a new load cell with the proper plug on the end (you can sometimes find these on eBay for around £10-£12) then you can remove the box entirely as it's only held on with double-sided foam tape. The only other 'non-standard' bit on these pedals is the replacement of one of the tiny grub screws (that secures the load cell in place) with a small bolt. The ball head of my Allen key broke off in the original grub screw so I extracted the screw and drilled/retapped for a small bolt. You can see this in one of the photos.Anyway, everything is in full working order and includes all original foam packaging, inner and outer boxes, all cables, the aluminium pedal spacer blocks etc. As I said earlier, these have just been serviced and I'll include a spare load cell and a couple of used elastomers as spares. Condition is generally very good as you'll see from the photos. There are a couple of scratches on the heel plate and that's about it (and I've got no idea how they got there as I always used a heavy foam overlay in place and I always drive in socks).I'm looking for £80 + delivery, which will probably be around £15 to mainland UK using Parcelforce 48. Payment by PayPal Friends & Family gift to avoid fees please.Pics:
  3. I bought a few of these as spares for my Clubsport pedals but they are now surplus to requirements. They do not come with a plug on the end but you just cut your old non-functioning load cell off (leaving plenty of cable) and splice the wires from this new load cell onto the old ones. You don't even need to solder the wires - simply twisting them together and wrapping them in insulation tape works fine. I've been using this method with no issues for years. They work with CSP v1 & v2, but NOT v3 pedals. Fanatec want over €37 to send you one of these with the plug on the end, so you can save yourself a wedge of cash for the sake of a few minutes work. I'll sell these for £5 each including delivery in a padded jiffy bag with full printed instructions and colour coding provided. Payment would be by PayPal friends & family to avoid unnecessary charges. These are brand new and unused.
  4. SLiMtendo

    Fanatec CSL(PS4 version) Vs. CSW V1

    Hey guys, just looking for some advice from all the sim racing vets and gods out there.... So I currently have a CSL(PS4) base.. I run it on PC... I love it and all but I seen a lot of CSW V1’s for sale.. at really reasonable prices. My CSL is working great.. I have no NEED for an upgrade.. but I’m kinda curious what the CSW line brings. Would it be a considered a upgrade to purchase a used V1, at this time.. being that there’s a V2 and 2.5. But I could get a V1 for about half the price of a new v2.5. Let me know what you guys think... Thanks
  5. ***SOLD*** This is a sale for my immaculate Fanatec CSR Elite Formula Rim. Note: this rim is for the Fanatec CSR Elite base and will NOT fit directly to the Clubsport wheel bases. I've no idea if it can be converted to be used with the CSW or with an OSW. I'm assuming it can (you can convert a teapot to be used with an OSW, can't you?), but assumption is the mother of all fup-ucks so you didn't hear it from me. It's all boxed in the original inner and outer cartons with the proper foam inserts and little draw-string bag. Condition is superb (check the photos below) and it's always been used with gloves and covered when not in use. There's one bolt shown in the photos, but two are included. No idea why I only photographed one. Both are brand new still with blue loctite on as I used the ones from the original GT rim. I'm asking a nice round £100 plus shipping (probably £11 with Parcelforce 48) by PayPal F&F Gift to avoid unnecessary fees. UK only please. Some guff from the Germans: High Quality Materials The high quality CNC machined and anodized aluminum front plate on top of a metal cage provides for a super sturdy construction. Featuring long-term durability, comfort and ease of cleaning, the artificial leather covered grips are designed to meet the expectations of hardcore simracers. Improved features Shows telemetry data directly on the big LED display. Speed, current gear, remaining fuel and many other parameters can be shown and changed during gameplay. This new rim features an additional joystick, compared to the original CSR Elite rim, which can be individually and independently mapped on PC. Ergonomic design This Formula Rim is ergonomically designed to add extra comfort to your driving. It is not only a perfect fit but it also allows for fast and easy maneuvering. Give your CSR Elite a fine and elegant look with this Formula shaped rim. Some pics:
  6. ****** SOLD ****** For Sale: ClubSport Shifter Table Clamp As-new immaculate condition. These cost €39.95 + €17.12 standard delivery (or €31.87 express delivery, if you're crazy) from Fanatec = €57.07 (or €71.82 for crazy people), which equates to around £50 (£63 crazy). I'll sell this for £30 delivered to UK mainland, saving you £20 (or saving £33 if you are crazy). I'm relatively new to this forum but have a good presence on Race Department, ResetEra, GT Planet and some other sim racing forums. It'll be bubble-wrapped to within an inch of its life, boxed in a boxy box and dispatched quickly. No haggling please, I've priced this to sell and think the savings are fair enough. Payment would be by fee-free PayPal Friends and Family please. I've got a set of CSL Elite Pedals LC (the three-pedal load cell version) and a CSL Elite Steering Wheel P1 for sale too if anyone's interested. I'll list those separately when I have time but PM me by all means if you're interested. Fanatec product page Clamping system allows for endless height adjustments when connected to the ClubSport Shifter’s T-slot rails CSS and CSS SQ can be mounted on either side, right or left and can even be screwed onto the top of the table clamp Rock solid table mount with two metal screws Metal design Maximum size of the table board/desktop that the table clamp is able to lock is 7,7 cm Some photos. It goes without saying (but I have to say it in this world we live in), only the clamp is included. My floor, my walls, the table, the wheel stand, the steering wheel, the pedals, my bookcase, my soul... everything else in the images is NOT included.
  7. ****** SOLD ****** Fanatec Alcantara CSL Elite Steering Wheel P1 (Rim) for PC and Xbox One (not to be confused with the cheaper CSL Steering Wheel P1) This rim costs €179.95 + €27.07 standard delivery (or €46.23 express delivery, if you're crazy) from Fanatec = €207.02 (or 226.18 for crazy people), which equates to around £183 (£200 crazy). I'll sell this for £130 delivered to UK mainland, saving you £53 (or saving £70 if you are crazy). I'm relatively new to this forum but have an established presence on Race Department, ResetEra, GT Planet and some other sim racing forums. It'll be bubble-wrapped to within an inch of its life, boxed in a boxy box and dispatched quickly. Payment would be by fee-free PayPal Friends and Family please. Comes with original Fanatec bag, replaceable button caps, set screw, Allen key and quick guide. Condition of the rim is excellent, with just the normal slight flattening of the alcantara around the thumb grips (see photos). This might brush up. This wheel has always been used with gloves. All stitching is intact. Fanatec product page: Features: A connected wheel base will become Xbox One compatible due to integration of the Xbox One specific electronics into this steering wheel Plug & Play: Ready to use right away without any assembly required Realistic size (Ø30cm/11.81 inches) Very low steering wheel weight of only 970g / 2.138lbs for fast acceleration and fidelity RevStripe™ in wheel rim, which is a combined centerstripe and a revmeter, using a multicolor LED Three digits LED display smoothly integrated to wheel rim below the RevStripe™, featuring telemetry data like speed or gears to be displayed by compatible games or third-party software Wheel rim covered with genuine Alcantara® and an eye-catching red cross-stitched seam Completely redesigned, durable shifter paddles with intensive Snapdome click feeling Brushed aluminum spokes with fiber enforced back cover Features buttons with Xbox One symbols, interchangeable with the included racing style buttons 4-way direction pad with push button Tuning functions with LED display to adjust settings independent from the game and during gameplay (see description of compatible wheel base/racing wheel for details. Compatibility: Wheel Bases: ClubSport Wheel Base V2 ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 CSL Elite Wheel Base CSL Elite Racing Wheel - officially licensed for PS4™ Platforms: Xbox One®: If connected with this steering wheel, the above mentioned wheel bases will be compatible to Xbox One. PC and other Platforms: The specifications of the compatible wheel bases will remain unchanged.
  8. Looking for new or used(good condition) CSW V2 or newer base as well as V3 pedals. Will provide shipping label for them so no worries of shipping cost on your end. Let me know what you got!
  9. ***** SOLD ***** (UK): Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals set with loadcell brake (3-pedal version) After upgrading a lot of my kit recently I'm finally getting around selling off a load of hardware that's been sitting unused. This sale is for the Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals set with Loadcell Brake. Condition is excellent and the set comes complete with all accessories, including unused self-adhesive anti-skid pads for the pedal faces. These are €219.90 plus €27.07 standard delivery (or €56.33 express delivery) from Fanatec in Germany. That equates to approx. £220 including postage (or £245 express delivery). I'll sell these for £140 including delivery to mainland UK, saving you at least £80. Everything will be boxed up and protected by more bubblewrap than you've ever seen before in your life. Fanatec product page: Features Pedal units and heel rest made from Aluminum Extra long pedals for more realism and comfort Heel rest offers large rest surface Adjustable horizontal distance between pedal units, allows asynchronous setup Ability to easily remove pedals from heelrest and install them together with the electronics in cockpits or stands seperately 12bit resolution potentiometers on throttle and clutch pedal units 16bit resolution loadcell brake pedal unit High durable loadcell integration with pedal pressure up to 90 kg The whole brake pedal arm is a load cell sensor Adjustable brake force by PC driver software or Wheel Base tuning menu Adjustable brake resistance and travel by exchangable Elastomer springs. No tools needed Detachable rubber pedal covers offer good grip and softer pedal surface Applicable anti-skid-pads for the pedal surface offer a perfect grip for racing shoes USB connection to PC Direct connection to Fanatec Wheel Bases and Wheels Dedicated port for ClubSport Handbrake Compatibility: Peripherals: Compatible to any Fanatec Wheel Base or Fanatec Racing Wheel with RJ12 Pedals connector. To connect Fanatec Wheels with PS/2 Pedal Socket, you need the additional PS/2 to RJ12 cable. With installed Loadcell Kit, the pedals are not compatible to the ClubSport USB Adapter. Please use the included USB connector (PC only). Platforms: PC: If you connect it to a Fanatec Wheel Base / Racing Wheel it will be compatible to all racing games. For that case, please check the compatibility details on the product page of the connected product. It will work with any racing wheel, also of any other brand (Logitech, Thrustmaster, etc), if the pedals are connected to PC via USB and if the game supports a second controller. E.g. these PC games support a second USB controller: iRacing Assetto Corsa Project Cars GTR 2 Race 07 rFactor Live for Speed ...and many others Consoles: This pedal set can be used on gaming consoles, if connected through a Fanatec Wheel Base / Racing Wheel. Please check the information on the product page of the Fanatec product through which they will be connected to the console. It will not work on consoles using the direct USB Connection or a ClubSport USB Adapter. I'll try to get everything photographed this weekend. Here's some stock photos in the meantime:
  10. Location: Waterford, MI I have a set of Fanatec Clubsport V2 Pedals in excellent condition for sale. Both cables will be included in the sale. Everything functioning as it should. $240 shipped (In the US) or $220 picked up. International shipping will be extra and I would have to get a quote. I'm sure that wouldn't be a pretty bill. PM me here or txt/call 815-572-1364
  11. Great condition. Used for about 6 months and kept well maintained and clean. Damper kit is brand new. Not really needed with the brake kit but can be used on the throttle pedal. Comes with everything that originally comes with this pedal set (including the alternate pedal faces and braided USB cable not pictured). Comes with brake performance kit installed but the original brake pieces are included. Ships from New England. US only. Asking for $270 (PayPal), includes shipping. SOLD!!!
  12. 80/20 Rig with SimXperience 3DOF Motion & Traction Loss Updated my static 80/20 rig to incorporate SimXperience's universal seat kit and 150mm SCN5 actuators. The base is 2100mm x 780mm and all in 40 series profile. If you recall, this is my old rig: The final result uses numerous ideas from various other rig designs on this forum and others. I want to give credit to the following people/sites for my rig: Robert Reidel of Henning Piez/Ensonic that created this amazing rig as I blantantly copied his tilt/telescoping steering wheel mount. Tino Goergens and his rig. Faro06's rig. Anonymous rig Results: Transfer bearings: Lazy Susan Bearing: Base (2100mm x 780mm): Traction loss base: SimXperience Universal Joint: Dampening bar isolators: Dampening bar with actuators and seat base: Adjustable foot pedal mount: Seat mounted on base: Tilt and telescoping wheel mount: Wheel mount range of adjustment: Cup holder: Update with 40" 4K Vizio TVs and Energy Micro RC speakers: I still have to wire everything up and configure the software. I'll post a video of it in motion soon. Dan
  13. Johnny Mowdown


    Found Fanatec CSL Elite P1 or the standard CSL P1. Let me know what you have. Thank You!
  14. All in original box with included accessories and ready to use. The Brake Kit is NOT from Fanatec, but a MOD that I purchased from a gentleman from iRacing. You can always buy the original from Fanatec. I found the MOD + Damper the best combo for me (only racing GT cars with no clutch). $280+ Paypal fee, shipping included US Cont only and fully insured. or you can get it here:
  15. Looking to get into sim racing, and am trying to pick up a reasonably priced set of pedals. Clubsports preferably V1, V2, or V3 are all fine. Also looking to purchase a decent wheel base as well. Preferably something that will be compatible with the upcoming McLaren gtr rim, but would consider others that are reasonably priced. Located in USA-AR, but do travel a bit for work. Either way let me know what you have and how much you're asking for it. Thanks.
  16. Tjobbie

    Fanatec Mclaren wheel postponed?

    Just a messenger.. grrr.. hope it's not true.
  17. Hi! English is not my native language so excuse any misspellings.. This might be a unusual idea but hear me out I'm currently using the fanatec elite pedals and was going to upgrade it by adding the load cell kit. But then I started looking into higher end pedals like the heusinkveld pro's. Since I don't have a racing rig / cockpit most people won't recomend high end pedals due to the high brake fource. I understand that I would't be able to use the full brake force, but I'm still interested in a high quality pedal set. They way I see it there are more advantages with high end pedals than just the high brake force. For instance you get a stiffer gas pedal (heusinkveld pro vs fanatec lc), nicer materials, longivity etc. So my question is, why is it so "wrong" to go for high end pedals and just use 30-40% of the max brake force?
  18. Looking for a new or slightly used Fanatec Clubsport V3 Damper Kit. #CSP V3 DK
  19. I am struggling to decide whether Fanatec is the right choice for F1 2017 on Xbox One? I have read alot of reviews and it seems that on Xbox one I will not enjoy the full potential of the wheel especially on F1 2017. I also plan to get Assetto Corsa but would you like to get your thoughts for Fanatec on Xbox One?
  20. Hi, I'm looking for a nice set of pedals, specifically Clubsport v3's. I'm shooting for 150-200 dollar range. If you have other nice pedals in this range, i might be interested, especially in some CSL LC pedals. PM and ill give you my number to talk through text.
  21. Excellent condition. Adult Owned. Used for approx. 3 months. (light use). Hard Mounts Screws/Washers included. Printed Quick Start Guide is included. Below is the link to the eBay listing. If you use this link, eBay waves most of the fee's they charge me, therefore, I have more room to negotiate with the buyer!!! You have to let me know in the offer that you are using the link for so I know !
  22. NEW. OPEN BOX. Will be packed very well. Must Include ISRTV in your offer! This allows me to know that you used this link, which equates to me having lower fees from eBay, which translates to me being able to be more "Negotiable" on your offer. Thank you. Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Rim GT Forza Motorsport Model: UH RGTF NEW
  23. Brand New. Open Box. All Contents are there. Physical box has some wear. I took pictures of the box. It's just superficial. The pedals are new, and not damaged. Must Include ISRTV in your offer! This allows me to know that you used this link, which equates to me having lower fees from eBay, which translates to me being able to be more "Negotiable" on your offer. Thank you. Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3 USA Model: CSP V3 NEW Open box