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Found 184 results

  1. very good condition, original packaging. light scratch on the plexiglass. possible shipping. $400. located in Burbank, CA.
  2. Very light use and has all original packaging. Works as new. Upgraded to an AccuForce and don't use this rim now. $265 Shipped to lower 48 states Payment via PayPal. Buyer pays fees or does "friend" payment to avoid fees. If you have any questions, please ask -Andrew
  3. RazzBarlow7

    Fanatec slow customer service response?

    I have been a Fanatec customer for some time. I have a CSW Wheel Base, Pedal Set and 2 different wheels. I have been trying to get a replacement force feedback motor for my wheel base for a week now. I can't even get a response from them on where to buy the damned part I'm looking for!! I've sent multiple emails, attempted phone calls (don't even waste your time, they clearly don't want to talk to anyone on the phone) Their contact information is like a state secret. I love the products, they are top notch. But I spent a lot of money and expect a little bit of customer support after I'm out of the warranty period. Anyone have a way of contacting them that is better than what I've tried?
  4. Just picked up a Playseat F1 and am wondering if anyone has modded their V3 pedals to remove the clutch and mount the brake to the side. Playseat sells a big brake pedal to connect the clutch and brake as a single unit but it’s for Logitech pedals, and I’m not sure it would fit the V3s. I did disassemble the V3s and attempt to swap the clutch and brake but the vibration wire for the brake was too short and I didn’t want to do any cutting/soldering of the wire. Thanks!
  5. Wheel with kit installed for Accuforce and QR: USD 380 + shipping (includes the original Fanatec QR and can be re-adapted as Fanatec compatible). Willing to sell separate: - Fanatec Formula Carbo USD 220 (new USD 299) + shipping - SimRacing Hardware Fanatec/Accuforce coversion kit USD 80 (new GBP 95) + shipping 6 months old! Always used with gloves and cleaned with Momo brush. The Ferrari logo can be removed (I did not sand off the Fanatec logo behind) . Please let me know if you prefer without it. Local pick-up in Chicago or shipped at buyer's cost US Cont only (must be fully insured with tracking# and signature at delivery). All in the original boxes. My ebay account rikirk66. Happy to answer to any serious inquiry.
  6. UPDATE: BOTH ITEMS SOLD Hi everyone, I have a Clubsport Wheel Base v2 and Clubsport pedals v3 for sale. Clubsport Wheel Base v2 $350 $250 (includes shipping cost) Clubsport Pedals v3 $215 (includes shipping cost) Unfortunately, shortly after purchasing these items, due to outside circumstances I wasn’t able to put in the time commitment necessary towards actually using my purchases, so they all have been lying unopened in my closet. Since I will probably be moving in a few months, I have now decided to sell them. Both items are factory sealed, in the original packaging, and have never been used. Both items were purchased online from Fanatec, and have since been stored in a bedroom closet. I am located in northern Illinois and I will ship the items by either FedEx or UPS. In addition, I will pay the PayPal service fees. Please PM me if you wish to purchase either or both of these items! All transactions must be conducted through PayPal.
  7. As the title says, I'm looking to buy V3 pedals, non inverted. I'm in the US.
  8. SpaceHedgehog

    R-Pod MkII : VR Enabled

    Current state of the build: Main build log starts ... Since Assetto Corsa came out, I've got the itch to build an updated version of my existing rig and I've now assembled all the parts necessary to start. My g25 has been replaced by Fanatec ClubSport Wheel base, both rims, the CSP v2s and the CSS Seq shifter. The shifter broke on my g25 unfortunately so I considerd that an excuse to upgrade. I've acquired a new seat and a new ulrawide monitor also. My previous rig looked like this: It's had a fair few modifications since then though with a monitor positioned behind the wheel and a shfter mount attached to the seat base. New Seat: Mini LFEs for Simvibe: Buttkicker amp: The amp and Mini LFEs were actually bought for me by a colleague who recently left my team. I asked him to reconsider but he insisted on me keeping them. So, this first job for the new build was to attach the Mini LFE's to the seat. In R-Pod Mk1, I had tested them by bolting them to the inside of the MDF seat base. I was singularly unimpressed so I thought long and hard about how to approach it for the new build. The seat can be mounted from the side or underneath. This allowed me to apprach the issue more directly. I bought a plate of 4mm aluminium, drilled some holes in it, Attached the Mini LFE's and bolted it to the bottom of the seat. The resulting experience is what I was hoping for with the vibreations being channeled through the whole frame: Aluminium plate: Holes drilled: Test mounting: Plate covered with blackboard vinyl and Buttkickers attached: Side mounts and seat rails bolted on: Hope to have more updates on the build next weekend.
  9. These are available again if anyone is still interested. I made a batch for a bulk order and have extras for sale. These are mailing out in 1-2 business days they are already made and cut. V2.1 (with sway bar rotary encoders) 13.50 USD 89 individually cut decals for buttons boxes and steering wheels. Made From vinyl in either matte or sem-gloss. Can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth/sponge. Full Description found below with links to purchase. Quantities updated sept 21th - SOLD OUT 0/17 left SEMI GLOSS option - 0/15 left MATTE option - NathanW
  10. Hello All, I hope this post is in the correct section. I recently purchased a Thrustmaster TX Racing wheel with the T3PA Pedals and TH8A Shifter. I'm more interested in drifting with this wheel then racing in Forza Motorsport 7 or Forza Horizon 4 on Xbox One. I've searched around for a handbrake and seen both Thrustmasters and Fanatec's. Thrustmaster's Handbrake I really don't have a interest for and currently aiming towards purchasing the Fanatec ClubSport Handbrake. I searched around everywhere on whether this handbrake is compatible or not, and can't find any topic specific to the game and hardware I want to use. Will the Fanatec Handbrake work with the Thrustmaster setup I have or will I have to purchase extra Hardware? Thanks!
  11. Hi, Just did a complete upgrade and I am selling my previous rig which is in excellent condition it contains: 1) Fanatec clubsport v2 wheel base + Formula Rim + Universal Rim with a Mitsubishi Lancer wheel 2) Fanatec pedals v3 (almost new) with extra load cell for reserve. Original box. Still under warranty 3) Geko seat with motion ( with custom support for shakers and rings for easy connect to next level wheel stand 4) Next level wheel stand. Original box Asking 2700 USD for everything. You can pick up in my house. Can be sold separatelly If you want shipping estimates, please PM me.
  12. Hey, i just joined the Sim-racing community by purchasing a used Fanatec Gt3 rs v2 Wheel. It came with Fanatec Pedals and a H-Shifter. The previous owner already calibrated all the devices and installed a firmware. I only had to download the Fanatec driver. In the Fanatec engine, everything works, the steering, the pedals and also the shifter. If i change the gears it shows the different gears in the engine . That means the shifter works. In Forza Horizon 4 my steering works, the Pedals work and the Shifters on my steering work. But my H-shifter does not work. I went into the wheel keybinding settings. When i try to bind my 1st gear on the H-shifter to the 1st Gear in the game, it does not recognize any input.. Anyone know how to bind the shifter to the gears in the game? I saw its working in Forza horizon 3. Im really frustrated..
  13. Hi all, recently I have finished my custom wheel project and I wanted to ask you guys if there is any way of attaching a custom wheel onto the CSL WB V2.5 from Fanatec without not getting force feedback. I couldn´t find a solution other than getting the universal hub which is way too pricy in my opinion. I would be very happy if you guys could give me a solution. (I´m sorry if there already is a topic to this question)
  14. OSW Leo Bodnar Fanatec USB convert inkl. spiral cable Fanatec Rim Standalone USB Conversion PCB for F1/BMW/Porsche rim. (I’ve got two!) make an offer
  15. Hi all! You guys remember this? Im looking to get one for my friend who’s starting in the sim world... Let me know if you have one and willing to sell it. Located in South Fl Thanks David
  16. SLiMtendo

    Fanatec V2.5.. Lubercating??

    Sup guys... Kind of a silly question but..... I bought a used CSL Base about a year ago and the wheel Base was lubercated with some sort of grease/oil. Not sure exactly what kind of grease it was. I only noticed the Base had this grease on it Because I touched the steering column and had a moist fluid on my hand. Realized it was a grease of some sort. Recently I bought a fairly new CSW V2.5 and this Wheel Base has no lubercation on its steering column. Dry as bone! Does anyone Lub there steering column, on their fanatec Base? I switch from Wheel to wheel as I switch from sim to sim.. nothing is wrong with my quick release.. but what I do notice is when I’d switch rims on my CSL.. it took a lot less force to get the rim off the base. Just wondering if lubercating the Base, would pro-long the life for the equipment. Your feed back is well appreciated. Thanks
  17. I collected a couple of these in anticipation of going the OSW route, but they are now surplus to requirements.They normally cost €25 + €17 shipping = €42 (plus currency conversion) from Fanatec.I'll sell them for £20 each including shipping. PayPal F&F Gift payment to avoid fees.Have one, have both, have neither. The choice is yours! Stock photo: Fanatec product page: USB AdapterModel: CS USBSeries: ClubSportPCFull compatibilityConnect your Fanatec devices via USB to your PC to make it compatible to almost any modern racing simulation.ClubSport ShifterUse Fanatec peripherals like your ClubSport Shifter (CSS or CSS SQ) with your Logitech G27 or Thrustmaster T500RS or any other wheel on PC.ClubSport HandbrakeThe ClubSport Handbrake requires connection to a Fanatec product with dedicated handbrake port by default. With this adapter you can use it as standalone device on PC.Features Use your ClubSport Shifter with any racing wheel on PC (supports sequential and h-pattern mode) Operate the ClubSport Handbrake without another Fanatec product with handbrake port add USB functionality to analog Fanatec Pedals Upgradable firmware Enables 7th gear on all wheels (not only if connected to CSW) CompatibilityControllers: ClubSport Shifter ClubSport Shifter SQ ClubSport Handbrake CSL Elite Pedals (analog pedals without CSL Elite Pedals Loadcell Kit) Games: Most PC racing games which support multiple input devices. Example: Assetto Corsa,iRacing, rFactor2, Project CARS and many more! Special Notes If operated with the ClubSport Handbrake or analog pedals, the device needs to be updated with a different firmware. Therefore, please enter the driver menu, navigate to the update tab, click on "Update USB Adapter Firmware", select your mode and hit "start update". To calibrate the shifter you need to run the calibration program in the driver on PC Don't eat yellow snow (just checking to see if anyone has read this far) What's included USB Adapter My eternal thanks
  18. Hello again, Today I have a brand new SRM (sim racing machines) USB and quick release conversion kit for Fanatec Clubsport rims. This kit was given to me by a fellow sim racer in exchange for some repair work I did. The kit is 100% brand new and has never been installed. This kit comes with an adapter to mount an aftermarket quick release to your Clubsport rim as well as the teensy LC PCB for converting the Clubsport rim to USB. This kit is meant for a 70mm QR1 quick release. Please note the 70mm holes are threaded, so the quick release should not have threads itself. If the quick release you are using does have threads you can drill out the threads in this adapter and use the threads in the aftermarket quick release. Also includes the upgraded DIN connector for connecting the coiled cable to the USB cable as shown in the pictures. This kit is for the BMW/Porsche/Formula rims but it may also work with the universal hub with some light modification (the Universal Hub uses a 12 pin connector rather than the 8 pin used by all other clubsport rims). Please note that this does not work with elite line of rims. Installation is rather straight forward if you are comfortable working with this type of stuff and have a bit of mechanical/electronic service ability. The hardest part is removing the stock quick release without putting too much force on the internal wiring such as that for the joysticks, shifters etc. The second hardest part is unplugging the stock Fanatec harness from the stock Fanatec PCB inside the rim, it is possible to cause damage if you are not careful and put too much force on the connector or solder joints. If you are not confident performing the installtion yourself I do offer installtion services out of Connecticut USA. You could either ship your rim to me or meet me if you are local. If you are buying this kit from me, I would perform the installtion for an additional $40 USD. In this case you would receive your rim back with the kit fully installed and functional, I would also instal the quick release you are using if you send it along with the rim. I have been working on sim racing hardware for approximately 5 years now and have worked with similar technology for many more years so your rim would be in good hands This kit, with the included DIN connector normally costs $89 GBP (approximately $122 USD) plus postage (approx. $21 USD). I am offering this kit brand new shipped (within continental USA) for $115 USD. Link to this item on the SRM website:
  19. Excellent condition. These cost €39.95 + €17.12 standard delivery (or €31.87 express delivery, if you're crazy) from Fanatec = €57.07 (or €71.82 for crazy people), which equates to around £50 (£63 crazy). I'll sell this for £30 including delivery to UK mainland, saving you £20 (or saving £33 if you are crazy). I'm relatively new to this forum but have a good presence on Race Department, ResetEra, GT Planet and some other sim racing forums. It'll be bubble-wrapped to within an inch of its life, boxed in it's original outer box and dispatched quickly. No haggling please, I've priced this to sell and think the savings are fair enough. Payment would be by fee-free PayPal Friends and Family please. Fanatec product page Clamping system allows for endless height adjustments when connected to the ClubSport Shifter’s T-slot rails CSS and CSS SQ can be mounted on either side, right or left and can even be screwed onto the top of the table clamp Rock solid table mount with two metal screws Metal design Maximum size of the table board/desktop that the table clamp is able to lock is 7,7 cm Some photos: It goes without saying (but I have to say it in this world we live in), only the clamp is included. My floor, my walls, the table, the wheel stand, the steering wheel, the pedals... everything else in the images is NOT included.
  20. Must sell this awesome SIM Racing rig for only $2000. Includes: Rseat N1 chassis with all extras: Chassis (new=$1250) Buttkicker bar (new=$99) Keyboard/Mouse arm (new=$129) Button box and tablet holder (new=$119) Shifter/handbrake platform (new=$129) TV Stand (new=$369) Surround speaker mounts (new=$119) Thrustmaster PlayStation 4/ PlayStation 3/ PC T300 Ferrari Alcantara Edition Racing Wheel (new=$500) Upgrade to Fantec clubsport V3 pedals (new=$329) Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System - THX, Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Certified (new=$369) 4 x Buttkicker Gamer shakers with seperate amps (1 for each corner - driven by accuforce SIM commander) (new= 4x $169) Avenga76's amazing Wind Simulator (new=$600) (Total cost to build is ~ $4688 USD (all costs are estimates)) I am not interested in parting this kit out and you must arrange pick-up at my location! Someone will be getting a great deal on this lightly used rig! TV, Computer, and VR Headset are not included in this sale.
  21. I am looking to buy a fanatec setup. I am willing to buy just bases or pedals. I'd prefer to have a setup with a formula wheel or the mclaren gt3 wheel. Only doing paypal goods and services.
  22. Ugh... I took a chance that all the negative press about Fanatec's poor quality and customer service was finally behind them and bought a complete Clubsport system. I love the products, they are all incredibly good in operation... but my Clubsport Shifter SQ v1.5 just broke while I was driving! I had it in sequential mode, and there was a snap, and the stick stopped returning to center. It feels like the centering spring inside broke or something. Has anyone else experienced this, or is there a fix online? I've searched and I can't find anything about it. Moving the lever from sequential to H pattern feels a little looser than it used to, but switching it to H and SEQ made no difference, it won't work on SEQ. (I'm having trouble with the Clubsport Wheel v2 as well... it's started making a high pitched squealing noise whenever it is on. Needless to say, I am not happy. How can they charge this much and have such poor build quality? These things are WAY too expensive to be having all kinds of problems barely a year after purchase.) *EDIT* I opened the internals up and figured out the problem. Following is a picture of the internals of the shifter as they are SUPPOSED to be. The two metal bars in the middle are the spring that forces the stick to recenter when in SEQ mode. The springs have popped loose and are now sitting as I drew, with the orange arrows showing which one has moved to where. I can probably fix this... I hope, but I'm still wondering if anyone else has had this problem? It's ridiculous that the spring isn't properly captured and has any chance AT ALL of coming loose! If I do fix it, I'm going to also have to try and figure out a way to better capture the spring, or I suspect it will just do this again, probably easier now that it has done it once... Clubsport shifter spring as it should be, and as it is having popped loose.
  23. Selling my Fanatec CSL Elite Starter Pack for PC/X-Box. It also has the load cell kit added. I bought this with the intent of getting more into iRacing, but just don't have the time. This was used only a few times and is in like new condition. There are no wear marks on it. I have all original paper work and the extra components and cables that came with it. I have all the original packaging as well, but that may add to the shipping costs if you want that. I paid $600 for all, selling for $475 $425. Buyer pays shipping. Located in Illinois
  24. Jonw92

    Wtb fanatec

    Hi im looking for a fanatec full set up what's everyone got I'm looking to spend about £400
  25. Selling CSW base V2.5 + ClubSport Table Clamp V2 + CSL Steering Wheel P1 + ClubSport Pedals V3 + ClubSport Pedals V3 Brake Performance Kit + ClubSport Shifter SQ V 1.5 + ClubSport Shifter Table Clamp + ClubSport Handbrake V1.5 . Everything in excellent conditions, works perfectly, and still has warranty. Selling because I have too little time on them. Can sell them separately. Located in Buffalo, USA.