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Found 295 results

  1. Johnny Mowdown


    Found Fanatec CSL Elite P1 or the standard CSL P1. Let me know what you have. Thank You!
  2. All in original box with included accessories and ready to use. The Brake Kit is NOT from Fanatec, but a MOD that I purchased from a gentleman from iRacing. You can always buy the original from Fanatec. I found the MOD + Damper the best combo for me (only racing GT cars with no clutch). $280+ Paypal fee, shipping included US Cont only and fully insured. or you can get it here:
  3. Looking to get into sim racing, and am trying to pick up a reasonably priced set of pedals. Clubsports preferably V1, V2, or V3 are all fine. Also looking to purchase a decent wheel base as well. Preferably something that will be compatible with the upcoming McLaren gtr rim, but would consider others that are reasonably priced. Located in USA-AR, but do travel a bit for work. Either way let me know what you have and how much you're asking for it. Thanks.
  4. Tjobbie

    Fanatec Mclaren wheel postponed?

    Just a messenger.. grrr.. hope it's not true.
  5. Hi! English is not my native language so excuse any misspellings.. This might be a unusual idea but hear me out I'm currently using the fanatec elite pedals and was going to upgrade it by adding the load cell kit. But then I started looking into higher end pedals like the heusinkveld pro's. Since I don't have a racing rig / cockpit most people won't recomend high end pedals due to the high brake fource. I understand that I would't be able to use the full brake force, but I'm still interested in a high quality pedal set. They way I see it there are more advantages with high end pedals than just the high brake force. For instance you get a stiffer gas pedal (heusinkveld pro vs fanatec lc), nicer materials, longivity etc. So my question is, why is it so "wrong" to go for high end pedals and just use 30-40% of the max brake force?
  6. Looking for a new or slightly used Fanatec Clubsport V3 Damper Kit. #CSP V3 DK
  7. I am struggling to decide whether Fanatec is the right choice for F1 2017 on Xbox One? I have read alot of reviews and it seems that on Xbox one I will not enjoy the full potential of the wheel especially on F1 2017. I also plan to get Assetto Corsa but would you like to get your thoughts for Fanatec on Xbox One?
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a nice set of pedals, specifically Clubsport v3's. I'm shooting for 150-200 dollar range. If you have other nice pedals in this range, i might be interested, especially in some CSL LC pedals. PM and ill give you my number to talk through text.
  9. Excellent condition. Adult Owned. Used for approx. 3 months. (light use). Hard Mounts Screws/Washers included. Printed Quick Start Guide is included. Below is the link to the eBay listing. If you use this link, eBay waves most of the fee's they charge me, therefore, I have more room to negotiate with the buyer!!! You have to let me know in the offer that you are using the link for so I know !
  10. NEW. OPEN BOX. Will be packed very well. Must Include ISRTV in your offer! This allows me to know that you used this link, which equates to me having lower fees from eBay, which translates to me being able to be more "Negotiable" on your offer. Thank you. Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Rim GT Forza Motorsport Model: UH RGTF NEW
  11. Brand New. Open Box. All Contents are there. Physical box has some wear. I took pictures of the box. It's just superficial. The pedals are new, and not damaged. Must Include ISRTV in your offer! This allows me to know that you used this link, which equates to me having lower fees from eBay, which translates to me being able to be more "Negotiable" on your offer. Thank you. Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3 USA Model: CSP V3 NEW Open box
  12. Brand New In box. Save over buying direct. Must Include ISRTV in your offer! This allows me to know that you used this link, which equates to me having lower fees from eBay, which translates to me being able to be more "Negotiable" on your offer. Thank you. Features Use your ClubSport Shifter with any racing wheel on PC (supports sequential and h-pattern mode) Operate the ClubSport Handbrake without another Fanatec product with handbrake port add USB functionality to analog Fanatec Pedals Upgradable firmware Enables 7th gear on all wheels (not only if connected to CSW) Compatibility Controllers: ClubSport Shifter ClubSport Shifter SQ ClubSport Handbrake CSL Elite Pedals (analog pedals without CSL Elite Pedals Loadcell Kit) Games: Most PC racing games which support multiple input devices. Example: Assetto Corsa,iRacing, rFactor2, Project CARS and many more! Special Notes If operated with the ClubSport Handbrake or analog pedals, the device needs to be updated with a different firmware. Therefore, please enter the driver menu, navigate to the update tab, click on "Update USB Adapter Firmware", select your mode and hit "start update". To calibrate the shifter you need to run the calibration program in the driver on PC Packaging Details Size (L x W x H) : 22.00cm x 15.50cm x 2.00cm Weight: 0.10kg Volume weight: 0.14kg What's included USB Adapter
  13. Fanatec CSL Steering Wheel P1 Like new. Used for approx 3 months. Adult owned. non smoker home.
  14. Last few items for sale that Havent been picked up yet. First is a Mige motor with Argon drive. Argon is from Dennis Riemer and the Mige was from Sim-pli. £700 Custom leather rim from competition supplies using 2 Martin Ascher (2 for extra strength) paddle plates and has PDW shifters. This connects to a USB control board like the HE Pedals control box. £300 Photos can be seen here:; Cash on collection preferred. I am based in Woking, Surrey. Any questions please ask.
  15. Selling complete cockpit setup. Everything bought new in July. I have the original boxes for all items. I'm located in Southern California if you want to save on shipping. Everything together $1500 bucks. I can post more pics if requested. All items in brand new condition. Very lightly used. Fanatec Clubsport base V 2.5 Xbox/Pc Universal Hub 1 Forza wheel Rim 1 Formula 1 Rim(not carbon) Clubsport Pedals V3 Clubsport Pedals performance kit Shifter shifter V1.5 Buttkicker gamer 2 Open Wheeler cockpit with additional bracket and mounting plates for Thrustmaster Warthog Hotas.
  16. JoeMayer24


    I have been looking for a CPX adapter, v1 or v2, so I can pick up a set of Fanatec clubsport v2’s to hook up to my t300 wheelbase. No way I’m patient enough to wait for the CPX v3 to debut, especially with no timeframe known for the release. If you have a CPX adapter that you’d be willing to part with, please message me. Thanks
  17. Hello, Looking to purchase a Fanatec Clubsport Wheel v2.5 and the Clubsport Pedals V3. Looking for it around the Toronto GTA or Barrie Area. Can pickup on weekends or meetup Downtown near Union during the week. Please PM price/pick-up information. Thanks,
  18. I'm looking for a clubsport shifter Preferably V1.5 I'm in Hampshire in the UK so give me a price posted if you are willing to do so Thanks
  19. Jdmcolombia

    Fanatec CSR wheel adapter

    Hello, I have a fanatec CSR wheel, along with pedals and shifter. I also have a diy hydraulic handbrake, that I modded to the wheel. It isn't exactly hydraulic, just uses an on/off switch to engage the e brake. Anyways.... Since I have been back to sim racing, I have finally come to the conclusion that the CSR wheel is literally built for a child. It's a great wheel setup, but the wheel is an oversized Nintendo wii wheel , lol. I have found the wheel that I would like to use. For those that are curious, it's just a basic 320mm deep dish wheel from eBay. Who cares, I'm just here to to play and enjoy the thing. Now for the kicker, I need a wheel adapter ( ) in order to mount a 70mm wheel to it. And this being a budget build, and me being anxious, I would rather not wait until this shipped from the across the pond. So, has anybody 3D printed off a wheel adapter for the CSR? I know it's an old wheel, but I've seen plenty of 3D printed adapters for G/27 wheels. Any and all help will be appreciated.
  20. I have a 7 year old Fanatec CSR "Forza" wheel that I've been running into some problems with and I'm hoping you friendly guys at can help me out. I'm using it on a modern high end Windows 10 PC with the latest firmware and drivers installed on it. The wheel works fine and I've got it mounted on a Wheelstand Pro and it's dialed in pretty well. I play American Truck Simulator, F1 2017, some Project Cars and Assetto Corsa. I wouldn't say I use it constantly, nor have I ever thrashed it around or damaged it by doing heavy force feedback drifting. I'll go through phases where I'll use it for a ten hours a week and then store it in a closet for a few months. It's in pretty good shape, I'd say lightly used would be a good approximation of it's condition. When I'm playing American Truck Simulator, I noticed that after about an hour the wheel will randomly stop working. I'll be driving down the road and suddenly no more inputs are accepted from the wheel, so I'll usually smack into traffic. Pedals stop working as well. It's like I unplugged it from the USB port. The lights on the device are all turned on and I can scroll through settings and whatnot on the wheel itself. If I unplug the USB cable and plug it back in, the wheel starts working again, but without any force feedback - meaning it's just loose. If I quit the game, reload the game, and start playing again, FF returns but then the problem will re-occur much sooner, like 10 minutes later. I suspect something is over heating in the chassis. I've changed the wheel setting to make sure the fan is on 100% of the time, and recently I purchased a small USB powered fan and rubber banded it so it blows directly into the orange air vents on the wheel to dump even more air in there. If I turn the whole thing off, let it sit for an hour, and then plug it all back in I'm back and able to again play ATS for an hour or so before it happens again. I have not had this happen with any other game, but I am not usually using the wheel for an hour straight like I am with ATS, I'm doing a 15 minute race and then it rests for a bit. I also suspect that ATS engages the drive belt and FF even when it's sitting in a pause menu. I've taken it apart and didn't find anything unusual inside of it. Both internal fans work fine, no unusual noises, etc. I've tried different USB ports, powered USB hubs, different USB cables, basically all the usual stuff. Any ideas what this could be? I know it's an older wheel and this isn't exactly a Fanatec support site, but I wanted to see if anyone has a wheel like this and has run into the same problem.
  21. I am looking to buy fanatec clubsport pedals v3 or v2 at any reasonable price shipped in US (i live in California for reference). Just PM me with any good offers and ill check it out.
  22. Upgrading to a Heusinkveld handbrake so I have this one up for sale, includes the USB adapter which I bought 2 months ago for £40 when I swapped to HE Pro pedals. Has 7 months warranty still on the handbrake too and I’ve used it for maybe 2hrs, got it for Dirt Rally but haven’t got around to playing it properly yet on anything other than a controller. Also includes a Sim Lab aluminium mounting plate which is brand new and unused normally €15. Price is £110 incl. delivery. Next is an Accuforce angle mount, brand new and only tested on the old rig as I got a new one shortly after buying the Accuforce which has built in angle adjustment. Sold Everything includes all original packaging.
  23. SLiMtendo

    Wanted...Fanatec rim

    Is anyone interested in selling either their BMW Fanatec Wheel or F1 Fanatec Wheel? Or Even both!! If you can provide photos and everything is in good working condition I’ll buy it today. Let me know. Im Located in NYC Thanks