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Found 257 results

  1. SOLD Thrustmaster t150 wheel and pedals for ps3/ps4. Moved onto Xbox instead of PlayStation. Asking 150 but shoot me an offer.
  2. Hi, I have a bit of a hard time choosing beteren a secondhand fanatec 911(GT3 or GT2, same price with the same pedals) or the thrustmaster t300 anders buy the t3pa pedals. I have some important things that need to be awnsered, like the support in windows 10 and all the new games, and upcoming, forceren feedback, building quality and durability. If there are other wheels I you would advise me, I would really appreciate that, and i will be looking in to them.
  3. I'm sell my Thrustmaster TMX wheel and pedals. It is a force feedback wheel. Comes with original pedal set and the T3PA pedal set with conical brake mod. I purchased these new and only used them for a few months. Everything is in very good working condition. Asking $160.
  4. (Sold) I have for sale a lightly used Thrustmaster set up minus the TH8A shifter, which was just sold. I purchased this set minus the Ferrari wheel about 6 months ago and have used it on and off for that time. The 599xx evo wheel was a Christmas present and was used once for 30 minutes. I just recently, thanks to the holidays, upgraded to a Fanatec setup so have no need for both the Thrustmaster base and Fanatec gear. I am asking $350 plus shipping for everything. Everything is in great working order and like new condition. Thanks for looking!
  5. WHEEL RIMS ARE NOW SOLD! Had another member who was searching for these ready to purchase, had me pull them out of storage and then vanished. Now that I've got them out, I would like to sell them. TS-PC Racer rim has never been out of the box the whole deal came in. I think everyone knows what it looks like, but if someone really wants to see a photo I can snap one. Will also throw in the little carrying bag Thrustmaster provided for the rim. Pictures of the Ferrari rim are below. Original box, original packaging. Barely used. BEST OFFER on either one, or both rims together! [email protected]
  6. (Best Offer) This is a sweet setup Fully compatible with almost all racing games for Playstation 4 and PC. It comes with complete cockpit that is fully adjustable in every way with seat, a like ne T300RS force feedback wheel, upgraded stiffened g27 pedals, upgraded TH8A shifter with custom cnc made plates. Shifter can be used as bump shifter (up down) or gated 6 speed with reverse. Its usually mounted at your side but I have it moved up and turned sideways as an e-brake at the moment for the Grc series. You will also get the 4 bass shakers and amp attached to the frame so you can feel contact, engine noises and rumble strips. I will also include manuals boxes and an extra shifter as well as a back up set of pedals. Any questions feel free to ask. I will also help setup if needed. Take your Racing simulation to the next level. This setup is amazing. Perfect for intro or intermediate levels. You can take it home, plug it in and drive. Best Offers will be considered.
  7. Hey so as i said in title my ts-pc base stoped working because of power outage and chip inside stoped working so im looking if i can buy only wheel base without rim because rim is fine. So please if anyone is maybe selling one or if there is a way of buying only wheel base plase conntact me. Thanks
  8. Please go to the last page for the latest updates! My rig as of 06/11/16: Video Tour from 9/19/2015: Original post from 1/1/2013 is as follows: Hey guys, long time reader, infrequent poster. Just took the plunge with an ikea table and a 32 inch TV with my Fanatec wheelstand, and a car seat on a homemade base to make a "dedicated" driving setup and am loving it. I have always wanted to do triples tho, and was thinking that another ikea table and 2 more 32 inches might do the trick... plus my PC instead of my PS3 of course. SO I was wondering what the pros/cons would be of instead of getting monitors I just grabbed a couple more of these TV's and used them to do triple screens? The TV's are APEX 60Hz 720p and my current video card is a GeForce 660TI, so I'm pretty sure it will do the trick, please experts, I need your knowledge! Thanks.
  9. NC_2_VA


    I've used this rim for about 1.5 years. I love it but have moved to a OSW and don't need this any longer. Wheel is in good condition and works great. I do not use gloves while racing so the alcantara is matted where your hands would rest. If you have a suede brush it may brush out. Not looking to get rich just passing some stuff along. $70 paypal, shipped to the lower 48. I have excellent feedback on other forums
  10. Sold Needs to go.....don't let it be a dust collector. 250 Thrustmaster T300RS servo base and original rim with 599 EVO Alcantara rim. 599 EVO Alcantara less than 3 weeks old. No wear on it. The stock rim - Sold. I also have a set of upgrade pedals with conical mod willing to separate them from the wheel and base. 80 My wife bought me a Fanatec wheel base and rim for Xmass Please PM me I'm looking to move it on so reasonable offers. Price base on location and shipping cost.
  11. ManateeMatt

    T300 research help

    Hello all! I'm new here, and fairly new to sim racing. I've been doing a lot of research for which wheel to get, and I have decided to get the Thrustmaster T300RS GT. I have made my decision due to many positive reviews and suggestions. Now, the reason I am posting is because I have started looking at the negative reviews. The main issue I have seen with the T300 is that the force feedback will weaken or stop functioning. Most of the reviews have been from 2016 or earlier, and I'm not really sure if they are out of date issues. I saw that many people suggested firmware updates, console reset, adjusting calibration settings, ect. What I find odd is that there are so many positive suggestions, but for the negative reviews they seem to have the same issue. I have listed some of the issues I found at the bottom of this post. I have decided on the T300, but same FFB issues has made me delay my purchase. Here are my questions, If these issues are firmware related have they been patched? As I said before most issues are from 2016 or earlier. Have you had any issues with your T300? (Or any thurstmaster) if so, how helpful was thrustmaster support? Am I overthinking this, and should I just purchase? Thanks in advance, ManateeMatt Here are some of the issues I found: Reviews of lost force feedback on Amazon
  12. hey guys, happy holidays! i have a new set of thrust master T3PA PRO pedals that were never used. i bought it to use with my x box then i ended up buying a complete setup from some one so i have not yet used these. i also have a thrust master 599XX EVO alcantara wheel i bought used but haven't used myself. then i have a tx wheel base that is not working. i bought it from someone practically new in the box but it never turned on for me. i did splice off the breakaway usb trying to see if that was the problem(known issue) . if you are electronically inclined you may be able to fix it. Im asking 120 for the pedals, 130 for the wheel and 75 for the tx base as is. please msg me or text me on 3476107976 for questions. price is shipped in the us.
  13. For sale is the Basherboards CPX Adapter $45.00 Shipping included. All parts included to run your fanatec pedals( I have a set of V2 pedals for sale check that out too) with your Thrustmaster wheel base. Will ship in a brown, bubble packing pad. Great adapter!!!
  14. Complete collection pack! - Includes Ferrari 599XX EVO detachable wheel (11.8 inches and Alcantara), T300 Servo Base and T3PA 3-Pedal Pedal Set Detachable replica wheel of the Ferrari 599XX EVO - 8:10 scale replica of the wheel of the 599XX EVO, officially licensed by Ferrari; Hand-stitched wrapping crafted of the same Alcantara material imported from Italy as that used on genuine Ferrari wheels Buy on amazon Thrustmaster VG T300 Ferrari
  15. I used iRacing to show the problem, but i get the same problem at the Thrustmaster Control Panel I had a G27 pedal with the same problem, does all the pedals get this problem after a while using it? Now i have to open up the pedal and try to clean the potenciometer. The pedal is not even 1 year old.
  16. $200 (firm) + negotiated shipping. Wheel and Wheelstand setup needs a good home. This would be a great way to get someone into sim racing. PC/XBoxONE compatible. US seller (55417), shipping negotiable. PICs to come, at work currently. For Sale a used Thrustmaster TMX (Gas/brake only), Wheel Stand Pro V2 and Ricmotech Hardmount adapter. The wheel was purchased November 2016 and has seen moderate use. Pedals were used moderately for a month or so. The pedal set is OK for a first set and needs some kludginess to get it to stay put on the wheel stand, but the hardware is compatible with TP3A should you upgrade. I know you know someone who needs this
  17. FISTtheVERB


    SOLD LOCALLY Thanks for all interested
  18. Hello everyone reading, I have owned my thrustmaster tmx for over a month now, but i've been noticing some technical problems with the force feed back function 1. when starting up the wheel, the thing shuts on and off 3 times to the left when calibrating 2.whenever i use the game controller set up and test out the forces, after 2-4 times the force feed back stops working, if i unplug and replug it just stops working as a whole, the wheel seems to still work, but the force feed back doesnt 3. In assetto It happens whenever the ffb (which im believing by this is a problem in the gears) feels very faint, but then it turns back on SOMETIMES with sudden jagged movement 4. ive been waiting a literal 2 weeks for a response from anyone, nobody knows what to do. 5.I tried the unplug both for 30 seconds along with holding the 4 (and the 2) button method 6. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the driver, it doesn't work, so that also makes me believe its the wheel itself, I dont know what part because I don't want to disassemble just yet If anyone knows what to do/buy/fix to help get my wheel to work please that would be grateful!
  19. SOLD Hey guys, I am selling my Ricmotech Alcantara Add-On Wheel, with the wheel side Holger Q1R quick release. Its a custom wheel solution for DD wheels, using the excellent Thrustmaster Alcantara 599 XX EVO rim. I bought the wheel new in late June. It has barely been used. The rim is a little small for my taste. My dog chewed the original USB cable and so I replaced it with a brand new cable today. I tested the wheel and paddle shifters and everything works great. This set up cost me around $350 new, but I will let it go for $150 shipped to anywhere in the continental US via USPS Priority. PayPal only. Here are pictures: Thanks for your interest.
  20. WastedWhiteBoii

    Thrustmaster TX servo base help.

    I recently updated the firmware on the servo base to 51.00 included on the 6.TTRS driver package and now when my controller is turned off when my xbox is on I can not turn on the base with the Xbox button that is on the base. I either have to unplug the USB or the power. Has anyone had this problem before or currently?
  21. the connetor on the end of the cable on my t3pa pros got chewed off and lost so now i can't play with my pedals does any one know what kind of connetor it is and where i can find one i know it's a Cat4 MMJ Connector Modular Plug; UTP Shielding; Cable Mount i just don't want to buy 100 cause where i found it is i can only buy a minimum of 100 which cost $69.00 i don't realy want to spend that amount of money on a little connetor and also does any one know if thrustmaster would send one
  22. Just as the title said, even I already set the wheel to 1080 degrees, I still can't turn 540 degrees for each side. After turning the first 360 degrees, I can only turn about 160 degrees. I tried multiple times and it's just impossible for me to turn a full ONE AND A HALF CIRCLE for both side. So is it normal or not? This is not 1080 degrees in total. Also, sometimes my right paddle shifter is not clicky, and I need to push hard to activate the L2 button. Should I return it and get another one? (Not a native English speaker, plz don't get mad about the grammar)
  23. Filius Aurorae

    Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback issues

    Hey guys and gals, new here. I have had a Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback wheel for just under a year now. Yesterday everything was working fine with the wheel and I unhooked it, watched some TV and grabbed some dinner, came back and hooked it back up and the white LED next to the xbox guide button wasn't lit up. The mode button is lit up red and when pressing the guide button the guide still comes up on the xbox one. The pedals do nothing, the d-pad is unresponsive and so are the other buttons. I can turn the wheel with absolutely no resistance and also, nothing happens. Even when in game. I hooked it up to my PC and got the same issues. Even in the control panel it won't register the wheel turning or pedals being depressed. The firmware is up to date and I have gone through Thrustmasters troubleshooting and nothing has worked. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would like to keep the wheel and not shell out money for another one. Thanks.
  24. Hi everyone, I own a PS4 and am looking to get a Thrustmaster steering wheel. However, my main intentions with the wheel is to get the Ferrari F1 wheel add-on to go with my F1 2017 game. Can anyone provide me with a list of steering wheels that are compatible with this add on because I am struggling to find definitive answers. There is a Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari GTE second hand steering wheel that I am currently looking at and I am wondering if it is compatible with the Ferrari add-on wheel. And which wheel would you recommend for this? Thanks and apologies if this is a stupid question.