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Found 255 results

  1. Hi everyone, I bought the Thrustmaster TS-PC during a black friday sale, and I'm now looking for guidance for what kind of pedals I should combine the wheel with. I've been watching a lot of ISRTVs videos on the different available pedal sets, but I'm struggling to find what would fit me best. This will be my first sim racing setup, and I'm kind of on the fence about whether I should just invest in a pedal set with loadcell braking like the Fanatec CSL Elite LC 3-pedal set,, or if I should rather go with something a bit cheaper like the Thrustmaster T3PAs? Hope you guys will be able to shed some light on the subject! Please feel free to share a bit about your own experiences with any of the above-mentioned or similar products. Have a nice day, -Marius
  2. Just as the title said, even I already set the wheel to 1080 degrees, I still can't turn 540 degrees for each side. After turning the first 360 degrees, I can only turn about 160 degrees. I tried multiple times and it's just impossible for me to turn a full ONE AND A HALF CIRCLE for both side. So is it normal or not? This is not 1080 degrees in total. Also, sometimes my right paddle shifter is not clicky, and I need to push hard to activate the L2 button. Should I return it and get another one? (Not a native English speaker, plz don't get mad about the grammar)
  3. I just sold my Thrustmaster Ferrari integral + th8a shifter and i purchased a Fanatec wheel. These rims are what is left of my TM set. 1) Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On in super perfect condition. There is no difference from buying a brand new one. Packaging - box in super perfect condition with papers etc. 120 euros 2) Ferrari 458 Italia Edition wheel custom painted (Lauda-speciale aperta style). Perfect condition. My customizing topic 80 euros 3) Stock T500rs wheel, bought directly from Thrustmaster . Brand new in super perfect condition. 80 euros 4) Stock T300rs wheel, bought directly from Thrustmaster. In super perfect condition. It will be shipped in a Ferrari alcantara box 70 euros I will sell the whole set for 300 euros. I suppose selling to EU is more possible because outside EU the shipping will cost too much. If more than one rims wanted , i can make a better deal.
  4. Hey guys, I have the standard T300rs wheel/pedal set on a GT Omega ART rig. I play GT Sport, F1 2017, and Project Cars for PS4 only. I want to get the Ferrari F1 wheel and the T3PA pedals, but not sure which one to do first. I'm actually okay with the stock pedals since they're all I've ever used. The stock wheel is okay, but it needs more buttons and I am getting the occasional random button press. What do you think? Thanks.
  5. There was an old steering wheel, eventually it began to spin on its own, when I was accelerating. I threw it away, because I thought it was a breakdown. I bought a new Thrustmaster T300RS, hooked it all up, included the game (Assetto Corsa) and all the same symptoms on it. He turned on The Crew and on it he saw everything except the steering axle or saw, but he turned left without returning, then just did not react. What to do? P.s I repeat, everything was the same on the old steering wheel P.s.s On ps4 the same thing Video: 70d559de5e.480.mp4
  6. I bought this as a gift for my brother a week ago but he wanted a different wheel. I purchase it for 210$. Has the box and all the pieces. NO damage NO problems. Just bought the wrong wheel. for sale: $160 or best offer
  7. Hi all, I have the following questions: 1. Is the base in the TS-PC and TS-XW identical minus xbox one compatibility? Or, are there other differences? 2. Is there anyway to make the TS-PC compatible with the Xbox one? I've currently ordered the following today: 1. 599XX EVO 30 wheel 2. T3PA-PRO peddals 3. TH8A shifter I do own an xbox one s however, I don't really see myself playing on there as my PC is high end with a 1080ti and both rift and vive so I figure all my driving will be on the PC and I have the latest racing games already purchase for PC. But, I'm worried about getting the TS-PC and paying all that money if it turns out the TS-XW base has been upgraded at all. I figure I can also sell the T3PA peddals that come with either set. And, if I end up getting the TS-XW I can return the 599XX wheel. Please provide your thoughts as I'm inexperienced in the sim-racing area and would benefit from your experience. Thanks!
  8. I'm selling a modified T300 wheel setup. Ideally selling as one lot as the display mount is too deep to work with a stock TM rim and the paddles will hit it, although if someone did want the display mount alone, then obviously that frees the modified rim for sale separately. Got about £180 in this from all the bits, plus a GTE rim is around £100 to buy new on top of that. Looking to sell the lot for £140. I can post in the UK for £10 extra. Paypal is fine for payment as long as buyer covers the fees or sends money as a gift. T300GTE wheel box, fitted with a 350mm deep dish Sparco copy rim using an SRH adaptor. Has paddle extensions I made myself from 3mm aluminium fitted with a pair of carbon fibre GT1 paddles from Ascher racing. Original Thrustmaster GTE 280mm rim and paddles plus mounting hardware are also included, in brand new condition. I'll also included a 3D printed adaptor which allows you to bolt a full size rim straight to it, and screw it directly onto the TM quick release collar. Custom 5" HDMI screen mount made by OpenSimRigs. (No screen included, re-used it for another project) Similar design to the one they sell to fit the stock TM rim, but with a slightly different mounting direction and size so it works with a full size rim (As noted above, stock TM paddles will hit it, hence my extensions). Also has a custom faceplate with 12 shift LEDs fitted which run off of a SymProjects Pro-Shift board and 2 smalller 5mm leds at each side. Pro-shift info here: The mount is setup to fit one of these screens: Demo vid running Z1 on the screen: How it looks with a screen installed.
  9. Hi, I'm looking for a pedal set with clutch compatible with Thrustmaster TX Base. Please let me know what you have. Thanks
  10. Hi there all! First off, I want to apologize if this question has been previously asked somewhere else, but for the life of me, I can't find any related threads.I was wondering if the Thrustmaster wheelbases require the original wheel to be connected in order for the PC to recognize it. I ask this for I will soon upgrade to a Thrustmaster wheelbase (either a TS-XW, TS-PC, or T300 wheelbase) and would like to use my custom F1 and GT style wheels.I am currently using a Logitech G920, and to my dismay, I found out the original wheel's PCB needed to be connected to the wheelbase for it to be recognized by my PC, so needless to say, I hacked it up to make it work with my custom wheels.So, any of you Thrustmaser owners can confirm that I need not connect a Thrustmaster wheel to the base to be recognized by the PC and still have the FFB functions, etc.?Thanks! Hope to hear from any of you soon! And sorry again if this was previously asked and if this is in the wrong forum category!Cheers!
  11. Timon18

    Thrustmaster TX Pedal Problem

    Greetings all, I do not know if it's the right place or not but from what I read, you get a lot of the point so here it goes, I have a thrustmaster TX but now when I play and I enter the control panel of the steering wheel, I see that the pedals sometimes fail to respond. This is sometimes when pressed to the end only shows as 38% pressed, or even sometimes loading the brake and nothing signals, shortly after running and stopping the accelerator. Does anyone know if opening and cleaning stay up? Or if it burned something and it is better to think about buying others ..... Thank you in advance.
  12. Hi, I'm looking for a pedal set with clutch compatible with Thrustmaster TX Base. Please let me know what you have. Thanks
  13. Hey everyone, Figured I'd share my latest button plate project that I'm currently working on for my T300 base. I based the design off the steering wheel used in the Bentley GT3 racecar using a top mounted button plate rather than having the plate behind the wheel. I previously made a behind wheel mounted button plate a while back and wanted to go for a different design. After a few hours of drafting on AutoCAD I came up with a plate design and button placement I was satisfied with. I cut a prototype plate from some foam board I had lying around to see how it looked with the buttons. Pretty good if I do say so my self For this project I am using the TM compatible circuit by Moogen which can be found here: The circuit allows for both console and PC compatibly while maintaining the TM quick-release connection and includes inputs for 13 buttons, 4 d-pad inputs and 2 paddle shifters. I was amazed at how small and compact the circuit board is, making it perfect for button plate projects. I used push buttons for all 13 inputs and 2 toggle switches for the d-pad with the left switch being UP and DOWN and the right switch being LEFT and RIGHT directions. The wheel I am using is a 320mm NRG suede. To keep the plate raised off the steering wheel I'm using 1/2" plastic spacers which gives tons of space beneath the plate for the circuit board and all the wiring. Because of the placement of the DIN connector on the circuit I'll have to leave 1 screw out when bolting the wheel to the DSD adapter. For the paddles I tried mounting them to a backing plate using hinges and springs. With the push button I'm using and the tension of the spring the paddles have a nice firm and tactile feel comparable to my 599XX rim even using the foam board prototype. I wired up all the buttons and switches and checked each input using the TM profiler to make sure it was working before using shrink tubing to tidy everything up. The next step is to cut and drill the button plate, paddle shifters and the shifter mounting plate. I plan on using 4mm polycarbonate sheet for the plate and paddles and covering it with carbon fibre vinyl wrap. Once this is done and the DSD adapter arrives everything will be ready to be assembled! I'll post an update when the project is finished. - Cody
  14. Backstory: I recently purchased a set of SimAbility's GT Paddles for Thrustmaster for use on my TX base. Call it bad luck, but about a week later my wheelbase kicked the bucket after a few years service. Turns out the main PCB board is what failed. I'm looking for any Thrustmaster TX base, parts or complete wheelbase, to pull the mainboard from to try to get back up and running. I don't have a need for the rim, pedals, cables, or any of that jazz. If you have a TX or similar base accumulating dust, I would be interested. Thanks!
  15. SOLD! For Sale $65 shipped! I have a used Thrustmaster Ferrari GTE wheel. It functions perfectly. It has a lot of scuff marks on it. It wasn't used that much, the scuffs are from storing the wheel with other wheels and sim racing gear in a box by my rig. The pictures make it look worse than it really is. Payment will be PayPal F&F, or you pay fee, choice is yours. I will ship for free, and provide tracking. Continental U.S. buyers only please, will not ship internationally.
  16. manashttu

    T300 Base

    Have a T300 base in great condition, working perfectly. Includes table clamp and power cord. $225 shipped to US, OBO. Thanks.
  17. Hi All, Was looking some help and I hope this can be fixed. I have a Thrustmaster T150 wheel as most prob know its a clamp on. The problem is I over tighted and pulled the thread out where the clamp bolt goes in. I have tried gluing it but it pulls out again any suggestions? I have a play seat evolution was holes for hard mounted other wheels is there a diy info for me to do this? All help will be much appreciated thanks
  18. Purchased a t300 RS GT at the start of July and have had seamless hours of entertainment with it, all of a sudden it decides not to have any force feedback while playing project cars or dirt 4 On the ps4 menu it is great, but as soon as you load a game it goes slack and the ffb disappears all together. Strange thing is it works on the PS3 and works when plugged into my laptop Any help is appreciated at this present time
  19. just got my Thrustmaster TX wheel 458 edition and hooked up my t3pa pedals and the brake is not responding not even in the calibration software on pc. If i switch to the pedals that came with the wheel the brake pedal works fine but not with t3pa set. anyone knows the solution to my problem?
  20. Hello Racers, For sale I have a very lightly used (less than 20 hours of game play) Thrustmaster T3PA-PRO pedal set. I purchased this set new from B&H last month for $143. I'll be going a different route with my sim racing setup and looking to sell these. I am asking $125 shipped in the USA. I've installed the conical brake mod. No original packaging but I have all tools, accessories, and documentation. If interested please drop me a line. Thanks
  21. Wheel has been purchased
  22. gberko0303

    Thrustmaster TX Servo Base

    Hey Guys,Im not sure if you guys have ever heard of the pedal jack for the servo base going bad at all. Whenever i try to calibrate my pedals on my pc or xb1 both are unresponsive. While connected to my pc in the control panel i can calibrate my wheel and everything works perfect but as soon as i hit the gas/brake it looses the y and rz axis bar as if nothing is pulled in. It is the same if i try to calibrate on f1 17, in the control scheme the steering works perfect but no response to the throttle or brake. Please let me know what i can do to get everything working properly again. THANKS
  23. gberko0303

    Thrustmaster TX Servo Base

    Hey Guys,Im not sure if you guys have ever heard of the pedal jack for the servo base going bad at all. Whenever i try to calibrate my pedals on my pc or xb1 both are unresponsive. While connected to my pc in the control panel i can calibrate my wheel and everything works perfect but as soon as i hit the gas/brake it looses the y and rz axis bar as if nothing is pulled in. It is the same if i try to calibrate on f1 17, in the control scheme the steering works perfect but no response to the throttle or brake. Please let me know what i can do to get everything working properly again. THANKS
  24. This will be my first sim rig and after some research I've decided to go with either the Thrustmaster TX or the Fanatec CSL Elite (Whichever I can get a better deal on honestly). I am looking for the Thurstmaster TX with the C3PA pedals and a rim besides the plastic 458 style The Fanatec CSL Elite can have any rim and pedals but prefer the 3 pedal LC set Also if anyone has any advice for which one would be better for a newbie I'm open to suggestions. I live in Houston, Texas NO LONGER LOOKING, ALREADY BOUGHT NEW CSL BUNDLE