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Found 108 results

  1. 1.) Thrustmaster T500RS with Richmotech Real Feel load cell brake pedal. Thrustmaster pedal mods: Richmotech Real Feel load cell brake mod, Basher brake mod installed in clutch pedal (comes with extra bushing), gas spring replaced with spring from brake pedal. 2.) Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 add on wheel 3.) DSD wheel adapter for Thrustmater wheels 4.) Basher brake mod (Kit that includes 4 bushings.Two 70 durometer bushings and two 60 durometer bushings should allow you to mix and match the bushings to create a pedal stiffness that is to your liking.) All items are in good working condition. Price for all is $575.00 shipped obo. Located in California Please email me or pm me if you are interested or have any questions ([email protected])
  2. Hey guys, I have a complete plug and play setup for xbox one. its a thrustmaster tx base, the 599xxevo alcantara wheel, t3pa pro pedals and the thrustmaster shifter. located in Georgia. looking to sell it all together but willing to separate. open to offers! buyer pays shipping
  3. Finally bought a cockpit rig, the OpenWheeler model. Connected my T300RS GT edition to the rig, played for a half hour, and the base dies, no power. Ran all the troubleshooting, send it back to Thrustmaster, got it back, race for a half hour, DIES AGAIN!!! Now I am getting upset. They claim they had to replace the PCB last time, not sure why. Has anyone every experienced this issue? The thing worked fine for the couple months I had it clamped to a table. The mounting bolts are well under the recommended length, I even wedged a rubber seal in between the base and the mounting plate in case it was shorting out. I am waiting on another shipping label, but I can't handle dealing with this a third time. Thanks.
  4. Hi people! I'm looking for a wheel pedal set, possibly including an H-Shifter. It just needs to be in the 300 $ price range. I live in Denmark and therefore are only interested in wheels and pedals that can be sent to Denmark.
  5. I am looking to get started in sim racing, primarily iRacing. I am not worried about wanting to sell my wheel because I know I will use it as I play many other racing games. I am just wondering Which wheel I should purchase. Should I buy a cheaper beginner wheel such as the T150 or should I save up and purchase something like a T300 or even a fanatec? Thanks.
  6. FueltheScar

    Thrustmaster T-150 Button issue

    I have a Thrustmaster T-150 and I have used it since last July. I have got a problem where I press a button on the steering wheel and it mistakes it for another button. I sometimes have to turn the wheel to get windows or the game to recognize the correct button. Can anyone help me diagnose the problem or find a fix?
  7. deivi

    CalibMotor for TS-PC

    Hi all, I have a question: The CalibMotor that allows you to recalibrate the motor for the T300 wheels for example, works with TS-PC? Because I noticed that TS-PC has two clicks when is centered that makes hard to stay in exactly 50, it tends to move to 50.1 or 50.2. Thank you
  8. Is there any way to connect T3PA pro to my f430 wheel? I received new pedals as a gift but cannot connect them due to plastic pin that is on the side in T3PA and on the middle in my F430. I cannot afford buying new wheel at the moment. I have someone who can replace the pinout but he said he needs to see a connection diagram for both t3pa and f430 as he doesn't want to damage anything. He said it's not a problem to follow wire colours but how he can be sure that colours are for the same purpose in 2 different modules (hope that makes sense) Can anyone help here please?
  9. Hello to you all, I've been using Thrustmaster T300 RS GT-Edition for nearly half an year.Not that I need it, but after I watched the review of the T-GT wheel i started of buying it, at that point the choice to me seemed clear.But now doubts have appeared in my mind .I wasn't and still not very aware of Fanatec products but I liked the CSL wheel.So can someone give me an advice which one to choose.I'm using PS4 Pro and I play GT Sport most of the time, but also F1 2017,PJ2 and DiRT.Help will be appreciated!Thank you in advance
  10. PocketZeven

    (Bought) WTB CPX adapter

    Hi I am based in Europe and want to upgrade from my T3PA pedals to either CSL LC or CSL v3 but I want to run them with my T-GT on console. Basherboards isn’t selling them at the moment (working on new version with no release date). So anyone have one he is not using?
  11. I wrap my oem t300rs wheel rim with cheap leather wrap.The feeling a lot better and its almost look like the 28gt wheel rim add on imo.I dont want to spend extra $180cdn just to have that feeling that the 28gt has lol..I bought the leather wrap from ebay for $7cdn. Edit: since you guys keep asking the link , here it is
  12. Was going to get into flight sims. But don’t have the time. Like new with original boxes $375 Will post more pictures tomorrow
  13. Hi Guys, I recently purcahsed a TS-PC Thrustmaster and I went to try it on rF2 and it doesn't work. It works perfectly fine with iRacing and R3E. Unfortunately rF2 isn't picking up any input (even when I load the preset TS-PC option). I am currently using a TS-PC wheel with CSR Elite Pedals. Both connected via usb. I did a clean re-install of rF2 and still had the same issue.
  14. Selling my set up. All items are used but in good, functional condition. A few blemishes on the exterior from being stored in my basement. All cables are included. Shifter has three plates:short throw and the two standard sequential and long throw. Dirt Rally is included! Asking $450 + S&H.
  15. foxymop

    T300 GTE pedals issue

    Hi! First post here!So, after 3 replacements of t300 gte (all faulty), the third one arrived today and... the brake pedal is dead.The funny thing is that in calibration, the gas pedal activates ed brakes.... and in game, if i hit the gas 100% the brakes goes by it self 100% also...In PC1, the brake is dead, but the gas pedal does not brake also like in PC2.So I think this might have a solution?....Already disconnected and reconnected every thing by the book.Any help? Or this goes back also?Just tested it with drive club. Same thing as in PC2.
  16. SLiMtendo

    Any good Thrustmaster Stories?

    Hello all, Soooooo many bad reviews and bad horror stories about The Thrustmaster T300!!! I just upgraded from a Logitech G29(if that’s considered a upgrade) to a Thrustmaster T300 GT edition and I’m absolutely loving it.. but I must say, I’m mighty nervous that my Thrustmaster will become just another horror story and I will be another victim to the Thrustmaster nightmare!!! Has anyone... ANYONE.. had a great experience with the Thrustmaster T300 series, where they haven’t had any issues for at least 2 years or so? Im not expecting it to last a life time.. 2 to 4 years would be my expectation but I’ve read multiple stories on this forum and the internet in general, about t300s going dead out of the box.. or over a week or month.. etc. now.. Let’s hear some Great T300 stories!
  17. The T300RS GT is brand new and has never been opened. The TH8A has been used for 2 weeks. I live in Georgia. $350 (not including shipping) - T300RS GT $150 (not including shipping) - TH8A Please PM me your offer if you are interested.
  18. I'm selling nearly new Thrustmaster TXj 458 with original rim and pedals. Also included is Wheel Stand Pro Deluxe to mount wheel and pedals. Great beginner setup. Easy to setup and put away. Shipping would be from central Illinois. Pics show pedals and stand, then wheel which is currently on my new rig. Selling because I built new rig and am upgrading to Fanatec gear. Both stand and wheel are only 2 months old. $400 plus shipping.
  19. Will Cochran

    WTB - My first set up

    Looking to get my first sim set up for my xbox. Looking to keep it under $200 for wheel and pedals. Most interested in Thrustmaster TX, TMX, Logitech G920, or other set ups in similar range. I'd prefer to get a 3 pedal set up with a gear shift as well. Don't know if that is unreasonable tho considering my budget. I'm out of the North Central OH area so I'm willing to travel to anywhere near or around the Columbus or Cleveland area. Thanks for looking!
  20. Will Cochran

    WTB - My first set up

    Looking to get my first sim set up for my xbox. Looking to keep it under $200 for wheel and pedals. Most interested in Thrustmaster TX, TMX, Logitech G920, or other set ups in similar range. I'd prefer to get a 3 pedal set up with a gear shift as well. Don't know if that is unreasonable tho considering my budget. I'm out of the North Central OH area so I'm willing to travel to anywhere near or around the Columbus or Cleveland area. Thanks for looking!
  21. Hello Hope someone can confirm, but from what I've read the TX and T300(RS) are exactly the same force feedback internals but the T300(RS) has redesigned cooling and better rim? Is that correct? Obviously TX wiorks with Xbox One and T300(RS) works with PS4 but are there any other differences. Thanks in advance
  22. $250 total for the full combo. Free shipping to the lower 48 via FedEx Ground. I can ship International FedEx Express, if needed. Send PM for shipping quote. Includes: Thrustmaster VG T300RS Racing Wheel Servo Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On Original MFG packaging included along with all the original accessories and paperwork. Wheel Base and Rim work well. The Base includes the Desk Clamp. The Switch on the Right Paddle Shift for the Rim has been replaced with a new one within the past month, so it is as new. There are signs of wear and tear, but nothing major. I wear gloves, so it is all in pretty good nick. I prefer to not separate the Base and Rim. But, if you are only interested in the Ferrari Rim I will take $120 plus $15 Shipping for it. Total of $135. *The Shifter has been sold. If you have any questions, please ask. Items are guaranteed to work. I prefer payment via PayPal Friends and Family. Thank you.
  23. I never got to use this, literally has under 10 hours of use (probably closer to 5). Two young kids squashed any chance to really use so selling to someone who hopefully can. Pic's aren't great. Also have the box for the wheel and pedals. Can send other pics if interested, let me know what you want to see. Looking for local pickup or meet somewhere for delivery. Live in Nassau County on Long Island. $550 OBO. Could also throw in project cars for ps4 if you want it.
  24. Hey Guyzzz, I just took some pictures of my Stock Thrustmaster TS-PC Rim...This sale is for the RIM ONLY. Asking $150 shipped within the 48 Cont. US. I have owned this less than one week, and only trading up to a Rally-Style Rim. I am new here, but I have 100% feedback on Ebay as 'recorderboy' , and a member there since 2002.
  25. Hey guys, I bought this set-up a year ago and will be moving to a smaller place soon so it needs to go. It is practically brand new with less than 20 hours of use. Here's the setup: Cockpit: RaceRoom RR3033 seats - $400 Monitor Bracket VESA 100 - $60 Pedal Adaptor Plate - $24 Shifting bracket for Thrustmaster TH8 RS/ TH8a - $45 Stiffening Profiles - $60 Adjustable bracket seat rails - $45 Keyboard bracket - $70 Wheel Base: Thrustmaster Racing Wheel Servo Base for XBox One - $260 Wheel: Thrustmaster Ferrari 599XX Evo Alcantara Wheel - $175 Pedals: Thrustmaster VG T3PA-Pro 3 Pedals - $150 MSRP I paid for everything was $1,289. I am selling everything for $775 obo. Local pick up only. I am located in Philadelphia PA. Thanks for looking.