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Found 258 results

  1. Hello everyone, got bored and decided to test all Porsche Pack cars on Magione. I think I've had the most fun in the 911R and Cayman GT4 until now. I'm just an enthusiast, so the hotlap is for sure not hot enough for most of the drivers around here. Using my new T300RS wheel in all the videos. What are you're favorite cars on in all three Porsche Packs? Done 10 of the cars so far. The rest of the cars are coming up, so here's a teaser: ArunaskaPlays Don't forget to Like, Share, Comment and Subscribe to be notified whenever we upload a new video, thanks for watching.
  2. Hi guys, here comes another handbrake / e brake mod for the Thrustmaster TX wheel on a XBONE. My intention was to create a simple yet solid solution, and as there is an A button on the wheel base, I decided to tap that. Step 1: Solder two extensions to those wires coming from the front right pcb, which are connected to the A button (brown and orange) Step 2: Solder the extension wires to a 3.5mm jack socket, carefully drill a hole in the tx case and attach the socket in there. Step 3: Get yourself a decent and hefty arcade style joystick with micro switches (search amazon for "BQLZR joystick"), bolt it to a piece of plywood and attach that to your rig (in my case a wheelstand pro). Step 4: Solder two wires to a 3.5mm mono jack and connect the other ends to the corresponding microswitches. Step 5: Plug in the jack, fire up Dirt Rallye, enjoy your drifts with your sub-$20 e brake! Regards, Andreas
  3. hi mates my plan starts back in summer 2015 where i want to buy a t500 and mod them to the limits xD after the t300 integral was announced i flippt my plans and moved over to the t300... on 1.1.2016 i ordered this monster^^ over the last 2 month i was working on a quick release system for the thustmaster tx, t300 and t500. the target was to get the original wheels to a slimline quick release and a fast swaping between TM and aftermarket / custom wheels(for example the ardurino button plate. a also goal was to keep full console compatibility to ps4 or xbox one... now to the project: all started with a "DSD" style adapter, a slimline quick release and an old Raid 1 360mm wheel for ETS2/ATS. it worked fine but to swap to the F599xx was a pain in the A.. after getting back into autocad i started to make adapter for the TM 3 bolt paddern to the 70MM momo pattern and a VGA connector plate... the D-sub 15 pin (Vga) holder (wheel side) to modfiy the top closed TM adapter was not so the Tm adapter without a opening in top was not so easy... and the biggest problem is you havent enougth space in it to work proper! the VGA is connected directly to the mini din 6 pin on the base (sorry havent a pic)! ive not opened the wheel base yet!! to connect the rim the the vga i soldered it to a JST GH 1.25 6 pin. to find this thing outside of china was a pain! the F599xx rim with the TM bolt adapter and the VGA plate the whole assambly on the base the adapters and the QR brings the wheel ca. 40 mm closer to the driver... on the first look not so conspicuous this is my little sweet QR mod for the TM wheel. feel free to ask me something or critizie me its planed to make a small series production of the QR Adapter if somebody is interested! its also planed to make a adapter from Ferrari F1 addon wheel to the 70mm bolt padder / quick release... but if i get in series the mod will be on the Original Thurstmaster and not on a "DSD" style adapter. why? its a lot easeyer to build and much cheaper to fabricate... the mod will also includes this adapter from the original QR to the 70mm bolt pattern. the design is finished but its not printed now. it features a VGA Holder for the wheel base side and have M5 nuts to screw the QR on. dont know a price right now and whats also is a problem is the producion time... i think it thakes 1 month + to get all parts from all over the world together +shipping time and i want now to order 20 or more quick release for many money and nobody orders the QR. want to keep the risk so small as possible! sorry for that :-/ why i will order order all over the place: for example a quick release in germany on ebay costs 50 euro and you need minimal two is much too expensive what its cost to order them by the manicature!!! so this is all i think xD lets starts the disscusion^^ PS. thanks to the great Sim Racing coummunity for all that forum stuff and the youtube stuff Ciao BattleGear
  4. Came across a set of Thrustmaster T3pa pedals and 6 speed shifter. Couldnt resist picking them up, knowing that someone out here would want them. shoot me an email with an offer and we can go from there. [email protected]
  5. Hi everyone, I recently sold my Thrustmaster 458 Italia (TX Base) unit to a friend, but lost the Table Clamp in the process of moving. I am interested in purchasing one from you if it is laying around and not being used. If no one has one available, I'd love to know how to purchase a spare one from Thrustmaster if possible. I have reached out to them, but they have not replied. Thanks!
  6. Item no longer for sale, I am returning to amazon instead. Hey guys, I am selling a Thrustmaster TH8A shifter with Ricmotech short shifter adapter. I bought it brand new from amazon in early December for my PS4 GT Sport sim racing set up. Well, it turns out I can use my Accuforce, MPPC Simpedals and Thrustmaster THR8S shifters for racing games on PS4 thanks to the GIMX software and an Arduino adapter. Accordingly, I no longer need the TH8A. I am asking $130 shipped to the continental US.
  7. Would i buy now T300 gt edition or wait the new gt sport wheel?
  8. Ricmotech

    T150 and TMX hard mount

    Something for you T150 and TMX owners out there. Since the wheels only have a clamp mount we have received requests from heavy users to make a way to hard-mount these wheels. Well, I came up with a simple solution to a simple problem. This hard mount adapter plate mounts to the bottom of the T150 or TMX wheel base and provides hard mount points in the typical Thurstmaster locations so you can bolt it to any rig that has the pre-drilled holes. We put metal inserts into the plate so it can be tightened down securely. We have the first batch in stock now so if you have this problem then here is a great way to take care of it.