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Found 47 results

  1. SOLD - Used Fanatec Club Sport F1 Carbon Note: This Wheel is converted for use with a Direct-drive wheel and has the wheel-side of the Q1R quick-release and the original Fanatec wheel-side quick-release. It has a Teensy controller onboard with a USB cable. The wheel is in nice shape overall and has the real carbon-fiber face. SOLD
  2. A few months ago I purchased a SimuCube SW20 direct drive wheel system from Sim-plicity. I know Ollie (Sim-plicity) is a well known and seemingly respected guy in the sim racing community, but I’ve been treated very unprofessionally by him and his team. After using the SW20 for a while it eventually developed a problem, so I sent it off to Sim-plicity to test it. After they confirmed they couldn’t actually find a problem with it, they instantly gave me a refund WITHOUT ANY prompt or suggestion from me. This is not what I wanted at all, and I found it very strange they’d just take the wheel away from me even though they found nothing wrong with it. After WEEKS of me sending them multiple emails asking why they did this and for them to return the wheel to me and reverse the refund they finally replied with an email that completely ignored everything I’d asked them, and simply asked me if I’d received my refund... On top of this I’d also requested that we speak on the phone; this they did not address at all. Many more weeks have passed since then, with me sending them multiple emails, and they’ve still not replied. So not only have they completely ignored everything I’ve said and asked, they’re now blatantly ignoring all my attempts at communication. By the way, I cannot simply buy another wheel from them as I purchased mine when there was a summer discount sale on, which took off a massive amount of money. All I want is my wheel back - I purchased a high end gaming PC purely for my Sim rig, but it’s now redundant as they’ve just taken my wheel from me. Has anyone else been mistreated by this company? I’m so desperate to resolve this situation and any help would be greatly appreciated! PS. Again, it’s extremely important to me I get this wheel back - I’ve invested so much money in this and I feel absolutely shocked and upset at the LACK OF HONESTY they’re demonstrating. All the best, Max Jerry 07983303611
  3. Looking to sell full simulator, NOT SELLING ANYTHING SEPARATE, Located in houston TX. Oculus rift and gaming pc available too if interested in the complete setup. PC has a 1080 founders edition/ i7 7700k / 500 gb ssd / 16gb ram / soundcard for simcomander. OSW, shifter, and handbrake are all less than 4 months old. Just trying to see if i get any offers . Included are the following: Osw 20nm simcube from sim-plicity: MOMO 35mm Red Mod 7 8: Custom made button plate 12 buttons with magnetic paddle shifters. Fanatec V3 pedals with breake performance kit: Fanatec Shifter 1.5 : Fanatec Handbrake 1.5 : Custom made Steel frame with racing seat. Buttkicker simulation kit :
  4. I am new to sim racing and am looking to buy a OSW setup. I need help choosing which components to get. I am looking at the premade simuCUBE kits available from simracingbay and would like to know which one you guys recommend. I have read that going with the 30NM is pointless as you can't reach its peak potential. Please help me choose a motor, psu and drive.
  5. hi, i am a OSW user, with MMos set to 900 degrees. but in AC when i turn on driver arms and steering wheel and turn the wheel physically, it does not match the animation in-game. Merc GT3 has less than 900 degrees rotation, but all seems off because i can turn my physical wheel more than the animation. is there a setting or tweak to this? ini file? thank you all for your help.
  6. hi all, wanted to ask around if anyone has experience with the Simetek Cockpit K2 cockpit/ rig, mounting and using DirectDrive wheels (OSW, DIY, AF or LB) on it. meaning experience with directdrive on this cockpit K2, does it wobble/ move/ sway/ flex? rigid or not rigid enough? thank you all.
  7. Hey guys, I thought I would share this project here. I am not sure that I can give an exact guide as I found this on the iracing forum but I will post the link to the iracing thread and if anyone has any questions feel free to contact me and I will lead you to all of the necessary information. I take no credit for the Teensy USB conversion portion of this project as it is all another persons work. I simply came up with my own way of utilizing this adapter by mounting outside of the rim. Ok, my goal was to convert my current Fanatec rim as well as any future fanatec rim I may use to USB. The caveat was I only wanted to purchase one USB adapter and I did not want disassembly or modification of the rims to be required. I also wanted to complete this project for less than $20 (not including rim). While most of this project will be difficult for others to complete due to certain parts being difficult to obtain the actual USB conversion aspect may be interesting in itself. The adapter I used is the teensyLC ($17 on ebay) wired and loaded with firmware according to this thread at iracing: There is also a github guide here about the teensy based USB conversion: I started with my SimuCUBE direct drive system. I purchased this kit from Tomo at Sim Racing Bay therefore I am lucky enough to have the Fanatec base side QR adapter he makes. This is one of the components which is required and also difficult to obtain unless you happen to have purchased your DD setup from Sim Racing Bay. The next item I had on hand was a spare Fanatec base side wiring harness. Of course I also had the CSW rim I was converting. So, in order to use one adapter with multiple rims the adapter itself needed to be outside of the rim and be able to connect to the rim using the standard wiring harness/plug that is inside the rim from the factory. This is where the base side harness comes in. Instead of wiring my adapter to the rim PCB directly or to a JST 2.0 8 pin connector and plugging it into the rims PCB I decided to solder my adapter to the spare base side harness I had lying around. I could then fit this harness inside the Fanatec base side QR which came with my DD system. Fortunately Tomo machined these adapters to precise tolerances and there is also a lip machined inside the hub at the perfect point for the plug to rest. This allows the harness fit snugly inside the custom Fanatec QR and also allows the plug to rest against the lip at the perfect depth. When the rim is installed the plugs mate perfectly, and connection is made. This solved the problem of being able to attach various Fanatec rims quickly and easily with only one USB adapter. Next was the concern of housing the USB adapter. What I decided to do was utilize a steering wheel spacer. I was planning on moving my motor back anyways so I already had this on order. This piece is not in the photos as it has not yet arrived but I will update the project pictures once it is completed. You will be able to see in the pics how the adapter will be housed inside the spacer. Basically the spacer will mount to the custom Fanatec QR and allow enough space for the USB adapter to fit inside comfortably. The other side of the spacer will mount to the split bushing on the motor axle. Between the motor split bushing and the steering wheel spacer there will be 6 5mm bolt spacers. These will create a gap between the motor and steering wheel spacer so the USB cable can fit through. I will fasten the USB cable to the spacer in some fashion to prevent and tension on the micro USB connection during use. Of course I will be using a typical coiled USB cable. And that all there is to it, I will have a hub mounted on the axle of my motor that will allow me to mount any stock Non Modified CSW rim or hub (excluding the Xbox hub) directly to my direct drive wheel and maintain button and LED functionality. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. Here are the pics I have so far, as you can see the adapter is covered in heat shrink tubing for protection. The red heat shrink is only covering the unused wires for safety. I will add more pics once the spacer arrives and I can move further with the project. This is the spacer I will use to house the adapter.
  8. Only had my OSW for a few months now, and I'm really impressed. I haven't really seen many topics about repairs required to the hardware, maybe just some (encoder) upgrade ones. Does anyone know what the life expectancy of the MiGE servo is? I'm hearing 20,000 hours from some searches. For me at about 2 hours a day, that's 10,000 days or over 27 years (if I played daily). Have you had to replace anything on your OSW setup (psu, controller boards, servo motor, encoder)? Also be interesting to see how many of us OSW owners are here on the forum.
  9. Rocker8633

    Fs. Argon osw kit.

    Ok, so i have just purchased this kit from another isr user , and have had some personal things come up. As it sits i have not even had time to hook it up, but other things need my attention at the present time. I'm looking to get $800 + shipping, but am willing to negotiate. Will send pics of all upon request..
  10. rocafella1978

    OSW/ R3E FFB settings? (small MiGE)

    hi all, does anyone have working FFB settings for R3E for small MiGE OSW? thank you
  11. I just got my new osw wheel and have great luck with Assetto Corsa. I loaded up Project cars and the wheel is not working. I does not show up in the options, controllers section at all. My wheel is a small mige 20nm from simracingbay. Winddow 10 64bit Fanatec v3 pedals, Fanatec shifter v1.5, Fanatec handbrake Any help in troubleshooting this would be appreciated
  12. Hi, the stuff I have listed below is what I have left for sale. *** Argon based kit from denis reimer now $600 *** ioni based diy kit in a silverstone case now $500 Small mige $300 prices include shipping to lower 48
  13. hello! I'm having big issues with my mmos software. All started after I got this new pc and when I first downloaded mmos it said that I needed to have "msvcr100.dll" file and "mfc100u.dll file after downloading both and pasting both in system32 folder and syswow64 folder. Im now getting this error message and I dont know how to solve it. I would appricate some help. I have also formated the system so i've tried that. Thanks in advance
  14. I have one Fanatec QR Adapter for the OSW Direct Drive Wheel made by Tomo Meglic. It allows for any Fanatec Wheel (Except for the CSL P1 Steering Wheel) to be used with a Direct Drive Servo. This is his newest version of the adapter, and comes with 5 holes on the interior to ensure the Clubsport Harness is securely fastened. Typically you can only get this part by buying one of Tomo's pre-built kits, but since I will no longer be needing mine, it is for sale. I am asking for $125 for the part, it is extremely high quality, made in low batches, difficult to find, but overall worth the cost. The only reason I will not be using it in the future is that I plan to use a Momo Racing Wheel instead. Feel free to PM me with any questions. Thanks!
  15. Mohammed Al-Nuaimi

    mmos is not working

    hello! I'm having big issues with my mmos software. All started after I got this new pc and when I first downloaded mmos it said that I needed to have "msvcr100.dll" file and "mfc100u.dll file after downloading both and pasting both in system32 folder and syswow64 folder. Im now getting this error message and I dont know how to solve it. I would appricate some help. I have also formated the system so i've tried that. Thanks in advance
  16. Hello, I have noticed that my OSW started to loose center after car hits the wall or even after the huge spin, it just stand sideways and I have to go to MMOS to center it again... What could be the issue ? Thanks
  17. Offering up my AKM52G-ANCNEJ00, which is currently being driving by my simuCUBE and before that by an Argon Reimer kit. The servo packs quite a punch and is lightly used without any problems over the course of 14 months. Attached spec. sheet. It served me very well but I want to try out the AKM K version or the also looking for those (Yes, I got bitten by the hardware bug ) The package includes Servo AKM52G w/ 40.000 steps encoder A set of cables Installed drivelock Ascher AKM mount w/ screws I got a quote from two dealers in The Netherlands for a new one of around €1.500 excluding cables. €999,00 Price drop : €950,00 excl. shipping If you have any questions or want to drop by to check it out (Located in the Netherlands) please let me know via PM .
  18. SOLD: Used LED / Digital Data Display - Renovatio SRD-9C (Series One) Works great and comes with original packaging, USB-cable, manuals and software CD. Shown with optional mounting plate - for mounting on the AccuForce or OSW-Mige (small-mige, pre-drilled); the plate is removable and may be adaptable to other wheel-bases. SOLD
  19. I have a slightly used encoder for a Mige motor; I'm told this will fit either a small or large motor for Mige / OSW-steering systems. This would be useful for upgrading from the 2.5k encoder to increase the resolution. I upgraded to the 10k encoder. Price: $45 shipped within continental USA. Please PM if interested.
  20. marcello317


  21. For sale is a 2DOF motion racing sim, comes with Fanatec Clubsport v2 pedals, Club Sport SQ/H-Pattern Shifter, Open Source Wheel, 2 Butt kicker gamers as well as a a controller box for wheel and controller for motion. Also included is the 3rd motor as well as power and control boards to make rig 3DOF. Custom steering wheel with carbon fiber paddle shifters and quick release, wheel buttons connect to PC via Bluetooth and have a battery built into with charging port on top of wheel Everything works flawlessly I simply just don't have time to use it anymore, paid well over $4,000 for everything asking $2,200. Any questions please ask
  22. hi fellow SimRacers, anyone out there who can help with setup/ settings for "MMos FFB" and in game settings? thank you all.