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Found 50 results

  1. Hi, This is Taichi from Taich Sim Racing Wheels!We're selling replica and custom steering wheels for simracing. Please have a look on my website or Instagram to find more!Instagram: taichisimracing Website: Taichisteering email: [email protected] [SALE]As I'm away this September, I'm offering wheels at discounted price!! Discounted price will be applied to ALL orders from 1st - 30th September. This LMP2 style wheel made of real carbon fibre is now available at 765.00EUR + Shipping (approx 40-50 EUR). Button colour is fully customisable!! Compatible to PC (OSW, thrustmaster, Accuforce, Logitech, etc..) The first model is to be completed in late September - early October. Place your order by 9th September to receive in early October.Visit our website or email us for further info. On a budget? Or you don't need clutch or hat switch? Send me an email for any requests! Let us know your budget, we'll try our best to match your needs!
  2. Hi, This is Taichi from Taich Sim Racing Wheels!We're selling replica and custom steering wheels for simracing. Our goal is to provide high quality wheels for all simracers at cheaper price than other producers. To accomplish this, we utilise Aluminium plates instead of Crabon fibre plates, which can greatly reduce the cost while keeping the durability, sturdiness and lightness. Please have a look on my website or Instagram to find more cool stuff like these!Instagram: taichisimracing Website: Taichisteering email: [email protected] You want the CAD data for DIY project? Get them here, or email me!Pinshape: taichi sim racing wheels Feel free to contact me if you have any requests for custom build!
  3. SimuCUBE based OSW kit with Acrylic case Servo Motor: MiGE 130ST-M15015 30Nm 10000ppr (40000cpr). PSU: Mean Well 480w/720w Peak (noiseless) 30Nm. Everything you need to get started, including the Momo wheel, and emergency stop button. This runs fanstastic. The only issue with it is some surface rust that's ONLY on the coupling and wheel bolts (pictured). It was in storage for about a month while I moved. I'm selling because I haven't used it in about the last year, sadly. It's probably only seen about 5-10 hours of runtime. EDIT: Decided to keep, ad removed. Thanks for the interest!
  4. Seeling this complete OSW simucube 20nm with 10k encoder purchased from sim-plicity $850 SHIPPED Steering wheel is a sportline 300mm Button plate is from simracing coach carbon fibre front and back plate with magnetic shifters. Simracing coach quick release and a 3 inch spacer. $300 shipped conus. ---SOLD---
  5. Mohammed Al-Nuaimi

    Mount small mige behind pedals

    Hello as the title says I have acquired a closed f1 cockpit and it's kinda tight and I want to mount the motor behind the pedals and have a very long extension to the front and want to know where I can buy such a thing thanks for the help
  6. Hello I am facing a problem with setting up my osw steering with rfactor 2.... There always comes this crazy jerking motion from the steering when (it seems like) grip level is high. The sound it makes is worrying also... Can anyone help to see how to resolve this (or this is normal??) Thanks in advance Cheers VID_20180909_182528.mp4
  7. SOLD. The steering wheel with the custom carbon fiber plate assembly pictured below. The wheel itself is a 3-bolt Joe’s Racing Products 13 inch black anodized aluminum steering wheel with a very slight dish. The custom USB button assembly was ordered and purchased new by me from Sam Maxwell Customs. The carbon fiber face plate features eight push buttons switches, two 2-way switches and 2 rotary switches. All switches and buttons are fully functional. I drilled the faceplate for paddle shifters (3 holes per side with 10 mm spacing between the mounting holes). With the three holes, paddle shifters can mounted at two different angles. This steering system mounts to a standard 70 mm hub commonly found on OSW direct drive systems. Mounting hardware is included and pictured on the back of the wheel. $275 plus actual FedEx Ground shipping/insurance cost to your location anywhere in the USA. Payment will be by PayPal with shipment to a verified PayPal street address. The wheel will be shipped within two business days fully insured once I receive your full payment. A FedEx tracking numbers will be provided upon shipment. Sorry but I’m not interested in shipping to Canada or internationally so please don’t ask me to do so. Cash at time of local pickup from my location in Avon, Indiana a western suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana is also welcome. Please send me a message and provided your city, state and zip code and I will reply with a firm total for the shipping/insurance amount. Thank you for your interest.
  8. Full Carbon fiber Roso F1 wheel which is made in Europe and weights less than 1kg. Currently has dial labels on it but original laser prints are still on there (see last pic) Its been converted with Leo Bodnar sli + 2 12 position rotary switches and is currently running with usb cord as per picture. (original sli also included) Due to LB sli limitations 1 button is non functioning (yellow) Can be installed to run without cable with the lifeline quick release that's also included. Lifeline quick release can be mounted to Thrustmaster, Logitech wheels using the provided adapters. Includes everything in the photo and comes in a nice hard case. Let me know if you have any other questions. Item located Melbourne $1000 USD $50 USD international shipping Thanks Sam
  9. hi so i've been with my wheel and other things, for a few days now. mostly spent time with AC and PC2. i think... i think i haven't done something right with the configuration, or perhaps my expectations are too high. certainly it's not bad, and there was a race in a Lotus i had that was just amaazzzzzziiiinggggggg, as part of my messing around: i reduced the settings in AC to 0, other than gain, which i left at 70 (i wanted to isolate the Simucube settings) I have just started using my wheel as i got it - i haven't tried to get MMOS installed, or clicked through to the IONI drive on the Simucube configurator - so firstly could anybody please tell me if that is the wrong thing? i followed the instructions that were sent by SimRacingBay - (who, by the way,k have simply been incredibly helpful - and generally awesome people) - which was basically flash the firmware with the most current online, and use it. And so back to AC - I then play with various settings in the Simucube to get two particular reactions I think are lacking / below expectation 1) if i'm driving, say 2nd gear, revs very high, and i press the clutch, then as the revs start screaming, i'd expect to feel that; i don't. and then were i to let the clutch back up, i'd expect to feel a jolt as clutch engages, revs go down and we are powered by throttle agaiin 2) understeer. if i've buggered up a corner, and i'm now understeering, i'd expect to feel it in the wheel going a light lighter. i've had this with previous wheels do this.l screw up the corner, and it's like all resistance is gone on the wheel. with osw, in AC with the settings i've described (gain 70%) the wheel is as hard as it ever was to steer. it doesn't feel like i lost anything.
  10. Hello again, Today I have a brand new SRM (sim racing machines) USB and quick release conversion kit for Fanatec Clubsport rims. This kit was given to me by a fellow sim racer in exchange for some repair work I did. The kit is 100% brand new and has never been installed. This kit comes with an adapter to mount an aftermarket quick release to your Clubsport rim as well as the teensy LC PCB for converting the Clubsport rim to USB. This kit is meant for a 70mm QR1 quick release. Please note the 70mm holes are threaded, so the quick release should not have threads itself. If the quick release you are using does have threads you can drill out the threads in this adapter and use the threads in the aftermarket quick release. Also includes the upgraded DIN connector for connecting the coiled cable to the USB cable as shown in the pictures. This kit is for the BMW/Porsche/Formula rims but it may also work with the universal hub with some light modification (the Universal Hub uses a 12 pin connector rather than the 8 pin used by all other clubsport rims). Please note that this does not work with elite line of rims. Installation is rather straight forward if you are comfortable working with this type of stuff and have a bit of mechanical/electronic service ability. The hardest part is removing the stock quick release without putting too much force on the internal wiring such as that for the joysticks, shifters etc. The second hardest part is unplugging the stock Fanatec harness from the stock Fanatec PCB inside the rim, it is possible to cause damage if you are not careful and put too much force on the connector or solder joints. If you are not confident performing the installtion yourself I do offer installtion services out of Connecticut USA. You could either ship your rim to me or meet me if you are local. If you are buying this kit from me, I would perform the installtion for an additional $40 USD. In this case you would receive your rim back with the kit fully installed and functional, I would also instal the quick release you are using if you send it along with the rim. I have been working on sim racing hardware for approximately 5 years now and have worked with similar technology for many more years so your rim would be in good hands This kit, with the included DIN connector normally costs $89 GBP (approximately $122 USD) plus postage (approx. $21 USD). I am offering this kit brand new shipped (within continental USA) for $115 USD. Link to this item on the SRM website:
  11. Last few items for sale that Havent been picked up yet. First is a Mige motor with Argon drive. Argon is from Dennis Riemer and the Mige was from Sim-pli. £700 Custom leather rim from competition supplies using 2 Martin Ascher (2 for extra strength) paddle plates and has PDW shifters. This connects to a USB control board like the HE Pedals control box. £300 Photos can be seen here:; Cash on collection preferred. I am based in Woking, Surrey. Any questions please ask.
  12. hi there - so i've decided to take the plunge and go for a full on kit, and remarkably, within literally three or four days everything is on its way: prosim h shifter heusinkveld ultimate pedals small motor osw from sim racing bay what i don't have is a wheel and buttons to attach to the drive. i've been playing racing games for, well, decades now technically, but i've never bought serious kit, this is the first time i've gone outside the commercial sphere. this is how i'm justifying this intense cost: that over the timeline, i've been pretty thrifty since i've been on logitech and thrustmaster... what i'm trying to say is: i have no idea what i am doing. the less complicated the better when it comes to fitting this stuff together, and this becomes actual criteria for the wheel, needs to pretty simple to attach to the drive. i did ask for the fanatec QR adapter to come with the osw bundle, in case that's an easy option. but basically: what would u guys recommend for me to buy in order to finish off this potential masterpiece, regarding the rim / buttons? bearining in mind ease of installation is going to be more of a key factor than realistic touch or indeed price. any / all suggestions welcome. this is important i get right and this is the area i'm absolutely not confident. the other pieces i felt were easier to select because of the reviews. wheel + buttons, separate / combo, fanatec / custom etc. is much harder to get a good idea as to what would work best for me. thanks!
  13. Has anyone used a Leo Bodnar board ( ) for the Fanatec formula rim on a Fanatec universal hub? If so how did you connect a 8 pin cable to a 12 pin connector on the Fanatec board?
  14. I know of several European sellers like Sim-plicity, simracingcoach, simracingbay that sell turnkey OSW kits but does anyone know if there is any reputable seller in the US of these kits? I wouldn't have the time to try and do a DIY especially if it involved a lot of wiring. I know the AccuForce is out there and they are in the US but I'm interested in an OSW wheel setup for now.
  15. Hey guys, I have sorted out the basic foundations for my rig and just need some advise for the finer details. I'm getting a Sim-plicity DD Wheel and I would like some paddle shifters. I was originally leaning towards ascher racing, but they will cost 187EU for the plate and shifters plus whatever for P&P (could probably push to get it free). Wanting to save a little money somewhere, I was wondering whether the Fanatec ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles (100EU) would work with the Sim-plicity unit pretty much plug and play or if anyone has any experience with trying them with any other DD Units. I could probably get these posted free also as I'm still awaiting my V3 Inverted Pedals, so they won't add much if anything to that weight. Anyway, any help would be grateful, otherwise I will just put out with a standard H shifter for the beginning and save for the rest later on!
  16. OSW Leo Bodnar Fanatec USB convert inkl. spiral cable Fanatec Rim Standalone USB Conversion PCB for F1/BMW/Porsche rim. (I’ve got two!) make an offer
  17. I need a motor mount for a small mige and a shaft adapter and quick release that will work for an mpi steering wheel(3 bolt/hole). I know where to buy this stuff new, but with the adapter, I keep finding the ones that say they are for fanatec wheels and I can find quick releases but i have no clue what shaft adapters they will work with on an osw. So at the very least it would be cool if someone could let me know exactly what I need, whether it be new or second hand. Thanks!
  18. SOLD - Used Fanatec Club Sport F1 Carbon Note: This Wheel is converted for use with a Direct-drive wheel and has the wheel-side of the Q1R quick-release and the original Fanatec wheel-side quick-release. It has a Teensy controller onboard with a USB cable. The wheel is in nice shape overall and has the real carbon-fiber face. SOLD
  19. Moussa awada


    Hello im selling my osw by sim-plicity sw20, barely used, easy connect, great motor, plz dm me if your a serious buyer. Included are SW series Control Unit MiGE 130ST-M10010 with 10,000 ppr encoder 3 metre motor power cable 3 metre motor encoder cable Emergency Stop unit with 3 metre cable 2x 2 metre USB Data Cables Motor Shaft to Steering Wheel Adapter An adjustable motor mount Location specific Power Cable 1-to-1 "Software Configuration Session" (1 hour) to setup up the wheel, walk you through the system and answer any questions you may have 2 year warranty from sim-plicity
  20. Looking to sell full simulator, NOT SELLING ANYTHING SEPARATE, Located in houston TX. Oculus rift and gaming pc available too if interested in the complete setup. PC has a 1080 founders edition/ i7 7700k / 500 gb ssd / 16gb ram / soundcard for simcomander. OSW, shifter, and handbrake are all less than 4 months old. Just trying to see if i get any offers . Included are the following: Osw 20nm simcube from sim-plicity: MOMO 35mm Red Mod 7 8: Custom made button plate 12 buttons with magnetic paddle shifters. Fanatec V3 pedals with breake performance kit: Fanatec Shifter 1.5 : Fanatec Handbrake 1.5 : Custom made Steel frame with racing seat. Buttkicker simulation kit :
  21. A few months ago I purchased a SimuCube SW20 direct drive wheel system from Sim-plicity. I know Ollie (Sim-plicity) is a well known and seemingly respected guy in the sim racing community, but I’ve been treated very unprofessionally by him and his team. After using the SW20 for a while it eventually developed a problem, so I sent it off to Sim-plicity to test it. After they confirmed they couldn’t actually find a problem with it, they instantly gave me a refund WITHOUT ANY prompt or suggestion from me. This is not what I wanted at all, and I found it very strange they’d just take the wheel away from me even though they found nothing wrong with it. After WEEKS of me sending them multiple emails asking why they did this and for them to return the wheel to me and reverse the refund they finally replied with an email that completely ignored everything I’d asked them, and simply asked me if I’d received my refund... On top of this I’d also requested that we speak on the phone; this they did not address at all. Many more weeks have passed since then, with me sending them multiple emails, and they’ve still not replied. So not only have they completely ignored everything I’ve said and asked, they’re now blatantly ignoring all my attempts at communication. By the way, I cannot simply buy another wheel from them as I purchased mine when there was a summer discount sale on, which took off a massive amount of money. All I want is my wheel back - I purchased a high end gaming PC purely for my Sim rig, but it’s now redundant as they’ve just taken my wheel from me. Has anyone else been mistreated by this company? I’m so desperate to resolve this situation and any help would be greatly appreciated! PS. Again, it’s extremely important to me I get this wheel back - I’ve invested so much money in this and I feel absolutely shocked and upset at the LACK OF HONESTY they’re demonstrating. All the best, Max Jerry 07983303611
  22. I am having problems with simvibe. If you look at my setup, you will notice I have a LOT of devices hooked up. I don't know where to start in trouble shooting this issue. Software running at same time when racing; Simucube, Fanaleds, JoyToKey, EVGA OCX and Flow Control, plus various racing sim software. Occasionally I also have crewchief running but not since having this problem. Hardware: Gigabyte Z170 Gaming 7 mobo, i7-6700K oc to 4.2ghz, 16gb ram, 2 mvme ssd, 3 HDD, Asus Sonar video card, Evga 1080 ti hybrid, Evga 280CLC cpu cooler, SIM Rig: OSW DD wheel, Fanatec V3 pedals, Fanatec shifter, Fanatec handbrake, 2 - DSD button boxes, SimRacing Machine USB adapter for fanatec wheels, Fanatec BMW rim, Oculus Rift, Touch , 2 sensors, Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse Issue: In both AC and PCARS2, after about 5 minutes of racing. I lose my steering and pedals and then the game hangs up. If I close simvibe, then restart the games, they work fine. In one instance during a session of PC2, I had turned all modes off in simvibe. The game ran fine. I then turned on chassis mode and my throttle, in game, suddenly went to maximum. I had to close simvibe and PC2 to get fix it. Is anyone else having this type of problems getting all your hardware and software to behave with each other? It seems that Simvibe is the common denominator when problems arise.
  23. Fanatec Clubsport Pedals V3 + Damper Kit More pictures and info on eBay listing: Will sell on here for £350 incl. next day insured delivery (its’s £26 regardless because of cover costs for expensive item) Removed Q1R from LMP rim and switched to Accuforce so this is now going spare. £55 incl. delivery Accuforce Angle mount, upgraded to Sim-Lab P1 rig which has it’s own angle mount capabilities therefore I don’t need this anymore. Basically brand new, only 2.5 months old and used for about 15hrs pictured on old rig and currently in original shipping box. £40 incl. delivery.
  24. I am new to sim racing and am looking to buy a OSW setup. I need help choosing which components to get. I am looking at the premade simuCUBE kits available from simracingbay and would like to know which one you guys recommend. I have read that going with the 30NM is pointless as you can't reach its peak potential. Please help me choose a motor, psu and drive.
  25. hi, i am a OSW user, with MMos set to 900 degrees. but in AC when i turn on driver arms and steering wheel and turn the wheel physically, it does not match the animation in-game. Merc GT3 has less than 900 degrees rotation, but all seems off because i can turn my physical wheel more than the animation. is there a setting or tweak to this? ini file? thank you all for your help.