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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys ! I bought a Thrustmaster TMX 2 days ago and played with it during a day, everything was fine. Yesterday I didn't played with it but he stayed plugged (Into USB port + mains). Today I turned on my computer (With the Thrustmaster TMX plugged into the USB port and the alimentation cable plugged into the mains) and a very high-pitched noise came out from the interior of the wheel. I decided to unplug it for the day. This evening I tried to plug it again and the noise remains. It's loud and very annoying. I joined to this message a recording of the sound. Do you have any idea where this sound comes from ? Thanks ! tmx_weird_sound.mp3
  2. This is an easy mod to do and it cuts down the clacky noise from the paddles significantly. This is literally a 5 min job, or 2 if you've opened the wheel before and know where all the right screws are.The tact switches on the board are not that loud, but because the wheel uses a spring to actuate them, the spring resonates the sound and increases the volume. I spent a couple of hours trying to find all sorts of things to replace the springs with but I couldn't find anything that would compress enough to give a decent amount of paddle travel plus retain some of the tactile feeling of the button. In the end the solution turned out to be quite simple. Get some 10mm heatshrink, cut it to just a few mm shorter than the spring height, and apply it to the outside of the spring with a heat gun/hairdryer/lighter/dragon breath. To get to the springs you just need to remove 3 of the front bolts (Top left, top right and centre bottom, like an upside down triangle. If you have 3 long bolts, you've done it right. If you have any shorts ones, you've got the wrong bolt.), the two very small bolts on the front at the bottom, and then the 4 main screws on the back, and then the back cover will come off easily. Springs just pop off of the switches, might need to work them off from side to side, it's a very tight interference fit. Also, while you're inside, do the magnet mod as well, makes the paddle action feel better. I'll link to a video of that mod at the bottom too. Pics and a video: MAGNET MOD:
  3. Hi everyone. So i was finally able to test my new T300 RS and i have a big problem with it and i would love to hear your opinions. Is T300 RS supposed to be extremely loud? Mine is loud as airplane starting. I have very powerful gaming PC with lots of fans and the PC is completely quiet when compared to the crazy noise the wheel is doing. I almost don't hear the game even though i have headset on. Before buying i have read that this is very quiet wheel and it has very quiet force feedback etc but nobody ever mentioned how crazy loud the fans are (i guess the noise must be fans or something). I think this would probably wake up the neighbours even. Is it normal with this wheel? I've seen some topics where people are replacing the fans on this wheel so i guess it is common problem? Or is mine faulty somehow? I don't have a recording but there is a video on youtube, where someone has the same problem (even though mine is even louder than his) : Oh and i should mention that my force feedback is not even set that high. I have it on 75 % in Control Panel and on reasonable levels inside the game. Return it or every T300 is that loud? Thank you guys (one other thing that may be connected to it - calibration doesnt work. It always centers the wheel like 20-30 degrees off the center. I have to manually calibrate it each time, do the three button manual calibration save, and if i want to use the wheel again, its again not calibrated and i have to do everything again and again)
  4. Hi everyone, after years with my Logitech Momo i finally decided to get new wheel and i bought today the T300RS with better pedals but i have little problem - the rim itself (the basic one with playstation logo) when you move it or shake it - it is making weird "clicking" noises as if something was loose inside the rim and moving inside there when you move or shake the rim. It looks like its something in or around the paddles because if i press them and hold them pressed and now move with the rim or shake it, it is completely silent. Does your rim / paddles do the same or do you think it could be broken somehow and i should rather return it? (my old MOMO rim didn't maky any noises) Thank you for answers. Maybe i am paranoid but i dont like how it sounds and i am afraid that it can get worse later etc.
  5. speedkinduci

    Paddle shifters too clicky

    I'm running a thrustmaster TX and wonder if anyone knows if its possible and relatively easy to reduce/remove the clickiness noise of the paddle shifters. thanks in advance for any suggestions. edit: sorry should have highlighted i'm using the F1 style wheel addon.