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Found 360 results

  1. Ole Racing

    Fanatec CSL Elite

    Received my pre-order last Friday with the F1 rim, using my existing CSR Elite pedals mounted to Next Level Wheel stand. I first mounted the base with the two back screws and a Velcro strip for the one front hole. Rock solid BTW, however I didn't want take a chance in voiding the Warranty by not using the three mounting holes so the next Morning I headed out to my local big box Hardware store and picked up 6mm button head screws. Next level Wheel Stand wheel plate is bolted to the crossbar. I removed the wheel plate drilled one hole, mounted the wheel plate to the wheel base using 3 (6mm button head screws) and than bolted the plate back on to the wheel stand. There is a slight gap between the wheel plate and crossbar, button head screw is very low profile which fit perfectly in the gap. Now on to my experience using the wheel. I've recently sold my Thrustmaster TX with F1 rim, T3PA pedals along with a Logitech G27 set to pay for this. (Have also owned Fanatec Forza CSR and Porsche 911 GT3 V2 in the past) I have to say this wheel is in a total different universe than all the other wheels I have a had, the FFB is by far superior in every aspect. Games Iv'e played so far are Project Cars, RaceRoom Racing Experience and F1 2016 (all on PC) F1 2016 was a bit of challenge to get button mapped (steering) and as bad as FFB is F1 2016 this wheel gave it new life. Now it's not even close to the other two games but big enough difference that I'm starting my career over. I've read a few reviews that almost caused me to cancel my pre-order saying Fanatec CSL Elite is equal to the TX, I can say in my opinion no way not even close, it's way better.
  2. Hi upgraded to DD so looking to sell a used fully working Fanatec v2 - PM if your interested £480 (OBO) Postage included - item comes with original invoice
  3. Hi I have a Fanatec C S R shifter set , sequential shifter used once , manual shifter never used uk shipping only, £ Make me a sensible offer + shipping get in touch if your intrested or have any questions cheers ste
  4. Hi guys, I am selling my Fanatec CSR Wheel set! (Seat not included) Fanatec CSR Wheel (some scratches on the wheel) (with box and table clamp) Fanatec Porsche Shifters (H Patten + Sequential, no box) Fanatec CSR Pedals (Mint Condition, no box) They are all in excellent working order! All cables are included! Bought them for PS4 Project Cars exclusively, Selling due to upgrade for better PS4 capability for future games (like Gran Turismo Sports) Would love to trade with T300RS+ 599XX Evo rim £240 in London/ £240+Shipping within UK!
  5. Selling some Fanatec Kit. ClubSport Wheel Base V1 (comes with box and as shown) $275 shipped CSR Elites with Inversion Kit $150 shipped Fanatec ClubSport Steering Wheel BMW GT2 (comes with original box) $200 shipped. Buyer pays PayPal fee. Everything is in perfect working condition.
  6. D3L8OY

    RRE + Fanatec FFB Setup

    FYI, After the last RRE update the FFB just did not feel the same for me, I spent about two weeks going through all the settings to get what suited me. I put together a document to get what I liked. I just wanted to share and hope this can help as a starting point. Cheers
  7. Today I booted up my wheel and it started calibrating. It went past it's center though. The weird thing I noticed is that until it's center it displays one horizontal line in the center and past it's center it displays three. I tried flashing the new firmware but I cannot get into bootloader mode since there isn't any LED near the guide button that lights up.
  8. Selling my setup, don't use it as much anymore. It's just sitting collecting dust. Do love my setup though. First time selling on here. Have good reputation in the supraforums and GTRforums. this stuff is up on craigs locally. Will send pics with current date for people asking for it. Fanatec Clubsport Wheel CSW V2 $500 just the base might still have original box Fanatec Clubsport BMW M3 GT2 steering wheel $200 might still have original box Fanatec Clubsport Pedals V2 $200 might still have original box Fanatec E-brake $100 DSD sequential shifter $150 custom 6 speed shifter $150 love this piece forgot the maker of it 4Play racing sim rig with seat $500 very solid Local Pickup in Southern CA, might be able to ship SRH Tach stand $200 Also have 2 Buttkicker LFE (the big ones) with Crown XLS 802 amp $500 plus shipping, all items very heavy OBO on everything or make offer for whole setup!!! Please no lowballers and no trades. Everything in good condition. Will send individual pics on request. You can see everything setup in the picture. Cash only or will take paypal and can put on Ebay also. please add shipping CONUS, may ship to Canada
  9. I'm looking to buy a Fanatec wheel base in mint condition at a decent price. Either a ClubSport Wheel Base V1 or ClubSport Wheel Base V2
  10. exoticblake

    Turbo S Nightmare

    Just getting in to Sim racing. Bought a used Turbo S yesterday. Everything seemed to work fine, powered on, etc. Took me about 4 hours last night to finally get the Firmware installed (756 Windows 10 compatible). The wheel responded how it is supposed to after firmware. Couldn't get the Fanatec control panel up so I rebooted my comp. After reboot, my wheel would no longer turn on. Tried and tried but got nothing. This morning I booted up and to my surprise, the Fanatec launcher thingy started installing. Now whenever I hit the power button, I get an audible device recognized sound. The Fanatec launcher and the Gaming Controller in windows recognize it as "Porsche Wheel". BUT I STILL CANT GET IT TO POWER ON! The wheel will not power on no matter what I try. The Calibration and Test section of the launcher don't seem to be reading anything. I tried to reinstall the driver but I get a "A newer version of this file has already been downloaded) Please help I just wanna drivvvve