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Found 278 results

  1. Fanatec CSW customized specifically for the Rally shifter 3D printing need to remove the built-in shifter 280MM large paddles Checklist: M6 screw X4 M3X12 screw nut X3 20x10 powerful magnet, Omron switch and so on PS: DLP original pinseng modify and make. Postage and customs duties need to be borne by the buyer Paypal transaction (Production cycle of 10-20 days to send) If you will use Taobao. Taobao transactions can also be Contains: Fixed base shift mechanism paddles And various accessories 130$ thx China is almost the same price in China has sold 2 sets
  2. Hello guys. Recently bought a Fanatec CSL, and before I had a Logitech G29 with the Deiving Force Shifter. Is there a possibility to use the Logitech Shifter with the Fanatec CSL? Many people said that using the leobodnar adapter, but the shipping to my country is more expensive than the adapter any other idea? Thanks!
  3. Selling a Fanatec GT steering wheel. This is just the wheel no hub. Looking to sell for $70 shipped.
  4. Hello Racers, For sale I have a Fanatec ClubSport Steering Wheel Universal Hub for Xbox One. This was purchased new from Fanatec on October 31, 2017. It has very limited use (probably less than 30 hours of total use). It will ship with original box and hardware. This is compatible with PC and Xbox One. Selling for $265 + Free Shipping Selling because my interests in sim racing was short lived and looking to go back into my true love, Photography. Thanks for looking! Also will be parting ways with a ClubSport Wheel V2.5 and ClubSport Pedals V3. Just gauging interest right now!
  5. Hey guys, I recently upgraded to a DimSim SEQ Shifter so I will be parting ways with my custom Fanatec shifter that I powdercoated. Asking $110 plus shipping for the shifter with the Fanatec OEM Shift knob - Add $120 for the Raceseng Circuit Series shift knob with m12x1.5 adapter (originally $200, like new)
  6. puppies

    Fanatec Compatability Xbox and PS4

    I have the V2.5 base and Forza edition wheel and universal hub. The website for Fanatec shows the wheel is comparable with Xbox, PC, and PS4. The website says can not be upgraded to support PS4, however Fanatec only has one V2.5 base. Can you use the same base on both consoles if you change the wheel? I had read this works but not advertised in the US. Any opinions? thanks Found the answer by searching on here . Sorry
  7. Hello, I was wondering what screws to use to attach the Fanatec Handbrake to the Fanatec Shifter?? Appreciate the help. Many thanks, Carlu
  8. Hello, here is my very first ever made review of the all new Creosim MPS-17 paddle shifter. John already tested the MPS-15 this year. I got the chance from Zeljko to be a beta tester for the MPS-17. Take a look For further information and the release date take a look at Creosim
  9. Hello, here is my very first ever made review of the all new Creosim MPS-17 paddle shifter. John already tested the MPS-15 this year. I got the chance from Zeljko to be a beta tester for the MPS-17. Take a look For further information and the release date take a look at Creosim
  10. I was dumb to buy this for a formula rig. I barely used it, it was obvious right away I had make a mistake. Here's the auction on eBay, starting bid at $49 (retail $99): Official description (pre-order only, releases Dec 14th):
  11. Hey guys. Just bought a CSL Fanatec Wheel, and before I had a Logitech G29. I didn’t wanted to buy the Fanatec shifter, because of money. I would like to use my Logitech Shifter with the Fanatec. Anyone knows can I do that possible? Thanks!
  12. Hello everyone, just a quick question to help get me set up with all of my new sim racing equipment. I've purchased a Fanatec Xbox Universal Hub and by default it has the xbox buttons on each button box. It also comes with replacement button caps to swap out - for example - the 'A' button cap with a windscreen wiper symbol button cap. Very cool idea however I cannot for the life of me figure out how to change the caps. It is not located anywhere within the universal hubs manual, nor is it on their website. I couldn't find anything on YouTube or Google in general. I tried pulling, twisting, pushing and a combination of all three. I'm scared of breaking it. So if anyone has done this, could they pleeeeease tell me? Thank you very much.
  13. Johnny Mowdown

    WTB Fanatec SQ Shifter

    Want to buy a Fanatec Clubsport Shifter SQ. I'm in the US. Let me know what you have. Thank You,
  14. For sale is the Basherboards CPX Adapter $45.00 Shipping included. All parts included to run your fanatec pedals( I have a set of V2 pedals for sale check that out too) with your Thrustmaster wheel base. Will ship in a brown, bubble packing pad. Great adapter!!!
  15. Maxx Porter

    Got one!

    Around 200 dollars has to be new or farly used
  16. Hi, Looking for the wheel only. Let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks, David
  17. Selling a GT2 Rim as I no longer need it. $180 + shipping (sold $200 shipped)
  18. Long time lurker in this forum but sadly I’m moving soon for work and don’t feel like moving my entire sim setup. My loss your gain. fanatec v2 wheel base fanatec universal hub fanatec Xbox wheel fanatec v3 pedals fanatec sport shifter. 6 speed without the sequential. fanatec e-brake also a wheel stand for it forgot the name of it though. I’d like to get 1200 but I’m open to negotiation. would also like to sell everything as a whole as well but we can talk if you need a couple of things. I’ve only had it all for less than a year so let me know.
  19. ATRussell

    WTB: Fanatec setup

    I am looking to purchase a Fanatec setup for my PS4. The items I am looking for are CSL PS4 base and wheel Clubsport V3 or V3i pedals Possibly a seat or stand for the setup. PM me if you have any of this or have any leads for me please. I am located in Charleston South Carolina USA
  20. As the title says if you have one of the items in the US and you are looking to sell them let me know. Thanks
  21. Hello, I am looking for any of the following: - PS4 CSL Elite wheel - Clubsport shifter v.1.5 - BMW GT2 steering wheel - Clubsport handbrake v.1.5. Please send me any offers by PM. Thanks!
  22. Hi guys, Im just wondering to see what it looks like to mount a fanatec shifter to the next level racing wheel stand. Ive got a thrustmaster setup right now but I'll be soon upgrading to Fanatec. Please send your pics through! BTW I only have the wheel stand no seats or anything! Thanks! Smilez
  23. For sale I have 1 Fanatec handbrake with mounting hardware to mount to desk and original wires. Asking $75
  24. Hi, I've found a few other posts on this topic, but none have solved my issue. I also wanted to share my experience so far with Fanatec Customer Service, but I'll start with my issue and what I've tried I received and installed my CSP V3 pedals last night. The firmware update process failed and they appear to be bricked. I'm running Win10/x64/Fall Creators edition update. I've tried: Plugging the pedals into a different USB port - Windows still doesn't detect that they're plugged in Plugging the pedals into a different Windows 10 PC - Windows still doesn't detect that they're plugged in Manually updating via FwPedalsUpdater.exe - it says "Device not detected. Verify device is in bootloader mode". Tried two older driver versions with the same results I don't have the logs since I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers, which I guess deletes the logs. But from what I remember, it went through firmware removal, then failed at some "Program/Verify Process". I will try the same on a Windows 8 PC tonight. And now for my abysmal experience with Fanatec customer service. Here's what I sent originally: And what I received as a response: What??? Buy a new PCBA? My response: I don't want to return these things, but holy cow that's bad customer service. Hoping you guys have some advice... thanks - Neil
  25. Looking for a Fanatec CSR H-pattern gear stick, new or used in working order. I'm located in the West Midlands, I will come to you if local. PM me or reply here.