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Found 347 results

  1. As the title says if you have one of the items in the US and you are looking to sell them let me know. Thanks
  2. Hello, I am looking for any of the following: - PS4 CSL Elite wheel - Clubsport shifter v.1.5 - BMW GT2 steering wheel - Clubsport handbrake v.1.5. Please send me any offers by PM. Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, Im just wondering to see what it looks like to mount a fanatec shifter to the next level racing wheel stand. Ive got a thrustmaster setup right now but I'll be soon upgrading to Fanatec. Please send your pics through! BTW I only have the wheel stand no seats or anything! Thanks! Smilez
  4. For sale I have 1 Fanatec handbrake with mounting hardware to mount to desk and original wires. Asking $75
  5. Hi, I've found a few other posts on this topic, but none have solved my issue. I also wanted to share my experience so far with Fanatec Customer Service, but I'll start with my issue and what I've tried I received and installed my CSP V3 pedals last night. The firmware update process failed and they appear to be bricked. I'm running Win10/x64/Fall Creators edition update. I've tried: Plugging the pedals into a different USB port - Windows still doesn't detect that they're plugged in Plugging the pedals into a different Windows 10 PC - Windows still doesn't detect that they're plugged in Manually updating via FwPedalsUpdater.exe - it says "Device not detected. Verify device is in bootloader mode". Tried two older driver versions with the same results I don't have the logs since I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers, which I guess deletes the logs. But from what I remember, it went through firmware removal, then failed at some "Program/Verify Process". I will try the same on a Windows 8 PC tonight. And now for my abysmal experience with Fanatec customer service. Here's what I sent originally: And what I received as a response: What??? Buy a new PCBA? My response: I don't want to return these things, but holy cow that's bad customer service. Hoping you guys have some advice... thanks - Neil
  6. Looking for a Fanatec CSR H-pattern gear stick, new or used in working order. I'm located in the West Midlands, I will come to you if local. PM me or reply here.
  7. Hello, i have the following question: Is the Fanatec CSL Elite P1 PS4 (the one with the blue stiches) compatible with the CSW V1? Thanks
  8. TonyAFracing

    WTB: fanatec cockpit

    Looking to build a race sim for my son Any Fanatec parts lmk what you got or if you have a full set up open to options Location: Georgia
  9. Hi everyone, I bought the Thrustmaster TS-PC during a black friday sale, and I'm now looking for guidance for what kind of pedals I should combine the wheel with. I've been watching a lot of ISRTVs videos on the different available pedal sets, but I'm struggling to find what would fit me best. This will be my first sim racing setup, and I'm kind of on the fence about whether I should just invest in a pedal set with loadcell braking like the Fanatec CSL Elite LC 3-pedal set,, or if I should rather go with something a bit cheaper like the Thrustmaster T3PAs? Hope you guys will be able to shed some light on the subject! Please feel free to share a bit about your own experiences with any of the above-mentioned or similar products. Have a nice day, -Marius
  10. Logitech DFGT - used, great condition. comes with DFGT pedals Fanatec pedals - used, great condition. comes with USB adapter, so you don't need a fanatec wheel to use on PC
  11. hello, I've decided to build my own wheel. So up for sale goes the Porche and F1 fanatec wheels. I've also decided to sell my Ricmotech moded short-throw Thrustmaster TH-7 shifter. It's a great shifter, It just came down to how my Hurst "pistol grip" shift knob felt on the fanatec as opposed to the Thrustmaster. I also have an Asus Essence STX II 7.1 sound card I can let go for a steal. I've used it as a full 7.1 surround using active powered speakers all around and man is it sweet. The best part of it was that (using quality RCA cables) it completely eliminated any HUMMMMM or buzz that I'd previously gotten from PC sound. I'm only selling this one because I got another one and modded it with HQ caps and OpAmps. so..... Porche 918 $300 shipped (or trade for fanatec hub+$50) SOLD F1 wheel $115 shipped SOLD Ricmotech TM TH-8 $90 shipped Asus STX II $160 shipped (sound card + the daughter card) I'm not a good keeper of boxes, but I think I have the fanatec bags for the wheels. Shipping and therefore the sale is for the Lower 48 only. I'm willing to sell to anyone outside the US, but you'll need to pick up the shipping tab. Thanks for taking a look, mBTX
  12. Hi guys Has anyone tried adding a quick release to the PS4 rim? I was thinking of getting the Formula rim but I do switch a lot between rally and Sportscars so the lack of the quick release on the PS4 rim is aggravating. Are there 3rd party quick-releases that can be added to the rim to make it fully compatible with the wheel base?
  13. HolmbergSE

    CSL Elite pedals LC problems

    Hi. I will try to explain my problem in English as good as I can. I got my brand new setup, installed it yesterday, with my PC and then with my Xbox one with Forza 7. But the pedals won’t work. then I noticed in the Fanatec driver software for the pedals, im able to calibrate the pedals. but when I enter the settings for the wheelbase, the pedals won’t show any movement when pressing the pedals. i have reinstalled the drivers and checked all the cables and feels like a I tried everything I can but the pedals won’t work. So in the “CSL Elite Pedals” settings the pedals react when getting pressed. But in the “Clubsport wheel base v2.5” setting the pedals won’t show any sign of movement when getting pressed. i have tried different USB ports also. (the shifter and the handbrake is not plugged in yet) CSL Elite steering wheel P1 Clubsport wheel base v2.5 CSL Elite Pedals LC Clubsport shifter sq v1.5 Clubsport handbrake v1.5
  14. Hi all, I am looking into upgrading my setup with a Vesaro or Fanatec RennSport cockpit (with or without seat). Please message me with any offers. Many thanks and good racing!

    WTB: Fanatec Wheel

    Looking for a wheel that will work with my CSW V2 base, no standard CSL wheel only the Elite or better. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  16. Good Morning, I have a Fanatec F1 steering wheel with a base v2.5. I have installed it and everything is correct, I open the Fanatec device configuration panel and everything seems to work correctly. The problem comes when I start any game. Testing Assetto Corsa, iRacing, Project Cars 2 and Automobilista it happens to me that, every so often (a few seconds) the shifting paddles make bad contact or do not work, and even if I press them the car neither shifts down or up, as if they did not work . And suddenly they work again after another few seconds. I might think that the paddle shifters do not make good contact or that the steering wheel is disconnected during those seconds, but that is not the case. First because the LEDs continue to work without problems, so it contact with the base and connected is. And second, and this is the weirdest thing of all, that if I open the Fanatec device configuration panel and leave it open while I start any game, it never fails and it is perfect. I have tried to uninstall and install drivers again, both version v289 and version v292 that are on the official website of Fanatec, and with both versions the same thing happens. Any ideas? Has something similar happened to anyone? Thanks in advance, Luis.
  17. Johnny Mowdown

    WTB Fanatec F1 Wheel

    I am looking to buy a Fanatec F1 wheel. Let me know what you have. Thank You, JM
  18. For sale is my sim racing setup. I purchased the setup new in 2012 or 2013 and had a child shortly after, so its been sitting unused in a spare room for the past few years. I've come to the realization that it might be even more years before I have the time and space to use this again, so its time the setup finds a new home. Items included: Fanatec CSL Seat, CSR wheel, CSR Elite Pedals, and CSR Shifter Set. All the power cords, etc. are also included. Everything is in good working order and in great condition. I would estimate this rig only has about 30 hours total on it, never had a chance to use it much. Not looking to part out at this time. Will ship within the continental USA. I am located in Washington State. $325 shipped for everything. Thank you.
  19. Diego Ortiz

    Fanatec Wheels

    Hello guys. I just want to buy a Fanatec Wheel in America, but my quesition is: do Fanatec America ship the bases, rims, etc when you order them on a big box, or do they put them on separate boxes? Thanks
  20. super kermit

    moving from Fanatec V3s to ????

    I am so confused....... Looking at SIM Racing Garage I want to get a pedal set that I can buy once and use. I am in Australia, so will generally need to ship and have a budget of $1000 AUS or approx $750 US. Brands I am looking at are the usual suspects at this price. Cheers
  21. Hi there! I just want to follow question to my previous post asking a similar question about Thrusmaster wheelbases, this time with another question relating to Fanatec wheelbases... Are Fanatec wheelbases like Thrustmasters? Where in I need not worry about connecting the original wheel to have it recognized when using custom wheels/rims?As I am now in the cusp of upgrading from my Logitech G920 (which I had to have the original wheel/rim PCB in order for my custom F1 rim to work with FFB), but now I'm torn between a Thrusmaster or a Fanatec wheelbase and pedal set.Thanks in advance, mates!
  22. Victor Anselmo

    Kit Fanatec best option

    I want some help to upgrade my Logitech g29. First, here in Brazil anything from Fanatec is really expensive and it's only possible to have one through importation what cause severall fees to afford and many dificulties in case of warrant. Unlike the Logitech that has a relative good support here. The differences of prices among each fanatec product, even if small in dollars, is very, very big in reais. About the pedals, i have two options: pedal CSW V2 secondhand or the pedal CSL Elite new. What do you think? They are almost the same price. The differences between them are too big? For the Steering whell, I already decided for Formula Black. For base, there's the CSL elite or the CSW v2.5. Both of them new because i didn't find them secondhand here these days and usually it takes too long to appears one used. The trouble is that the differences between their prices is really too huge here (R$ 1.000,00 - this is more than the brazilian minimun wage) so I want to know if the differences really compesate this. I'm going to use mainly for iracing, but sometimes just to have fun in others sims as automobilista and p. cars 2.
  23. I have a Fanatec Forza Motorsport Wheel Bundle I'd like to sell. Bought on September 1st, 2017 for a total of $1406.40 which includes: ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 ClubSport Steering Wheel Universal Hub ClubSport Pedals V3 ClubSport Wheel Rim GT Forza Motorsport ClubSport Shifter SQ V 1.5 ClubSport Table Clamp V2 All pieces are in great shape and everything Fanatec sent to me in September is back in the original boxes and ready to ship. I live in NY and can ship via UPS to anywhere in the states. I'm asking $900.00 (plus shipping) for all six piece and I'm not willing to separate anything, sorry. Shoot me a pm if anyone is interested.
  24. Hey all... Curious if anyone knows what the unused pins are for on the PCB inside the BMW wheel. See attached photos for labeling. I'm hoping to do some modding on the wheel and it would be good to know if those pins can be used for anything. My plans are to hopefully add buttons, but I suppose I could just repurpose a couple buttons I never seem to use. Also, if anyone has any experience with the PCB and would be willing to share what they know that would be cool too. Thanks, J