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Found 259 results

  1. looking to sell my whole racing set up. tons of fun, just don't play it enough. unfortunately I'm lazy and don't want to go through the trouble of shipping it all so must pick up. i live in las vegas. fanatec wheel base 2.5 - $500.00 fanatec csl elite pedals lc- $200.00 fanatec clubsport formula black -$200.00 fanatec clubsport gt wheel-$400.00 but kicker bk-gr gamer-$200.00 usb sound card-$15.00 power surge protector-$20.00 turtle beach ear stealth 450-$90.00 cuk msg night blade ml3 vr ready pc-$1,500.00 bend 35” 144hz ultra wide curve-$600.00 rs1 racing rig with keyboard mouse tray kit and buttkicker upgrade kit-$1,140 rs stand s3 v2 (seat monitor stand)-$369.00 have owned for about three months now but couldn't race or use it for the first month and half. only about 30 races on it tops. everything is in great condition. looking for 4 grand. ill send pictures to anyone interested
  2. Looking to purchase a Thrustmaster TH8A shifter or Fanatec Clubsport Shifter (either sq or regular). I live in central Pennsylvania but am willing to pay shipping. Please help me out! I have looked everywhere to find one and have had no luck.
  3. Hi all - in search of some used fanatec pedals and a wheel for my first set up- anyone got any leads on something reasonably priced?
  4. Fanatec dont do shipping to Singapore for reasons unknown, did use a third party for delivery of my previous wheel and it sort of cost a bomb going through that path. If you have the Fanatec F1 wheel for sale, please let me know, i am keen to purchase. Payment to be made through paypal. Thank you and have a nice week ahead.
  5. For sale is a very lightly used Fanatec steering wheel. This is the suede leather version. Always used with racing gloves. It comes with the mounting hardware to mount to ClubSport Wheel base. Asking $115 shipped US.
  6. Looking to sell full simulator, NOT SELLING ANYTHING SEPARATE, Located in houston TX. Oculus rift and gaming pc available too if interested in the complete setup. PC has a 1080 founders edition/ i7 7700k / 500 gb ssd / 16gb ram / soundcard for simcomander. OSW, shifter, and handbrake are all less than 4 months old. Just trying to see if i get any offers . Included are the following: Osw 20nm simcube from sim-plicity: MOMO 35mm Red Mod 7 8: Custom made button plate 12 buttons with magnetic paddle shifters. Fanatec V3 pedals with breake performance kit: Fanatec Shifter 1.5 : Fanatec Handbrake 1.5 : Custom made Steel frame with racing seat. Buttkicker simulation kit :
  7. Hi, I'm looking for the following items Fanatec Clubsport V2.5 (V2.5 preferred, but if you have any other version, let me know) Fanatec Clubsport V3 (again, mainly interested in the V3s, but if you have any other version, let me know) Fanatec M3 GT2 Rim (might be interested in other rims too!) Fanatec Shifter V1.5 I'm located in Southern California, zip is 92841. I have local cash and paypal as well. I can drive a decent amount to get to you if needed. Also can pick up in the Portland, Oregon area, and anywhere around the Seattle, WA area. Thanks!
  8. for the past 4 years i have owned a Logitech G27, it has worked perfectly, never missed a beat. i finally decided to upgrade, thinking Fanatec is a great brand, heard nothing but good things about them, what can go wrong. i saw the ISRTV review of the wheel, and i knew about the rattling but that didnt bother me too much when i watched the review (i owned a Logitech DFGT, the vibration king), and the drift mode seemed like it could fix any issues i might have with the wheel. fast forward one month later, i have owned the Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 for about a week now, and i feel nothing but disappointment towards it. i plugged it in, updated the wheel, calibrated it, opened up iRacing, tried the Skip Barber, by default everything was set to max, just in the pit lane (NOT EVEN MOVING AT THIS POINT) the wheel starts vibrating so bad i thought it was going to cause a minor earthquake. i just put this down to inexperience on my part, and turned the ffb down. that is when the proper frustration began. until today (when i discovered what linear mode on iRacing does) it has vibrated constantly when it isnt moving, the rattling noise i knew about so i cant really be angry about that (it is really bad though). but the thing that drives me mad the most is the oscillation when driving in a straight line. it is truly insane how bad it is. SO i tried the "drift mode" they recommend in the ISRTV video, it does nothing. today when i discovered linear mode is reduced it by about 30% to a just about tolerable level, but still i doubt turning 5% in real life makes the car suddenly become a rolls royce. and dont even get me started on Assetto Corsa, that has been even worse!! with no linear mode to speak of, i have just been adjusting and seeing what works with blind luck. i can now drive about 5 laps around imola but the force at which im having to grip the wheel to keep it in a straight line means that after 5 laps my hands/wrists are pretty much shot. oh and rFactor 2 is just deadly, i think they need a driver fix for that one. i wanted nothing more than to lavish praise on this wheel, after all its £500, bloody expensive for the average person (dont say its good value, the G27 had better build quality!!). the fact of the matter is it should just - work out of the box, sure maybe a couple of fine tweaks here of there to suit each person, but i have felt nothing but anger and disappointment towards this wheel. if anyone has some setting recommendations i will be happy to try them out, because i feel like i have wasted my money.
  9. Hello, I have been looking to buy a Basherboards CPX Adapter to connect my Clubsport V1 pedals to my T300 base. Please let me know if you have one that you wouldn't mind selling Thank you!
  10. For sale I have a complete Fanatec racing simulator with Obutto racing cockpit, compatible with pc, xbox one and ps4 race simulator gaming. All equipment is in "like new" condition, have been lightly used. Still have original boxes for everything except the cockpit and monitor.Obutto R3volution Gaming cockpit-Excellent condition, racing seat is mint. All bolts and accessories included. Was purchased new for $899.99 + shipping.Fanatec clubsport wheel base v2 - $499.95Fanatec CSL steering wheel p1 (for xbox one) - $89.95Fanatec clubsport steering wheel formula black - $199.95Fanatec clubsport pedals v3 - $329.95Fanatec clubsport shifter sq v1.5 - $199.95Dell U2713HMt 27" LED widescreen monitor (discontinued) - $250I want to sell the simulator and cockpit, everything together, not willing to part out. I spent over $2,500 for this set up brand new. Everything is working and in excellent condition. Obutto cockpit is currently on back order. I will let everything go for $1500 obo. This is a steal. Everything is like new.Local pick up in South Florida only. Will not ship. Cash only.Text or call 786 546 6503
  11. Hi, I have a bit of a hard time choosing beteren a secondhand fanatec 911(GT3 or GT2, same price with the same pedals) or the thrustmaster t300 anders buy the t3pa pedals. I have some important things that need to be awnsered, like the support in windows 10 and all the new games, and upcoming, forceren feedback, building quality and durability. If there are other wheels I you would advise me, I would really appreciate that, and i will be looking in to them.
  12. Sell my Fanatec V2 pedal set. Has original box, hardware, and the original black aluminum pedal plates. Includes the attached DSD pedal plates. In perfect working condition. $175.00 shipped (lower 48 only) PayPal friends and family (No fees) Pedals are SOLD! Thank You Jason Bowlin! Your Pedals will be shipped soon!
  13. I'm sell my Thrustmaster TMX wheel and pedals. It is a force feedback wheel. Comes with original pedal set and the T3PA pedal set with conical brake mod. I purchased these new and only used them for a few months. Everything is in very good working condition. Asking $160.
  14. For sale are my CSR Elite pedals in purchased. Used since 2015, ready to ship out from Atlanta GA. Perfect condition minus dust; upgraded to the v3i pedals; now these just sit there. I also have Forza unopened box to go out as well. Asking $75+ shipping/PayPal Text me at(646) 5one 2-10five7 thanks, Emil
  15. Hi, I’m selling a brand new fanatec shifter. I just got it yesterday, and then realized that I needed the USB adapter and the table clamp. Don’t want to spend $70+ on that (tax sucks) so I turned to you guys. Like I said, literally brand spanking new. Located in Southern California, near Anaheim. Can do $210 local and $210 shipped to US
  16. Fanatec Clubsport v2 Formula Rim, Base and Pedals. Used 3 times - no marks, scratches - looks brand new. I have the fanatec black bags for all 3 items but not the original boxes. $650 + shipping in US. I am in Phoenix, AZ. Video of wheel working :
  17. NC_2_VA


    A buddy of mine gave me an awesome deal on a set of v3's. So now I hope to pass a good deal off to someone else. I've had the v2's for a number of years now, pretty well kept. I race in my socks so the wear that you see on the foot rest and pedals are from my socks rubbing it over time. I replaced the load cell about a year ago, I purchased an extra one at the same time but have not had to use it, will be included with the pedals. Other then that there is not much more to say. Pedals have served me well. Will do $135 paypal, shipped to the lower 48. I have not sold anything here before, but have sold tons of RC helicopter stuff(my other hobby) on helifreak with 100% positive feedback.
  18. For sale to US residents only. I am selling my Fanatec BMW GT2 wheel for $225, shipped to the 50 US states only, this is like brand new and only used it for probably less than 10 hours. The alcantara suede is in perfect condition and no signs of wear and tear. I am also selling a DSD Pro sequential shifter with 2 soft rubber bumper for $170, shipped to the 50 US states only. My Fanatec shifter is arriving today so I do not need this anymore. This item is in very good condition, comes with the USB cable and screws but not in the original box . Please send me a private message if you are interested. Thanks
  19. Unopened box ready to ship out from Atlanta GA. I also have Forza unopened box to go out as well. Asking $200 + shipping/PayPal Text me at(646) 5one 2-10five7 thanks, Emil
  20. Hello Racers, For sale I have a like-new Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3. I purchased this set back in October new from Fanatec. I've used this for less than 30 hour hours of game play. Looking to sell for $300 shipped. Thanks for looking!
  21. Selling my Fanatec Oval rim for the uni hub. (Hub not included) The oval rim has never been used. I thought I’d use it but ended up liking another rim so well I never used the oval. It was only opened to take pics for this listing. I’ve been on the preferred sellers list for a long time. You can buy with confidence that what I say is the truth $75 obo shipped to the continental US only. Can post pic as it says file to large. Text 641-895-9787 for pics. Thanks.
  22. Diego Ortiz Diaz

    Searching a Fanatec Shifter SQ

    Hello guys. Is there anyone here who would sell a Fanatec Shifter? I would like only to spend $120 dollars or just a little bit more. Thanks!! And merry Christmas
  23. migraine24-7


    I’m cleaning out my extra gear. None of these items have been used. They were all back ups. I hate down time. But it’s time to part with them. My loss is your gain. Fanatec ClubSport base v2 $325 obo I’d add pics but it says all are too large Shipping is INCLUDED to continental USA ONLY I’m on the preferred sellers list and have conducted many transactions with no negative feedback. Text me at(641) 895-9787 for pics. Thanks.
  24. I am very interested in purchasing a 3dof reality or similar motion setup with traction loss or Yaw. I am also looking for a fanatec 2.5 wheel base possibly with rim. also looking for fanatec shifter and e brake. I would also be interested in nice racing seat and belts. I have a rig i am selling in parts or as a whole and will post that separately. Thanks in advance. Located In North Carolina
  25. Hey I am looking for an upgrade to my g29. So I'm looking for v3 pedals or csl elite with loadcell. and wheelbase there I'm open for all fanatec that is in good shape. Email. [email protected] -Kristian